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作者:MICHAEL SALLA 博士20211013日发表于《银河外交,太空计划》专题栏目

A fleet of spacecraft from a highly evolved group of friendly extraterrestrial visitors has arrived in our solar system and established a presence on Jupiter's moon Ganymede,according to three independent sources familiar with unfolding events in deep space.This latest intel coincides with William Shatner,globally revered for his role as Captain Kirk in the Star Trek franchise,being launched into space on October 13,a likely cover for him playing a significant role in unfolding events on Ganymede.


My first source,JP,who currently serves with the US Army,revealed to me that an international space coalition has been secretly sending personnel and ships to Jupiter's moon Ganymede,to meet with a powerful new group of extraterrestrial visitors regarded as friendly.


My second source on what is currently happening on Ganymede is the extraterrestrial contactee Elena Danaan,who has passed on the most recent intel from her Galactic Federation source,Thor Han Eredyon,about the visitors who are establishing an outpost on Ganymede to coordinate with the Earth Alliance until humanity is ready for open contact.

我关于木卫三目前发生的事情的第二个消息来源是外星联系人 Elena Danaan,她传递了来自她的银河联邦情报来源 Thor Han Eredyon 的最新情报,关于在木卫三建立一个前哨站来与地球联盟协调直到人类准备好公开接触。

My third source is long-time Andromedan contactee Alex Collier who confirmed that there has been much recent activity on Ganymede,which possesses a number of large extraterrestrial facilities that have been present there for thousands of years.

我的第三个消息来源是长期的 Andromedan 联系人亚历克斯·科利尔,他证实最近在木卫三有很多活动,那里有许多大型的外星设施,已经存在了几千年。

I begin with intel from my long-time source JP who I've known since 2008,which was when he first contacted me about his extraterrestrial contact experiences in Brazil.JP revealed back on September 7 that he and other US military personnel had been assigned to covert Moon operations and began assembling large facilities there with the assistance of human looking extraterrestrials working with US Space Command.

首先,我从我的长期消息来源 JP 那里得到情报,他是我从2008年开始认识的,当时他第一次联系我,告诉我他在巴西与外星人接触的经历。JP 97日透露,他和其他美国军事人员已被分配到月球秘密行动,并开始在与美国太空司令部合作的人类外星人的协助下,在那里集结大型设施。

In an earlier article,I discussed what JP had revealed about US military operations on the Moon that corroborated information being released by another contactee,Megan Rose,and her source,Val Nek,about the Galactic Federation building a new base on the Moon.The new moonbase would use secure technologies to prevent infiltration by hostile extraterrestrials from the Draconian Empire and Orion Alliance.

在早些时候的一篇文章中,我讨论了 JP 揭露的美国在月球上的军事行动,这些行动证实了另一个联系人 Megan Rose 和她的消息来源 Val Nek 发布的关于美国银河联邦在月球上建立一个新基地的信息。新的月球基地将使用安全的技术来防止来自德拉科帝国和猎户座联盟的敌对外星人的渗透。

On September 21,JP first informed me about a large space convoy leaving the Moon and heading towards Ganymede to meet with an incoming group of friendly extraterrestrials.He told me:

921日,JP 首先通知我,有一个大型太空护卫队离开月球前往木卫三会见即将到来的友好的外星人。他告诉我:

Also,something good is happening.They're moving some technology from the moon to Ganymede.Among the soldiers everybody talking.Major space convoy…Sometime this week or next week the convoy leaves.Don't know the exact hit time.Earth satellite to Jupiter's satellite.

同时,一些好事正在发生。他们正在把一些技术从月球转移到 Ganymede。在士兵中间,每个人都在说话。主要的太空车队...这个星期或下个星期的某个时候车队离开。不知道确切的击中时间。地球卫星到木星的卫星。

The large space convoy would not be using rocket-propelled technologies to get to Ganymede,which would take more than a year.The space convoy would take a fraction of that time using antigravity,torsion field,and other exotic propulsion systems.JP let me know the route the Earth Alliance convoy would take:

这支庞大的太空护航队不会使用火箭推进技术前往 Ganymede,这将需要一年多的时间。利用反重力、扭力场和其他奇异的推进系统,太空护航队只需要这个时间的一小部分。JP 告诉我地球联盟车队的路线:

To the Moon,then Ganymede..But in between the Moon and Jupiter's satellite there's gonna be major stops like in Mars and in the astro belt..Before reaching Jupiter's gravitational pull.

