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美国总统唐纳德·特朗普和Q(又名 QAnon)多次提到”隐形敌人”,美国军事情报界的白帽子目前正在进行一场”信息战”。尽管主流新闻媒体声称特朗普仅仅是将COVID-19称为困扰美国和世界其他地方的”无形敌人”,但从他的言论和Q帖子的更广泛背景来看,特朗普暗指的真正敌人是一个在”计划学术”背后具有非人类维度的深层国家。

There have been multiple references to an"invisible enemy"by President Donald Trump and Q(aka QAnon),which White Hats in the US military-intelligence community are presently fighting in an"information war".While mainstream news outlets claim Trump is merely referring to COVID-19 as the"invisible enemy"that has afflicted the US and the rest of the planet,what emerges from examining the wider context of his remarks and Q posts is that the real enemy Trump is alluding to is a Deep State which has a non-human dimension that is behind the"plandemic".

美国总统唐纳德·特朗普和Q(又名 QAnon)多次提到"隐形敌人",美国军事情报界的白帽子目前正在进行一场"信息战"。尽管主流新闻媒体声称特朗普仅仅是将COVID-19称为困扰美国和世界其他地方的"无形敌人",但从他的言论和Q帖子的更广泛背景来看,特朗普暗指的真正敌人是一个在"计划学术"背后具有非人类维度的深层国家。

Trump's repeated references to the invisible enemy have been noted by mainstream media outlets as merely a rhetorical flourish to combating the COVID-19 virus.For example,Jack Shafer,writing for Politico,said on April 9:

主流媒体指出,特朗普反复提到看不到的敌人只不过是为了打击COVID-19病毒而夸夸其谈。例如,杰克谢弗(Jack Shafer)49日为《政治家》(Politico)撰稿时表示:

Ever since President Donald Trump made his bootleg turn on coronavirus in mid-March,finally conceding the magnitude of the pandemic,he has attempted to brand the contagion as an"invisible enemy."


Trump first used the phrase in a March 16 coronavirus task force press conference,saying,"No matter where you look,this is something—it's an invisible enemy."Obviously a conscious coinage designed to add Trumpian seasoning to headlines,the president made sure to return to the phrase about a minute later,saying,"I just say this:We have an invisible enemy."


Ever since,Trump has used the expression in letters,remarks,interviews,tweets,video blogs,but especially in the campaign-style pressers about the virus he's been staging almost daily since his turnaround.According to the Factbase database,Trump has exploited the expression at least 44 times in what looks like his effort to anthropomorphize the virus into a sentient thing with evil intentions on mankind.

从那以后,特朗普就在信件、评论、采访、推文和视频博客中使用这个词,但特别是在竞选风格的宣传中,他在病毒转变后几乎每天都在使用这个词。根据 Factbase 的数据库,特朗普至少44次利用这个表达,将病毒拟人化,把它变成一个对人类怀有邪恶意图的有感知力的东西。

Is this what Trump is doing with his repeated references to an"invisible enemy"merely alluding to something so small it can't be seen?Or is he referring to an invisible enemy that orchestrated the emergence of COVID-19?


Trump's repeated references to World War II in the lead up to the following quote provides a context suggesting that he is referring to something far more sinister behind the global virus than merely an accidental natural occurrence:


In World War II young people in their teenage years volunteered to fight.They wanted to fight so badly because they loved our country.Workers refused to go home and slept on factory floors to keep assembly lines running….We must sacrifice together because we are all in this together and we'll come through together.It's the invisible enemy.That's always the toughest enemy:the invisible enemy.But we're going to defeat the invisible enemy.I think we're going to do it even faster than we thought.And it will be a complete victory.



The wider context of Trump's remarks on the invisible enemy point to it as the Deep State,which he and his administration have been battling even before his Presidential inauguration.


The civil war between the Trump Administration and the Deep State is a battle between those wanting to free humanity from an oppressive group of global controllers that has enslaved humanity through its domination of the mainstream media,and political,financial,cultural and religious institutions for centuries,if not millennia.

