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On January 4, 2022, I received an important update about ancient space arks being discovered on the Moon, Mars, Antarctica, and other locations in our solar system. According to Thor Han Eredyon, a Galactic Federation pilot, whose messages are relayed through a former professional French archeologist, Elena Danaan, these huge space arks are activating due to the recent arrival of a large fleet of spacecraft belonging to an Intergalactic Confederation—parked in the vicinity of Jupiter and its moon, Ganymede.

2022年1月4日,我收到了关于在月球、火星、南极洲和太阳系其他地方发现古代太空方舟的重要最新消息。据银河联邦飞行员 Thor Han Eredyon 说,这些巨大的空间方舟正在激活,因为最近一个隶属于银河联盟的大型航天器舰队到达了木星及其卫星木卫三附近。

Thor Han’s update is startling corroboration for information recently released by my US Army insider, JP, who visited one of these activated space arks on the Moon in joint secret missions being conducted by the US, China and other members of an “Earth Alliance” led by US Space Command.

我的美国陆军内部人士 JP 最近公布了一些令人震惊的消息,他参观了由美国、中国和美国太空司令部领导的“地球联盟”的其他成员联合执行的秘密任务中的一个月球激活太空方舟。

Elena passed on to me the following messages she received from Thor Han early Tuesday morning about the activation of these ancient space arks:  


Jan 4, 2022


At 1 am, I am contacted by Thor Han telepathically via my implant.

凌晨1点,索尔 · 汉通过我的植入物与我心灵感应。

TH: I have clearance to answer your question about the ancient vessels that activated. Those studied by the Terran scientists. It is exciting to watch them and to guide them, as they uncover a past that was hidden for long millenniums. Terran culture has been ready for a long time but now that threatening shadows are leaving your world, truth can be unveiled in the open. Finally. The Earth Alliance unfolds the plan elaborated together with the Intergalactic Confederation and the Galactic Federation of Worlds of Nataru [Milky Way Galaxy], exposing what was hidden until this day.

TH: 我有权回答你关于古代战舰的问题。那些被人类科学家研究过的。观察他们并引导他们是令人兴奋的,因为他们揭示了一个隐藏了数千年的过去。人族文化已经准备了很长时间,但是现在威胁性的阴影正在离开你们的世界,真相可以被公开地揭开。终于。地球联盟展开了与星际联盟和纳塔鲁星系世界银河联邦共同制定的计划,揭示了直到今天还隐藏着的东西。

A long time ago, the Intergalactic Confederation had several colonies in this star system. On Naara (Venus), Terra, its moon, Tyr (Mars) and the fifth planet. Great wars occurred with the Anunnaki and the colonies left. But before leaving, they gathered the essential of their knowledge in arks they buried deep, on the planets I mentioned. These arks preserved the essential information necessary to rebuild the glory of these colonies, if one day this was to happen.

很久以前,银河系联盟在这个星系中有几个殖民地。在纳亚拉(金星) ,Terra,它的月亮,Tyr (火星)和第五颗行星。大战发生在 Anunnaki 和殖民地离开的时候。但是在离开之前,他们在我提到的行星上收集了他们深埋在方舟里的基本知识。这些方舟保存了重建殖民地荣耀所必需的重要信息,如果有一天这种情况会发生的话。

Thor Han’s information corroborates what JP was told in a classified briefing he attended before departing for a Moon mission on December 23, 2021, which I discussed in an article one week later. JP entered the giant spherical spacecraft—estimated to be over two aircraft carriers in size—accompanied an archeologist studying its hieroglyphic style writing. JP was one of the military escorts accompanying scientists from the US and China sent to investigate the spacecraft that had activated.

