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"Extraordinary times,it turns out,do not always call for extraordinary measures,or even extraordinary people.They often call for ordinary measures and ordinary people finding ways to do ordinary things when everything around them seems to make ordinariness impossible."


—Michael Austin,By Common Consent blog post


1.Today Sat.11 April when Trump made the first time ever Disaster Declaration for all 50 states it was the legal staging for the RV/GCR funds release this next week.https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/coronavirus-trump-has-declared-major-disaster-in-all-50-states-at-once-first-time-in-history/ar-BB12uxQO?ocid=spartanntp


2.Tier 4b could start Wed.15 April and no later than Fri.17 April according to the current schedule with the Departments of Defense and Justice.


3.Tier 4b release next week would be at the same time as the$2 trillion Stimulus Bill checks and direct deposit payments were going out.


4.The Departments of Defense and Justice have removed the most serious of the Deep State operatives who were slowing down the release process of the GCR/RV in the past few weeks.So all was expected to move unhindered with DoD and DoJ measures in place should obstructions arise from any more Deep State shills.


5.Everything would start moving forward Mon.13 April in preparation for T4b start by Wed 14 April.


6.The release could not be stopped because:


(1)The RV/GCR money has already started moving in Asia:Shanghai and Hong Kong.


(2)This last week Tier 1 funds from Dubi 1 have been moving in a limited way.


(3)The Tier 1 funds were released for government access before the Tier 4 start only by special permission of the Elders so the Trump administration already accessed T1 funds from Dubai 1 to prepare the$2 trillion stimulus bill funds for SBA loans&the$1,200 citizen payments/direct deposits coming between Wed.15 April and Fri.17 April this next week.


7.Trump wanted the economy&the nation opened up and restarted from the pandemic quarantine by Fri.May 1 2020.Therefore we in Tier 4b have to be completed and done well before Fri.1 May 2020.


8.Trump has talked to the main RV/GCR teams in the release process in the White House,DoD,and Treasury,including those teams in China.All these release teams were now on the same page to get everything situated and ready for release next week.


9.No matter what problems/obstructions arise,the release teams have countermeasures in place to still get the RV/GCR funds out this next week,to get out the Stimulus Bill$1,200 checks&direct deposits,&to start our Tier 4b redemption appointments by Wed.15 April and no later than Fri.17 April.


10.They were expecting to start the preparatory process of release on Sun evening 12 April when the St Germaine trust funds and other global collateral accounts were released to move things out beginning Mon.13 April.


11.They expected to move beyond last week's govt Tier 1 funds from Dubi 1 to prepare the$2 trillion stimulus bill funds for SBA loans&citizen payments going out next week and to start the Tier 2-4 full release of funds for payouts and redemptions.


12.We were now two and a half weeks behind when T4b release had been planned due to:


(a)Covid-19 Corona Virus CDC measures put in place in Redemption Centers and need to train exchange staff in infection prevention measures over the past two weeks.


(b)Pelosi&Deep State Democrats'stunts to delay the$2 trillion Stimulus Bill the last week of March.


(c)Military operations of the last week through this weekend arresting Deep State drug and human trafficking cartels and rescuing children victims,stopping Deep State communications[phones,internet],and removing Deep State booby-traps(dark nodes,contaminated Covid-19 test kits,5G tower usage against civilians,etc).


13.The above Military operation was continuing through tomorrow Sun.12 April.Many Deep State rats were being rounded up behind the scenes right now.


14.Thousands of child and women victims of traffickers from 3 years old to 17 years old have been rescued in the military op's of the past two weeks.


15.The Intel from investigative journalist Timothy Holmseth was confirmed.Holmseth works with the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force.

15.调查记者Timothy Holmseth提供的情报得到证实,Holmseth在五角大楼恋童癖特别工作组工作。

16.Google"Timothy Holmseth 35,000 kids rescued from captivity"and"twitter@LisaMei62 Playpens?"and"twitter@qstorm1111 why are they bringing a box of Pampers into tent hospitals in Central Park"and"Twitter@QStorm1111"and go to April 10 2020 post about CO field hospital getting ready for babies and toddlers.The post says,"Ok look REAL close at what's on the board behind them,under the AGE section.These are MEDICS."

16.谷歌"Timothy Holmseth从囚禁中解救出来的35000个孩子""twitter@LisaMei62Playpens?"以及"Twitter@QStorm1111为什么他们要把一箱帮宝适带进中央公园的帐篷医院""Twitter@QStorm1111",还有2020410CO野战医院为婴幼儿做准备的帖子。帖子说,"好吧,仔细看看他们后面的黑板上的AGE部分。这些是急救人员。"

17.Everything was in good shape for the start of all funds starting release next week.


