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罗伯特 · L是一位来自法国的外星人联系人,他说1969年他在喜马拉雅山脉的一个秘密基地度过了将近一年的时间,在那里他参与了一项在另一个星系的行星上播种人类生命的基因实验。


Robert L is an extraterrestrial contactee from France who says that in 1969 he spent nearly a year in a secret base in the Himalayas where he participated in a genetic experiment to seed human life on a planet in another galaxy. After completing his year-long stay at the base, Robert was returned to France and was told to remain silent, which he did for nearly 40 years until 2005, when he first went public.

罗伯特 · L是一位来自法国的外星人联系人,他说1969年他在喜马拉雅山脉的一个秘密基地度过了将近一年的时间,在那里他参与了一项在另一个星系的行星上播种人类生命的基因实验。在基地停留了一年之后,罗伯特回到了法国,并被告知要保持沉默。他这样做了近40年,直到2005年他第一次公开露面。


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He contacted a well-known French UFO researcher, George Metz, who was so impressed that he included Robert’s case in a 2011 book Ovnis en France: Les enquêtes de Georges Metz (UFOs in France: The Investigations of Georges Metz). The book was published but not translated into English, making most in the English-speaking world unaware of Robert’s remarkable story and its significance.

他联系了著名的法国 UFO 研究者乔治 · 梅茨,后者对罗伯特的案例印象深刻,以至于他在2011年出版的《法国的奥夫尼斯: 乔治 · 梅茨的问题》一书中提到了罗伯特的案例。这本书出版了,但没有翻译成英文,这使得大多数美国英语世界对 Robert 的非凡故事及其意义一无所知。

What makes Robert’s story especially relevant today is that in his book he described the extraterrestrials as belonging to an “intergalactic confederation” managing life on planets such as Earth, and this confederation working under the supervision of a mysterious group of nine very highly advanced extraterrestrials.


This is the relevant passage in Metz’s book, in both the French original and translated version:


Nous sommes charges d’entretenir la vie sur !es planetes habitees comme la terre. Nous faisons partie d’une sorte deconfederation intergalactique supervisee par neuf Superieurs Inconnus qui dirigent !es galaxies.


We are responsible for keeping life safe on inhabited planets like the earth. We are part of a kind of intergalactic confederation overseen by nine unknown superiors who manage the galaxies. (p. 180).

我们有责任保护像地球这样有人居住的星球上的生命安全。我们是某种银河联盟的一部分,由九个管理银河系的未知上级监督。(p. 180).

This appears to be the same two extraterrestrial groups that Elena Danaan says she recently met on Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede, the ‘Intergalactic Confederation’ and the ‘Council of Nine’ who have arrived to watch humanity achieve its liberation from extraterrestrial oppressors—a process I’ve described in previous articles.

Elena Danaan 说她最近在木星的卫星木卫三、银河系联盟和九人理事会上遇到了同样的两个外星团体,他们来到这里观看人类从外星压迫者手中解放出来---- 我在以前的文章中曾经描述过这个过程。

On November 16, I interviewed Robert in a Zoom video chat session organized by Elena, where I asked him questions about his contact experiences. Elena translated for Robert, who doesn’t speak English. Elena had previously translated passages of his book that helped me frame my questions and better understand his story. 

11月16日,我在埃琳娜组织的 Zoom 视频聊天会议上采访了罗伯特,在那里我问了他一些关于联系经历的问题。埃琳娜为不会说英语的罗伯特翻译。埃琳娜之前翻译过他书中的一些段落,这些段落帮助我构建了问题框架,并更好地理解了他的故事。

In our interview, Robert explained that his family first began having UFO-related experiences in June 1966 when he was 20 years old. These began with his father and grandmother seeing a half dozen one-meter sized white/yellow balls of light going through his home before they joined up with a larger cylinder-shaped structure that was stationary at the bottom of the valley where he lived.

