2023年4月24日: 我们期待已久的历史性时刻来临了|星际飞船地球

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Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 April 24, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图2023年4月24日

2023年4月24日: 我们期待已久的历史性时刻来临了|星际飞船地球

Anyone online can probably see the avalanche of headlines updating so fast it’s hard to keep up.


Since it was ‘Sunday Fun Day’ and paradise in Paradise Valley yesterday, I did not gather my thoughts in front of the desk top. I did prepare for today, however, as much as one can prepare for news like the following: Link to Telegram.

因为昨天是“星期天快乐日”,是天堂谷的天堂,所以我没有在桌面前整理思绪。然而,我确实为今天做了准备,尽可能多地为以下新闻做准备: 链接到电报。

By Cristina Laila Apr. 24, 2023 10:35 am

【 https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/04/BREAKING-TUCKER-OUT-AT-FOX/】爆料: 塔克尔在福克斯电视台离职:

Breaking: Fox News and Top Host Part Ways – Last Show Already Aired

突发新闻: 福克斯新闻和顶级主持人部分方式-最后一个节目已经播出的 

Last week it was Dan Bongino. Now it’s Tucker. What’s going on at Fox News?

上周是 Dan Bongino 现在是 Tucker 福克斯新闻怎么了?

The best decision I ever made was leaving Fox. Good for you, @TuckerCarlson. You're free & uncensored! pic.twitter.com/ZsUwnGAZ7M

It’s not much of a surprise if you heard Tucker’s scathing monologue about the media on Friday. It’s almost like he knew…


On Tucker’s last show Friday he said..


“You wonder just how filthy and dishonest our news media are. How bad are they? Ask yourself, is any news organization you know so corrupt, that it’s willing to hurt you on behalf of its biggest advertisers? Anyone who would do that is Pablo Escobar corrupt and should not be trusted”

“你想知道我们的新闻媒体有多么肮脏和不诚实。情况有多糟?问问你自己,你知道有哪家新闻机构腐败到愿意为了它最大的广告商而伤害你吗?任何这样做的人都是巴勃罗 · 埃斯科瓦尔的腐败分子,不应该被信任”

You can hear that awesome [last] show here on Telegram. 10 min. You might say he went out with a bang. Or a boom! There was also the following this weekend:


Tucker Carlson's speech over the weekend was powerful. Too powerful apparently. pic.twitter.com/sxncP26Tda

This is not an accident, of course. Don Jr. Tweeted at 11:58 am ET this morning which led anons to the following Q drop.

这当然不是意外。小唐。美国东部时间今天上午11点58分发布了一条推文,导致了以下 Q 值的下降。

Confirmed: Tucker Carlson out at Fox News. OMG.

The time stamps match when you convert that Tweet to EST at 11:58, and this was over 4 years ago the Q Team told us this would be happening. It had to.

时间戳与你在11:58将推文转换为 EST 时的时间吻合,这是4年前 Q 团队告诉我们这将会发生。必须的。


Mar 06, 2019 11:58:00 AM EST
Mar 06,201911:58:00 AM EST 2019年3月6日东部时间11:58:00
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 2908c7 No. 5538158 
问! mG7VJxZNCI ID: 2908c7 No. 5538158 
Q 问:

Fox is on its way down. Let us not forget that they called the 2020 Presidential race before we had even finished counting ballots here in Arizona.


And that’s not all in the fake media realm. Don Lemon was fired from CNN after 17 years. How many??? There’s your cue [Q] folks. Patriots are in control. Link to Telegram.

这还不仅仅是虚假媒体的领域。17年后 Don Lemon 被 CNN 开除了。有多少人?这就是你们的提示[ Q ]伙计们。爱国者掌控一切。链接到电报。

2023年4月24日: 我们期待已久的历史性时刻来临了|星际飞船地球

Enjoy the show, my friends. This is “the storm”, remember? All planned in advance.

好好欣赏吧,朋友们,这是“暴风雨”,记得吗? 都是提前计划好的。

2023年4月24日: 我们期待已久的历史性时刻来临了|星际飞船地球

Not convinced? Here’s a video the crew dragged out of the Wayback Machine. 26 seconds. Check it out. NCSWIC

不相信? 这是他们从时光倒流机里拖出来的视频26秒,看看,国家犯罪信息中心

Trump has formed key relationships over many, many years that will come into play as the storm progresses. The book “Letters to Trump” reviewed by Mark Levin in his interview with Donald Trump gets into some of those relationships and connects the dots for the public and at the conclusion of these revelations, they will be wowed beyond words.