汉的信息证实了 JP 在2021年12月23日出发前参加的一次机密简报中得到的信息,我在一周后的一篇文章中对此进行了讨论。JP 进入了巨大的球形航天器---- 估计有两艘航空母舰大小---- 陪同一位考古学家研究它的象形文字。JP 是陪同美国和中国科学家前往调查启动的航天器的军事护卫队员之一。

There have been several people wondering about the rather mundane roles JP has played in covert missions to Ganymede and the Moon, given his low military rank and rather dreary armed escort duties for scientists.

有几个人对 JP 在木卫三和月球的秘密任务中扮演的平凡角色感到好奇,因为他的军衔很低,对科学家的武装护卫任务也相当枯燥。

One of the things JP shared in our communications since 2008, is that he was often taken by human-looking extraterrestrials into large hemisphere structures, which he described as arks. He witnessed ancient plants, animals and technologies that were being preserved for a future time. He also said that he met several other individuals being taken to these arks—one of whom was a Chinese national.

自2008年以来,JP 在我们的交流中分享的一件事情是,他经常被看起来像人类的外星人带到大半球的结构中,他称之为方舟。他亲眼目睹了古代的植物、动物和技术被保存到未来。他还说,他遇到了其他几个被带到这些方舟上的人,其中一人是中国公民。

JP said he was taken to these large arks for a time when they would become important for humanity in dealing with planet-wide contingencies. JP began sharing this information with me around 2014/2015, and I kept this information to myself since no one else was talking about it. US covert operatives, however, monitored JP’s extraterrestrial contacts and our communications (see here and here). This leads me to believe that JP is doing far more than simply escorting scientists to these ancient arks and performing mundane escort duties. Due to his earlier access, he carries some energetic frequency, vibration, or code that facilitates the safety and success of missions to these ancient space arks.

JP 说,他被带到这些大方舟的时候,它们将成为人类应对全球突发事件的重要工具。JP 在2014/2015年左右开始与我分享这个信息,我一直保留着这个信息,因为没有人谈论它。美国秘密特工,然而,监视 JP 的外星接触和我们的通讯(见这里和这里)。这让我相信 JP 所做的远不止是护送科学家到这些古老的方舟和履行世俗的护送职责。由于他较早的接触,他携带了一些能量频率、振动或密码,以促进这些古老太空方舟任务的安全和成功。

Thor Han’s reference to arks belonging to ancient Intergalactic Confederation colonies that were forced to leave millennia ago due to great wars in our solar system is also very revealing. Just as Egypt’s Sphinx has long been rumored to be a repository of ancient Atlantean technology, so too there are technological repositories of ancient cultures hidden throughout our solar system.

索尔 · 汉提到的方舟属于古老的星际联邦殖民地,由于我们太阳系的大战而被迫离开了数千年前,这也很能说明问题。就像埃及的狮身人面像长久以来被传说是古代亚特兰蒂斯技术的宝库一样,在我们的太阳系中也隐藏着古代文明的技术宝库。

It’s helpful to keep in mind that the Atlantean civilization was said to be an offshoot of one of the 24 extraterrestrial civilizations making up the Intergalactic Confederation. According to the Council of Nine information channeled through Phyllis Schlemmer, in her book, The Only Planet of Choice (1993), Altea established the Atlantis colony on Earth. Thor Han’s information is telling us that Altea and other extraterrestrial seeder races have similar colonies scattered and hidden throughout our solar system.

记住这一点很有帮助,据说亚特兰蒂斯文明是组成星际联盟的24个外星文明之一的分支。根据九人理事会通过菲利斯 · 施莱默在她的书《唯一的选择行星》(1993)中所传达的信息,阿尔蒂亚在地球上建立了亚特兰蒂斯殖民地。索尔 · 汉的信息告诉我们,阿尔蒂亚和其他外星种族有类似的殖民地分散和隐藏在我们的太阳系。

Thor Han continued his message as follows:

索尔 · 汉继续他的信息如下:

When the fleet from the Intergalactic Confederation approached this star system, the arks activated. It was time. The return of the Seeders marks the beginning of a new era, when Terrans are ready to receive the long-time hidden knowledge. No rules are broken when the Terrans make their own research and discover the keys by themselves. You understand, this knowledge and technology couldn’t fall in the wrong hands. The arrival of the Seeders occurs when the enemy has lost all power and possessions in this star system. The time is right, now. Also, I was authorized to tell you that two great archaeological discoveries are imminent on Terra, this year. It will change the way Terrans look at the chronology of their History. What they believed was truth carved in stone will flow like water.

