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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

July 25,2021 2021725


It's hard to buckle down with the beast and a hot keyboard when it's rainy and 75 degrees out.A glorious day.


It's official.It's historic.Never before seen and heard events are unfolding—good and bad.For example we just learned that in Tunisia…


JUST IN–Tunisia's President fired the Prime Minister,dissolved the parliament,suspended the immunity of all deputies,and declares he is assuming executive power following violent unrest and an emergency meeting with armed forces and security services.


If you're pressed for time,here's a summary:


News Quick reads:


_Power outage in many areas of Spain

_London floods the streets with protests

_Sydney Australia declares national emergency over delta variant/demonstration erupt and clash with police

_Large protests breakout in Australia France Italy England vaccines mandates vaccine passports and Covid restrictions

_Arizona senate calls to decertify the election

_Henan P China..reports heaviest rainfall in 1000 years,100 missing 70 dead and rising

_JUST IN–Austria's Interior Minister and Defense Minister announced in a joint press conference that the country will tighten its border protection as the"European asylum system has failed."
_Just IN--奥地利内政部长兼国防部长在联合记者会上宣布,由于“欧洲庇护制度已经失效”,该国将加强边境保护。

Austria will deploy hundreds of additional soldiers to the borders."The situation is serious,"

_French hospital goes on INDEFINITE strike to protest Covid-19 vaccination mandate

_200 million people in China braces for typhoon

_For the ninth day in Iran protesters violently demonstrate and riot,due to no water and no internet

_Over 179 cities and protest sites Erupt in France

_Mass protests in Greece taking place as mainstream Media blackouts the demos

_Israel protesters start marching through the night

Link to Telegram.

链接到 Telegram

Simon says…


Growing Likelihood Of Disruption…中断的可能性越来越大.....

There is a growing likelihood that some form of supply disruption is coming next week and or the week following that week.


I have never believed in the so called"10 days of darkness"I do believe in"10 days of disruption…


So be prepared for anything July 26–Aug 1,and/or Aug 2–8.Those events they'd like to say are"acts of God"or caused by climate change—they're not.They are terrorist attacks by the psychopaths and these are the end times.The end of the satanic cabal.



More and more people are speaking out and showing they DO NOT CONSENT.


Conversely,so many are completely in the dark and don't know or want to know what is happening on our planet.


At the rally in Phoenix on Saturday the People booed a 2022 candidate off the stage.Watch below.Folks in the chat said she's a RINO;part of the mob.I love it.They're not only paying attention,they don't have to be polite and are making their choices known.I don't think much will get by them any more.


Arizona State Senator and candidate for Arizona Secretary of State @MichelleUgenti booed off stage at Trump rally in downtown Phoenix. pic.twitter.com/ZzWfbzgSJS

The RINO got her revenge when a real journalist questioned her about the election integrity bill she killed.


State Senator Michelle Ugenti Rita Has TGP Reporter Removed From Trump Rally And ARRESTED after She is Booed Off Stage(VIDEO)


Here's an"air Q"from the President's speech in Phoenix that he's famous for.Link to Telegram.

以下是总统在凤凰城的演讲中的"空中问答",他因此而闻名。链接到 Telegram

These people didn't vote for Democrats.Guaranteed.See the 93-mile long Trump train in Southern Arizona last year at the Link to Telegram.

这些人没有投票给民主党人。保证。去年,特朗普在亚利桑那州南部的"链接到电报"(Link to Telegram)列车上,观看了93英里长的特朗普列车。


Tommy Robinson News channel covers a lot of the cities where protests are taking place,as does TRUMPINTEL.This isn't all of them,but a few more.WOWZA!!!


Estonia rising.


Slovakia rising.


India rising.


Mexico rising.


Greece rising.


South Africa rising.


New York rising.


Japan rising.


Sweden rising.


Wales rising.


Luxembourg rising.


Lithuania rising.


Romania rising.


Niagara Falls,NY rising.


New York City rising.


Portugal rising.


Ukraine rising.


Finland rising.


"A couple of hundred"rising in France.


Here's a 45 second montage with music of the crowds in many nations making their voices heard.Link to Telegram.


Here's LT's update for Sunday from And We Know.


7.25.21:FULL SPEED AHEAD!So MUCH Exposed in a few HOURS!Worldwide PROTESTS!PRAY!7.25.21:


Why are millions of people upset?Millions of zombies are completely unaware of the lies—or the danger.Their ignorance endangers ALL of us.


