柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

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Presented by Cobra 

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Chiang Mai Ascension Conference Day 2 


Presented by Cobra



柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

Noted by Nogi

Nov 12, 2023 (Sun)


Disclaimer before viewing


  • Some images and graphs may not be identical to those seen at the conference. 
  • 一些图片和图表可能与会议上看到的不一样。
  • The content of the notes is NOT an exact match to what Cobra spoke about. There may be mishearing, handwriting errors, or omissions in the note taking process. 
  • 笔记的内容并不完全符合柯博拉所说的。在记笔记的过程中,可能会出现听力错误、笔迹错误或遗漏。
  • Questions regarding the contents of this document will not be answered.
  • 有关本文件内容的问题将不予回答。

    Table of Contents目录

  • November 12, 2023 (Sun) Opening
  • 2023年11月12日(星期日)开幕
  • General Announcement of Day 2
  • 第二天公布
  • Energy Alignment
  • 能量校准
  • Dreams
  • 梦想
  • Planetary Reset
  • 行星重置
  • Collapse of the Old Society
  • 旧社会的崩溃
  • The Revolution
  • 革命
  • Peace Meditation for Israel and Gaza
  • 以色列和加沙和平冥想
  • Q and A session 8
  • 问答环节8
  • WEF Reset versus Galactic Reset
  • WEF 重置与银河系重置
  • CBDCs
  • CBDC
  • The AI bugs
  • 人工智能虫子
  • Abundance in New Reality
  • 新现实中的富足
  • Manifestation Process
  • 显化程序
  • The law of manifestation
  • 显化法则
  • Q and A session 9
  • 问答环节9
  • Cancellation of Soul Contract with Archon
  • 解除与执政官的灵魂契约
  • Forgiveness
  • 宽恕
  • Ceremony to Manifest Abundance by St. Germain
  • 圣哲曼显富典礼
  • Light Mandalas
  • 光曼荼罗
  • Starseeds Land app
  • 星种乐园应用
  • A Galactic Wave of Divine Light is Approaching Us
  • 神圣之光的银河波正在接近我们
  • Meditation of Light
  • 光的冥想
  • Q and A session 10
  • 问答环节10
  • Pluto in Aquarius
  • 冥王星在水瓶座
  • Light Body
  • 光体
  • ATVOR Exercise
  • ATVOR 练习
  • Bubble of Light Protection
  • 防护光泡
  • Return of the Goddess
  • 女神归来
  • A Beautiful Ceremony
  • 美丽的仪式
  • The Sisterhood of the Rose groups and Goddess Temples
  • 玫瑰姐妹会与女神庙
  • End of the Conference
  • 会议结束

    November 12, 2023 (Sun) Opening


    General Announcement of Day 2




    Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! How are you today? Yesterday was so exiting and today will be even more! Before beginning, please make sure to switch off your mobile phone. No photography inside the room. No food inside, please. You can drink water, but no food. Thank you.


    Welcome Cobra again today! (applause)

    今天再次欢迎柯博拉! (掌声)

    Everybody, welcome back! It's a second day of the conference. I think some of you had interesting dreams, or interesting things happening. But, before listing to your stories, we have to align our energies. Make sure to switch off your phones.


    Energy Alignment


    Close your eyes and watch your breath coming in and out. As doings so, relax.


    As you breath in, you breath in brilliant white light into your being, and you breath out brilliant white light. Keep breathing like that… (the same meditation as the first day)

    当你吸气的时候,你向你的存在呼出明亮的白光,然后你呼出明亮的白光。保持这样的呼吸... (和第一天一样的冥想)

    And whenever you are ready, please open your eyes.


    Everybody, welcome back.




    Did anybody have an interesting dream that you would like to share? This is the moment.

    有没有人有一个有趣的梦想,你想要分享? 这是时刻。

    1. Last night, I had strong fever. while sleeping, I saw an old Chinese portal made of wood. There are 8 seats. On the center, there was a Chinese woman seated. I was seating in one of the chairs. Surprisingly, there are 8 men and women entering the room. One of them was Cobra. We were doing some simulation things. We had common 3 understandings. 1)the process has already started. 2)we are in a very crucial time. 3)we need to be very careful from now on. There are the messages.


