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On September 11,I received an important update concerning the impending public release of advanced healing technologies that are being mass produced on the Moon,as a result of the Jupiter Agreements involving military and space program officials from 14 nations and cutting-edge aerospace companies that occurred back in July.The update was given by Val Nek,a High Commander of the Galactic Federation of Worlds who took part in the Jupiter Agreements,according to Megan Rose who relayed Val Nek's intel.

911日,我收到了一份重要的最新消息,涉及即将公开发布的先进愈合技术,这些技术正在月球上大规模生产,这是7月份签署的《木星协议》(Jupiter agreement)的结果,该协议涉及14个国家的军事和空间项目官员以及尖端航空航天。根据转达瓦尔•内克 情报的 Megan Rose 所说,更新是由参与木星协议的世界银河联邦高级指挥官 Val Nek 提供的。

Val Nek's update involves Lunar Operations Command(LOC),a former German/Nazi base on the Moon that initially was handed over by the Dark Fleet to US authorities including the Air Force Secret Space Program,NASA,CIA,National Reconnaissance Office,National Security Agency,and a consortium of corporations in the 1970s,as a result of secret agreements.This corporate consortium became more dominant over the subsequent years in managing the LOC and has been called the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate.

瓦尔内克的更新涉及到月球作战司令部(LOC),一个前德国/纳粹在月球上的基地,最初是由黑暗舰队移交给美国当局,包括空军秘密空间计划,美国国家航空航天局,中央情报局,美国国家侦察局安全局,国家安全局,以及一个财团的企业在20世纪70年代的秘密协议的结果。在随后的几年里,这个企业联盟在管理 LOC 方面变得更加占主导地位,并被称为星际企业集团。

The first Secret Space Program insider to discuss LOC was Randy Cramer who came forward in April 2014 with his revelations.He says he was taken to LOC for induction and training,before being sent to Mars for a 17-year period as a supersoldier to fight indigenous Reptilians and Insectoids to protect Mars corporate colonies,before serving in the Solar Warden program for a further three years in deep space operations.He described being returned to the LOC at the end of his"20 and back"program in 2007,when he was put through age regression technologies that reversed his age back to 17.He was then returned back in time to when he began his service in 1987.

第一个讨论 LOC 的秘密空间计划内部人士是兰迪·克拉默,他在20144月披露了实情。他说,他被带到 LOC 接受入门和训练,然后作为超级战士被送往火星17年,与当地爬虫类和昆虫类战斗,以保护火星的殖民地,最后在太阳守护者计划中服役3年,进行深空作战。他描述了在2007年他的"20岁和回来"计划结束后,他回到 LOC,当时他通过年龄回归技术,把他的年龄回到了17岁。然后他被及时送回到1987年开始服役的时候。

Randy's experiences on Lunar Operations were very similar to what was later described by Corey Goode in early 2015 when he came forward with his experiences.I compared Randy and Corey's experiences in an article published in April 2015,and also incorporated them along with another insider,Michael Relf,with information about events on Mars in a chapter of Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs(2015).Other insiders have since come forward describing their own experiences at LOC and the advanced medical technologies that exist there.

兰迪在月球操作上的经历与科里·古德后来在2015年初提出的经历非常相似。在20154月发表的一篇文章中,我比较了兰迪和科里的经历,并将他们与另一位内部人士迈克尔·雷尔夫(Michael Relf)的经历与《内部人士揭示秘密太空计划》(Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs2015)中有关火星事件的信息。自那以后,其他业内人士也纷纷站出来,描述他们在 LOC 的经历,以及那里的先进医疗技术。


Consequently,Val Nek's information that LOC will be repurposed for the mass production and release of advanced healing technologies to humanity is very important news.This is what Val Nek(VN)said:

因此,瓦尔内克的信息,LOC 将被重新用于大规模生产和释放先进的治疗技术给人类是非常重要的新闻。这是瓦尔内克(Val Nek)所说的:

VN:I can now report that Lunar Operations Command is in the process of being remodeled into a medical facility for the Terran military.There are technologies,as you know,being manufactured.I repeat again,that these technologies are advanced technologies from the Federation and are being manufactured by the Terran people.The technology that will be present in Lunar Operations Command are medical technologies.It will be used as a medical base for the Terran military.