特朗普已经建立了许多关键的关系,随着风暴的进展,这些关系将会发挥作用。马克•莱文(Mark Levin)在接受唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump)采访时评论的《给特朗普的信》(Letters to Trump)一书,深入了解了其中一些关系,并为公众连接了一些线索。在这些披露的结论出来之后,他们将惊叹不已。

2023年4月24日: 我们期待已久的历史性时刻来临了|星际飞船地球

Apr 08, 2018 2:15:14 PM EDT2018年4月8日美国东部时间下午2:15:14
Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: a0205a No. 952914Q! xowAT4Z3VQ ID: a0205a No. 952914
POTUS & JFK JR.总统和小肯尼迪。
Plane crash 1999.1999年坠机。
HRC Senate 2000.2000年人权理事会参议院。
The “Start.”开始
Enjoy the show.好好欣赏吧。
5y, 2w, 1d, 21h, 54m ago5y,2w,1d,21h,54m 前
8chan qresearch 8chan qresearch

2023年4月24日: 我们期待已久的历史性时刻来临了|星际飞船地球

JFK Jr. now. “Junior” no more. He’s the one and only.

小肯尼迪现在。不再是 "小 "了。他是独一无二的。

Right on Q, the crew brings us the Navy’s plan to fake the death of JFK Jr. before the cabal had a chance to take him out as they had his father and his uncle. Link to Telegram.

就在《 Q 》节目中,摄制组向我们展示了海军的计划: 在阴谋集团有机会干掉小肯尼迪之前,伪造他的死亡,因为他们有机会干掉他的父亲和叔叔。链接到电报。

2023年4月24日: 我们期待已久的历史性时刻来临了|星际飞船地球

What else are we pleased to report?


CEO of NBCUniversal departs over ‘inappropriate conduct’

NBC 环球首席执行官因“不当行为”离职

The people who have been running the world and those in high places are sexual deviants, at best. Many are child rapists, torturers, and cannibals. A few are just enablers and profit from the system.
We can see the trend for the control of the cabal’s media slipping away as the White Hats’ plans evolve and go public. It didn’t take long for round two.

Disney cuts thousands of jobs in second wave of layoffs


2023年4月24日: 我们期待已久的历史性时刻来临了|星际飞船地球

Who else is on the dearly departed list? Susan Rice.

死亡名单上还有谁? 苏珊 · 赖斯。

NBC has failed to cover the secret hand of Susan Rice for the last few years. She's plotted at State and the intel agencies without scrutiny. She leaves the White House with world chaos in her wake. https://t.co/Olhygm0KIp

And the back story on that… Link to Telegram.

还有那个背景故事... 链接到电报。

The news about Susan Rice leaving the Biden administration is VERY important…

苏珊•赖斯(Susan Rice)离开拜登政府的消息非常重要... ..。

Please check out my Telegram posts from January 12th of this year… right after the 2nd batch of classified documents were “discovered” at Biden’s house. This immediately looked like sabotage from Barack Obama and logically (knowing what BO is trying to do) this made a ton of sense.

请看看我今年1月12日发的电报,就在第二批机密文件在拜登家被“发现”之后。这立刻看起来像是巴拉克•奥巴马(Barack Obama)的蓄意破坏,从逻辑上讲(知道 BO 试图做什么) ,这非常有意义。

Shortly after I made these two posts (first two pictures) Kash Patel said that Susan Rice, who is 100% an extension of Obama, was the person behind the “discoveries” of the Biden classified documents (3rd picture) which aligned completely with my Obama sabotage hypothesis.

在我发表这两篇文章(前两张图片)后不久,卡什 · 帕特尔(Kash Patel)说,苏珊 · 赖斯(Susan Rice) ,100% 是奥巴马的延伸,是发现拜登机密文件(第三张图片)的幕后黑手,这些文件与我的奥巴马破坏假说完全一致。

Are the few Joe Biden loyalists that aren’t completely controlled by Obama finally pushing back against his agenda now?


The news about Susan Rice leaving the Biden administration is VERY important...Please check out my Telegram posts from January 12th of this year... right after the 2nd batch of classified documents were "discovered" at Biden's house. This immediately looked like sabotage from... pic.twitter.com/6xh6kIe1r0


As “the storm” uproots evil and washes away the sins of the world, we, Humanity, as a civilization will rise to the surface. The cream of the crop.


