X22报道|第2712集: 下一步将把一切都搞垮,首要任务是清除不良行为者

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X22报道|第2712集: 下一步将把一切都搞垮,首要任务是清除不良行为者

Ep. 2712a – The [CB] Panic Is Real, Completely Exposed, Next Step Will Bring It All Down

Ep. 2712a-[CB]恐慌是真实的,完全暴露出来了,下一步将把一切都推倒

Ep. 2712b – The Priority Is To Clean Out Bad Actors, The World Is Helping, We Are Not Alone


X22 报告发表于2022年2月25日


The [CB] is panicking, they are completely exposed and the are now heading down the path the patriots laid out. The [DS]/[CB] want to punish Putin by removing Russia from the swift system, this will boomerang. Never interfere while an enemy is in the process of destroying themselves.

[CB] 已经陷入恐慌,他们已经完全暴露,现在正沿着爱国者们设计的道路前进。[ DS ]/[ CB ]希望通过将俄罗斯排除在 swift系统之外来惩罚普京,这将自食其果。在敌人自我毁灭的过程中,不要干涉。


The number one priority is to clean out the bad actors. The [DS] and fake news are trying to push the idea that Putin is starting WWIII, this is not WWIII this is destroying their system, the world is helping. Trump and the patriots knew this day would come and certain deals needed to be made to remove the corrupt. The neo nazi are preparing to fight back, the people were given weapons, is this for Russia or for the neo nazis. The [DS] will fight back, they are fighting for their lives and Putin is already pushing to sit down and talk about surrender.

首要任务是清除不良行为者。这些(DS)和假新闻试图推动普京正在开始第三次世界大战的想法,这不是第三次世界大战,这是在摧毁他们的体系,世界正在帮助他们。特朗普和爱国者们知道这一天会到来,需要达成某些协议来铲除腐败。新纳粹正准备反击,人民得到了武器,这是为了俄罗斯还是为了新纳粹。 [DS]将会反击,他们正在为自己的生命而战,而普京已经开始推动坐下来谈论投降。


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