    2. I don't remember exactly, but I was informed that there would be a change in the contact dish.


    3. I was in an awesome place free from the matrix. It was like after the planetary liberation. And there I was a person I know who, this person is in the room and I felt relieved. Thank you for being here and thank you for Cobra! Victory!


    4. I was out of the atmosphere, and there was a guy there who was a representative. Everyone was gathering around him. He said "we tried to go but there are bad guys. We could not get there, but we admire the woman". When I woke up I could figure out what it was about. But it was interesting.


    5. Just before I woke up, I saw the code 1117.


    Okay, what is interesting is in the Kyoto Conference in July, there was a person who had a vision or dream of a military conflict starting in October in the middle east. That was a exact prophetic dream. Those dreams sometimes can be very interesting. They can connect things and they happen. Is the person here now?


    "Yes, Cobra. What do you want me to say?"


    "so you are the person who said that?"




    "OK, can you tell me what the dream was about?"


    "I dreamed that I was walking upstairs, and someone told me that in the Arabic countries, Iran or Iraq or Syria, there will be happening something big. And then, my hair was pulled, and I was flying to where I was. And I woke up. I saw the sun shining brightly."


    "OK, thank you."


    Alright, this kind of experiences will happen more and more in the future as we are closer to the Event because the light forces try to send messages all the time. If you listen, you will receive more. 


    Planetary Reset


  • 柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

    The first topic I will speak about is the Planetary Reset. It is a drastic shift in the surface human society. The society is structured in a very unnatural way. It is now inverted society still exist in the universe. So it has to be realigned with the divine purpose. For that to happen, we are now going through the destruction phase where all the forms and waves need to collapse before the new start.


    The problem in that process is the attachment to the old forms. The attachment people have to the things that used to be. It is strongest in the humans who are strongly attached to financial interests in the old way of things. Old energy companies and war lords. All those people want to keep things as they are. The dark forces, when they realize there is going to be changes, they try to create the parallel new society which I will talk about it later. But so that they try to adapt to that changes and survive the transition. Of course this is not going to happen, but this is their plan.


    The actual change in human society is not the change of the form. It is the change of the essence of the society. The social contract will change. The operation of human society will change. There will be change not because people want the change. It is because the energy coming is so strong that people are forced to change. All belief system, all the patterns, all programs crush. Because they will not be able to adapt the new frequency. Before that change can happen, the old system needs to collapse. I will here speak about how the system will collapse.


    Collapse of the Old Society


  • 柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

    On this graph, here (stable system) you have the old system as it was existing before the corona pandemic in 2020. Here everything worked more or less. Most people believed in the system. Most people were having daily lives sometimes interrupted.


    In August 2019, Beta Timeline collapsed. At that point, the light forces saw it very clearly there will not be able to make a safe transition from the old timeline to the new timeline. At the mathematical certainty, this old society will collapse completely. Political and financial, all the system will collapse. There is no timeline which will preserve the old society from August 2019 on.

    2019年8月,Beta 时间轴崩溃。在那一点上,光明势力非常清楚地看到,那里将不能从旧时间线安全地过渡到新时间线。从数学上来说,这个旧社会将完全崩溃。政治和金融,整个体系都会崩溃。从2019年8月开始,没有时间表可以保护旧社会。

    Unfortunately, the dark forces have realized the same thing. They realized their financial system will collapse as early as January 2020. For that reason, they have staged coronavirus pandemic to shut down the surface economy to preserve the system. So the real reason for the pandemic was to prevent the financial collapse. The system became unstable in March 2020(crisis), and the lockdown started. This is the time of coronavirus (apparent stability). The recovery started in 2022 (apparent recovery). We are somewhere here (before the buffer collapses). All those coronavirus packages and all the buffer was used up to keep the system running. And right now we are here. The system has no buffer and no back up at this point.

    不幸的是,黑暗势力也意识到了同样的事情。他们意识到他们的金融系统最早将在2020年1月崩溃。出于这个原因,他们已经上演了冠状病毒大流行,以关闭地面经济来保护系统。因此,疫情爆发的真正原因是为了防止金融崩溃。2020年3月(危机) ,系统变得不稳定,封锁开始。这是冠状病毒的时间(表面稳定性)。复苏始于2022年(明显复苏)。我们在这里的某个地方(在缓冲区崩溃之前)。所有这些冠状病毒包和所有的缓冲区都用完了,以保持系统运行。现在我们在这里。此时系统没有缓冲区和备份。

    It is known that the system will collapse. when it collapses, it will be irreversible process, so it cannot be stopped (once the system crashes, recovery is no longer possible). It will be quite drastic and intense. The early signs of the collapse have been seen already. I think it was on April this year where some banks in the US collapsed. One of the big Swiss banks on the verge of collapse. UBS no longer exist after 160 years. Until now, whole things are contained, but it will be impossible to contain any longer.


