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There seems to be an observation that we have a pool shift of 30 Miles per year increasing.



Now that's not so surprising,given that the MIC with HAARP and CERN in combination with Chemtrails intentionally influence the weather to push through the political lie of climate change our right to exist and their intended expropriation.



Because the Earth's core rotates faster(about 70.4 times)than the Earth's crust,we have a magnetic field that,together with the ionosphere,protects us from harmful radiation.


The Earth's core is located in the centre of our Earth,and rotates at a speed of 20 Minutes and 27 Seconds,and has an estimated diameter of 1200 Km.


As the magnetic pole in the north,(which is the input of the magnetic vector,so the Magnetic South Pole)also shifts the Magnetic Pole in Antarctica at this speed per year,(the output of the Magnetic Vector).



Just as Roman settlements are found under the ice in the Alps,so is the Geographic South Pole(which turns out to be the Magnetic North Pole).


But don't be confused by the concepts of geographical and magnetic poles.


The picture also shows the rotational motion of the magnetic field,would not be this,a vector was not possible.


So no zero point if the vector would not rotate,where most of the forces on the outside of the vector seem to be in terms of magnetic field.


The fact that we have alternating climate fluctuations is just normal in the history of the earth,where I personally rather think that we are going to have another small ice age instead of a warming up,especially when HERP and CERN are no longer used.


By CERN one gets a deflection of the natural Magnetic field of the Earth,since CERN is about 46 Degrees in respect of the Earth's axis Vector,and produces 96 times stronger Magnetic field than the Earth's magnetic field.



Scientists who work with HAARP and in CERN know this and commit Ecocide by deliberately burdening our nature and deliberately damaging all life on Earth to give the Fascist NWO a licence to make us think that we are the problem that allows them to burden us with their backstabbing tricks.


So I'm not impressed by Greta's programmed nonsense paid for by Nazi and globalist Soros,or would Greta be the victim of Cabal vaccination damage?



Time for Greta to go back to school and gain knowledge to acknowledge her abused against her.


Her parents should be expelled from parental control for their corruption and left-wing ill worldviews in order to impose an NWO Left-wing fascist World dictatorship.



The entire Climate Agenda has been forced on governments by mindless and soulless stupid politicians and corrupt bankers through the CIA via their MSM propaganda False Media.


You need to be blamed because you are alive,while deliberately migrants have to replace us under the false pretences of an aging population.


As if a Muslim African has come to work,let alone to present a service to the current European population,their average IQ is far too low for that and their moral Compass totally unsuitable to function here in society.


Now we can't condemn anyone because he has a low IQ or because he was born by the place on earth in an Islam Culture,where from childhood one is heavily indoctrinated to find barbaric behavior normal.


Agenda 21 together with the Kalergi Plan for which Merkel and Juncker received an award in Aachen Germany,to commit genocide on their own population by importing Low IQ and no norm consciousness culture barbarians to undermine Western civilization.

21世纪议程》以及在Aachen Germany获奖的《Kalergi计划》一起,通过引进低智商和无规范意识的文化野蛮人来破坏西方文明,对他们自己的人口实施种族灭绝。

It has the appearance that we are going to experience a cosmos shift,which will reveal much about our past.


Like observing a blue planet from Australia,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zz4qlCTQGbo


Is the Hopi prophecy going to come true,The Blue Star Kachina?https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_leyenda_hopi12.htm


Or would this be the 12th planet that Zecharia Sitchin and more than 60 other researchers have written about and researched by studying the clay tablets.


This event would tell us that the end times are very close.Then the Blue Star Kachina would physically appear in our heaven,which would mean that we are in the end times.


By the end time is meant a cycle,through which there is a shift in our consciousness,we experience a growth to a higher dimension in our consciousness that will drastically change our future positively.


Anyone who thinks this is a coincidence that this happens together with the implosion of the current Fiat Money System should think carefully about why our many techniques and possible contact with extra-terrestrial life through the US Space Programme is now going to bring everything out at the beginning of 2020.


When we hear that the alliance together with patriots is dismantling the Cabal,and hear that the secret space program where many trillions of taxpayers'money has disappeared due to the abuse of power by the Deep State Cabal,it is not surprising that we can now observe the struggle of life and through of the Cabal.


Not that the Deep State NWO has very intelligent Satanists,but very corrupt politicians and bankers who are now confronted with their role of destroying and oppressing humanity as slaves.



The Western world has been infiltrated by Satanic Globalists who do not shy away from Genocide,and have set the world on fire in order to cause as much chaos as possible.


With the deliberate implosion of the Economy,and the import of many low IQ Barbarians,we hope to start a Civil War in the Western countries.


This also explains why the unelected EU Fascists want a European army quickly,in order to solve the problem they have made,whereby Genocide is possible on their own rebellious population.


As of January 1,2020,the EU legislation would be overshadowed by the legislation of affiliated EU countries.


The Constitution that we rejected in France,the Netherlands and Ireland is like the Lisbon Treaty as yet imposed on us,without us being able to stop it in a democratic way.


We are hopeful that the Global Currency Reset will destroy the Euro of,and give the people of the member countries their sovereignty back through the new money system covered in gold.


It is clear that in a real political climate we face change in implying the Power of the Cabal by liberating mankind with a new human-related fair money system.


The future disclosure of hidden patents for free energy,and anti-gravity,will give us a boost to shape the new future.


We all live on this planet,so it is our moral duty to help each other in the transition,where we have a chance to continue together in a peaceful way,without any culture being suppressed by a low IQ Culture.


Are we as humanity going to rediscover and apply our real powers?


In any case,we have a new start with fair opportunities for the whole of humanity if tolerance among different peoples is possible.


Let the mass arrests of the Satanic Pedophile Globalists quickly begin to free humanity from their corruption and Genocide agenda.


Dear people,I hope that with this explanation I have been able to sketch a view of the present reality in an understandable explanation of facts about the state and time in which we find ourselves.



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