18.Trump has been telling the DoD and DoJ to finalize release procedures so that they can give permission and the final security codes to the Treasury to start everything next week and work with the banks to start payouts and redemption appointments.


19.Once permission and security clearance came from DoD&DoJ to UST,the banks would be ready to send out 508,000+notification emails any time between Mon.13 April to Wed.15 April.


20.The Chinese were working in collaboration with DoD(Trump,UST,etc)and the Alliance to get all funds out this next week.


21.The funds movement from Mon-to-Wed April 13-15 in preparation for Tier 4b redemptions start were on track because the Chinese,under direction of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and in collaboration with the 27 top Chinese Elders,needed this now,as did all countries.They wanted the funds moved now.


22.The Chinese wanted to pay out the Elders–who could only be paid out fully in the gold-backed USN of the final release process.


23.Pelosi&the Deep State Democrats were still trying to change some of the procedures of the GCR/RV funds release through the Stimulus Bill programs(SBA.gov loan$10,000 forgiveable non-payback advances,forgiveable loans from$200,000 to$2 million,the$1,200 checks&direct deposit payouts),though it was confirmed that this should not slow down our Tier 4b timing next week.


24.Hundreds of Tier 2 banks have been added to the exchange-redemption process over the past couple of weeks.


25.The DoD and DoJ have already removed the most serious of the Deep State operatives who were slowing down the release process of the GCR/RV in past weeks&months,so he agreed that this next week was set to finally be a fantastic week of funds moving and redemptions starting.

25.国防部和美国司法部已经解除了最严重的"深层国家"(Deep State)特工的职务,这些特工在过去几周和几个月里一直在拖延GCR/RV的发行进程。因此,他同意,本周终将是资金流动和赎回开始的美妙一周。

26.Continued prayers over all this would be appreciated.


27.Everything was where it needed to be for the release and the DoD was the triggering agency to release this week's funds movement.


28.The IMF was requesting that all us in the Tier 4b Internet Group start by Wed.15 April so that the public Tier 5 could start exchanging in May.


29.Trump,the Elders,DoD,DoJ,and UST were working to start this next week in keeping with that timing.


30.There was expected to be some arrests of high profile Deep State operatives to make sure that no other Deep State shills would be openly obstructing the RV/GCR funds release process.


31.Next week once the GCR/RV started,there may be some high level arrests made public.


32.Over the past week of Mon 6 April the Military operations disrupted Deep State communications,their phone networks&internet networks,and removed funds from Deep State accounts(especially drug and human trafficking accounts).


33.These operations were continuing this weekend.


34.The DoD and DoJ teams were well aware of what Deep State obstructionists could do to obstruct things further,and they were putting measures in place to prevent further Deep State obstruction tactics this next week.


35.The bulk of stimulus checks to Americans would hit next week,but checks and direct deposits could happen any time from now forward until Fri.17 April.


36.RV/GCR Release Schedule from Mon.13 April forward:

36.RV/GCR 413日起发布时间表:

This week was expected by all behind the scenes to finally be a fantastic week of funds moving and redemptions starting.POTUS Trump,Mnuchin,and Pence have publicly committed themselves to this timing and to the Stimulus Bill funds hitting mailboxes this week,meaning they have also committed to getting all RV/GCR funds out this week,too.


Mon.13 April:Everything would start moving forward in preparation for Tier 4b start by Wed.15 April and no later than Fri.17 April.


Mon.-Tues.13-14 April and no later than Wed.15 April:The US Treasury was expected to make a formal declaration of value day based on RV rates for final payouts to start Tier 4b redemptions.


Mon.13 April to Wed.15 April:The funds movement from Mon.-to-Wed.was on track because the Chinese,under direction of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and in collaboration with the 27 top Chinese Elders,needed this and wanted the funds moved right now.The Elders could only be paid out fully in the gold-backed USN.The Chinese were working in collaboration with DoD(Trump,UST,etc)and the Alliance.PMs of the inner and outer core groups(about 356 groups)were being told to expect payout instructions and notifications with their access codes and their procedures.Those funds would then be allocated to sub-PMs who allocated funds for payouts to the end-recipient beneficiary accounts parallel to the process for the Tier 4b individual accounts to be funded through redemption appointments.It was expected that the 30 PMs of the inner and outer core groups in cooperation with the original six PMs that started this process,coordinated through the Admiral and his team,were awaiting the start,which was focused on movement of funds from the Global Collateral Accounts.There might be a 48 hour hold from Mon.to Wed.for those funds,but they were expected to be released by Wed 15 April.Once permission and security clearance came from DoD&DoJ to UST,the banks were ready to send out 508,000+notification emails any time between Mon.to Wed.and no later than Fri.17 April.