特朗普政府和"深州"(Deep State)之间的内战,是那些希望把人类从一群压迫人类的全球控制者手中解放出来的人之间的战争。这群人通过主流媒体的控制,奴役了人类数百年,也奴役了政治、金融、文化和宗教机构,如果不是几千年的话。

Authors such as as Jim Marrs,Rule by Secrecy(2001)and William Bramley,Gods of Eden(1993),have presented compelling evidence exposing the global controllers/Deep State as elite ruling bloodline families that trace their ancestry back to extraterrestrial colonists banished to Earth millennia ago.They both reveal that in humanity's far distant past,extraterrestrials directly ruled over humanity,and then installed human-alien hybrids to rule as proxies as described in historical documents such as Sumer's"King's List"and Manetho's chronicle of pre-dynastic Egyptian rulers.

诸如《秘密统治》(2001)中的吉姆马尔斯(Jim Marrs)和《伊甸园之神》(1993)中的威廉布拉姆利(William Bramley)等作者,提出了令人信服的证据,揭示了全球控制者/"深层国家"(deep State)作为精英统治家族的祖先可以追溯到几千年前流放到地球的外星殖民者。它们都揭示了在人类遥远的过去,外星人直接统治着人类,然后按照诸如苏美尔的"国王名单"和马内修的埃及前王朝统治者编年史等历史文献的描述,安排人类与外星人的混血儿作为代理人进行统治。

These hybrid proxy rulers evolved to become the ruling bloodline families that have controlled humanity from behind the scenes using ancient knowledge and technologies handed down from their extraterrestrial overlords–Reptilian entities,according to Marrs and others.


In the 1930s and 1940s,these bloodline families gained access to more recent and powerful extraterrestrial technologies acquired through off-planet visitors attracted to Earth's rapid industrialization,and looming development of atomic weapons.


First,Germany,Italy,and then the US,Britain,Soviet Union/Russia and China all gained access to extraterrestrial technologies that became the most highly classified secrets in their respective military industrial complexes.The advanced technologies were all developed in compartmentalized programs controlled by ruling elites who had no intention of sharing such technologies with the rest of humanity but merely appropriating them for their exclusive use.


In the US,these newly acquired extraterrestrial technologies were used to further the national and global control agendas of the ruling bloodline families.Influential national leaders who did not support the elite control agenda,such as the first US Secretary of Defense,James Forrestal,and President John F.Kennedy,were eliminated in a staged suicide and assassinated in public to warn off other national leaders from resisting the global control agenda implemented by the Deep State.


In Kennedy's Last Stand,I explain how and why both Forrestal and Kennedy,who enjoyed a warm friendship,were killed by the Deep State for their respective efforts to disclose or gain access to classified extraterrestrial technologies,and reveal the principal figures and entities behind their respective assassinations.


Today China has been heavily infiltrated by the Deep State which has compromised its leading scientific and military institutions.It's no accident that the epicenter for the emergence of the COVID-19 virus is China,which the Deep State has been covertly supporting since the Communist Revolution,as I explain in my book,Rise of the Red Dragon and upcoming Webinar series.



This takes us to President Trump,who was recruited by the US military intelligence community in 2015 to help free the US from the power of the Deep State,which I have discussed previously.Trump surrounded himself with both Deep State figures and White Hats to disguise his true intentions.

这把我们带到了特朗普总统身上,他在2015年被美国军事情报界招募,帮助美国摆脱我之前讨论过的"深层国家"(Deep State)的势力。特朗普周围都是"深州"的人物和白帽子,以掩饰他的真实意图。

The contrived efforts by the Deep State to first prevent Trump from being elected,and then removing him from office is well illustrated in the Russia Collusion hoax,the sham investigation of his first National Security Advisor,Lt.General Michael Flynn,and the contrived Ukraine impeachment charges.