    We are not talking about only financial collapse, but also political and social contract. The society functions because people have a certain degree of trust. But the trust from surface population to the political system and society is getting less and less. When the trust goes below a certain threshold, there is the collapse. The moment of collapse is the key moment for the different timelines, and different possible outcomes.


    The Revolution


No Title

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This graph shows the different timelines or possible outcomes of the collapse of the human society. This is old society (pre-crisis trajectory) which is starting to collapse. This is the pressure, or control from the dark forces, so there is more frustrations accumulated inside of people (social pressures for crisis). Even if they appear to comply to the mass, like lockdowns, vaccinations, political and financial control, there is the pressure on their kundalini inside their energy system. The disagreement is growing there. More pressure on people, this inner tension begins to rise.


Another factor is the solar activity, or galactic solar activity, sending the energies that trigger kundalini energy. The pressure keeps rising until the certain moment of critical pressure, and it will explode. This explosion of the kundalini energy at a certain point is equal to the downward pressure of the society (revolutionary situation). That moment is where the revolution will happen. The revolution is the dynamics of the tension between two forces, the force of suppression and human kundalini force. At that moment, many many different outcomes are possible. Depending on the key players involved in the situation determines what is going to happen. 


On the surface of the planet, the dark forces try to use that moment to change the form of suppression into something else. One example is French Revolution. The purpose of the people involved in the French revolution was to bring more equality to the people. But what actually happened was the controlling people or Jesuits infiltrating the French freemasonry movement and other forces to change the form of the government, and the revolution became more violent.


But now, we have a very unique possibility. We human races are about to be contacted by the light forces. The light forces use this breakthrough moment to directly intervene the surface of the planet by surprise. So when we have the collapse of the surface society, this will be the moment where the light forces can directly enter the surface of the planet, taking over the mass media, starting dropping intel, arresting the bad guys, and giving guidance to the humanity to create the new society.


For this reason, the dark forces are afraid of the financial collapse because at that point, the Game is Over. The light forces can collapse the system in any moment. But they are waiting for the optimal moment we have the smoothest transition. The aim of them is to make this transition as easy as possible so that the distribution chains are kept intact. Water, electricity, internet, and all that need to be provided as much as possible when it happens, and then this trajectory goes higher and higher (Possible post-crisis trajectories). This is the Plan.


Of course, human beings can make mistakes. Many people will freak out for sure because everything they have believed and thought will crush. Some people will not take this easily. So there will be 1-2 weeks of marshal law. There will be military in the streets and you will not be allowed to go outside for your own safety, very similar to the corona lockdown. You will have a TV or internet to receive the information. You might be able to go out and get some food. Those of who are in essential jobs need to go to work. But apart from that you need to stay home until the situation calms down. The bad guys will be removed and the provisional government will give instructions to the humanity, and gradually, the light forces will introduce new healing technologies, over unity devices and all that. I will not go into detail since I already talked about it years ago, but also the certain things are still classified. But I would like to say the most important part is, there will be the intel released to humanity. All evidence about the dark forces and what they did, and evidence about secret societies, all evidence about real history of the planet and ETs. So people will take a very intensive educational course in those weeks.


Some of you in this room will be contacted, and you might receive help and assist from the light forces in that process of healing and teaching humanity. The sisterhood of rose groups will meditate quite intensively to bring balance and calm to the surface population. The Event Support Group will spread and be more active in transforming society. So there will be a lot of activities for them.


The intel release will be quite shocking for most people. Some of them is challenging even for you in this room. If you think you are ready, you are not ready. Nobody is ready for this. It will be surprise for everybody.


But the easy part is that there will be no more attacks from the dark forces since they will be gone. Life will be much easier. On the other hand, you have to be face to face with your own inner reality that have been suppressed. Your denial and past in this life and past lifetimes, and all that have to be healed.


