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一的服务者和索珊娜|让你自己做好准备Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here. Shoshanna is here. 

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. 向你问好! 一个在这里服务的人。索珊娜在这里

And we are ready to continue with this program that was started quite some time ago. And know that you are very much on the verge here, the verge of many special happenings as Ashtar has given, as others have hinted previous to this. It is coming very shortly. ‘Soon’ we will not say, but it is very short here. So just be ready.


Keep yourselves ready. Keep yourselves in good spirits, in higher vibration. And do not let the show all around you, or that which is called ‘the movie.’ Do not let that hold you or in any way bring you into depression or into disconsolation, or any of these things. Do not let it hold on to you. Just see it for what it is. Just see it for the movie, the show, the play being acted out. Because it must be. For the system to fall, and for you, the System Busters, to continue to bring this system down, all of it must come down and be replaced by the new system as you are creating the new system. So you are both the System Busters, and the System Creators. Think on that.


We are ready for your questions, if you have them.


Guest: Yes, I have a question.


OWS: Yes?

OWS: 什么事?

Guest: Lately there was a video on the internet of some kind of ship or missile that hit the moon, and there was a big explosion. And I read a report or something on line that it was the Reptilians and the Greys trying to access the moon to intercept our communications, or something like that. Is there any truth to that?

Guest: 最近网上有一段视频,是某种飞船或导弹击中了月球,然后发生了一场大爆炸。我在网上看到一份报告说是爬虫军和灰人试图进入月球拦截我们的通讯之类的。这是真的吗?

OWS: We will tell you that there are many occurrences where those of the forces of darkness continue to attempt to have their way with things, continue to disrupt wherever they are able to. But know that the Forces of Light are much stronger and are able to hold off any of these advances that come from those of the dark forces. So there is no need to be concerned. Your Alliance, your Resistance Forces, the Galactic Forces, all have this well in hand. So do not be concerned about this. Do not be concerned about any of those news programs that are sharing doom and gloom about another World War III or any of these kinds of things, for this is not to be, as well as a great pandemic once again. Although, as you know, that was not a pandemic, it was just made out to be that. So know that everything is well at hand, and just continue to trust the plan here. That is what we will say. Shoshanna, do you have anything to add?


SHOSHANNA: (JoAnna’s Higher Self, channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

SHOSHANNA: (JoAnna 的更高自我,由 JoAnna McConnell 通灵)

We do not share at this time.


OWS: Very good.

OWS: 非常好。

Guest: Thank you very much. I knew that.


OWS: Yes… If you knew that, then why ask the question, Dear One?

OWS: 是的... 如果你知道,那为什么问这个问题,亲爱的?

Guest: Well, I wanted to hear about disclosure [inaudible].

Guest: 嗯,我想听听披露的事。

OWS: Very good. We are ready for the next question, if there is one?

OWS: 非常好。我们准备好回答下一个问题了,如果有的话?

Guest: I have one.


OWS: Yes?

OWS: 什么事?

Guest: I was just wondering if this planet is the only planet that has the human race on it, or if there are many others.


OWS: We can tell you that there are many, many, many, many, many more planet systems. You yourself, and those of you on this call, and those of you that resonate to these calls and to these words, many of you have been in other systems, on other planets as human beings in the human expression here. And that will continue on for great longer because at some point you will be moving on from this planet and moving back to your home planet, as well as seeding other planets, moving on and bringing the human race forward throughout the universe. So yes, there are many planets of human race everywhere.

OWS: 我们可以告诉你,有许多,许多,许多,许多,许多更多的行星系统。你们自己,在这个电话中的你们,以及那些对这些电话和这些话产生共鸣的你们,你们中的许多人已经在其他星系中,在其他星球上作为人类在这里表达。这将会持续很长一段时间,因为在某个时刻,你们将会离开这个星球,回到你们的母星,同时播种其他的星球,继续前进,带领人类在整个宇宙中前进。所以,是的,到处都有人类的星球。

Guest: Good. And can I ask one more question about that?

Guest: 好的。我能再问一个问题吗?

OWS: Shoshanna, do you have anything to add here?

OWS: Shoshanna,你还有什么要补充的吗?

Shoshanna: No, we do not.