去月球,然后去 Ganymede.但是在月球和木星的卫星之间,将会有像火星和天文带那样的主要停靠点。.在到达木星的引力之前。

On September 27,JP asked me:"From your sources you know anything about going to Ganymede.The soldiers are still talking about it…"

927日,JP 问我:"从你的消息来源,你知道任何关于去木卫三的事情。士兵们还在谈论这件事......"

I replied:"My Federation sources are not talking about Ganymede.Tell me what the soldiers are saying."JP continued:

我回答说:"我的联邦消息来源不是在说木卫三,告诉我士兵们在说什么。"JP 继续说道:

"That they're moving some advance technology from the moon to the biggest moon in our Solar System…And when I heard you talk about the Jupiter meetings..I really got interested.It's a moon that has a magnetic field and has a lot of water…There's massive facilities there already.We are just transporting a shit Load of stuff….There's massive structures there massive…I remember them saying that there was a massive war there[Ganymede]a couple 1000 years ago….All I know is an armada is heading over there…BIG Big ships


I have covered the Jupiter Meetings first revealed by Thor Han through Elena Danaan and later corroborated by Val Nek through Megan Rose in an interview.One of the pieces of corroborating data that I referred to was the announcement by NASA that the launch vehicle for the Clipper Mission to Europa,Ganymede's sister moon,had been awarded to SpaceX.I speculated that this was the cover for Musk to attend the Jupiter Meetings.His attendance,along with that of Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson,was later confirmed by Val Nek.

我曾经报道过雷神汉通过艾琳娜·达纳恩揭露的朱庇特会面,后来在一次采访中被瓦尔·内克通过梅根·罗斯证实。我提到的其中一个佐证数据是美国宇航局宣布,Ganymede 的姐妹卫星欧罗巴飞船任务的运载火箭已经授予 SpaceX 公司。我猜想这是马斯克参加木星会议的幌子。他的出席,与杰夫贝佐斯和理查德布兰森,后来确认了瓦尔内克。

With this new intel from JP,it becomes clearer that the NASA Europa Clipper mission is a cover for a much larger space operation,an Earth Alliance convoy to travel to Ganymede to set up facilities to meet and interact with an incoming group of extraterrestrial visitors.

有了 JP 的这个新情报,NASA 的木卫二快船任务就变得更加清晰,它是一个更大的太空行动的掩护,一个地球联盟的车队前往木卫三建立设施,以满足和互动的外星访客团体的到来。

JP next had an encounter with a human-looking extraterrestrial who told him to prepare for being part of one of the upcoming military missions to Ganymede to meet with an incoming group of visitors.This did not come as a surprise to me since JP's recruitment into the US Army was facilitated by US special forces personnel who had several years earlier helped him take photographs of antigravity spacecraft flying near MacDill Air Force Base in order to promote disclosure.I analyzed JP's photos in a series of articles,including my latest book on the US Space Force.

接下来,JP 遇到了一个长得像人类的外星人,这个外星人告诉他准备参加即将到来的木卫三军事任务,会见一群来访者。这对我来说并不意外,因为 JP 加入美国陆军是得到了美国特种部队人员的帮助,他们几年前曾帮助他拍摄了在麦克迪尔空军基地附近飞行的反重力飞船的照片,以促进信息披露。我在一系列文章中分析了 JP 的照片,包括我最近出版的关于美国太空部队的书。


On October 4,I asked Elena whether she knew anything about"something big…coming into our solar system",she replied:


I also heard about another great return,of powerful benevolent forces,from another dimension and realm.A great force that has always tried to free Humanity of Earth from slavery.This also is back.We are up for a great grand finale.


This takes me to Elena's[E]latest intel from Thor Han[TH]received on October 10,which provides much more information about this incoming benevolent force,and the connection with Ganymede:

这让我想到了 Elena 1010日从 Thor Han 那里得到的最新情报,这个情报提供了更多关于这个即将到来的慈善势力的信息,以及与木卫三的联系:

TH:The fleet from the Intergalactic Confederation has arrived in this star system.Their ships will be stationed around Jupiter for a while,until further notice to move nearer to Earth's orbit.The personnel and logistics are welcomed on the Ashtar outpost.High officials are staying at the Council of Five facility on the moon Ganymede.They come to evaluate the result of our common work regarding to the dismantlement of the Dark Alliance,and collaborate together with the Galactic Federation of Worlds a course of action for the next step.



