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Mass Awakening Brings Turnaround
Golden QFS Era
黄金QFS 时代
All in alignment
Galactic Federation of Light
Prepare for what is to come

Help from extraterrestrial civilisations


Our new 5D world is based on gratitude, joy and support for others. For many it feels like nothing is changing, the corrupt puppets are still in charge and controlling events worldwide, this is the impression because not everything is seen that is going on.

我们新的5 d 世界是建立在感恩、快乐和支持他人的基础上的。对许多人来说,这种感觉就像什么都没有改变,腐败的傀儡仍然掌控着世界各地的事件,这是一种印象,因为并不是所有的事情都被看到了。

大逆转|最后的警钟Every day new groups are resisting the World Order that dictates how we should live our lives. Much has been achieved, but deliberately little publicised. Here is a brief summary of progress on various fronts.


Many will not want to believe it, because humanity has been deliberately kept dumb. But, other extraterrestrial civilisations are at least many thousands of years ahead of us in knowledge and technology today known to us. If it sounds implausible, consider it a fact.


Planet Earth is completely sealed off by our alien brothers and sisters, with their vast armada of, as yet, invisible spaceships. No creature can escape Earth’s spheres without permission. Those who wanted to flee to Mars have been sent back. All bases on Moon and Mars are in the hands of the Galactic Federation and inaccessible to Deep State Cabal Elites.


In January 2021, Octopus, the Head of the Global criminal cabal pyramid on Earth, was eliminated, which HQ was located in Switzerland under Lake Geneva.


Meanwhile, all underground Dumps have been destroyed. There are no more shelters above or under the Earth’s surface. Mass arrests of puppets are in full swing.


Many, are beginning to realise that the fake COVID pandemic is based on lies and deception. After, they understand and trust the essence of God, that will ignite the important spark for the population.


Humanity is by now tired and exhausted of the many lies and scare-mongering spread by governments and mainstream media reports.


大逆转|最后的警钟Planet Earth is in its transformation process from 3D to 5D. Many cabal protagonists have been eliminated and executed, others realise that their time is up and know that they can no longer save themselves.

地球正处于从3 D 到5 D 的转变过程中。许多阴谋集团的主角已经被消灭和处决,其他人意识到他们的时间到了,并知道他们不能再拯救自己。

Many puppets at lower levels are still trying to remain in charge, which will no longer work. The plan was to kill 90% of the population and lock up the rest in special labour camps.

许多下层的傀儡仍在试图继续掌权,这将不再起作用。该计划是杀死90% 的人口,并将其余的人关进特殊的劳改营。

The Deep State Agenda 2030 has failed; the alliance continues to clear out cells and rescue imprisoned women and children all over the world, especially in the Ukraine.

《2030年深层国家议程》已经失败; 联盟继续清理牢房,并在世界各地,特别是在乌克兰,营救被监禁的妇女和儿童。

The Quantum Financial System, free energy, the new internet, etc. are already operational and can be put into use, as soon as the signal to do so is given.


Trust, on the good outcome; the Light and Love for each other; is guiding the transition to the New 5-D World, and to ease and speed this up. Only the truly awake will be able to accomplish this transition, the rest of the population will be transferred to other 3-D planets in the Universe.

信任,对于好的结果; 光和对彼此的爱; 正在引导过渡到新的5-d 世界,并缓和和加速这一点。只有真正清醒的人才能完成这个转变,剩下的人将被转移到宇宙中的其他3D 行星上。

Every accomplice involved in the COVID pandemic genocide, from top to bottom, will be arrested and sentenced to death. Including those who wielded the poisonous syringes.


Mass awakening brings great reversal


大逆转|最后的警钟The earth’s frequency is raised step by step to about 40 Hz, to prepare the awakened among us for the 5D world. Extraterrestrial criminal Anunnaki, Dracos and Grays cannot live on Earth at this higher frequency and are automatically eliminated.

地球的频率一步步提高到40赫兹左右,为我们中的觉醒者准备进入5维世界。外星罪犯 Anunnaki,龙w 和灰人不能在地球上生活在这个更高的频率,并自动被消灭。

The cabal has been defeated, the attention is now focused on lower degree puppets who do not yet realise that they have lost and their leaders have already been eliminated. Nothing stands in the way anymore to purify and transform our planet into 5D.