索珊娜: 不,我们没有。

OWS: Very good. Then yes?

OWS: 非常好。那么是吗?

Guest: I was just wondering if we are on task or on par with the changing of our bodies to crystalline instead of carbon-based.

Guest: 我只是想知道我们是否正在完成任务,或者正在将我们的身体转变为水晶体而不是碳基体。

OWS: That is certainly in process, yes. It goes along with the increasing of the vibrational frequencies within your body. And your body being able to take these energies, take this light into your body to anchor it within you, and be able to anchor more and more and more of this light. And as you anchor this light more and more, it begins to affect your crystalline structure of yourself. Yes, it is happening. Shoshanna?

OWS:  这当然是在过程中,是的。它随着你身体内振动频率的增加而增加。你的身体能够吸收这些能量,将这些光带入你的身体,将它锚定在你的体内,并且能够锚定越来越多的这些光。当你们越来越多地锚定这光时,它开始影响你们自己的水晶结构。是的,正在发生。索珊娜?

Shoshanna: We wish to share.

索珊娜: 我们希望分享。

OWS: Yes, Shoshanna? Shoshanna sharing!

OWS: 是的,Shoshanna? Shoshanna 共享!

Shoshanna: (Laughs) We wish to share on this, Dear Brother. May we share?

索珊娜: (笑)我们想分享这个,亲爱的弟弟。我们可以分享吗?

Guest: Of course. Always.

Guest: 当然,一直都是。

Shoshanna: Dear Brother, the body, that is what you call a carbon-based body, resides in a carbon-based world to live on that world. To live in that dimension. For you see, the body that is carbon-based is anchored in the third-dimensional Earth. As the body transitions into a crystalline network, a crystalline cell structure, it must move up into a different dimensional Earth. It must move up into fifth-dimensional Earth. So the body changes to meet the consciousness of the being. And as the consciousness of the being raises to fifth-dimensional consciousness, so does the body. Thus, it becomes crystalline. Namaste.

索珊娜: 亲爱的兄弟,身体,那就是你们所说的碳基身体,居住在一个碳基世界里,生活在那个世界里。生活在那个维度。你看,这个碳基的身体是固定在第三维度的地球上的。当身体过渡到一个水晶网络,一个水晶细胞结构时,它必须向上移动到一个不同的维度地球。它必须进入第五维度的地球。因此,身体的变化,以满足意识的存在。当存在的意识提升到第五维度意识时,身体也是如此。因此,它变成水晶。合十礼。

OWS: Wonderful.

OWS: 太好了。

Guest: Thank you.

Guest:  谢谢。

OWS: Would there be further questions here?

OWS: 还有其他问题吗?

Guest: I have a question. You spoke earlier about as our vibrations raise, there is something called a ‘vibration plate,’ a machine that oscillates when you stand on it. It is supposed to be beneficial for joint and back pain relief, boosts metabolism, and strengthens stronger bones. Could you just say if this is a positive device to oscillate your body so it could do those things?

Guest: 我有个问题。你之前提到,当我们的振动提高时,有一种叫做“振动板”的东西,一种当你站在上面时会振动的机器。它被认为有益于关节和背部疼痛的缓解,促进新陈代谢,并加强强壮的骨骼。你能不能告诉我这是不是一个振动你身体的积极装置,这样它就可以做那些事情了?

OWS: Any time that you are working with the frequency resonation within your body, or the ‘oscillation’ as your are calling it here, it definitely has a positive and very permanent effect on the body as well. So these various technologies that you have been hearing about are coming. They are on the verge of being introduced more and more slowly at first, we will say, but then all at one time they will come as an avalanche coming forward. And you will be amazed at how the medical model that you have now will disappear entirely and be replaced by new higher vibrational technologies that are coming forth. Shoshanna, do you have anything to add?

OWS: 任何时候,你正在与你的身体内的频率共振,或者你在这里称之为“振荡”,它肯定对身体有一个积极的和非常永久的影响。所以这些你们听说过的各种各样的技术即将到来。我们可以说,一开始它们被引入的速度越来越慢,但之后所有这些都会在同一时间像雪崩一样涌现出来。你们会惊讶于你们现在所拥有的医学模型将如何完全消失,并被新的更高的振动技术所取代。索珊娜,你还有什么要补充的吗?