It is necessary to point out that until this time,real healing technologies have not been available to the Terran people.It was and is important to the Federation that these technologies be released in the proper way,through us(the Federation)and the[Earth]Alliance.Thus,these medical technologies and the release of such,is also outlined in the Jupiter agreements.The Terran military is to help manufacture these technologies as well.Their scientists and medical personnel are being retrained and educated by the Federation.


Lunar Operations Command was chosen as the medical facility because of its vast space and also its location on the moon.The location on the Moon makes it very accessible.The Alliance is in charge of Lunar Operations Command and organizing the Terran military there.The facility is being renovated with special technology.This technology is very interesting to the Terran people as it has never been used before.


Val Nek's information here is that the Earth Alliance has assumed control over the LOC,thereby replacing the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate that was closely aligned with the Dark Fleet.

瓦尔·内克在这里提供的信息是,地球联盟已经接管了 LOC,从而取代了与黑暗舰队紧密结盟的行星际企业集团。

Furthermore,whatever age regression and healing technologies that existed at LOC for secret space programs are now being augmented by healing technologies provided by the Galactic Federation that will be mass produced by the Earth Alliance.These healing technologies will be used by the multinational space alliance being assembled under the Artemis Accords and Combined Space Commands under US leadership,as stipulated in the Jupiter Agreements,which was covered in a previous article.

此外,无论在 LOC 上存在的用于秘密空间项目的年龄回归和治疗技术,现在正在通过由地球联盟大规模生产的银河联邦(消歧义)空间站提供的治疗技术得到增强。这些治愈技术将用于根据美国领导下的《阿特米斯协定》和《联合空间指挥部》组建的多国空间联盟,这是上一条所述的《木星协定》的规定。

What's most crucial is that these advanced healing technologies will be released to the rest of humanity,which is a very welcome break from past practices where such technologies were only available in highly classified programs to a select number of participants.Presumably such technologies will be very helpful in dealing with many chronic diseases,life threatening injuries,and global pandemics.


Val Nek continued his update as follows:


There are healing frequencies that are blasted in certain sections of the medical bay at this facility.We are using this technology to heal the super soldiers and slaves that we have rescued from Mars.As these people are victims of our enemy,it is the Federation's responsibility,once they were evacuated,to give them proper medical attention.The technology is frequency based…I cannot be too specific,however,I can explain that when the body comes in contact with these frequencies,it rearranges the atoms to its original structure,completely healing the DNA and returning it to its original sequence.

在这个设施的医疗舱的某些部分爆炸出治疗频率。我们正在使用这项技术来治愈我们从火星上救出来的超级士兵和奴隶。由于这些人是我们敌人的受害者,一旦他们被疏散,联邦有责任给予他们适当的医疗照顾。这项技术是基于频率的......我不能说得太具体,但是,我可以解释,当身体接触到这些频率时,它会将原子重新排列成原始结构,完全修复 DNA 并将其返回原始序列。

This process is especially beneficial for the super soldiers who have undergone trauma based mind control.The trauma in their brains has caused the neurons to form strong links between each other,in a pattern that usually cannot be undone naturally or without intervention.While nothing is impossible,the best form of healing we can offer is through medical intervention.The high frequency retrains the brainwaves to behave in a normal pattern very quickly instead of the soldier doing years of therapy or psychotropic medications to retrain the brain tissue.I am happy to report that this process is ongoing and will report more when the time is right.


Upon hearing Val Nek's information about healing frequencies being blasted through the medical bay of LOC,I immediately thought of Nikola Tesla's electromagnetic frequencies that he believed could be used to both heal people and to enhance their mental capacities.I asked Val Nek about Tesla and his inventions,and his reply appears below after the completion of his September 11 update.