Look at all the scheduled cities protesting in Italy!


France prepares for their meeting with Macron.Never hurts to have a little extra leverage,right?Props to drive home your point?



La guillotine 断头台

BUT—NOTHING IS HAPPENING.Nothing to see here.


We've been waiting for news on the new Quantum Financial System.Here's some.


bounty-seekers.8s6tt@aleeas.com]: [E]MAIL-[SUB]JECT-LINE: BOUNTY-SEEKERS:(: Bounty-Seekers with the Claim of the Life-Onli.) [Please give time for correspon...

This footage from New York City is a little disturbing.A number of someones were intentionally obscuring their license plates.Link to Telegram.

这段来自纽约市的镜头有点令人不安。有些人故意把车牌弄模糊了。链接到 Telegram

That might suggest they planned to get up to no good during the protests planned on the weekend in NYC.I suspect cell phones and web sites/social media were monitored by military intelligence who learned of these plots and arrested the perps before they could do any harm.Just speculation on my part but it suggests we need to maintain situational awareness at all times.



Canadians are far too trusting of the lying,treasonous media.It's so"troubling"that not all Canadians have accepted the jab!


Meet the unvaccinated:Why some Canadians still haven't had the shot




Are you prepared for the ugliness,my friends?I don't think we have much concept for what's coming.It will be unprecedented.Link to Telegram.

朋友们,你们准备好面对丑陋了吗?我不认为我们对将要发生的事情有太多的概念。这将是前所未有的。链接到 Telegram


Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.

The Rhine meadows and the Roads on the Dam along the Rhine are locked up.Airplanes and Drones are forbidden 2021年7月25日星期日文摘:危机中的星球和黑暗中的人|星际飞船地球.The water is contaminated and the shoes of the many private helpers are dissolving.
Obviously the"authorities"do not want us to see the remains of the flood.As McAfee is writing it:"The hour is upon us…As waters recede,riverbeds reveal."

莱茵河草地和莱茵河沿岸大坝上的道路都被封锁了,只有 https://goo.gl/maps/zgpi5xbq5es5gcrw5才能通过。禁止飞机和无人机。水被污染了,许多私人助手的鞋子正在溶解。显然,"当局"不希望我们看到洪水的遗迹。正如迈克菲所写的那样:"我们的时代已经来临......随着洪水退去,河床显露出来。"

The following renegade film Hellstorm shows(1:00:00)that millions have died there.


We've talked about the cabal's red shoes made from the skin of Humans,but this past week we heard that the psychopaths have used bodies to make gem stones.



Here's more interesting info about McAfee's deadman's switch—and I don't believe he's dead.


John McAfee activated a'Kill Switch'when the announcement was made that he had committed suicide in his jail cell.The Amazing Team of analysts at the Awakening Channel HAS DISCOVERED THE EXACT LOCATION AND DATA OF THIS KILL SWITCH.It appears that the Kill Switch is transferring documents via binary code non-stop since the switch was activated.


An account that has been long inactive with the name'EPSTEIN'Ethereum Token Smart Contract goes live and starts sending out messages to masked IP's.Expect the data dump from multiple mirrors.Terabytes of data proving deep corruption from the man who is one of the most talented hackers of all time.The only way to stop the flood of information is to shut down the net.2021年7月25日星期日文摘:危机中的星球和黑暗中的人|星际飞船地球2021年7月25日星期日文摘:危机中的星球和黑暗中的人|星际飞船地球2021年7月25日星期日文摘:危机中的星球和黑暗中的人|星际飞船地球

一个长期不活动的帐户名为"EPSTEIN"Ethereum 令牌智能合同启动并开始向屏蔽 IP 发送消息。期望从多个镜像中获得数据转储。大量数据证明了这位有史以来最有才华的黑客的深度腐败。阻止信息洪流的唯一办法就是关闭网络。

Ethereum Account Link


I can't get over the flooding in so many areas of the world.Here in north Phoenix I am so sick of hearing the EAS alerts every day on my phone,first in English,then Spanish,about flooding.It's like they're trying to terrorize everyone all the time.Flooding.The virus.Silver alerts.Always something to be afraid of.


All we're getting is light rain or drizzle off and on.No storm,no monsoon deluge like we usually get.Besides,we have two kayaks.It might be fun to go for a paddle to Le Starbuck's drive-through.;0)


I think the Brits will be wishing they'd traded in their wellies for hip waders.