在我们的采访中,罗伯特解释说,他的家人最初是在1966年6月他20岁时开始有 ufo 相关经历的。这一切开始于他的父亲和祖母看到六个一米大小的白色/黄色光球穿过他的家,然后他们加入了一个更大的圆柱形结构,静止在他居住的山谷底部。

The phenomenon repeated in January 1967, which was when Robert saw the balls of light for the first time himself, after being alerted by his father, who first saw them. Once again, the six balls of light joined a larger cylinder-shaped object nearby. The phenomenon repeated itself over several nights, and Robert eventually followed the six lights back to the larger cylinder structure, which he estimated to be 13 meters tall and 2 meters wide floating above the ground.



Balls of light & Cylinder Base. Illustration by G. Metz, 2008 Georges Metz

灯球和圆柱底座。插图由 g. 梅茨绘制,2008乔治梅茨

In his car, Robert pursued the larger cylinder-shaped object, which moved away from him while maintaining a constant distance and increasing in brightness. Eventually, a minibus-sized flying saucer craft appeared with two domes on top containing the silhouettes of two human-like beings. The flying saucer moved to only 20 meters from Robert, and his car stopped running. He panicked, fell asleep, and had a missing time experience. When he returned home, his father said that two of the balls of light surrounded the farm and prevented him from leaving to find and help Robert.


Robert described the next two months as a period when he began needing to sleep for up to 20 hours a day with many strange dreams and experiences. These initial contact events culminated in him meeting three tall thin human-looking extraterrestrials who appeared in his bedroom. They entered through a vortex that appeared in walls and began having conversations with him.


Robert at first believed the extraterrestrials were angels, but they told him they were simply humans, like him, but only more evolved with life spans of up to 500 years. They told him they were scientists that came from another galaxy. Robert mainly interacted with three extraterrestrials he respectively called “the Guide” (a male); “the Biologist” (a beautiful female approximately two meters tall); and “the Ethnologist.”


In September 1968, the extraterrestrials asked if Robert was willing to be part of a genetic experiment where he would help seed human life on a planet in another galaxy. Robert was told he would spend a year at a remote base in the Himalayas where he would contribute his biological material, which was very suitable for the galactic seeding project. Robert agreed to participate, and in early January 1969, he was taken by spacecraft to the base.



Robert L meets flying saucer transporting him to Himalayas. Illustration by G. Metz, 2008 Georges Metz

罗伯特 L会见飞碟运送他到喜马拉雅山。插图由 g. 梅茨,2008乔治梅茨

In Metz’s book, Robert described its location as somewhere near Ladakh, a strategic mountainous region that straddles the borders of China and India. Metz cited several articles from 2004 describing UFO activity at an alleged extraterrestrial base in the region, which helped corroborate Robert’s story.

在 梅茨的书中,罗伯特描述它的地理位置是靠近 Ladakh 的一个战略性的山区,横跨中国边界线和印度。梅茨引用了2004年的几篇文章,描述了该地区一个据称是外星基地的 UFO 活动,这些文章有助于证实罗伯特的故事。

Robert described the base as being located entirely underground with only an elevator connecting the base with the surface. He said that the elevator exit to the surface was well disguised, making it very difficult for the base to be located. His diagram illustrates the base which was located one kilometer (~3000 feet) below the surface of a remote mountainous area.


Robert said the interior of the base was very futuristic and its walls did not appear to be those of a cavern. The base was filled with advanced extraterrestrial technologies such as holographic television monitors, which could be used to monitor distant areas such as his home and village. He realized that the balls of light he and his family had first encountered were actually monitoring devices whose outputs could be viewed on these holographic monitors.


Robert was allowed to roam freely inside the base, which had three levels. He regularly met human-looking extraterrestrials that treated him courteously in corridors and reception areas. He was only restricted from three rooms that contained powerful electromagnetic energies that could harm him. Presumably, these rooms involved the power supply, shielding, and environmental technologies used for maintaining a large underground base.



