X22报告|第2684集: 美联储别无选择,需要 SCOTUS 做出决定

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[ DS ]正好掉进了爱国者设下的陷阱,所有的碎片都聚集在一起,需要 SCOTUS 的决定。很快,这一切都将被揭示,人们将看到真相,就像他们看到关于 covid 的真相一样

X22报告|第2684集: 美联储别无选择,需要 SCOTUS 做出决定

Ep. 2684a – The [CB] Is Left With No Choice, They Are Now Pushing It All, People Are Fighting Back

Ep.2684a-[ CB ]别无选择,他们现在全力以赴,人们开始反击

Ep. 2684b – SCOTUS Decision Needed, Trap Set, It Will All Be Revealed, Tick Tock

Ep. 2684b-需要 SCOTUS 的决定,陷阱设置,一切都会被揭示,滴答



The [CB] is now pushing the Great Reset/Green Deal. They are completely exposed and this gives the people to fight back which they are doing, this will spread around the world. The supply chain problems are accelerating and they are now telling those in DC to start rationing their food. The push is to usher in the CBDC.

[ CB ]现在正在推动大重置/绿色协议。他们完全暴露了,这给了人们反击,他们正在做的,这将传播到世界各地。供应链问题正在加剧,他们现在告诉华盛顿的人们开始定量配给他们的食物。推是为了迎接 CBDC。


The [DS] fell right into the trap the patriots set, all the pieces are coming together, the SCOTUS decision was needed. Soon it will all be revealed and people will see the truth just like they are seeing the truth about covid. The left is now waking up after a year plus of pushing the narrative. Trump has left some information in the J6 documentation, he left it there because he wanted the people to see it, this is all part of the plan, it’s time to take take the [DS] and take back the country. 

[ DS ]正好掉进了爱国者设下的陷阱,所有的碎片都聚集在一起,需要 SCOTUS 的决定。很快,这一切都将被揭示,人们将看到真相,就像他们看到关于 covid 的真相一样。经过一年多的推动,左派现在正在苏醒。特朗普在 j6文件中留下了一些信息,他留在那里是因为他想让人们看到它,这都是计划的一部分,是时候拿走[ DS ]并夺回这个国家了。


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