Drawing of Intergalactic Confederation Fleet courtesy of Elena Danaan 星际联盟舰队图片由 Elena Danaan 提供

Thor Han's information here is stunning confirmation for what JP had earlier revealed to me back in September.A multinational(Earth)alliance headed by US Space Command is sending a large convoy to Ganymede to meet with and collaborate with an incoming group of extraterrestrial visitors.Thor Han elaborates on this growing collaboration between the new visitors and the Earth Alliance:

索尔汉在这里的信息是令人震惊的确认 JP 早些时候透露给我回到九月。一个由美国太空司令部领导的多国(地球)联盟正在派遣一个大型车队前往 Ganymede,与一群即将到来的外星访客会面并进行合作。索尔·汉详细阐述了新来访者和地球联盟之间日益增长的合作:

E:What is the next step?


TH:Connecting with the Earth Space Force and evaluation of the potential for a civilian contact.We usually don't require their intervention but we recently requested their assistance to secure this timeline.You know,Terra is not like one of these stage 2 or 3 civilizations that the Galactic Federation of Worlds rescues from external interference.Terra is special.It bears the seeds they planted.

TH:与地球空间部队联系并评估民间接触的可能性。我们通常不需要他们的干预,但我们最近请求他们的协助,以确保这个时间表。你知道,Terra 不像那些被银河联邦从外部干扰中拯救出来的第2或第3阶段的文明。特拉是特别的。它承载着他们播下的种子。

E:Can you talk about that?


TH:They are our forefathers.They seeded us,here in Nataru.Terra,like a few other places in this galaxy,has been for a long while one of their particularly loved grounds for experimentation about human development and consciousness.Such as in Mana(K62-Lyra).They are the seeders.

TH:他们是我们的祖先。他们在 Nataru 播种我们。特拉,像这个星系中的其他一些地方一样,长期以来一直是他们特别喜爱的实验人类发展和意识的场所之一。比如在法力(k62-天琴座)。他们是播种者。

E:I understand they are a bunch of different races,aren't they?


TH:Yes,they are very diversified but not as widely diversified as the life-forms they created.


E:How do you"create"life-forms?


TH:By hybridization.It is a great amusement for them but there is a serious underlying matter.They work in accordance with Source.Of course,they do NOT create all life forms;this is the creation of Source;but they rather play with the material to create hybrid races and populate worlds.


This is a fascinating development since it dovetails with the information provided by several researchers and contactees about humanity's extraterrestrial origins and how different races seeded humanity.The oldest reference to such information comes in biblical texts such as the Old Testament that refers to the Elohim as humanity's creators.

这是一个引人入胜的发展,因为它与一些研究人员和联系人提供的关于人类的外星起源和不同种族如何播种人类的信息相吻合。最早提到这些信息的是圣经文本,比如《旧约全书》中提到 Elohim 是人类的创造者。

Alex Collier says that he was told by Andromedan extraterrestrials that humanity was a hybrid species containing the genetics of 22 extraterrestrial civilizations.In his book,Defending Sacred Ground,Alex spoke about Ganymede being used as an outpost by the Andromedans:"The Andromedans have huge mother ships on Jupiter,[and]the moon of Ganymede."


Therefore,it is very possible that this new group that has established a presence on Ganymede is related to one or more of these 22 civilizations.Elena's conversation with Thor Han continued:


TH:Did I tell you about the Nine Elders?


E:Yes,you did.


TH:They are the highest level of individuated consciousness before Source.Some call them the Nine Gods,others the Nine Prophets of Source.They do not live in a definite dimension but in no dimension;I mean,for you to understand:they dwell in-between the created universes,in a place where time and space are uncreated.We call it:the Void.Or the Sanctuary.Their consciousness encompasses all consciousnesses.They can fractally divide themselves to be present simultaneously in as many places as they wish,for they do not travel in space,nor in time,but they connect to a location and an entity when they want to pass on a message,or act,whatever the distance,whenever the time.For them,time occurs only when they connect to a space-time continuum.They are the first children of Source.