当听到瓦尔·内克关于治疗频率通过 LOC 的医疗海湾发射的信息时,我立刻想到了尼古拉·特斯拉的电磁频率,他认为这种频率可以用来治疗人们并增强他们的心理能力。我向瓦尔·内克询问了特斯拉和他的发明,他的回复在911更新完成后出现在下面。

The September 11 update continued with Megan(M)and Val Nek(VN)having a Q and A:


M:So has Lunar Operations Command already been refurbished or is it in the process of being refurbished,is it functional as a medical facility?


VN:There are sections of it that are operational.It is a very large facility,it has not been completely refurbished.There are other sections of the facility that will also be used for other things that will be reported at a later date.The operational sections are being used to recover the human soldiers from Mars.


M:Are you talking about med beds?


VN:We do not call them med beds….the concept of med beds,yes this medical technology is similar to what you call med beds.Because of the potential for this technology to be misused or sold for profit,and not for the benefit of Terra,the Federation is very strict on how it will be administered as outlined in the Jupiter Agreements.

VN:我们不叫它们医疗床.....。医疗床的概念,是的,这种医疗技术类似于你们所说的医疗床。由于这种技术有可能被滥用或出售以获利,而不是为了 Terra 的利益,联合会对如何按照《木星协定》的规定管理这种技术非常严格。

It's worth pointing out that med bed technology was part of the pioneering space medicine that was being developed by a major aerospace company,TRW,from 1967 to 1971,according to William Tompkins,who worked there at the time.

值得指出的是,据当时在那里工作的威廉·汤普金斯所说,医疗床技术是一家主要航空航天公司 TRW 1967年至1971年间开发的开创性太空医学的一部分。

Age regression,and other advanced medical technologies for the aerospace industry were developed at TRW,which was later acquired by Northrup Grumman in 2002.I asked Val Nek about this Grumman connection and his answer also appears below in response to my questions.

年龄回归,和其他先进的医疗技术的航空航天工业开发的 TRW,后来被收购的诺斯鲁普格鲁曼公司在2002年。我向 Val Nek 询问了这种与格鲁曼公司的联系,他的回答也出现在下面,以回答我的问题。


Megan and Val Nek's Q&A continued as follows:


M:So some of these technologies have already been manufactured for use?


VN:Yes in preparation for the liberation of Mars and the Dark Fleet leaving,agreements were made on a smaller scale than the Jupiter agreements to manufacture some of these technologies by the[Earth]Alliance.As I said,Lunar Operations Command is in the hands of the Alliance and so are their manufactured technologies.The medical technologies,the same ones manufactured on a smaller scale by the Alliance,will be manufactured on a larger scale,mass produced by corporations that participated in the Jupiter Agreements.


[M]Val Nek gave me an image of this technology being used:I was shown a person lying down with a frequency around and running through their body.Val Nek's explanation of the image.


[VN]The frequency is a higher frequency and has an inter dimensional component.It goes between the matter and uses magnetic force to rearrange the DNA to its original pattern.In each strand of DNA,there are sequences that are held together by a magnetic pattern.This pattern is identified by the technology and then rearranged to form that pattern.It is very advanced.

[VN]频率是一个更高的频率,并且有一个维间分量。它介于物质之间,利用磁力将 DNA 重新排列成原来的模式。在每条 DNA 链中,都有一些序列是由磁性模式连接在一起的。这个模式被技术识别,然后重新排列以形成这个模式。它是非常先进的。

M:What is the technology made out of?


VN:It is made out of precious metals and other elements…some of it natural to Terra and some of it is not natural to Terra.

VN:它是由贵金属和其他元素组成的......有些对 Terra 来说是天然的,有些对 Terra 来说是非天然的。

M:Is there a reason why you have been giving so much intel recently?


VN:Because I think it's important to notify the Terran people of our ongoing operations.They need hope.


It is very helpful to know that the Galactic Federation is being proactive in encouraging the Earth Alliance to release suppressed and newly acquired advanced health technologies in order to give the rest of humanity hope.It is indeed a challenging time for humanity as individuals have to deal with lockdowns,job losses,depression,suicides,etc.,as the Deep State plays its final cards to ward off their inevitable defeat by the Earth Alliance and their Galactic Federation partners.


