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(Natural News)Despite the seemingly shocking idea presented by the title of this article,the idea that some individuals are no longer"persons"is an idea championed by the Democrats themselves.


The entire slave plantation era in America was,of course,spearheaded by Democrats who demanded"ownership"of slaves,a form of de-personing.It was Democrats who ran the KKK,pushed gun control to keep blacks disarmed,demanded school segregation and opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act.It was Abraham Lincoln,a Republican,who freed the slaves and ended the de-personhood that Democrats had insisted on enforcing as part of their twisted desire to exploit human beings for their own power and profit.

当然,美国的整个奴隶种植园时代是由民主党人带头的,他们要求奴隶的"所有权",这是一种去人格化的形式。是民主党人领导了三 k 党,推行枪支管制以解除黑人的武装,要求学校实行种族隔离,并反对1964年的民权法案。正是共和党人亚伯拉罕·林肯解放了奴隶,结束了民主党人为了自己的权力和利益而剥削人类的扭曲欲望所坚持的去人格化。

Even today,it is Democrats alone who have celebrated new laws legalizing the killing of human babies after they're born by claiming they are not persons.These new laws—passed in New York and elsewhere—legalize infanticide by pretending human babies are not human at all.What turns a baby into a human being?According to Democrats,babies aren't real people until the mother decides she wants to keep the baby.


In other words,according to prominent Democrats,human being can be de-personed,mutilated while alive,and murdered by licensed medical professionals…and they're isn't a single prominent Democrat who opposes this practice.


Not one.


Part of being a human being is recognizing the humanity in others


What makes us human?


One of the prerequisites of being considered a human being is,of course,the capacity to recognize the humanity of others.Democrats fail this test when they look at a living,breathing human infant and declare it's okay to murder that child.As stated above,this position is embraced,almost without exception,by nearly every Democrat in America today.


Mass murderers are often called"inhuman"when the horrors of their crimes are finally revealed.What kind of a person would murder innocent people or condone such murder on a grand scale?


Democrats,of course.That's who they are.This is what they not merely tolerate but celebrate.


Condoning the mass murder of innocent human beings disqualifies you from being considered"human"yourself


Systematically violating the core humanity of other human beings—regardless of their age—disqualifies you from being a true human being yourself.If you believe it is your right to selectively revoke the recognition of humanity in others and carry out acts of violence against them in order to make your own life more comfortable,you are not a human being.


You are an inhuman sociopath.


And that's exactly what nearly every Democrat in America is today:Sociopaths who support mass murder,extreme censorship,violence against their political opponents and genocide carried out in Planned Parenthood murder factories across America.


But killing human babies isn't enough to satiate the desire for pure evil and human suffering that now infests the dark hearts and twisted minds of Democrats:They also specialize in sexually abusing children,too.


That's why a convicted pedophile and sex criminal was just elected as a Democrat in Virginia.His name is Joe Morrissey,and he apparently has the majority vote of Virginians,a state whose governor(Northam)was not only caught wearing blackface,but who openly admits to supporting and even endorsing the practice of murdering living human children.

这就是为什么在弗吉尼亚州,一个被判有恋童癖和性犯罪的人被选为民主党人的原因。他的名字是乔·莫里西(Joe Morrissey),显然他在弗吉尼亚州拥有多数选票。弗吉尼亚州的州长(诺瑟姆)不仅因为戴着黑人面具被抓,还公开承认支持甚至支持杀害活着的人类儿童的做法。

The idea of being led by an individual who endorses child murder didn't phase Democrats one bit.They support the practice.


In fact,it defines them.That's why Jeffrey Epstein was so popular among Democrats like Bill Clinton:Because he provided the trafficked underage children for the Democrat"rape encounters"that are so popular among the powerful elite.Recently,a top Democrat donor named Ed Buck was finally arrested after three dead black escorts were found in his home.(The man would string them up,drug them,rape them and leave them for dead.He was a top donor to the Hillary Clinton campaign.)


Yes,Democrats not only murder children seemingly for sport,they also celebrate sexual perversion,child trafficking(hence their support for open borders),organized child rape and even Satanic rituals that result in children being sacrificed,murdered and"disappeared."


460,000 missing children in the USA each year…while the entire left-wing media protects pedophiles


Do you have any idea how many children go missing in the United States each year?According to GlobalMissingKids.org,460,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States alone.The number of mind boggling.Surely some percentage of those children are ultimately found alive and well,but there's no question that a significant portion of those 460,000 children end up in Democrat sex dungeons to be exploited and repeatedly raped by Demoncrats and their donors.