Shoshanna: We will share. We must get some clarification on this. So Dear Sister, may we share?

索珊娜: 我们会分享的。我们必须得到一些澄清。那么亲爱的妹妹,我们可以分享吗?

Guest: Yes, please.

Guest: 好的,谢谢。

Shoshanna: Is what you refer to is something you have experienced? You have found?

索珊娜: 你所说的是你经历过的事情吗? 你发现了吗?

Guest: I just bought one. It just arrived yesterday, and I haven’t used it yet.

Guest:  我刚买了一个。它昨天刚到,我还没用过。

Shoshanna: So you have purchased this device.

索珊娜: 所以你买了这个设备。

Guest: Yes.

Guest: 是的。

Shoshanna: And you wish to know if this device will work in what way?

索珊娜: 你想知道这个装置是否会以什么方式工作?

Guest: As they say, joint relief, boost metabolism, and help with strengthening your bones.

Guest:  就像他们说的,关节放松,促进新陈代谢,并帮助加强你的骨骼。

Shoshanna: We wish to share on this. But we wish to share our understanding, our understanding of this particular device that you have purchased. May we share on this?

Guest:  我们希望分享这一点。但我们希望分享我们的理解,我们对你购买的这个特殊设备的理解。我们能分享一下吗?

Guest: Yes. Yes, please.

Guest:  好的,好的,谢谢。

Shoshanna: Send it back.

Guest: 把它送回去。

Guest: Pardon me?

Guest:  什么?

Shoshanna: Send it back.

Guest: 把它送回去。

Guest: Send it back. Okay. I can do that. Okay. Thank you.


Shoshanna: Namaste.

索珊娜: 你好。

OWS: Very good. Then would there be other further questions here?

OWS: 很好。那么还有其他问题吗?

Guest: I have a question.


OWS: Yes?

OWS: 好的?

Guest: About three nights ago (it was early morning, actually), I had a dream. I was walking toward a town or something, maybe on a walk. And all of a sudden I hear the sound of a plane going over, and it doesn’t sound very good. And I know planes. I know how they sound when they’re not sounding good, when they’re in distress. I’ve always lived by an airport. So I looked up and I see this plane starting to descend very quickly, nosedive, and I start running, heading toward where it’s going to hit. And I start yelling, “No, no, no! Oh no!” I was just praying not to let it hit. And boom, it hits, and there’s an explosion, so it crashed. I see people coming from all over in the area around me. As I’m running toward it, everybody starting running toward it as well. So we’re all going toward this fire to go help. Right away thoughts through my head are saying “everybody wants to help! OMG!” So we are running as fast as we can, all of us, acknowledging each other and just running toward this explosion. And we can’t find it. So we go past people that are in uniforms, like they are covered up, their face and everything as if there were toxins or something. So they are all lined up on a street with barricades, but they are not stopping us. So we go past them. And we are all looking. There’s a lot of trees, so we’re trying to see where the smoke and fire are coming from so we can go toward that area. And we are going block, to block, to block and we’re not getting there. We are not finding it. And I hear a voice in my dream, somebody speaking to me. (There’s always somebody overlooking me; my Higher Self, or God). And they say, “Don’t go close to it; don’t go close to it, stop.” And I say, “Oh, okay, alright; is there something toxic?” “Yes, there’s something toxic; stop, don’t go any closer to it.” “Okay.” So I still was going toward it, but slowed myself down and was just watching everybody go toward it. So I was being told “No, don’t, there’s something very toxic for you, so get away from it.” So what do you see?