For the rest of humanity, it will be, in a way, easier because they don't need to worry about the finances. They will receive healing assistance. But the psychological aspect they will be exposed to extremely stressing period because everything they believed will collapse. Although they are not ready, we don't have time anymore. As soon as it is ready, when it is safe enough, this will take place.


Of course the dark forces can get angry and try to create a nuclear war. But it will not happen because the light forces will intercept and destroy those missiles, and all the war heads will be inactive. Above all, only few people in military will accept something like this. Very few people want the nuclear war, and most of them are not in military. Just the cabal and some psychopath want this to happen. The cabal also begin to realize they can not win this game, and they are going to underground bunkers, which are not safe anymore. The Resistance Movement will come inside and say "Hello, we are here". The dark forces do not feel safe in underground bunkers, so they are hiding in the surface now. They now realize that they cannot survive the solar flash in the underground bunker neither. They feel cornered.


Peace Meditation for Israel and Gaza



For this reason, we have started the Peace Meditation for Israel and Gaza which is going on every 4 hours. I encourage you to participate. We will replace this for every Sunday meditation to keep stabilizing the region. We can contain the conflict not to go beyond Israel and Gaza. It is like a cancer. If we isolate the cancer region, it will not spread. Israel and Gaza is very strong vortex, that have been active last 12,000 years. The survivors of Atlantis, the high priestess from Atlantis came into the region, have started the civilization there. Some of them were good guys, the others are bad guys. The battle between priests of light and priest of darkness is not resolved yet. A very ancient conflict is still going on after 12,000 years. I might speak about this in my blog. So, please participate in this mass meditation.


We will have 20 minutes break here. I would like to mention there are goddess jewelries here because it is time now to bring the goddess energy as much as possible to the surface of the planet. And the later part of the conference will cover that goddess energy. Thank you very much.


Terry: For those of you who forgot to bring the silver coins or jewelries today, you can still get them here or there.

泰瑞: 对于那些今天忘记带银币或珠宝的人来说,你仍然可以在这里或那里买到它们。

Short Break


Time for answering some of your questions.


Q and A session 8


Q. Can I have some information of the sacred places or goddess vortex around this area so maybe I can visit today or tomorrow? Is there any ascension vortex around Chiang mai?

我可以得到一些关于这个地区的圣地或者女神漩涡的信息吗? 也许我可以在今天或者明天去看看?清迈周围有没有上升漩涡?

A. Chiang mai itself is the most powerful vortex in Thailand. In Chiang mai, there are interesting caves that lead to darker networks. Northern Thailand has many interesting places so just follow your inner guidance for searching for such caves that are publicly open. Just go there and feel the energy there.


Q. What is the current status of the light grid of the area around Seattle and Vancouver? Is there any light worker grid there? What is the size and scope of cintamani grid to restore the light network there?


A. They are not in a perfect condition. I don't know any group working on this there, but you can start planting small gem grade of cintamani stones in Fower of Life pattern.


Q. What about the light worker grid there?


A. The same situation. I just do not know how many people and who are doing that but I know there are some stones.


Q. Can we connect with our higher selves by writing or copying (unable to catch) sutra? And is this sutra infiltrated?


A. Of course, it is efficient to copying any kind of sutra or mantra. I cannot comment on purity of that. You need to use your own guidance.


Q. Will the current medical care system collapse if med-beds are introduced?


A. After the Event, new medical technologies will be introduced. Medical system will be maintained even after the Event, but it will be upgraded drastically with new technologies and better understanding. There will be not only Med-beds but the others, too.


Q. Can we merge and create a cintamani grid between different cities?


A. Yes.


OK, we will continue the main program.


WEF Reset versus Galactic Reset

WEF 重置与银河系重置

柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

I will be speaking about the plans between the light forces and the dark forces. They both have a different plan in the same situation.


The dark forces are planning to deteriorate the financial system. They know the old system will collapse so they accelerate the plan to create a cashless society. Physical cash is not trackable. If you use cash, they can not see what you buy and how you spend money. So you have a certain degree of freedom. But if you use electric transition, all can be traced. They know exactly what and how you spend, and they can control financial life and physical life.