Trump and the Earth Alliance have painstakingly planned the bootcamp we are currently experiencing that will purge the cruel and self-serving, greedy, entitlement mentality from the masses and leave us more honourable souls in service to others.


We have seen Trump set the example by visiting the graves of the fallen and placing wreaths to honour those who gave their lives so their fellow man would be free. He also improved the medical, psychological, and financial assistance available to Veterans. We see countless social media posts every day about selfless people who rescued perfect strangers—because that is who Humanity really is.


How many whistleblowers were erased for even contemplating going public?


Hmmm ? pic.twitter.com/fjdCmnsZ8U

There are no shortage of situations where people had no money, no job, no food, were hooked on drugs, and had no future to embrace and they were helped by those who just had to do something to ease their suffering—because that is who Humanity is.


How many people have come out of retirement or deferred retirement to do this work in the New Media truther sphere; to share the truth and get people to face the dark side of life that has been hiding in the shadows because they had expertise that would lend itself to this need?

有多少人从退休或推迟退休状态中走出来,在新媒体真相领域做这项工作; 分享真相,让人们面对生活的黑暗面,一直隐藏在阴影中,因为他们有专业知识可以满足这种需求?

Do we even want to know how many new military recruits got the shock of their lives when they entered the honeycomb of tunnels beneath our feet to exterminate the unimaginable evil festering down there? Many never made it out alive while others need psychological counseling and rehabilitation, but they had to save the children and put an end to the unspeakably evil genetic experiments and torture that has been ongoing for eons.


Jessie Czebotar did a mind-blowing interview with Patriot Underground explaining much about the people who have been running the world [into the ground] and enslaving Humanity. It’s one of the things dropped off my post the other day when I lost connection to Blue Host servers. Don’t miss it.

Jessie Czebotar 在爱国者地下组织做了一个令人震惊的采访,解释了很多关于那些把世界搞得一团糟并奴役人类的人。这是前几天我发的帖子里掉下来的东西之一,当时我与蓝色主机服务器失去了连接。别错过了。

Jessie Czebotar Interview #4

Jessie Czebotar 访谈 # 4

How long will this war take to play out? I don’t know, and I doubt if more than a handful of people do, and they won’t be telling us any time soon. We need to get a grip on our emotions, face the facts, honour and respect the immense operation this is to cleanse the entire world, to disinfect the vile place the satanic controllers created, and shine a light on the disgusting state of affairs that developed over the years when we weren’t paying attention and allowed bad to go to worse.


What happened to Sesame Street we ask? The same thing that happened to everything these monsters touch. It is corrupted and designed to be social engineering; to massage us into accepting their sick, twisted world.

我们问芝麻街发生了什么?和这些怪物碰过的东西一样。它被腐化,被设计成社会工程; 来按摩我们,让我们接受他们病态、扭曲的世界。

If you’re on Telegram, check out this revolting Sesame Street episode. Some of the Sesame Street programmes are more like a drag show. They’re going after the kids big time now.


2023年4月24日: 我们期待已久的历史性时刻来临了|星际飞船地球

We know the best is yet to come, but we also know it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. We need to use this slack time to tighten the gaps. We are only as strong as our weakest link. Q Military Intelligence has repeatedly told us, “Where we go one, we go all”…


…Which is why Trump and the Alliance have put so much emphasis on truth, law and order, justice, morality, right and wrong, the value of life, respect for others and their opinions, sovereignty, the right to choose—everything they could.

... ... 这就是为什么特朗普和联盟如此强调真理、法律和秩序、正义、道德、对与错、生命的价值、尊重他人和他们的观点、主权、选择的权利——一切他们能够做到的。

We must bring the weakest in these areas up to the level of the strongest where possible, from the 3D where we fell, to 5D and beyond so we can ascend all together because we are one.


That means… we are obligated to bring those struggling with the lower 3D energies up to the top so we can all ascend together. The dishonourable morality we have sunk to collectively is ugly and unbecoming for Sentient Beings who aspire to reach the higher realms.