Guest:大约三天前的晚上(实际上是清晨) ,我做了一个梦。我正朝着一个小镇或者什么地方走去,也许是散步。突然间,我听到了飞机坠落的声音,听起来不太妙。我了解飞机。我知道当他们听起来不太好,当他们处于困境的时候,他们的声音是什么样的。我一直住在机场附近。所以我抬头看,我看到这架飞机开始快速下降,急速下降,我开始奔跑,朝着它将要撞击的地方前进。然后我开始大喊,不,不,不!哦,不!”我只是祈祷不要让它击中。然后砰的一声,它撞上了,发生了爆炸,所以它坠毁了。我看到周围的人从四面八方涌来。当我跑向它的时候,每个人也开始跑向它。所以我们都要去火场帮忙。我脑海中马上浮现出这样的想法: “每个人都想帮忙!天哪!”所以我们所有人都以最快的速度奔跑,互相认识,朝着爆炸的方向跑去。我们找不到它。所以我们经过那些穿着制服的人,好像他们被盖住了,他们的脸和所有的东西好像有毒素或者什么东西。所以他们都在街上设置了路障,但是他们没有阻止我们。那我们就绕过他们。我们都在找。那里有很多树,所以我们想看看烟和火是从哪里来的这样我们就能去那个区域了。我们一直在阻挡,阻挡,阻挡,我们还没到那一步。我们找不到它。我在梦里听到一个声音,有人在跟我说话。(总有人忽视我; 我的更高自我,或者上帝)。他们说,“不要靠近它,不要靠近它,停下来。”然后我说,“哦,好吧,好吧,有什么有毒的东西吗?”“是的,有些东西是有毒的; 停下来,不要再靠近它了。”“好吧”所以我仍然朝着它前进,但是放慢了脚步,只是看着每个人朝着它前进。所以我被告知“不,不要,有些东西对你有毒,所以离它远点”你看到了什么?

OWS: We would ask you first what you see, and we would also ask Shoshanna if she wishes to share first on this?

OWS: 我们首先会问你看到了什么,我们也会问索珊娜是否愿意首先分享这一点?

Shoshanna: We can share. Do you wish for this one Sister to give her comments first?

索珊娜: 我们可以分享。你希望这位修女先发表意见吗?

OWS: If she wishes. And if you would benefit from her sharing her perspective first.

OWS: 如果她愿意的话。如果你能从她的分享中获益的话。

Guest: Sure. After giving it thought when I woke up, I saw that it was a dark ship. So when I realize that they were telling me “stop, there’s something toxic,” I realized it was a dark ship. This was the dark. That’s why they said “Stop, don’t go any further, don’t go any closer.” And I can’t think of what the toxic thing. At that moment I knew it. But right now I can’t think of it. Go ahead, Shoshanna, I would love to hear your perspective.

Guest: 当然。我醒来想了想,发现那是一艘漆黑的船。所以当我意识到他们告诉我“停下,有东西有毒”时,我意识到那是一艘黑暗的飞船。这是黑暗。这就是为什么他们说“停下,不要再往前走了,不要再靠近了”我想不出有毒的东西。那一刻我知道了。但现在我想不起来。说吧,索珊娜,我很想听听你的看法。

Shoshanna: We will share our perspective on this. It is somewhat complicated what you have experienced in your dream. And it does not relate to physical activities, it relates to the illusion.

索珊娜: 我们将分享我们对此的看法。你在梦中经历的事情有点复杂。它与身体活动无关,它与幻觉有关。

It relates to the illusion that many have experienced in the third-dimensional consciousness. It is like a trap. It is like a trap of misinformation. So that the idea in the third-dimension the idea of toxic is fear-based. So when there is an explosion or a ‘false flag,’ as you have called it, it creates fear and trauma in the minds and hearts of the beings that are experiencing it, so that they pull back and they become less of themselves.


So what you have in your armor is your intuition. So you have a heightened awareness, a heightened intuition to know that in your waking state what to avoid, what to stay away from because you are connected to that which is knowing your Higher Self, and you listen. So because you are listening, you know not to approach, not to participate. So this relates completely to the third-dimensional illusion not to participate, not to join, not to feel the fear that others feel, not to accept that. Does this make sense, Dear Sister?


Guest: Complete sense. All true.


Shoshanna: Namaste.

索珊娜: 你好。

OWS: And we would add one thing here to that, and that is all of those in your dream that did not hold back, that went to their own destruction, you might say, or came close to it, and became wrapped up in the fear and what was occurring in the dark side here, or this dark force, as you have called it here. They were not given, or did not follow the intuition as you did to stay away from this.