The dark forces are planning to introduce Central Government Digital Currencies. Their plan is eliminating cash, and all the transactions are made in cellphones. This is why they want us to use the cellphones. They have made everybody dependent on the cellphones. They want you to have a digital identity on your cellphone. You will have a cellphone as your ID. Your finger print, eye scan, and biometric data are stored in it. And your banking account is in a cellphone. So the dark forces can steal everything you spend with a phone. If your social behavior score is not high enough, they can block your account, or they can determine how, when, for what you spend money. The dark forces want to control everything like this until they introduce the CBDCs. The cellphones are spying on you already 24/7 recording all your conversations even it is switched off. So we have 400 spying devices in this room!

黑暗势力正计划推出中央政府数码货币。他们的计划是消除现金,所有的交易都是通过手机进行的。这就是为什么他们要我们用手机。他们让每个人都依赖手机。他们希望你的手机上有一个数字身份。你会有一部手机作为你的身份证。你的指纹,眼睛扫描和生物识别数据都存储在里面。你的银行账户在手机里。所以黑暗势力可以偷走你用手机花的所有东西。如果你的社会行为得分不够高,他们可以封锁你的账户,或者他们可以决定你花钱的方式、时间和地点。黑暗势力想要控制这样的一切直到他们引入 CBDC。手机已经全天候监视你,即使关机也能录下你所有的对话。这房间里有400个监视设备!

The plan of the dark forces is to slowly introduce this, and at the certain point, they engineer the fake financial collapse. They would say "Now the old system collapses and we have a new solution!" Then they put your bank account on your phone, and you can pick everything from your phone.

黑暗势力的计划是慢慢地引入这个,在某一点上,他们策划了假的金融崩溃。他们会说: "现在旧体系崩溃了,我们有了新的解决方案!"然后他们把你的银行账户存到你的手机上,你可以从你的手机里挑选任何东西。

The AI bugs


柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

There are hackers in the resistance movement who have hacked into the existing financial system. So they already hacked the central banking systems and CBDCs.


I know many people are in favor of Bitcoin. It has some potential, but now all the Bitcoin transaction is traced. They are not anonymous. The dark forces know how much and where the money goes. All the Bitcoin transaction can be traced because all the computer has Keylogger stroke program, which they can trace which key you typed at what time. So they can trace what you have done from the data from different computers. It is not possible to hide except the quantum computers. But almost nobody has the quantum encrypted computers at this point on the surface of the planet. Theoretically, bitcoin will be safe to have a quantum computer network. But now the dark forces can trace any transactions made in digital money, credit card and bank transfer, everything.


The Light forces will introduce a different version of financial system when the old one crushes. They will introduce a financial system which is underpinned by Gold. Gold is hidden in secret locations. It will be the basis of the collateral account. So gold will be the foundation of the new financial system.


They will keep the current financial system that you have. Usual banking account you have will be still valid. But the banks will be closed 1-2 weeks, so you will not be able to access your money in it. Credit cards will not work during that time. You can use the cash to shop in the glossary stores if they are open. After the new system arrives, you can still use your account with the balance intact. But the light forces will introduce the quantum computers to rebuild the new financial system which will be backed by the gold standard collateral account. From the collateral accounts, the abundance will be released to humanity. You will receive money which have been stolen by cabals in last 50 years or even before that. Every single person on the surface of the planet will receive about$100,000, roughly estimated. This money will be the basis to improve the quality of your life. Because the new technologies will be introduced, quality of life increase drastically, and many inventions will come out, and everybody will receive abundance.

他们会保留您当前的金融系统。您的常用银行账户仍然有效。但银行将关闭 1-2 周,您将无法使用其中的资金。在此期间,信用卡将无法使用。如果词汇表商店营业,您可以使用现金购物。在新系统到来后,您仍然可以使用账户中的余额。但光之力量将引入量子计算机来重建新的金融系统,该系统将以金本位抵押账户为后盾。从抵押账户中,丰厚的资金将释放给人类。你们将收到过去 50 年甚至更早之前被阴谋集团窃取的资金。据粗略估计,地球表面的每个人都将获得约 10 万美元。这笔钱将成为提高生活质量的基础。因为新技术将被引入,生活质量将大幅提高,许多发明将问世,每个人都将获得丰厚的财富。

Before the Event, it is very difficult for the light forces to intervene and provide the abundance. So you have to rely on your own manifestation skill to make abundance for your life. I will be speaking shortly about it.


