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Teri Wade|十字路口..

Earth has existed for millions if not billions of years and has went through some extreme changes.These include ice ages,polar shifts,land mass changes,mass animal extinctions and mass weather events which have occurred over long periods of time and brought new life to the planet in waves of evolution.


While plants,animals and insects have adapted physically to these changes the human race has adapted with its behavior while physically remaining unchanged.It's well known by the wayshowers and the spiritually awakened that we are currently at a crossroads.We have physically plateaued and the effects of human habitation on the Earth has become quite evident.


We are at the stage now which we are learning that it's beneficial not only to our planet but our human vessel that we make the transition to our spiritual evolvement making the transformation to a Light body.We have went through the lessons of a harsh environment,mental and emotional confusion,living in a reality of duality,surviving in a matter world and now it's time for the next step of evolution.


When humanity awakens the bounty of the Universe becomes available to them.A higher,broader spectrum of reality becomes available.Meaning,humanity is being empowered to change life for the better.We are at the crossroads of Ascension.


In our current reality we are experiencing complete destabilization on a global stage.We are experiencing the radicalization of our weather,a virus that seemingly runs rampant on the surface and the global economy on its knees.The grip of fear has much of humanity stuck in the 3D consciousness participating in a world that seems to be killing itself minute by minute.


As the world seems to be falling into despair,corruption and anger humanity needs to step into their power because we are much more powerful than we realize.The souls of humanity are rising in vibration and consciousness and this is a game-changer.It has taken humanity's consciousness to hit rock bottom in order to awaken to the possibilities of life beyond what this physical reality provides.We're starting to think beyond globally towards universally.


The soul of the human body has reincarnated many times but remember Earth is not the only planet that sustains life.Most souls have experienced life on distant planets in other solar systems and galaxies.Over the last few decades evolved souls have agreed to incarnate one more time on Earth to help transition humanity into the New Age of Aquarius to balance out the masculine,predatory energies that have dominated this planet for way too long.


The new babies that are currently being born are coming in with a more evolved energy.Their alternative veiws,empathetic and sensitive nature,their urge to protect the natural world are finding it difficult to exist in such a rigid environment.They are here to change things up.The current chaos and destabilization and the Awakening that is currently happening is making way for these children to fully step into their roles.Basically,the newest generation are the oldest souls but the price is high for these children if their parents do not guide,nurture and protect them.


Children who awaken early experience high anxiety as their psychic gifts and their strong spiritual connections give them the ability to see,feel energies thru the etheric fields.Infants can be so in tune to the angelic realms that their sleep and eating patterns will seem unconventional.As these kids grow older their gifts may be interpreted as mental or emotional illnesses.These kids will have allergies.They will be sensitive to chemicals,preservatives,unnatural foods and will be sensitive to harsh words.Treat your children kindly and listen to their voices for they are the future leaders of the planet.They are the teachers and the wayshowers of the future and must be nurtured so they will believe in themselves and stay on the path they have chosen.


The willingness of the souls incarnating on Earth now and the souls who are doing battle on the surface currently in their agreed times is the only way humanity can evolve past the human ego in the physical body without taking another eon to do so.The game has always been for humanity to work its way back to our Light bodies but we have been derailed and deceived for so long.The time is now and there's no going back.The lure of wealth,materialism and greed has kept humanity in a low vibration and we are now at the crossroads.The chaff and wheat is being separated.


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