OWS: 我们还要补充一点,那就是在你的梦中,所有那些没有退缩的人,他们走向了自己的毁灭,你可能会说,或者接近了它,被恐惧和这里黑暗面正在发生的事情所包裹,或者这个黑暗的力量,正如你在这里所说的。他们没有给出,或者没有跟随你的直觉,远离这个。

Shoshanna: They were disconnected, as many are on this current third-dimensional realm, which does not too much allow for the beings to connect to their higher knowing and to their Higher Self. Until the being enters into the consciousness of the fourth and fifth dimensional understanding, they will remain connected to things that are fearful and things that are not in concert with their higher understanding because they have not connected to it. Namaste.

Shoshanna: 他们是断开的,因为许多人在这个当前的第三维度领域,这不允许太多的存有连接到他们的更高知识和更高自我。直到存在进入第四和第五维度理解的意识,他们将保持与恐惧的事物和与他们更高的理解不一致的事物的连接,因为他们没有连接到它。合十礼。

OWS: Very good. We are ready the next question, if there is one. Otherwise, we are already to release channel.

OWS: 非常好。我们已经准备好下一个问题,如果有的话。否则,我们已经释放频道。

Guest: there was an e-mail question that came in.


OWS: Yes?

OWS: 什么事?

Guest: They asked if Kamala Harris will ever be president.

Guest:他们问卡玛拉 · 哈里斯是否会成为总统。

OWS: What we can tell you on that is not very much here, because we are not in the habit of prediction, and psychic predictions, and these types of things. But we can tell you that it is very unlikely that this one, or any of these ones that are associated with the dark forces would be in that position ever again here. So it is changing, and it is about to change rapidly here, we will say. So that this type of question will never come up again. That is all we can say on this. Take it for what you can from what we have given here. Shoshanna, do you have anything to add?

OWS: 我们能告诉你的并不多,因为我们没有预测的习惯,和心理预测,和这些类型的事情。但是我们可以告诉你,这个,或者任何一个与黑暗势力有关的,不太可能再次出现在这个位置上。所以它正在改变,而且在这里会迅速改变,我们会说。这样这类问题就不会再出现了。我们只能说这么多。从我们这里得到的东西里,你可以尽情享用。索珊娜,你还有什么要补充的吗?

Shoshanna: We will add here. We will add that the leadership of beings directly correlates to the group of beings consciousness. So the group of beings that are led by that individual that is represented by the consciousness of the Kamala Harris will be led because they match the consciousness of that individual. And less and less and less is her consciousness matched in this world presently, and that is why she would fail to be in a leadership position. However, if a group of beings lower themselves to the level of consciousness that is represented by this being, they indeed could be led by that being. Namaste.

索珊娜: 我们将在这里添加。我们要补充的是,众生的领导力直接与众生意识群体相关。所以那些由卡玛拉 · 哈里斯的意识所代表的个体所领导的生命群体将会被领导,因为他们与那个个体的意识相匹配。现在她的意识在这个世界上越来越不匹配,这就是为什么她不能处于领导地位的原因。然而,如果一群存有降低自己到这个存有所代表的意识层次,他们确实可以被这个存有所领导。合十礼。

OWS: Very good. Then we are done for the time. Shoshanna, do you have any parting message here?


Shoshanna: We will say that with each being that participates in this call that they must complete their mission. They must stay on the path. They must stay on track to the evolution that they were meant to participate in. And those that no longer wish to participate have found that their path is not defined within the parameters of this group. So stay in touch, stay on the path, and you will see miracles occur in your lives. Namaste.

索珊娜: 我们会说,每一个参与这个呼唤的存有,他们必须完成他们的使命。他们必须留在路上。它们必须保持在它们应该参与的进化轨道上。而那些不再想参与的人发现他们的路径并没有在这个群体的参数范围内被定义。所以保持联系,继续走下去,你们会看到奇迹在你们的生活中发生。合十礼。

OWS: Very good. And we would simply say to reiterate what Ashtar gave earlier here: keep your eyes in the skies here, for there are some interesting things that are going to develop.

OWS: 非常好。我们只想简单地重申阿斯塔早些时候在这里所说的: 保持你的眼睛在天空这里,因为有一些有趣的事情将要发展。

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.


**Channel: James McConnell * * 频道: James McConnell




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