阴谋集团已经被击败,注意力现在集中在那些还没有意识到他们已经失败和他们的领导人已经被消灭的低级傀儡身上。没有什么能够阻挡我们去净化和转变我们的星球成为5D 世界。

If one does not fight for one’s own freedom, freedom has no value. It is enough for this moment to understand what frequency tuning is. Just as a radio station can only be tuned to the right frequency, the souls on Earth can only be accepted on this Planet if they are tuned to the required frequency.


Planet Earth is not yet fully in the New Age, the completion of the transition still takes some years. All systems known to and hidden from humanity have been exterminated. Nothing will be even a shadow of what it was before.


The New Systems are now beginning to function, and little by little the change will be total, there is no comparison for 3D minds to understand what all this means. The most important thing is that all incarnated souls can trust that everything will turn for the better.

新系统现在已经开始运作,一点一点的改变将会是全面的,对于3D 思维来说,没有比较来理解所有这些意味着什么。最重要的是,所有投生的灵魂都能相信一切都会变得更好。

The long-awaited turnaround has begun. Those without the required frequency adjustment for the New 5D-Earth will leave, they can no longer reincarnate here.


The reset of Old Systems into those of the New Systems suitable for the 5D-Earth, already began around 2016 and will now be completed within a few years. According to current indications, it will not take longer than 2030, but it can be said that the completion will be earlier, possibly as early as 2025 or 2026.

旧系统重置到那些适合5d-earth 的新系统,已经在2016年左右开始,现在将在几年内完成。根据目前的迹象,不会超过2030年,但可以说完工时间将提前,可能最早在2025年或2026年。

大逆转|最后的警钟Golden QFS Era


Among these changes is one that is of great interest to most people; The financial system. The experience so far has been one of abundance and scarcity. That has left deep traumas in every human consciousness.


The old financial system was suitable for experiencing the polarities between abundance and scarcity. Those who have learned will now experience a new era, the Golden Era. The new QFS – Quantum Financial System – is already functioning. It is slowly replacing the familiar old cabal system. That is why people who count on a big impact in this sector see nothing.

旧的金融体系适合体验富足与匮乏之间的极性。那些学过的人现在将经历一个新的时代,黄金时代。新的 QFS ——量子金融体系——已经开始运作。它正在慢慢取代人们熟悉的老式阴谋集团系统。这就是为什么那些指望在这个领域产生重大影响的人什么都看不到。

The day will come when it is announced that nothing will be the same as before. But that is no reason to worry, because the Quantum System, has stored everything of every human being in its memory. Everything has been recorded since 1950. Every financial transaction; every legal and illegal business deal; the income of every individual and its origin; even every individual thought; has been recorded.


And this will determine what actually does or does not belong to each individual. In the final transition to the new financial system, no one will keep what does not rightfully belong to them. And all those who have been worked and exploited will receive back what is rightfully theirs.


All in alignment


Prosperity is a frequency aligned with abundance, and will bring to fruition all the initiatives of those who are already vibrating in the higher consciousness. As a result, in the near future, all humanity on Earth will be aligned to live in abundance and prosperity. The New System is slowly taking over and replacing the Old Cabal System.


Because this event will not happen all at once, but rather little by little, everyone is advised to think deeply about themselves. To know if you are indeed eligible for infinite abundance. For example: What would you do with the unlimited resources that are eventually offered to you. Your consciousness must be pure and free from any selfish interest. And, free from individual ambitions.

因为这个事件不会一下子发生,而是一点一点地发生,所以建议每个人都深刻地思考自己。想知道你是否真的有资格获得无限的富足。例如: 你会如何处理最终提供给你的无限资源。你的意识必须是纯洁的,没有任何自私的兴趣。而且,没有个人的野心。

So, everything has to be done very carefully and precisely. But, at least now there is no more danger of outbursts happening. This danger is over. The time for action on the surface of the earth is now. That is; mass arrests are made to bring out the truth for all to see. But this mission is not ours, this mission belongs to those who are managing this process.