你知道美国每年有多少孩子失踪吗?根据 globalmissingkids.org 的数据,仅在美国每年就有46万儿童失踪。令人难以置信的数字。毫无疑问,这460,000名儿童中的很大一部分最终会被民主党的色情地牢里的民主党人剥削和反复强奸,这是毫无疑问的。

Jeffrey Epstein alone—who had widely reported links to the Clintons and other powerful Democrats—reportedly demanded"three orgasms a day"from child sex slaves who were provided to him by the global elite,nearly all Democrats,according to The Sun UK.At one point,Epstein was gifted three 12-year-old French girls for his birthday.The girls were kidnapped and flown in from France,reports the NY Post,to appease this Democrat-connected pedophile ring mastermind.


What kind of a person hates humanity so much that they would rape multiple young girls(or boys)each day,year after year,while providing these children to the world's most powerful and wealthy individuals like Bill Clinton?


Someone who truly hates humanity,most likely because they aren't human themselves.


The pedophilia now even reaches the halls of the mainstream media as both CBS News and ABC News are now actively defending a pedophile by firing a whistleblower staffer who sought to expose the cover-up.As Zero Hedge reports,"CBS has fired a female staffer believed to have had access to a candid tape of ABC host Amy Robach complaining that in 2016,the network shelved her scoop on Jeffrey Epstein's sex crimes…"

现在,这种恋童癖甚至已经进入了主流媒体的大厅,因为 CBS 新闻和 ABC 新闻都在积极为一名恋童癖者辩护,解雇了一名试图揭露真相的告密者。正如 Zero Hedge 报道的那样,"CBS 解雇了一名据信能看到美国广播公司(ABC)主持人艾米罗巴赫(Amy Robach)偷拍录像的女员工,她抱怨说,2016年,CBS 搁置了她对杰弗里爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)性犯罪的独家报道..


CBS News fires staffer who had access to leaked Amy Robach audio that was revealed by @Project_Veritas

Cbs 新闻解雇了一名能接触到被@project veritas 泄露的艾米·罗巴赫音频的员工

The person who got fired in this situation was the one trying to protect the children who were being trafficked.


CBS sided with a Pedophile



—Benny(@bennyjohnson)November 7,2019


The top three broadcast networks are now openly protecting Democrat-linked pedophiles.As this story explains in World Net Daily:


The Epstein case resonates as a shining example of the growing chasm between our society's elites and everyone else.If the super wealthy and super connected can even get away with raping young girls with almost no punishment,our system is beyond broken.


ABC's claims that the story didn't run because of a lack of"corroborating evidence"are hard to accept after the same network chose to run outlandish and completely uncorroborated reports about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh,peddled at the time by now disgraced Democratic activist and lawyer Michael Avenatti.There's no explanation for such disparate treatment besides pure bias.

美国广播公司(ABC)声称,这个故事之所以没有发表,是因为缺乏"确凿证据",这一说法令人难以接受。此前,同一家电视网选择发表有关最高法院大法官布雷特卡瓦纳夫(Brett Kavanaugh)的荒诞、完全未经证实的报道。当时,现已落马的民主党活动人士、律。除了纯粹的偏见,没有其他解释能解释这种完全不同的处理方式。

…we have all three major U.S.television broadcast networks implicated to some degree in covering for rapists…


In Canada,by the way,an estimated 45,000 children are reported missing each year.In Australia,it's 20,000 children and in the UK,it's nearly 113,000.Globally,we're talking about over a million children going missing each year.


What's really happening to all these children?It's gruesome to consider,but many of them end up in the hands of child traffickers who exploit the open borders of the United States to transport kidnapped children to and from the United States.One of the reasons Democrats strongly oppose closing the open border is because it would make their child trafficking operations more difficult and expensive.


Democrats are triggered into irrational,violent rages upon seeing a MAGA hat,much like a Christian cross

民主党人一看到 MAGA 的帽子,就会不理智地大发雷霆,很像基督教的十字架

But the hatred toward humanity doesn't stop there,of course.Democrats are also filled with vile hatred for Donald Trump and his supporters.They lash out in violent episodes and demean individuals who voted for Trump,dishonestly labeling them"Nazis"while adopting fascist Brownshirt tactics themselves.


Their hatred for God is even more pronounced.Democrats despise God and any inkling of a creative,divine being.The very idea that the universe was created through intelligent design causes extreme anger to rise up inside Democrats,almost as if a demonic spirit was surfacing to violently reject any mention of God,Christ or the Bible.Beyond merely deciding they don't wish to follow a Christian lifestyle,these Democrats fanatically hateChristians and those who honor God.


Were you aware that the Catholic Church carries out exorcisms all across the world,even today?According to the Catholic Church,human beings may become captured through demonic possession.When this happens,a demon occupies the body of a person and has access to most of their memories,thrusting that person's original(human)consciousness aside.The body remains the same,but the"soul"inside is a demon spirit.