这意味着... 我们有义务将那些与较低3D 能量斗争的人带到顶端,这样我们就可以一起提升。我们集体陷入的不光彩的道德对于渴望达到更高境界的有情众生来说是丑陋和不合适的。

2023年4月24日: 我们期待已久的历史性时刻来临了|星际飞船地球

We were rescued and given a second chance to get a fast track out of this fetid, lower vibrational world and we need to work together to raise up the masses. We need to make better choices; to take the high road. Outbursts of anger and criticism of ‘The Plan’ and those executing it serve no one and drag down the positive vibration we are striving to maintain. None of us have the inside view that would qualify us to evaluate The Plan; but we do know the difference between right and wrong and we will lift the others up rather than allow them to drag us down.

我们获救了,并得到了第二次机会,让我们快速走出这个恶臭的、低振动的世界,我们需要共同努力来提高群众。我们需要做出更好的选择,走正道。愤怒的爆发和对“计划”的批评以及那些执行它的人对谁都没有好处,并且拖累了我们正在努力维持的积极的振动。我们中没有一个人有足够的内部观点来评估这个计划; 但是我们知道是非之间的区别,我们将提升其他人,而不是让他们拖我们后腿。

We can’t allow unhinged people to dump drinks on those who espouse a different political view or knock the cap off their head or anything of the sort. We can’t allow people to engage in slander and libel without consequences. We can’t allow some to break our laws with impunity while others are prosecuted to the hilt. We can’t allow the satanists to corrupt our children and convince them they were meant to be the opposite sex and then sterilize them.


Theft, bullying, medical murder, bribery, political executions, character assassination, election rigging, financial manipulation, racism, eugenics, genocide—and torture of any kind on Man and beast… what a despicable place our world has become.

盗窃、恃强凌弱、医疗谋杀、贿赂、政治处决、人格暗杀、选举舞弊、金融操纵、种族主义、优生学、种族灭绝ーー以及对人类和野兽的任何形式的折磨... ... 我们的世界已经变成了一个多么卑鄙的地方。

It is toxic in every way.


NJ Town Residents Must Be Ready to Leave ASAP As EPA Cleans Up Mystery Chemical Barrels


One nearby resident told NBC New York that she remembers decades ago when her children were coming home from school around lunchtime, and they saw the lids exploding, up in the air

附近的一位居民告诉 NBC 纽约台,她记得几十年前,当她的孩子们在午饭时间放学回家时,他们看到盖子在空中爆炸

And the satanic rituals continue. These poor creatures.


6 Cows Found Dead: Mutilated, Anuses & Genitalia Precision Cut & Drained of Blood – Apr 24, 2023
Decapitated, Gutted Animals Lined To Satanic Rituals

6头奶牛被发现死亡: 被肢解,肛门和生殖器精确切割和排干血液-2023年4月24日 被斩首,被开膛破肚的动物被排列在邪恶的仪式中

Left with more questions than answers…


Ranchers, about 100 miles southwest of Waco, a longhorn cross cow dead and mutilated last week.
Cow’s tongue was removed ‘with no blood spill’, ‘straight, clean cut with precision’, made to remove the hide from around the cow’s mouth on one side.
5 other cows were also left in a similarly brutal condition on the side of Old San Antonio Road — 2 had their anuses and ‘external genitalia’ removed.


Cows from different pastures,locations, & herd, found along state highway in nearby counties.


“..officials coordinating with other law enforcement agencies, noting ‘multiple similar incidents’

”. . 与其他执法机构协调的官员,注意到‘多起类似事件’

It takes patience to know how wonderful life will be once this operation draws to a close, and yet to stand with shoulders squared and jaw resolute to take these monsters to task while being determined to live a life of joy and love. It’s hard sometimes, and it’s difficult to watch the suffering of all life forms on our planet but we have to make the best of it in these times of war.


The easiest way I know of to get through tough times is to feel and express appreciation for the positives we currently enjoy; and to also feel the gratitude for what is coming as though it were already a reality.

据我所知,度过艰难时期最简单的方法就是感受并表达对我们目前所享受的积极因素的欣赏; 同时也感受到对即将到来的事情的感激之情,就好像它已经成为现实一样。

The brain doesn’t differentiate between what is, and what we are imagining and I don’t profess to be a master at this but I do try to remain positive and appreciative most of my day; to do the opposite of what the enemy would have us do, which is flounder in dark, negative energies of frustration, anger, hatred, and above all—fear.