ET Base in Himalayas. Illustration by G. Metz, 2008 Georges Metz

在喜马拉雅山的 ET 基地。插图由 g. 梅茨,2008乔治梅茨

After spending nearly a year at the base, Robert returned home and was told that his contacts with the extraterrestrials would cease, but they would nevertheless monitor him throughout his life through an implant embedded in his back. The implant used advanced technologies enabling it to move, yet it would not show up on X-ray machines even though it could be felt.

在基地呆了将近一年之后,罗伯特回到了家中,并被告知他将终止与外星人的接触,但外星人仍然会通过植入在他背部的植入物监视他的一生。这种植入物使用了先进的技术使其能够移动,但是即使能够感觉到,x 光机上也不会显示出来。

In our interview, Robert described several times the extraterrestrials had mysteriously intervened to save his life. Even though the physical contact had stopped in 1969, he still felt a powerful connection to them. He said that his decision to go public in 2005 was due to their hidden pressure which he couldn’t resist.


Robert’s story is very significant due to the similarities of the scientific group involved in seeding different worlds in multiple galaxies, which he called an “intergalactic confederation” with the extraterrestrial group that Elena Danaan met on Ganymede.

罗伯特的故事非常有意义,因为在多个星系中播种不同世界的科学团队有着相似之处,他称之为与 Elena Danaan 在木卫三遇到的外星团体之间的“星际联盟”。

Robert’s reference to a mysterious group of nine highly advanced extraterrestrials to which his “intergalactic confederation” reports is also very similar to the Council of Nine that Elena also met on Ganymede, to which the Intergalactic Confederation reports.


It’s important to point out that Elena had not previously read Metz’s book describing Robert’s experiences with an organization described as an “Intergalactic Confederation” until after her trip to Ganymede. In order to find the correct sequence of events to determine whether Robert’s experiences corroborated Elena’s or not, I (MS) asked the following question and received her (ED) answer:


MS: Elena, to be clear, you didn’t know about Robert’s experiences with the Seeders (IC) until after you published your video of the seeders. You then read his [Georges Metz’s] book, and found the reference to the 9 unknown beings. Was that after or before your encounter with the Council of Nine?

MS:埃琳娜,要清楚,你不知道罗伯特的经验与种子(IC) ,直到你发表了你的视频播种机。然后你读了他的(乔治 · 梅茨的)书,找到了9个未知生物的参考资料。那是在你遇到九人会议之后还是之前?

ED: OK Michael, I went through all my notes and emails, doing my best to keep it fair and to the point:

ED: 好的,迈克尔,我检查了我所有的笔记和电子邮件,尽我最大的努力保持它的公正,并且切中要点:

-OCT 12: Thor Han shows me first the fleet of the IC via telepathy. and in the evening he takes me to meet them on a mothership near Ganymede. I learn then more details about who the IC are and how they relate to the Nine. Thor Han had mentioned the Nine to me before, on several occasions, but then that day, I have more info.

- 10月12日: 索尔 · 汉首先通过心灵感应向我展示了 IC的舰队。晚上他带我去 木卫三附近的一艘母船上见他们。然后,我了解了更多关于 IC 的细节,以及它们与“九”的关系。之前,索尔 · 汉曾多次向我提到过九神,但那一天,我得到了更多信息。

-OCT 27: In a Q&A on Youtube, I speak publicly about this contact of OCT 12 with the IC people.

- 10月27日: 在 Youtube 上的一个问答中,我公开谈论了10月12日与集成电路人员的这次接触。

-OCT 28: Georges Metz emails me and mentions Robert L. thinking it is about the same people [extraterrestrials]. He piques my curiosity and I want to hear again about this story, (George spoke about Robert with me about a year ago or more, to discuss the Himalayas’ base, but then as he reminded me of this story on Oct 28, I see the similarities with my experience and it really catches my interest, and I tell you about it).