In fact,every diocese under the Catholic Church contains at least one person who is trained to carry out exorcisms.That's how common demonic possession has become in our world.


"There is an alarming increase in demonic activity being reported by those who work in exorcism ministry,said the exorcist for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis,"reports the NC Register in an article about exorcism:


Last October,Father Lampert met in Rome with the International Association of Exorcists,a group of 400 Catholic leaders and priests.It is a support group that meets every other year.According to him,group members agree that there is a great need for more exorcists.


The article quotes Father Lampert,who explains that,"Demonic obsession involves mental attacks,such as persistent thoughts of evil racing through one's mind."


Does that not describe most Democrats living in America today?They are consumed with evil,hateful thoughts about killing or violently attacking others,and they wish for death and destruction not merely upon infant babies but upon the United States of America as a sovereign nation.


As the Catholic Deliverance blog explains about Demonic Obsession,via the book"An Exorcist Tells His Story"by Fr.Gabriele Amorth:


"Symptoms include sudden attacks,at times ongoing,of obsessive thoughts,sometimes even rationally absurd,but of such nature that the victim is unable to free himself."Moreover,"the obsessed person lives in a perpetual state of prostration,desperation,and attempts at suicide.Almost always,obsession influences dreams."


Does this not describe modern Democrats perfectly?


Antifa,a product of the radical Left,routinely carries out acts of extreme violence,insanity and mindless assaults on innocent people,acting almost as a horde of demonspossessed by an otherworldly force.See this video for examples:


Democrats have truly become the party of mass mental illness:


Just as Satan-following demons go insane when shown Christian symbols like the cross,today's Democrats lose their minds when shown liberty symbols like the red MAGA hat:

就像追随撒旦的恶魔在看到基督教的象征物如十字架时会发疯一样,今天的民主党人在看到自由的象征物如红色 MAGA 帽子时也会发疯:

What if we aren't dealing with human beings but rather human skin bags possessed by life-hating,human-hating,freedom-hating DEMONS?


All this brings up the important question:What if we aren't really facing human beings that call themselves"democrats"but rather human skin bags that are occupied by demonic spirits pretending to be human?


It actually makes perfect sense.It is widely recognized by the Catholic Church,for example,that demons possess people and that the ease of possession coincides with the alignment of a person who hates God,Jesus Christ and the Bible.


Who hates the Bible the most?Democrats.They despise it.In doing so,they make themselves incredibly vulnerable to demonic possession.


Once possessed,it turns out their demonic,pro-satanism stance is completely aligned with the Democrat party:Child murder(infanticide),bloody abortions,hating God,promoting the evil of transgenderism indoctrination of children,child rape and sacrifice,unleashing massive human suffering,disease,destitution,homelessness,substance addiction and more.


There are all the Democrat platforms of today!


It's Democrats that promote satanism in public schools.It's Democrats who just pushed for the Austin school district,for example,to teach 3rd graders about anal sex.


It's Democrats that want to force your children to be injected with vaccines manufactured from the blood of aborted human babies,"marking"your children as the property of Satan via medical cannibalism rituals.


And it's prominent Leftists like Richard Pan,Adam Schiff,Hillary Clinton,George Soros who literally look like evil demons,even when they appear in human form.


The goal of these demons is now perfectly clear:The complete destruction of humanity,life,liberty,happiness,abundance and faith in God.That's why these demonic entities routinely attack churches,children,truth,faith,health,happiness and the family,among other things.


We are not witnessing human beings going insane;we are witnessing demonic entities taking over human skin bags and working to utterly destroy humanity.


Every institution is now run by DEMONS who are pretending to be human


Fallen angels are hard at work,controlling the media,the realm of"science,"the vaccine industry,public education,Hollywood and more.This is why satanism,pedophilia,violence and bloodlust are shoved in your face every day,via pop culture,mainstream media and violence on the streets."If it bleeds,it leads"is the mantra of the media,and that's because they are run by bloodthirsty demons who seek to use their platforms to psychologically terrorize every conscious human being on our planet.


Ultimately,of course,their goal is the complete destruction of humanity.That's exactly why 11,000 scientists just called for global depopulation,a way to mass murder literally billions of human beings who represent the image of God.


Demons are running amok,and they're suddenly becoming far easier to recognize.They call themselves"Democrats"and they watch the pro-pedophilia news networks.They vote for child-raping political demons like Bill Clinton,and they despise Christians and living human babies.


Don't make the mistake of continuing to believe they're human at all.They may lookhuman,but underneath the skin bag,a demonic entity is fully in charge.


Read more news about demonic possession and the rise of satanism at Demonic.news.

Demonic.news 阅读更多关于恶魔附身和恶魔崇拜兴起的新闻。



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