TH:Higher than that.They are pure consciousness,non-incarnated,shapeless,but with each their own individual thinking,although binding as one.Nine mouths,one heart.They are the Nine,they have no other name.


E:Can they be called the Council of Nine sometimes?


TH:Well yes,sometimes.You know there are a tremendous lot of councils.These Nine are an intergalactic sort of council,and you have also the Nataru(this galaxy)Council of Nine,which is now"The Five".And at the head of the Zenae(Andromedans),you have also nine elders.

TH:是的,有时候。你知道有很多议会。这九个是星系间的委员会,还有纳塔鲁(这个星系)九个委员会,现在是"五个"。在 Zenae(仙女座)的头上,你还有九位长老。

At this point,it's worth mentioning that the first reference to a Council of Nine interested in human affairs came from channeled communications involving Dr.D.G.Vinod,who worked with the famed psychiatrist Dr.Andrija Puharich back in 1952.Puharich had several psychics channel the Council of Nine,including famed Israeli psychic Uri Geller and later Phyllis Schlemmer.

在这一点上,值得一提的是,第一次提到一个对人类事务感兴趣的九人委员会来自涉及 d.g.Vinod 博士的通道交流,他在1952年与著名的精神病学家 Andrija Puharich 博士一起工作。普哈里奇在九人理事会有几个通灵频道,包括著名的以色列通灵师尤里·盖勒和后来的菲利斯·施莱默。

Her book,The Only Planet of Choice summarizes 20 years of research and communications with the Council of Nine.Importantly,Gene Roddenberry attended some of the Council of Nine channeling sessions and asked them questions.This inspired him to create the TV series Deep Space Nine where he described a mysterious group of incorporeal extraterrestrials that he called the'Prophets'who occupied non-linear time inside a wormhole that instantaneously connected different parts of our galaxy.


What Thor Han next had to say about the Council of Nine has an uncanny resemblance to the Prophets in Roddenberry's Deep Space Nine:

接下来,托尔·汉对九人委员会的评价与 Roddenberry《深空九号》中的先知们惊人的相似:

E:And the Galactic Federation has a High Council of 25,isn't it?


TH:24 plus one,the law-keeper.This one settles the final decision,but this task takes turns.The Law-Keeper is replaced by another member of the council every 10 cycles.


E:Based on what cycle?


TH:A fractal of the temporal cycles of this galaxy.


E:Are the Nine also coming in our star system now?


TH:(laughs)They do not need ships to move.Their mind can connect to everywhere.They can take any shape,instantly teleport and materialize in a temporary biological vessel,related to the species they visit.They can change into anything.Biological forms,elements such as fire,water…


E:Why so then,did they leave all these events happening in this star system?


TH:Understand:the Nine are above everything,they overlook the stories of all creatures populating these universes,rarely playing a role at an individual level in the balance of things.you


Elena next goes on to ask about an extraterrestrial organization she calls the Intergalactic Super-Confederation,which she described in her most recent book,We Will Never Let You Down.She describes it as an apex intergalactic organization with a higher status than the Council of Nine,Andromeda Council,Galactic Federation,Ashtar Command and other extraterrestrial organizations operating locally in our galaxy.


E:You said that Terra is special,and dear to the heart of the Intergalactic Super-Confederation…oh what is the exact name,by the way?

E:你说 Terra 是特别的,对于星际超级联盟的核心来说非常珍贵......哦,对了,确切的名字是什么?

TH:They have their own name,which is in frequency,not translatable in human language.We do,in Taami,name them Ard Oraa Tu,but it is a very faint translation of a multidimensional frequency-based language.We rather like to call them:"Do",the Guardians,because that is what they really do.(Thor Han is here answering my question about the Intergalactic super-confederation,not the Nine)

TH:他们有自己的名字,这是在频率,不可译在人类的语言。在 Taami,我们确实把它们命名为 ardoraa Tu,但这只是一种基于频率的多维语言的非常模糊的翻译。我们更愿意称他们为"",守护者,因为这是他们真正在做的事。(索尔·汉在这里回答我关于星际超级联盟的问题,而不是九个)

It's significant that US Space Force personnel chose to refer to themselves as Guardians,and are now directly liaising with a group of visitors called the Guardians or Prophets.