大脑不会区分什么是现实,什么是我们正在想象的,我不承认自己是这方面的专家,但我确实努力在大部分时间里保持积极和感激的心态; 做与敌人要求我们做的相反的事情,那就是在黑暗中挣扎,沮丧、愤怒、仇恨的负面能量,最重要的是恐惧。

Those of us who thrill to the daily developments that show us the takedown of the cabal is in full swing are focusing on the positive. Is it ideal? No—it’s war! War isn’t ever a walk in the park, but the savage fury some of us feel at appropriate times will get us through this if we funnel our energies in ways that support our movement.


2023年4月24日: 我们期待已久的历史性时刻来临了|星际飞船地球

Here is a way some may be interesting in contributing to a good cause. We believe Abe Hamedeh’s ballots were severely messed with, along with Kari Lake’s, and others in the 2022 election. Link  to Telegram.

这里有一个方法可能会有趣的贡献一个好的事业。我们认为,在2022年的选举中,安倍 · 哈梅德和卡莉 · 莱克以及其他人的选票被严重篡改。链接到电报。

Abe Hamadeh needs volunteers to help with a time-sensitive legal challenge. People are needed to assist with canvassing, phone banking, data research, etc. Please get the word out to your PCs if you haven’t already.

Abe Hamadeh 需要志愿者帮助应对一个时间紧迫的法律挑战。需要有人协助调查、电话银行、数据研究等工作。如果你还没有,请把这个消息告诉你的电脑。

Particular areas of focus are the counties of Maricopa, Mohave, Yavapai, Pima, Pinal, Yuma, Cochise, and Coconino.

特别关注的领域是马里科帕、 Mohave、 Yavapai、皮马、 Pinal、尤马、科奇斯和科科尼诺。

Please direct volunteers to countthevotesaz@gmail.com

请指导志愿者到 count thevotesaz@gmail.com

Abe’s legal case is STRONG. They need all hands on deck! All help is needed and appreciated.

安倍的法律案件很有力。他们需要所有人的帮助! 所有的帮助都是必要的,也是值得感谢的。

In addition to the growing evidence of the fall of the cabal that we can and do see every day, there is an immeasurable amount of activity in places we cannot see. Freeing an entire planet of the scourge of evil that has befallen us is a far bigger project than any of us can probably imagine because we don’t understand the nature of our reality.


James Gilliland did another great update on As You Wish talk radio followed by a Q & A a week or so ago many will benefit from hearing.

詹姆斯 · 吉利兰(James Gilliland)在 As You Wish 脱口秀节目上做了另一个很棒的更新,之后大约一周前又进行了一次问答,许多人都将从中受益。


AYW ~ Q & A ~ 超越控制的叙述

We have been “closet Humans”, sequestered in the fields of the controllers like cattle, able to see only what they saw fit to show us. There will be exciting reveals in the near future but we are being managed by benevolent forces who know Humanity very well and their plan was devised for our benefit in the long run. It has to play out as it will for the highest good of all concerned.


We are weary of hearing about the climate crisis. There is no crisis—unless you’re the cabal and you’re out of cash. They need that money they expect nations to hand over so they can continue to geoengineer the weather.


People keep claiming that CO2 levels are the "highest in history" and that they are an "existential crisis".Madness.We are at the very lowest CO2 levels in history. Modern organisms, including mammals, evolved when CO2 levels were much higher than today.Relax.w. pic.twitter.com/eaVOorTYO5

Who else talks about “climate change”? Ironically, a veterinarian by the name of Albert Bourla. You may recall he is the CEO of Pfizer. He’s excited because they have new facilities in Singapore to create more vaccine bioweapons and research more ways to give us cancer. We know there have been cures for cancer for decades and they suppress it so they can milk us for every cent in the medical industrial complex and cause as much suffering as possible.

还有谁会谈论“气候变化”?讽刺的是,一个叫 Albert Bourla 的兽医。你可能还记得他是辉瑞公司的首席执行官。他很兴奋,因为他们在新加坡有新的设施来制造更多的疫苗生物武器和研究更多的方法来给我们癌症。我们知道癌症的治疗方法已经存在了几十年,他们抑制癌症,这样他们就可以榨取我们在医疗产业中的每一分钱,并且尽可能地造成痛苦。

We know a lot about CEO Bourla, but we’re not sure if he’s a Reptilian or a bullfrog. We shared this once before but Karli’s comparison is great.

我们知道很多关于首席执行官布尔拉的事情,但我们不确定他是爬行动物还是牛蛙。我们之前分享过一次,但 Karli 的比较很好。


or on Twitter…


Signing off for today. Back soon.  ~ BP



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