- 10月28日: 乔治 · 梅茨给我发电子邮件,提到罗伯特 · l 认为这是关于同一个人(外星人)。他激起了我的好奇心,我想再听一遍这个故事(大约一年前或更久以前,乔治和我谈起罗伯特,讨论喜马拉雅山脉的基础,但是当他在10月28日提醒我这个故事时,我看到了与我的经历的相似之处,这真的吸引了我的兴趣,我告诉你这个故事)。

-OCT 31: Video call with Georges (me, him, and some Ufologists friends of his who want to hear about my story), and we talk about the Seeders, the IC, and how my contact experience matches with Robert’s. We do not talk about the Nine (Robert never met them, and I hadn’t had any contact with the Nine either yet, so it wasn’t a topic).

- 10月31日: 与乔治(我,他,还有他的一些不明飞行物学家朋友,他们想听听我的故事)的视频通话,我们谈论了 Seeders,IC,以及我和罗伯特的接触经历如何匹配。我们不谈论九(罗伯特从未见过他们,我也没有接触过九,所以这不是一个话题)。

-NOV 3: I am contacted by the Nine and I ask about Gene Roddenberry, and you did a video about it).

- NOV 3: 我被 the Nine 联系了,我问了关于吉恩·罗登伯里的事情,你们做了一个关于它的视频。

Elena’s responses make clear that she had respectively met with representatives of both the Intergalactic Confederation and the Council of Nine before learning that Robert had discussed both. This means that Robert’s information is independent corroboration of what Elena had experienced.


In order to help the reader better differentiate between the above groups and the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW), Elena offered the following comment:

为了帮助读者更好地区分上述群体和世界之银河联邦(GFW) ,埃琳娜提供了以下评论:

-The Seeders=Intergalactic Confederation= a grouping of cultures including many galaxies. They are all incarnated extraterrestrials, people (like the GFW but at a bigger scale). They are NOT the Nine.

- 播种者 = 星际联邦 = 包括许多星系在内的一组文明。他们都是人类中的化身外星人(就像地球防火墙,但规模更大)。他们不是九个人。

-The NINE is something totally different: they are plasmic supraconsciousnesses, not part of the IC, but the IC relates to them as superior management. They are not incarnated and live in “The Void”, in no dimension and no time.


In reading portions of George Metz’s book on Robert’s story, and my own November 16 interview with Robert, I was reminded of similar encounters with extraterrestrials involved in seeding different worlds by one of my sources, “JP” who I have known since 2008 after he first told me of his contact experience in Brazil.

在阅读乔治 · 梅茨(George Metz)关于罗伯特故事的书,以及我自己11月16日对罗伯特的采访时,我想起了我的一个线人“ JP”与外星人的类似遭遇,他参与了在不同世界播种的工作。2008年,“ JP”第一次告诉我他在巴西的接触经历后,我就认识了他。

In the 13 years that we have communicated, he has told me of multiple times he was taken into large multi-kilometer sized hemisphere-shaped biodomes (Arks) that held the genetic codes of multiple plants and animals found on Earth. He was told that in the future, he would be involved in seeding future earths since his biological material was suitable. JP said he was allowed to wander through the biodomes to habituate himself with them so that in the future, he and others would not be alarmed if they found themselves on them as part of a planetary seeding project.

在我们交流的13年里,他告诉我,他曾多次被带到大型的数公里大小的半球形生物圈(Arks)里,这里保存着地球上发现的多种动植物的遗传密码。他被告知,将来他将参与播种未来的地球,因为他的生物材料是合适的。JP 说,他被允许在生物穹顶中漫步,使自己习惯于它们,这样在未来,如果他和其他人发现自己作为行星播种计划的一部分出现在这些生物穹顶上,他们就不会感到惊慌。

Currently, JP serves with the US Army and performs covert off-planet missions for US Space Command, as I have described in a previous article concerning the construction of a future starfleet. He has told me that he was also recently taken to Ganymede as part of a mission he was forewarned about, but unlike his prior Moon missions, he doesn’t remember details due to memory wipes conducted on him and other military personnel as part of standard operating procedure. JP explained that sometimes the memory wipes succeed, but other times they don’t work on him.

