X22报道|第2723集: 中央银行上钩,第一轮信息火箭刚刚发射

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X22报道|第2723集: 中央银行上钩,第一轮信息火箭刚刚发射

Ep. 2723a – The [CB] Took The Bait, The People Are Rising Up Around The World

Ep. 2723a-[ CB ]上钩了,全世界的人们都站起来了

Ep. 2723b – Apply The Keystone, Rig For Red, The First Salvo Of Information Has Just Been Fired

Ep. 2723b-启动拱心石,准备红色,第一轮信息炮弹刚刚发射

X22 报告发表于2022年3月11日


The implosion of the global economy is now being felt world wide, the people are now pushing back, this will not end well for the [CB]s. The people in the US are feeling the pain, wages are not keeping up with inflation. The [CB]s are now pushing nations to trade in their national currencies.



The [DS] is panicking, the bio labs were revealed and they did everything in their power to tell everyone that it is a conspiracy theory. This the same [DS] that pushed the fake Russia, Russia hoax, the same [DS] that pushed the fake covid hoax, the same [DS] that pushed election hoax. The people are about to learn the truth. The first salvo of information was just fired, the [DS] did exactly what the patriots wanted them to do, deny, deny and deny. Next wave coming soon. 



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