Some are thinking the global floods may be White Hat ops to clean out the tunnels,etc.but when the death toll is high,I don't believe that's the case.In White Hat ops,there are usually no deaths from what I've heard.Here's some perspective to consider from Q)The Storm Rider.More at the Telegram Link.

一些人认为全球洪水可能是白帽行动清理隧道等,但当死亡人数很高时,我不认为这是事实。在白帽行动中,据我所知通常没有死亡事件。这里有一些来自《q)《风暴骑士》的观点。更多信息请访问 Telegram Link



I gave this Warning for many reasons long ago>>now you know why//inside the Storm<


//Second wave BEGINS!!!>>
third wave>>early August<


Watch the waters


Becareful and always have your survival kits on hand///


(White HATS aren't Killing innocent humans with>>HAARP ACROSS THE WORLD

(白帽子并没有用>>HAARP 杀害无辜的人类

Shanghai evacuates HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS,cancels flights&suspends train services as Typhoon In-Fa hits China's coast(VIDEO)


Flooding in the UK.Link to Telegram video.

英国洪水。链接到 Telegram 视频。

Major warning!Harringay north London,we are having a storm of biblical proportions.I'm visiting friends and their house,all neighbouring houses are being flooded.We are trying to find somewhere dry in the property but the water keeps coming.Walls,ceilings,the rain keeps coming down,electricity out.Anyone else experiencing this?Emergency services doing nothing.


See the video of flooding in Switzerland.


Look at the Koyna Dam in India.Holy cow.

看看印度的 Koyna Dam 天啊。

Tropic,Utah north of Arizona.


Flash flooding in Tropic, Utah (near Bryce Canyon) Video by Ed Erglis

Flash flood in Najran,Saudi Arabia.Link to Telegram.

沙特阿拉伯 Najran 发生山洪暴发。

What else can the psychopaths do?Check this out.


We've stated that nothing on this planet just happens.It's all planned and controlled and they have ways of doing things the civilian Human element is completely unaware can be done.They can,they would,and they do.This might be an example.2 min.


What Did We Catch On Live Video Feed In Canada?


World News Report TodayJuly 13th 2021!What Did We Catch On Live Video Feed In Canada?https://www.windy.com/-Weather-radar-radar?radar,30.212,-95.526,5Please ...

A Queen Romana message this afternoon:


Canada,please join me in expressing gratitude and thanks to:


1)Supreme Commander President of the United Mexican State(Mexico),Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador,and to men,women and children of Mexico,and


2)Comrade Supreme President of Russian Federation,Vladimir Putin,and men,women and children of Russia.

2)俄罗斯最高主席同志,Vladimir Putin,以及俄罗斯的男人、女人和孩子们。

for their assistance in helping us fight the raging wild fires in British Columbia,Canada.


Welcome to all Mexican and Russian firefighters.


We are humbled and truly honoured.2021年7月25日星期日文摘:危机中的星球和黑暗中的人|星际飞船地球


Thank you to all Canadian Fire Fighters.


Thank you also to our Canadian Troops who have been deployed to BC to help with putting out the fires.


It sounds like the Earth Alliance has things under control—as much as possible when psychopaths run free.



Putin activated


CodeMonkeyZ reports on the bioweapon situation:Link to Telegram.

报道了生化武器的情况:链接到 Telegram



China has used Covid-19 testing kits to collect the DNA of a large amount of people from all around the world.

中国已经使用2019冠状病毒疾病检测工具收集了来自世界各地大量人群的 DNA

Now China can more easily create diseases that target their enemies specifically while minimizing the effect on their own citizens.



The crew points us to this message from Dr.Simone Gold of America's Frontline Doctors.Watch for this on July 27.



Seth Keshel(former Capt.in Military Intelligence)has been activated and has some thoughts about the fake"delta variant".Link to Telegram.

塞斯·克舍尔(前军事情报上尉)已经被激活,并且对假的"delta变体"有一些想法。链接到 Telegram

I would be willing to bet a lot of money that the"Delta variant"scare hoax for the Wuhan virus is being whipped up to give a mandate to certain governors of certain states to prevent large gatherings.


Like the ones in arenas that gather together to count millions of ballots and forensically audit them.



Trump always gives us clues about many things when he addresses the public.Those who pay attention and connect the dots put it out there.If you recall,Sweden is one of the worst countries to live in.Our own crew has told us it's so bad they want to move away but can't.It's so sad.


The links provided at the end are all Telegram channels/posts.