Planet Earth is known throughout the Universe for its beauty, for all that was created by Father/Mother God. We have learned to admire the beauties that this planet shows us and we, exterrestrials, admit that they are immense. There is no point in commenting on them, except for the deserts, where there is no beauty; but even deserts are worthy of appreciation. For they form very interesting scenes, mountains and layers, which remind us much of planets we know. So every planet, which exists in the Universe, has its own beauties and with time one learns to admire them.


Galactic Federation of Light


As a member of the Galactic Federation of Light, you will be allowed to visit other planets, and get to know other civilisations. But all within a very well planned time table and preparation. No one comes to a planet just because they are travelling. All this must take place according to plan, with the consent of the recipients, to avoid surprises. Each planet controls its airspace very carefully. Because those, like the Anunnaki who have been on Earth for a long time, always try to break in somewhere. That is their life habit. Every planet’s defence is prepared for that.

作为光之银河联邦的一员,你将被允许访问其他星球,并了解其他文明。但是所有这些都是在一个非常有计划的时间表和准备之内的。没有人来到一个星球仅仅是因为他们在旅行。所有这一切都必须按照计划进行,并征得接受者的同意,以避免出现意外。每个行星都非常小心地控制着自己的领空。因为那些人,比如已经在地球上生活了很长时间的 Anunnaki 人,总是试图闯入某个地方。这是他们的生活习惯。每个星球的防御都为此做好了准备。

Together, we will form a great alliance, an alliance of great love, and progress, especially in the technological field in which extraterrestrials are many times more advanced than we are here on Earth; among other things, technologies for cleaning our planet; well, you can live for thousands of years, because your bodies will no longer decay.

我们将一起形成一个伟大的联盟,一个伟大的爱和进步的联盟,特别是在技术领域,其中外星人比我们在地球上的先进许多倍; 除了其他事情,清洁我们的星球的技术; 嗯,你可以活几千年,因为你的身体不会再腐烂。

In order for this to happen, you have to be ready for new higher energies. So, keep the vibrations high. Dream of this new world, for it is real. Very soon it will no longer be a dream, it will become reality for all those who want to be part of it.


Many people will be stunned to discover that they are not alone in the Universe. The diversity that exists between us is amazing to extraterrestrials.


From the Pleiadian side, meeting us is also frightening, because they don’t know how they will react to their arrival. Remember, we are the result of universal racial mixing. They will make efforts to meet personally with each one of us who respects them.


They have come because we have asked for help to gain our freedom. Soon they will be here to help us. They will welcome us with a feast. The denouement can begin at any moment. And well, when it is least expected, they will be here.


Do not think what you have learned from movies and stories, that exterrestrials are invaders, to destroy your planet. We are not naive, we know what to expect from you.


If everybody knows that we exist and that we have been here for a long time, yes, we can appear everywhere; take you on our spaceships. Many of you will be queuing up to visit our spaceships. But this will take a while. Until all this new knowledge is processed by you.

如果每个人都知道我们的存在,知道我们已经在这里很长时间了,是的,我们可以出现在任何地方; 带你乘坐我们的宇宙飞船。你们中的许多人将排队参观我们的宇宙飞船。但这需要一段时间。直到所有这些新知识被你处理完毕。

大逆转|最后的警钟Soon, very soon; we will be with you. To present ourselves to you physically is an honour for us, it is a moment of great joy, because we are aware of the kind hearts we have created on this planet. It will take time, there is no rush, we have no date to leave, we will be here for a long time.


We are responsible for the light reaching planet Earth. Your consciousness is opening, most of the blockages have already been removed. So ask us from the heart: “Pleiadeans Brothers and Sisters, make contact with me!” And rest assured, we will do it.

我们负责光到达行星地球。你们的意识正在打开,大多数的障碍已经被清除。所以请发自内心的问我们: “昴宿星的兄弟姐妹们,请与我联系!”请放心,我们会做到的。

By way of explanation: the earthly liberation process has already progressed so far that a return to the old ways is no longer possible. Everything has been done to seal the reversal once and for all. Have patience and trust, support this process with positive thoughts.

作为解释: 地球的解放进程已经发展到如此地步,以至于再也不可能回到旧的方式了。所有的事情都已经做好了,以便一劳永逸地封印逆转。要有耐心和信任,用积极的想法来支持这个过程。

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Prepare for what is to come – Only those who are ascending will feel these symptoms



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