After receiving Megan's update,I[MS]asked Val Nek five questions and what follows are his answers:


[MS].1.Val Nek said that the release of medical technologies is part of the Jupiter Agreements.Does he know how many of the 5,915 suppressed patent applications in the US Patents and Trademarks Office for the year 2020 involve medical technologies?


VN:I am not sure about the exact calculation for the year 2020….I can say,I know,about half of those patents include suppressed medical technologies.The reason the Federation is involved with the suppressed patents is because they involve extra-terrestrial technology that was suppressed by our enemies and we are in accordance by Federation laws,righting a wrong.We are also helping to improve upon these plans,the schematics for the technology so that it is the most up to date.


At the end of 2020,the US Patents and Trademarks Office reported 5,915 patents being withheld due to secrecy orders being placed by one or more Federal government agencies.Such orders effectively put the patents in limbo where they can't be developed for commercial release,but may be incorporated into classified programs.

截至2020年底,美国专利和商标局(Patents and trademark Office)报告称,由于一个或多个联邦政府机构下达了保密令,5915项专利被中止。这样的命令实际上将专利置于不确定状态,无法开发用于商业发布,但可能会被纳入机密项目。


[MS].2.Also,do the Jupiter Agreements refer to the release of new energy and propulsion technologies that are also part of the 5,915 suppressed patent applications in the US?


VN:I am very happy to report that free energy is part of the Jupiter Agreements.I can report that a corporation run by one of the men that was speculated to be in attendance at the Jupiter Agreements,and later confirmed,by Thor Han and myself,will be manufacturing some of the free energy and releasing it within the decade.Of course,you can speculate who this might be,but I am unable to name the person or corporation specifically.


My speculation is that it is either Elon Musk's SpaceX or Jeff Bezos'Blue Origins that will manufacture free energy technologies for commercial release.Musk's SpaceX is planning ambitious missions to Mars later this decade to set up colonies.The development of free energy technologies would make such an endeavor feasible so I would lean towards SpaceX as the company Val Nek is alluding to.

我的猜测是,要么是埃隆·马斯克的 SpaceX 公司,要么是杰夫·贝佐斯的蓝色起源公司,他们将为商业发布制造自由能源技术。马斯克的太空探索技术公司(SpaceX)正计划在这个十年后期进行雄心勃勃的火星任务,以建立殖民地。自由能源技术的发展将使这种努力变得可行,所以我倾向于瓦尔·内克所提到的 SpaceX 公司。

[MS].3.Val Nek refers to healing frequencies that are used to heal supersoldiers and others suffering brain trauma and/or mind control.This sounds very similar to the kind of EM frequencies that Nikola Tesla promoted for healing and brain enhancement in the early 1900s.Is it correct to say that these kinds of EM healing technologies have been suppressed for more than a century by the Deep State?


VN:I am very amused by this man,his is very sharp(referencing Dr.Salla).Yes exactly,these ideas and technologies were given to Nikola Tesla over 100 years ago by the Federation.Since these ideas and technologies,the ideas and schematics,were interfered with by our enemy,we have the right in accordance with our law,to intervene and right a wrong.It shall be noted that these improvements will benefit all of humanity,not one specific country,and administered as such,as they were originally intended.The Nazi-Reptilian alliance(the Dark Fleet)and the Cabal,as you call it,interfered with the evolution of society by suppressing these advancements.So in the interest of balance,we are involved with releasing to humanity what is rightfully theirs.


Tesla's inventions in this regard actually began to be implemented in Sweden for school classrooms in 1912,just before the events of World War 1 swept aside these pioneering efforts.A story appeared in Popular Electricity Magazine on Dec 1,1912,titled"Tesla's Plan of Electrically Treating School Children,"which explained how finely calibrated electromagnetic baths had special healing and brain enhancement properties.



My questions to Val Nek continued thus:


[MS]4.Regarding the healing technologies that are about to be mass produced by corporations,does this include companies such as SpaceX,Blue Origin,Virgin Galactic,Bigelow Aerospace that have an interest in such technologies for prolonged space travel?