当星际联盟的舰队接近这个星系时,方舟就被激活了。是时候了。播种者的回归标志着一个新时代的开始,那时人族已经准备好接受长期隐藏的知识。当人类自己进行研究并自己发现钥匙时,没有任何规则会被打破。你知道,这些知识和技术不能落入坏人之手。当敌人在这个星系中失去所有的能量和财产时,播种者就会到来。现在是时候了。另外,我被授权告诉你们,今年 Terra 上将有两个伟大的考古发现。它将改变人类看待历史年表的方式。他们相信刻在石头上的真理会像水一样流动。

Thor Han’s message reveals that these ancient arks were well-hidden and kept away from the Dark Fleet and its extraterrestrial allies that until recently dominated our planet. Most importantly, the Cabal/Deep State that controlled powerful secret space programs looked for these arks but were unable to find these ancient vessels.

索尔 · 汉的信息显示,这些古老的方舟隐藏得很好,远离黑暗舰队和它的外星盟友,直到最近统治我们的星球。最重要的是,控制强大秘密空间计划的阴谋集团/深层国家寻找这些方舟,但却无法找到这些古代船只。

Now that the “Dark Alliance” has been forced to leave our solar system, the hidden ancient technologies are being activated so they can be found and explored by the Earth Alliance that was created in July 2021 as a result of the “Jupiter agreements”. Now the time has arrived for these technologies to be openly shared so humanity can learn about long forgotten extraterrestrial colonies, their advanced cultures, and technologies—before devastating wars led to their demise.


Elena next had a Q and A with Thor Han:

接下来,埃琳娜和索尔 · 汉进行了一次问答:

E: What you just said, this last sentence, it’s a metaphor that foretells a story, right, I know you: “What they believed was truth carved in stone will flow like water.” (TH laughs). Can you talk about what is in these arks?

E:你刚才说的,这最后一句话,是一个比喻,预示着一个故事,对吗? 我知道你: “他们认为是刻在石头上的真理,会像水一样流动。”(笑声)。你能谈谈这些方舟里有什么吗?

TH: Great technology that will change everything.

TH: 伟大的技术将改变一切。

E: What do these arks look like?


TH: Elongated and some are miles long. Crystal technology.

TH: 拉长的,有些长达数英里。水晶技术。

E: What do you mean?


TH: The Intergalactic Confederation largely uses crystalline materials to transcend densities, that a built structure can simultaneously exist in several densities.

TH: 星际联邦主要使用水晶材料来超越密度,一个建筑结构可以同时存在于几个密度中。

E: Such as the crystalline architecture I saw inside of the motherships of the Intergalactic Confederation? Does that mean these ships are solid in different densities at the same time?

E: 就像我在银河系联盟的母船里看到的水晶建筑?这是否意味着这些船在同一时间在不同密度下是固体?

TH: Correct. Terrans haven’t yet discovered all the capacities of crystals. Core engines are powered by crystals, portals are made of fluid crystals, time devices, pyramidal energy generators, and more. These density belts that we wear, are made with nano-crystals. The fabric of our suits, our weapons, the skin of our ships …  

TH: 正确。地球人还没有发现水晶的所有能力。核心引擎是由水晶驱动的,门户是由流体水晶制成的,时间装置,金字塔式能量发生器,以及更多。我们穿的这些密度带,是用纳米晶体制成的。我们衣服的面料,我们的武器,我们飞船的皮肤......。 

What’s crucial here is that JP said that when he entered one of these arks found on the Moon by China’s Yutu 2, the crystal inside of it was Moldavite. He said it created a pleasant vibration that helped elevate consciousness. It’s very possible, given JP’s earlier exposure to arks, that he carried the right frequency that would be recognized by the ark’s consciousness.