目前,JP 为美国陆军服务,并为美国太空司令部执行秘密的星球外任务,正如我在前一篇关于建造未来星际舰队的文章中所描述的那样。他告诉我,他最近也被带到了木卫三,作为他事先得到警告的任务的一部分,但不同于他之前的登月任务,他不记得细节,因为在标准操作程序中对他和其他军事人员进行了记忆清除。JP 解释说,有时记忆清除会成功,但有时它们对他不起作用。

Contrary to popular opinion, the US military and intelligence community are highly interested in contactees and their interactions with different extraterrestrial species. Contactees are routinely recruited or closely monitored by military and intelligence operatives. JP was closely monitored for more than a decade and constantly pressured to join a classified program or to enlist by mil-intel operatives. He eventually relented due to financial pressures and now has a Military Occupation Specialty (MOS 91J)  as a quartermaster and chemical repairer, but has been trained to perform off-planet missions that are classified. JP has shown me certificates of him completing special forces training, which corroborates key aspects of his covert space assignments.

与流行的观点相反,美国军方和情报机构对接触者及其与不同外星物种的互动非常感兴趣。接触者通常由军事和情报人员招募或密切监视。JP 被密切监视了十多年,不断迫于压力加入一个机密计划或招募的情报特工。由于经济压力,他最终妥协了,现在他是一名军需官和化学修理工,专长是军事占领(MOS 91J) ,但受过执行星外任务的训练,这些任务都是保密的。JP 给我看了他完成特种部队训练的证书,这证实了他秘密太空任务的关键方面。

In conclusion, in our interview I found Robert L to be sincere and very credible. His comments showed a clear consistency with what he described in George Metz’s book, UFOs in France. Robert’s remarks about different groups of extraterrestrials involved in seeding human worlds in our and other galaxies are particularly significant given Elena Danaan’s recent experiences on Ganymede. Robert’s testimony, along with JP’s own experiences with an extraterrestrial race involved in seeding new human worlds, is important corroboration for what Elena says she experienced on Ganymede with the Intergalactic Confederation and the Council of Nine.

最后,在我们的采访中,我发现罗伯特 l 是真诚的,非常可信的。他的评论与他在乔治 · 梅茨的书《法国的不明飞行物》中所描述的有明显的一致性。鉴于 Elena Danaan 最近在木卫三的经历,罗伯特关于不同类型的外星人参与在我们和其他星系播种人类世界的言论尤为重要。罗伯特的证词,加上 JP 自己关于外星种族参与播种新的人类世界的经历,是对埃琳娜所说的她在木卫三与星际联盟和九人理事会的经历的重要证实。

Taken together, these three contactee cases reveal that an Intergalactic Confederation, acting under the supervision of a higher universal body, the Council of Nine, which is responsible for seeding human life in different galaxies and in the remote past seeded life on Earth, has returned to our solar system to watch our planetary awakening and liberation.

总的来说,这三个联系人的案例揭示了一个星际联邦,在一个更高的宇宙机构---- 九人理事会的监督下,负责在不同的星系中播种人类生命,在遥远的过去播种地球上的生命,已经回到我们的太阳系,观看我们的行星的觉醒和解放。

© Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. Copyright Notice

迈克尔 · e · 萨拉博士版权声明

Many thanks to Elena Danaan for arranging and translating my interview with Robert L, and associated pictures/drawings. Special thanks to Georges Metz & Robert L for permission to use photos and illustrations of Robert’s  experiences with the Intergalactic Confederation. OVNIs en France is available on Amazon

非常感谢 Elena Danaan 安排并翻译了我对 Robert l 的采访,以及相关的图片/绘画。特别感谢乔治梅茨和罗伯特 l 允许使用照片和罗伯特的经验与星际联邦插图。在法国的 OVNIs 可以在亚马逊上买到

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