4.关于企业即将大规模生产的治疗技术,这包括 SpaceX、蓝色起源、维珍银河、毕格罗宇航等公司,他们对这些技术感兴趣,以用于长时间的太空旅行吗?

VN:Because this involves parties that are working with,but are also separate from the Federation,I cannot completely answer this question in the interest of the companies privacy,but also Megan's safety.You can speculate if you wish,but I cannot confirm.


This is not the first time Val Nek has referred to the need to protect Megan from repercussions for releasing intel.The home of Megan's mother was visited by four Men in Black a few days ago making inquiries about a young lady,Megan.It's clear that the visit was meant to send a message and intimidate Megan's mother,and thereby influence Megan not to continue releasing updates.


My final question was thus:


[MS]5.Finally,William Tompkins said that from 1967 to 1971 he worked at TRW and they were working on age regression technologies that were later incorporated into the US Navy Secret Space Program.TRW was acquired by Northrup Grumman in 2002.Therefore is Northrup one of the companies that participated in the Jupiter Agreements and will be involved in the mass production of healing technologies to be soon released to the Terran population?

5.最后,威廉·汤普金斯说,从1967年到1971年,他在 TRW 工作,他们正在研究年龄回归技术,这些技术后来被纳入美国海军秘密太空计划。TRW 2002年被 Northrup Grumman 公司收购。因此,Northrup 公司是否是参与木星协议的公司之一,并将参与大规模生产治疗技术,不久将向人族释放?

VN:I cannot say much because these companies are separate from the Federation,but you can speculate if you wish.I am aware of the schematics given and incorporated into the US Navy at that time.I can also confirm that I am aware of the Federation being in touch with the Navy during this time period.The healing technologies given at that time were very advanced and will be similar to those being released.The new technologies being released are over sighted by the Federation to ensure they are the absolute safest and most effective.It is important to note that these technologies will be in accordance with the evolution of humanity.By this I mean everything has a potential to be misused for nefarious reasons,which is why the Federation and the Council of Five is involved with overseeing these projects while working with the Alliance.


萨拉博士|被抑制的治疗技术是否正在月球上批量生产,以供公开发布?Val Nek is here confirming that the US Navy did acquire such advanced technologies at the time,and further that it was working with the Galactic Federation.In short,the Nordic extraterrestrials that William Tompkins repeatedly referred to in his books and interviews,were members of the Galactic Federation.

瓦尔·内克在这里证实了美国海军在当时确实获得了这些先进技术,并且进一步证实了美国海军正在与银河联邦(消歧义)海军合作。简而言之,William Tompkins 在他的书和采访中反复提到的北欧外星人是银河联邦(消歧义)的成员。

What is also clear is that Val Nek will neither give nor confirm specifics,but invites speculation about the companies and individuals involved in implementing the Jupiter agreements.My best guess consequently is that Northrup Grumman continues to be associated with the production of advanced healing technologies,and will be among the companies setting up mass production facilities at the LOC.


In conclusion,it is clear that the Galactic Federation is taking action to rectify the wrong done to humanity due to the repression of many advanced healing technologies over the period of the last century dating back to the pioneering work of Nikola Tesla.Under their Prime Directive,the Galactic Federation is permitted under Article IX and X to take action when wrongs are perpetuated by off-planet species such as the Draco Empire and the Orion Alliance,who began intervening in human affairs in the 1930s,as a result of secret agreements reached with Nazi Germany.


The early agreements with Nazi Germany and subsequent agreements with Draconian and Orion extraterrestrials involving the US and other nations led to the suppression of thousands of free energy,exotic propulsion,and healing technologies.This is best evidenced today with the 5,915 patents that have not been publicly released due to secrecy orders being placed upon them.What Val Nek is effectively saying is that many of these suppressed technologies,along with newer contributions from the Galactic Federation,are currently being mass produced on the Moon and will be soon released into the public arena.That indeed is a prospect worth looking forward to in these dark times on our planet.


I wish to thank Megan Rose for relaying Val Nek's information and answers to me.Megan's website is here.


©Michael E.Salla,Ph.D.Copyright Notice




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