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Dear Earth brothers! I AM ASHTAR SHERAN!


Within me today, there is a feeling of great joy, there is an immense feeling of accomplishment, for everything we have done here around this planet. It hasn't been easy, it hasn't been calm. There is not a day when we can simply see the dawn, observe the day of your planet, observe the night arriving at some points, and say: "Nothing happened today!". We still haven't achieved that, we always have some action to be done. Not that it saddens us, quite the contrary, because every little event, every victory we have, is the certainty that, minus one point was eliminated to become an imbalance.


Everything is being done thoroughly. It's like microscopic surgery, because you don't see it, but we do. So each surgical point that is corrected, is a victory, it is a joy, it is a spread of applause. And so it has been today. Mostly, small problems, nothing much, but they are small problems, if we had let them grow, it would become quite complicated. There is no longer any way to deny it, how to doubt that THE LIGHT WON. Your planet is entirely surrounded by the Light, there is no point that the Light of the Central Sun does not arrive and does not penetrate. This is not a visible Light, it is not a wave beam that you can look at and see. And exactly by its power, it is able to penetrate any surface.


So don't worry, if they have walls around them, nothing prevents the passage of this Light. Nothing. Even those plates that they created, of various metals of great width, in which many are trying to protect themselves there, are not able to prevent the passage of this Light. We can say that in the first moment, there is a reflection, but it is like a small fire point attacking that metal alloy. And over time it will dissolve. So nothing, there is no material on this planet, and even material that is not from this planet, that prevents the passage of this Light. The force wave power of Alcyon's Central Sunlight is immense, and there is nothing to stop it from reaching wherever they are.


We will get to the core of these shelters that were created, and they know it. They just try every day to protect themselves, to prepare themselves before the Light arrives, lest they be caught by surprise. Only today, they are in big trouble, because if they run away from the shelters, who is outside? More Light and beyond the Light, we are. So choosing to stay hidden will not do them much good. Because the day will come when the Light will penetrate exactly where they are. And they will have no choice, they either accept to vibrate Light or they will be taken from the planet. There is no middle ground, there is no half choice.


The certainty of victory is complete, in all the warriors that are around your planet. Everyone knows that the battle is coming to an end, but it will only come to an end when everyone, and I say EVERYONE in capital letters, are removed from this planet, including those who are incarnated, so that the power of each of them is not there any more. I can tell you that there is very little left. Then many may think that this little is a lot for you. And as we have all said and we like to repeat it: we are not anxious, we do nothing in despair. We are very calm and exactly this calmness of ours is what makes the whole process happen in a perfect way. Because there is no despair, there is no thoughtless attitude. Everything is thought, rethought, tested and retested several times.


So, we know exactly the probabilities of an error and acting in this way, we have been victorious all along. What good is it, we want to speed up the process, and later on we have a problem. We know that you are anxious, and I would say that later on, you will understand all the work that we have done, we will never allow you to be harmed. Because this is their goal now. Did they lose? They did, but they don't want to go alone, they want to take as many souls as possible with them. We will not allow that. Whoever has to leave, will go alone, will not carry anyone from the planet. Not even the souls who serve them today, will not go with them. They may even vibrate the Third Dimension on another orb, but they will not go with them. Because we will not allow that.


This army in spite of itself, it will have to reorganize, and it will be taken somewhere else, because they too will be separated. There will be no power that they have here, or rather, the power that they had here. We are not concerned with whether you believe it or not, I just wanted to say, that exactly to protect you, is why everything happens for you so slowly. Because for us, it's not slow at all. We work all the time. The Light works all the time. And not just the Light, there are specific groups to destroy points on this planet, which are under their control. Using our weapons, but not weapons of mass killing, technological weapons that destroy their weapons.


Nobody is standing still, nobody is at the window watching what happens, everyone is working. Whether working on the surface of your planet, or organizing everything to receive them. This is a point that you still have a lot of doubt about. Why receive them? I will not go into details, later you will understand. Later on, when the truths appear, you will understand this sentence that we say.


And then yes, the Light will have nothing more to destroy, on the contrary, the Light will work to build the New World, to raise those who still have doubts, to awaken those who have not yet done so. And yes, we will all be together, walking towards the ascension of this planet. And then it will be another job, a much more pleasant job, a lot more pleasant; which is helping each of you to overcome the dimension barrier. This will be wonderful for each of us, who are here today, around your planet.



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