至关重要的是,JP 说,当他进入中国玉兔2号在月球上发现的方舟时,方舟里面的晶体是莫尔达维特(译注:捷克陨石)。他说,它创造了一个愉快的振动,有助于提升意识。考虑到 JP 早期接触方舟的经历,他很有可能具有方舟意识所能识别的正确频率。

The Q and A continued:


E: So these buried ships have activated at the arrival of the Intergalactic Confederation.

E: 所以这些被掩埋的飞船已经在星际联邦到来时被激活了。

TH: They received the signal and responded by resonance, due to the simple proximity of the mother fleet. Remember what I showed you, certain ships are living entities. They woke up. Although, your people knew already about some of these locations. We left some clues for them to find. The Dark Fleet found one of these arks, under the ice of Antarctica, but they could never activate its power and use its potential. One of the reasons why the Intergalactic Confederation was waiting.

TH: 他们接收到信号,并回应共振,由于简单的接近母舰队。记住我给你们展示的,某些飞船是有生命的。他们醒了。不过你们的人已经知道其中一些地点了。我们留下了一些线索让他们去找。黑暗舰队在南极洲的冰层下,发现了其中一个方舟,但是他们永远不能激活它的能量,发挥它的潜力。星际联邦等待的原因之一。

This is very meaningful given that JP received coordinates from an unnamed Lt Colonel that pointed to a structure in Antarctica that was in an area used by the Dark Fleet until recently. Could the apparent structure shown in the coordinates be linked to one of the Arks hidden underneath or nearby?

这是非常有意义的,因为 JP 从一个不知名的中校那里得到了坐标,指向南极洲的一个建筑物,这个建筑物直到最近一直被黑暗舰队使用。坐标中显示的外观结构能否与隐藏在下面或附近的方舟相联系?

Another possible location emerges from the testimony of two special operators that spoke with Veteran UFO researcher Linda Moulton Howe, and whose testimonies were released in January 2019. They revealed their participation in missions to a massive Octagon-shaped structure found near Beardmore glacier, Antarctica, in 2003. This is how Howe initially reported the discovery:

另一个可能的地点出现在两个特殊操作人员的证词中,他们与资深 UFO 研究员琳达 · 莫尔顿 · 豪交谈过,他们的证词于2019年1月公布。2003年,他们参与了在南极洲比尔德摩尔冰川附近发现的一个巨大的八角形结构的任务。下面是豪最初报道这一发现的方式:

In 2003, a U.S. Navy Seal Special Operation team traveled to Antarctica to investigate a perfectly geometric 8-sided octagon structure discovered by ground penetrating radar near Beardmore Glacier, about 93 miles from the American McMurdo Station.

2003年,美国海军海豹突击队特种作战小组前往南极洲,调查了距离 McMurdo Station 约93英里的比尔德摩尔冰川附近的探地雷达发现的一个完美的几何形八边形结构。

Another previous team of engineers and scientists had dug out the top layer of one octagon made of a pure black substance that was built on top of two more black octagonal structures that went down deep into the 2-mile-thick ice.


Only part of the Octagon-shaped structure, the Navy Seal stated, had been uncovered so far by the archeological teams, with the rest buried under the ice and extending far below. Ground penetrating radar had shown the structure to be an Octagon in shape, and covering an area of 62 acres (about 0.5 square kilometers).