To sum up,according to Thor Han,the recently arrived extraterrestrial race that has entered our solar system and established a presence on Ganymede,is the Intergalactic Super-Confederation.It is here to oversee the incredible transition about to take place on Earth and our solar system,and to liaise with the newly created Earth Alliance comprising 14 spacefaring nations and companies that participated in the July Jupiter meetings.

总而言之,根据 Thor Han 的说法,最近到达地球的外星种族已经进入了我们的太阳系并且在木卫三建立了存在,这就是星际超级联盟。它在这里监督即将在地球和我们太阳系发生的令人难以置信的转变,并与新成立的地球联盟联络,该联盟由14个航天国家和参加7月木星会议的公司组成。

In addition,Thor Han revealed that an intergalactic Council of Nine known throughout our galaxy as'Prophets'or'Guardians',has also arrived interdimensionally to observe how events play out in our solar system.

此外,Thor Han 透露,一个星系间九人委员会,在我们的银河系被称为先知或守护者,也已经进入星际空间来观察我们的太阳系是如何发生事件的。

I spoke with Alex Collier on October 11,and he said that the new group of extraterrestrial visitors had indeed made a beeline for Jupiter and established a presence on Ganymede to watch events unfold in our solar system.He said that Ganymede has enormous facilities that date back many thousands of years.When I told him about JP's intel about a space convoy heading for Ganymede,Alex said that they likely had been assigned one of the huge facilities on Ganymede as a forward base of operations.

1011日,我与亚历克斯·科利尔进行了交谈,他说这群新的外星访客确实径直前往木星,并在木卫三建立了存在感,观察我们太阳系中的事件发展。他说,木卫三拥有数千年历史的巨大设施。当我告诉他 JP 的情报,有一个太空车队正前往木卫三,亚历克斯说,他们很可能被分配到木卫三的一个巨大设施作为行动的前沿基地。

There is a very important synchronicity happening on October 13 that supports the above information.Jeff Bezos'Blue Origin spacecraft is scheduled to launch with William Shatner as one of the four astronauts.According to Elena,the Blue Origin uniforms are a close match to the uniforms of Earth Alliance personnel interacting with the Galactic Federation and other extraterrestrial groups.

1013日发生了一个非常重要的同步性事件,支持上述信息。杰夫·贝佐斯的蓝色起源航天器计划与威廉·沙特纳一起发射,成为四名宇航员之一。根据 Elena 的说法,蓝色起源的制服与地球联盟人员与银河联邦和其他外星团体互动的制服非常匹配。

My speculation is that the October 13 Blue Origin mission is a cover for Shatner and the other three astronauts secretly traveling to Ganymede to participate in the welcoming ceremony for the newly arrived Intergalactic Super-Confederation,and possibly even the Council of Nine.Shatner is a tremendously popular worldwide figure and would make an excellent cultural ambassador for Earth in initial contact meetings with such an important group of visitors.Shatner's participation in such meetings would also herald humanity officially entering into a Star Trek future.


In conclusion,there are three independent sources that confirm that a powerful new group of extraterrestrials have arrived in our solar system,and established a presence on Jupiter's moon Ganymede.It is more than coincidental that NASA's Clipper mission to Europa was announced back in July,as it provides the perfect cover for a large space convoy to be secretly assembled and sent to its sister moon Ganymede without arousing too much suspicion.The large convoy and development of a human presence on Ganymede at one of the large facilities there also helps explain the worldwide labor shortage that I have previously discussed.

总之,有三个独立的来源证实了一个强大的新的外星人群体已经到达了我们的太阳系,并且在木星的卫星木卫三上建立了存在。今年7月,NASA 宣布了对木卫二的飞船任务,这绝非巧合,因为它为一个大型空间护卫队提供了完美的掩护,这个护卫队将被秘密组装并送往它的姐妹卫星木卫三,而不会引起太多怀疑。在木卫三的一个大型工厂里,大型的运输队伍和人员的发展也有助于解释我之前讨论过的世界范围的劳动力短缺。

Finally,the Blue Origin space mission involving William Shatner,with his deep connection to the Star Trek franchise,does lend plausibility to the idea that humanity has officially entered into an exciting new phase with a highly evolved group of extraterrestrial visitors,depicted in Deep Space Nine as the Prophets,that have taken up residence on Ganymede.


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