最后提供的链接是所有 Telegram 频道/文章。

Trump tripled down by mentioning Sweden three times in 20 seconds today.That is the ultimate confirmation.I honestly believe we need to map out the Deep State's power structure by examining Sweden in general and a certain Swedish globalist family named Wallenberg in particular.The White Hats must adapt to the current public opinion and we are the only ones who convey a different picture of our reality in contrast to the FAKE NEWS media.


I understand it seems unlikely that a small country from northern Europe would have so much power and influence,but if you think about it,would you have believed any of the things you have witnessed during the last year if someone had told you beforehand?Q has told us that we have more than we know,and that is the truth.Here are some of my posts on Sweden:

我明白,一个来自北欧的小国似乎不太可能拥有如此大的权力和影响力,但如果你仔细想想,如果有人事先告诉你,你会相信去年你目睹的任何事情吗?Q 告诉我们,我们拥有的比我们知道的更多,这是事实。以下是我关于瑞典的一些文章:

·Why Trump Kept Mentioning 1917
(http://t.me/SokratesXVII/173)·Evergreen controlled by Swedes
(https://t.me/SokratesXVII/146)·Sweden and Alibaba.com
(https://t.me/SokratesXVII/307)·Red Bee Media
(http://t.me/SokratesXVII/812?single)·Panic in Swedish MSM

为什么特朗普一直提到1917年(http://t.me/sokratesxvii/173)瑞典 https://t.me/sokratesxvii/146和阿里巴巴控股的长赐https://t.me/sokratesxvii/307和阿里巴巴红蜂传媒(http://t.me/SokratesXVII/812?single)·在瑞典 MSM 恐慌

Trump team attorney Jay Sekulow requests Pennsylvania and Arizona voters who were asked to use a Sharpie to fill out their ballots contact his office.Details at JaySekulow.com.Link to Telegram.链接到 Telegram

ARIZONA—here's the best and most honest 3:30 of your day.Meet our new Governor—at least she gets the best response.I remember Kari Lake from years ago and I was a little skeptical since she was part of the media but I believe she is sincere and she has been activated.She got a very positive reception when she spoke at the rally this weekend.[Did she really throw that sledge hammer around like that?It's not easy.]Must watch video.Link to Telegram.

亚利桑那州——这里是你一天中最好也是最诚实的3:30。见见我们的新州长ーー至少她得到了最好的回应。我记得几年前的 Kari Lake,我有点怀疑,因为她是媒体的一部分,但我相信她是真诚的,她已经被激活了。她在本周末的集会上发表讲话时受到了非常积极的欢迎。她真的那样挥舞着那把大锤吗?这并不容易必须看视频。链接到 Telegram

See her website for more videos and her platform at KariLake.com

更多视频请访问她的网站和她的平台 karilake.com

Is it a coincidence that so many strong women are stepping up in politics now?Kari would be another Kristi Noem or even better.



Why would Elon say this?You know why.

为什么 Elon 会这么说?你知道为什么。


I don't think it's disinfo,folks.Yellow Rose for Texas told us this years ago.You might want to consider it.The Simpsons has been shockingly accurate in its predictions,including about 911 and Trump coming down the escalator at Trump Tower.



Here's another Simpsons clip I saw today.It's'predictive programming'from 1993 about a disease.And a deadly cure.There are no coincidences.1 min.Link to Telegram.

这是我今天看到的另一个《辛普森一家》片段。这是1993年关于一种疾病的预测性程序设计。还有一种致命的治疗方法。世上没有巧合。1分钟。链接到 Telegram

Some new intel via the John McAfee deadman's switch dump.Link to Telegram.



Are there other things in those mines besides diamonds?The aerial of the mine looks like an owl.What a coincidence.


McAfee's Deadman Switch website just updated with an image of the Koidu Diamond mine in Sierra Leone.owned by Koidu Holdings.Subsidiary of OCTEA,owned by BSGR group founded by Beny Steinmetz.Israeli born with ties to George Soros and Alan Dershowits.

迈克菲的 Deadman Switch 网站刚刚更新了塞拉利昂 Koidu 钻石矿的图片。由 Koidu 控股公司拥有。OCTEA 子公司,由 BSGR 集团所有,由 Beny Steinmetz 创立。以色列人出生时与乔治·索罗斯和艾伦·德肖维茨有联系。

The bad news is going to keep coming.We'd best suit up,grab our galoshes and prepare to weather the storm.It's raining again!Gotta go.~BP





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