The Navy Seal described the walls and doors as being covered by hieroglyphs that were about eight inches (20 cm) high and about two inches (5 cm) deep. The hieroglyphs were neither Egyptian nor Mayan, but appeared similar to both in terms of depicting animals and other strange symbols. Similarly, JP said that the large spacecraft he witnessed on the Moon was filled with hieroglyphs that were being recorded by the archeologist he escorted. This makes it possible that the ancient octagon structure described by the Navy Seal was one of the arks discovered by the Deep State and their Dark Fleet allies.

据海豹突击队员描述,这些墙壁和门被8英寸(20厘米)高、2英寸(5厘米)深的象形文字所覆盖。这些象形文字既不是埃及文字,也不是玛雅文字,但在描绘动物和其他奇怪的符号方面,它们看起来都很相似。同样,JP 说,他在月球上看到的大型飞船上充满了他陪同的考古学家所记录的象形文字。这使得海豹突击队描述的古代八角形结构有可能是深海国家及其黑暗舰队盟友发现的方舟之一。


Egptian and Mayan hieroglyphs


Elena continued her Q and A with Thor Han:

艾琳娜和索尔 · 汉继续她的问答:

E: How many arks are on Earth?

E: 地球上有多少方舟?

TH: I am not allowed to tell you, and don’t try to read my mind!

TH: 我不能告诉你,也不要试图读我的心!

E: I won’t, you know I respect the rules. But I know already there is one in Egypt somewhere.


TH: South-America, Central Europe, North-West of Russia… One under the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This one is the biggest. There are others as well but I won’t tell any precise coordinates, it is not of my responsibility but that of the Earth Alliance.

South-America,欧洲中部,俄罗斯西北部... 一个在大西洋水下。这是最大的一个。还有其他人,但我不会告诉任何精确的坐标,这不是我的责任,但地球联盟。

E: You won’t be in trouble, right?


TH: No. What I am telling you is validated by my superiors. Since you were calibrated on military frequency, they are listening to all our conversations passing through your device.

TH: 没有。我所告诉你的是经过我上级批准的。因为你是按照军事频率校准的,他们正在监听通过你的设备的所有我们的谈话。

E: Is there anything else that you can tell me, that the world doesn’t know yet?


TH: Each revelation comes in time. There is a plan. Terran civilians will come this year to the complete realization and acceptance of other positive galactic cultures. Politically many changes are on the way. But I must say no more, for the safety of the plan. The Earth Alliance is in charge, of pretty much everything. Be patient.


E: Thank you, I will pass on this info to Michael.


TH: Give him my warm salutations. One day we will meet, but not yet.

TH: 替我向他问好。总有一天我们会见面的,但不是现在。

Thor Han’s statement that this year, 2022, will be when there will be “complete realization and acceptance of other positive galactic cultures” is very telling, given that the Galactic Federation has sophisticated time travel technologies it can utilize for its future projections. His optimistic statement indicates that the Deep State’s hold on political power around the planet is crumbling, and that soon the walls of secrecy will collapse.

索尔· 汉的声明说,今年,2022年,将有“完全实现和接受其他积极的银河文化”是非常有说服力的,因为银河联邦有先进的时间旅行技术,它可以利用它的未来预测。他的乐观言论表明,深层国家对全球政治权力的控制正在瓦解,秘密之墙将很快倒塌。

Consequently, the Intergalactic Confederation and other extraterrestrial races will be revealed to the public in joint disclosures coordinated with the Earth Alliance, and US Space Command. Critically, some of these disclosures will involve announcements about the discovery of advanced technologies found in ancient arks that were built by humanity’s ancestors many millennia ago.


A video version of this article is available on YouTube & Rumble

这篇文章的视频版本可以在 YouTube & Rumble 上找到

Thanks to Elena Danaan for permission to publicly release Thor Han’s message. Elena created a video simulating the telepathic conversation between her and Tho Han which is available on her YouTube channel.

感谢 Elena Danaan 允许公开发布 Thor Han 的信息。埃琳娜制作了一个视频,模拟她和 Tho Han 之间的心灵感应对话,这个视频可以在她的 YouTube 频道上看到。

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