"深层国家"(Deep State)先是设法阻止特朗普当选,然后又把他赶下台,这种设法做出的努力在"俄罗斯共谋"骗局、对他的第一位国家安全顾问迈克尔·弗林中将(lt.General Michael Flynn)进行的虚假调查,以及设法对乌克兰提出的弹劾指控中得到了很好的体现。

As we approach the November 3,2020 election,the Deep State has finally unleashed its deck of global control cards to prevent Trump from winning re-election.The Covid-19"plandemic"and civil unrest through a contrived race war are both driven by an incessant mainstream media narrative run by the Deep State to manipulate the general public into giving up their civil liberties.Image of 2020 calendar!


The Deep State has also arranged for major social media platforms to censor citizen journalists and alternative media,which are increasingly viewed as truth tellers by the awakening public who are disgusted by the non-stop fear porn generated by the mainstream media.


This is where Q and the global movement it has spawned becomes important for understanding the"invisible enemy"that is locked in a behind the scenes life and death struggle with the Trump administration.


Most who follow Q accept that it represents a group of individuals connected to the military intelligence community and officials that are closely tied to President Trump.Multiple images provided by Q are originals taken inside Trump's Oval Office and Air Force One corroborating claims that the President is directly involved.Many believe that one of the signatures used by Q,Q+,is Trump himself.

大多数追随Q的人都承认,它代表着一群与军事情报界有联系的个人,以及与特朗普总统关系密切的官员。Q 提供的多张照片都是在特朗普的椭圆形办公室和空军一号内拍摄的,这些照片证实了总统直接参与其中的说法。很多人认为Q+使用的签名之一就是特朗普本人。

Q,like Trump,has referred to the"invisible enemy"that is attempting to enslave humanity.In a June 29 post(#4545)Q wrote:


If America falls so does the world.


If America falls darkness will soon follow.


Only when we stand together,only when we are united,can we defeat this highly entrenched dark enemy….


We are living in Biblical times.


Children of light vs children of darkness.

光明的孩子 vs 黑暗的孩子。

United against the Invisible Enemy of all humanity.



Clearly,Q is not referring to the COVID-19 virus,but is instead describing a powerful group of individuals and organizations,the"children of darkness"aka the Deep State.


Q also quotes in its entirety a letter addressed to Trump from the former Papal Nuncio to the US,Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano that similarly refers to the"Deep State"as an invisible enemy attempting to enslave humanity:

Q 还完整引用了前教皇大使给特朗普的一封信,信中大主教卡洛·玛利亚·维加诺(Carlo Maria Vigano)同样将"深层国家"称为试图奴役人类的隐形敌人:

There are faithful Shepherds who care for the flock of Christ,but there are also mercenary infidels who seek to scatter the flock and hand the sheep over to be devoured by ravenous wolves.It is not surprising that these mercenaries are allies of the children of darkness and hate the children of light:just as there is a deep state,there is also a deep church that betrays its duties and forswears its proper commitments before God.Thus the Invisible Enemy,whom good rulers fight against in public affairs,is also fought against by good shepherds in the ecclesiastical sphere…United against the Invisible Enemy of all humanity,I bless you and the First Lady,the beloved American nation,and all men and women of good will.


Vigano equates a demonic"Deep Church"exerting a corrupting influence over honest clergymen wanting to serve humanity,with the Deep State doing the same with official government service.


Significantly,Q has alluded to a Reptilian extraterrestrial influence over the Vatican in an April 3,2018 post(1002)that contained a meme with a serpent and the question:"If Satanists Took Over the Vatican Would you Notice".


In an article examining Q's post,I explain how the serpent imagery fits in with multiple insider claims of Reptilian extraterrestrials secretly controlling the Vatican.


It's clear from examining President Trump's repeated references to an invisible enemy,and similar references by Q and Archbishop Vigano,that he is referring to the Deep State as the true threat to humanity.An examination of the individuals and groups comprising the Deep State reveals a significant extraterrestrial factor in its origins and operations.


If Trump and White Hats succeed in defeating the Deep State,humanity will have freed itself of an ancient invisible enemy that has manipulated human affairs through contrived global events for centuries if not millennia.We are truly living in biblical times,as Archbishop Vigano asserts,where the children of light are locked in a spiritual war against the children of darkness.



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