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Source:Natural News |By Mike Adams 


Situation Update,Jan 2nd–The Big Reveal…How Trump will change history on January 6th


(Natural News 自然新闻)Today's Situation Update for January 2nd covers the"big reveal"that President Trump has announced for January 6th.On this day,Trump's team will present information to Congress before they vote on the contested slates of electors from the swing states where massive election fraud occurred.)


What will this"big reveal"consist of?We know it's something that has never been presented previously in a court case,nor to the public.The possibilities are endless:Jeffrey Epstein bombshells?Declassified intelligence on China's financial payments to the Biden crime family?Smoking gun proof that Dominion machines rigged the election?There are even rumors that two intelligence agencies for other nations have proof of election fraud and are handing it over to Trump.


Whatever gets presented,Trump believes it will change the outcome of the vote on January 6th.That means it would have to be truly historic,because Democrats aren't going to vote for Trump in a contested election unless they are absolutely forced to.


We've even speculated that some members of Congress might resign on the spot after seeing this evidence.Others might face arrest for their complicity in the crimes that have been committed against America.


Here's what's covered in today's Situation Update podcast:


    Sidney Powell confirms VP Pence has the sole power to choose which set of electors to honor.

    西德尼·鲍威尔确认副总统彭斯拥有唯一的选举权

    A new strategy might be pursued by Pence:Announce he will resign from politics,then choose the electors for Trump,eliminating any conflict of interest that could be invoked if he stayed in office.Will he do this?

    彭斯可能会采取一个新策略:宣布他将辞去政治职务,然后选出特朗普的选举人,消除任何可能引发的利益冲突,如果他继续留任的话。他会这么做吗?

    Giuliani vows to expose GA Gov.Brian Kemp,who should face arrest and prosecution.

    朱利安尼誓言揭发 GA 州长布莱恩·坎普,他将面临逮捕和起诉

    Roger Stone and Wayne Allen Root both say Trump has something up his sleeve…sound like Trump.He always has a plan to WIN.

    罗杰·斯通和韦恩·艾伦·鲁特都说特朗普有他自己的一套......听起来像特朗普。他总是有一个赢的计划

    Dan Scavino posts"GAME ON"meme,with Pence in the doorway between darkness and light.Dan Scavino

    贴出了"GAME ON"的文化基因,彭斯在黑暗和光明之间的门口。

    US district judge dismisses Gohmert's lawsuit for lack of standing,revealing that NO court in America will hear any case on election fraud.This apparently means that any party can commit unlimited fraud from here forward,and no court will intervene.

    美国地区法官以没有资格为由驳回了戈默特的诉讼,并透露美国没有任何法院会审理任何有关选举舞弊的案件。这显然意味着,任何一方都可以从现在开始进行无限制的欺诈,没有法院会干预

    Possible strategy:Pence could call for an evidentiary hearing on Jan 6th,which could last several days and force Congress and the public to see all the evidence that Big Tech and the fake news media has been covering up.

    可能的策略:彭斯可能会要求在16日举行证据听证会,这可能会持续几天,迫使国会和公众看到大科技公司和假新闻媒体一直在掩盖的所有证据

    On Jan 6th,any member of Congress who votes for the Biden slate of fraudulent electors is admitting to complicity in treason and may face arrest and prosecution.

    16日,任何国会议员如果投票支持拜登的候选人名单,就是承认参与了叛国罪,并可能面临逮捕和起诉

    Lin Wood goes off on Mike Pence,claiming Pence is a traitor who might be arrested in the next few days,then adding that Pence should be prosecuted and executed for treason.We wonder where Wood is coming from on this…does he know something that we don't?Or did someone else hack his account and post this?

    林伍德对迈克·彭斯大发雷霆,声称彭斯是一个叛徒,可能会在几天内被逮捕,然后又补充说,彭斯应该因叛国罪被起诉和处决。我们想知道伍德是从哪里来的...他知道一些我们不知道的事情吗?还是有人黑了他的账号发布了这个?

    New list of traitorous US political leaders revealed by The National Pulse:These people took money,trips,dinners or"cultural"propaganda freebies from the CCP.Huge list of members of Congress and state lawmakers and bureaucrats.

《国家脉搏》(The National Pulse)披露的美国叛国政治领导人新名单:这些人从中共那里获得了金钱、旅行、晚餐或"文化"宣传赠品。国会议员、州立法者和官员的庞大名单

    Patrick Byrne teases another big bombshell of runaway criminality by election fraudsters in Georgia.

    在乔治亚州,帕特里克·伯恩嘲笑选举舞弊者犯下的另一个重磅炸弹——失控的罪行

    Georgia Governor and Sec.of State order the mass destruction of fake ballots,trying to destroy evidence as quickly as possible before they both get arrested and prosecuted.

    佐治亚州州长兼证券交易委员。国家命令大规模毁灭假选票,试图尽快销毁证据之前,他们都被逮捕和起诉

    Reminder to all listeners to make lists of all the traitors because they will all try to delete their online histories and hide once the Trump victory become apparent.

    提醒所有听众列出所有叛徒的名单,因为一旦特朗普的胜利变得明显,他们都会试图删除他们的网上历史,并隐藏起来

    Why every Big Tech company CEO should be arrested and charged with treason.They are still censoring and won't stop until the government forces them to stop.

    为什么每个大科技公司的 CEO 都应该被逮捕并以叛国罪起诉。他们仍然在审查,直到政府迫使他们停止审查才会停止

    2021 predictions from James Howard Kunstler with additional comments about what's coming in 2021.

    2021年的预测来自詹姆斯·荷华德·昆史特勒,并对2021年会发生什么有更多的评论

    Antifa vandalizes Pelosi's home,proving the Dems have created an uncontrollable monster that will sooner or later need to be dealt with by the United States Marine Corps.

    Antifa摧毁了佩洛西的家,证明民主党制造了一个无法控制的怪物,迟早需要美国海军陆战队处理

    California working to pass a law to fine people$1,000 for posting any content that disagrees with the left-wing"fact checkers,"who are of course complete liars.

    加利福尼亚州正在通过一项法律,对发布任何与左翼"事实核查者"不同的内容的人处以1000美元罚款

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