Mon.13 April:High level Historic Bonds were set to start paying out in Zurich and Shanghai.This would provide liquidity for other payouts to happen down line in the RV/GCR funds release process.The Bank of America would sign final documents for adjudicated account release.


Tues.14 April:Prosperity Package deliveries CMKX,Farm Claims,adjudicated accounts,PPs,etc(the intermediates)were expected to move forward.There would be audits and a release algorithm to finalize everything.They were expecting Super Petchili bonds,historic bonds to go(start being paid out)Tues.14 April onward,the same timing as PP deliveries were expected to go out.


Wed.15 April:There were a series of funds that would be moved in Zurich:the Rodriguez Trust was set to move forward providing Stimulus Bill funding and Universal Basic Income(UBI)funds for citizen payouts under GESARA to global Central Banks for citizens of each country were released.


Between Wed.15 April and Fri.17 April Stimulus Bill checks and direct deposits expected to hit mailboxes and accounts(VP Pence and other Trump people said"by Fri.17 April"in last week's Corona Virus press conferences).



1.The default ZIM rate of$11 million per 100 T Zim Note would be offered to us at the 1st appointment.

1.100 T ZIM票据的默认ZIM利率为1100万美元,将在第一次预约时提供给我们。

2.If we wanted higher than the default rate we could ask for it at the 2nd appointment with our Wealth Manager and private banking team on the following conditions:


3.If we had less than 1 100 T Zim Bonds or had from 1 to 9 100T Zim Bonds and didn't have a Humanitarian Project,at our second appointment our Wealth Manager and team would be happy to show us a list of 250 humanitarian and job creation projects Trump gave the banks for ZIM holders to invest in for higher-than-default rates on the ZIM.

3.如果我们有不到1100 T Zim Bonds或者从19100 T Zim Bonds并且没有人道主义项目,在我们第二次任命时,我们的财富经理和团队将很乐意向我们展示一份列有250个人道主义和创造就业项目的清单,特朗普向银行提供了这些项目,供Zim持有者以高于违约率的价格投资于Zim

4.If we held anywhere from less than 1 and up to 9 100T Zim Bonds and had a humanitarian project,or if we chose to invest in some of the 250 sanctioned international projects,then we could get a higher rate at the 2nd appointment.

4.如果我们持有少于19100 T 津巴布韦债券,并且有一个人道主义项目,或者如果我们选择投资250个批准的国际项目中的一些,那么我们可以在第二次任命时得到更高的利率。

5.Many ZIM holders had 10 or more(some 50+)100T ZIM notes,so the default rate would be considered more than enough.


6.No matter how much Zim you had,if you were a Zim holder and had a humanitarian project,or if you were willing to invest in the sanctioned international projects,you would receive a higher Zim rate at your second appointment.


7.It was recommended that you go for the higher Zim rate at your second appointment so you could help those in need.


Stimulus funds from Tier 1 Govt Dubai 1 holding accounts:


Renters,Home owners,Business owners,proprietors,church leaders,independent contractors should take advantage of SBA.gov.It takes only 30 min.to fill out an online application for the loans that were forgiveable:https://covid19relief.sba.gov/#/




一年前,Donald Trump总统发誓要结束为世界各地的恋童癖者提供儿童的人口贩卖组织的可悲做法。总统出现在一个反人口贩子专家组的摄像机前,大概是为美国领导人如何处理当地的问题提供建议。



Trump has declared a War on Mexican drug cartels,ordered 5G networks to be turned off,put FEMA under military control and back in January 2016 on the morning President Trump took office,he paid a visit to CIA Headquarters to declare a War on Human Trafficking.Over 170,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts across the nation(most containing charges of pedophilia)were being unsealed,while Mass Arrests of global elites continued,with plans to wrap up prominent political elites arrests in the Fall,along with a one-way ticket to GITMO.









The Pentagon Inspector General was overseeing$2 trillion Corona Virus aid–a global pandemic traced to the Wuxi Pharmaceutical Corporation in Wuhan,China owned by the Cabal's Soros Foundation(see relationship of Corona Virus infection spread to Soros Wuxi American laboratories in Texas,Maryland,New Jersey,California and Minnesota).













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