Quarantine is the closed system. Nothing goes in and nothing comes out. Since it is closed system, we can apply the 2nd law of thermodynamics, which means there is more and more entropy or chaos and less and less abundance in the old system. The dark forces are using their understandings of physics to use the energy of the financial system to enrich themselves. So the financial system on the surface of the planet is like a heat pump to them. It heats a certain area, and the expansion of surrounding gets cold air. So they hijack the productivity of the people and use the produced energy to enrich themselves. But it is reaching the breaking point, and this breaking point is the moment of financial collapse. More and more inequality exists in the human society, more and more pressure on the human Kundalini energy. So there will be a breaking point where the old social contract is gone, and the new system begins.


The problem we have in the liberation process taking decades is the people called White Hats in military and financial system who are preparing mass arrests and all that have been corrupted in the process. We have many problems within the dragon families who are fighting each other. We are fighting because to decide "who is the owner of the collateral accounts". So many many opportunities are missed. For those reasons, the light forces added some changes on the original plan. There will be much more direct interactions with the light forces. There will be no intermediates. So the whole process is about bringing abundance to humanity. Those who attempt to stop this will be physically arrested and removed from the process because these abundance needs to be given to humanity as soon as possible. So the White Hat community will no longer be tolerated in that process. 


St. Germain is a cosmic being and a commander of the plan on the surface operation. He is the one who created the collateral account in 1775. He was investing that money from 1775 and the interest is now trillions of dollars, waiting for being released to humanity. That money cannot be released right now because the money is confiscated. If St. Germain trust would like to release the money for you directly, cabals will intercept the money and confiscate it. And you will be investigated where is the money coming from. It is not safe yet. So until it is released, you need to rely on your own manifestation skill.


Abundance in New Reality



After the Matrix dissolves, you will realize there is much more abundance in this universe. Physical and spiritual abundance is meant to be experienced by every single being in the universe. Although the diamond on this planet is very rare, there is a whole star made of diamond. This planet Lucy has trillions of trillions karats of abundance inside. Its about 50 light years to go there. It is not so far, so you can go get some diamonds there if you want.




Financial abundance is important to improve quality of your life on the surface of the planet. There is a study saying "more income, more happiness". Because if you have more money and abundance, your life becomes more comfortable. If you are poor, you have to walk to Bangkok from here taking one or two weeks. If you have some money, you can buy a bicycle taking three or four days to get there. With a motorbike or a car, it will take one day. If you buy a flight, it is one hour away from here. So, more abundance, life gets much easier.


Of course money is not everything. You have health, relationships, and spiritual growth. But money is essential for better life quality at this point.


I would like to give you some instructions how to manifest the abundance in your life. So I will speak about the manifestation process. Does everybody have silver coins?


No? okay, those of who do not have coins, contact Terry here, he will give you guidance.

没有? 好吧,那些谁没有硬币,在这里联系泰瑞,他会给你的指导。

We will have 20 minutes break and then continue. Thank you very much.


Short Break


(Actually if you have only a normal coin or jewelries that contain little bit of silver, it is accepted to use for the next ceremony)


Manifestation Process


柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

Here I will give you some general manifestation principles you can use for your life before the Event. This can be used regardless the circumstance. We use the reversal principles to manifest physical and spiritual abundance regardless what is happening in your life. Whatever happens in your life is the result and consequence of your past decisions and actions. This here and now moment is the power in which you can change everything. I will not say it is easy, but you can still make a drastic change in your life. I know there are attacks from the dark forces but they cannot hijack your manifestation because the power of the manifestation comes from your divine spark, I AM Presence. From there, you can change the circumstance. Your I AM Presence is the point of transformation. It is the doorway of manifestation. Your idea from the spirit go through the doorway into the matter. So the manifestation process is a manifestation through the doorway.


柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

Everything you do, say, and feel create a ripple in the quantum field. That ripple creates an interference pattern with other ripples. Most people have confusing patterns or motivations, so the ripples around them are chaotic. But with the focus intent, you create powerful resonance field through which you can influence the collective quantum field. So you can manifest more easily.


The law of manifestation



Manifestation process has very simple principles. If you follow these steps, I can guarantee you can manifest everything. It just takes time since we are in the physical world subjected by the laws of space and time. To manifest a cup of coffee, it takes few minutes. To manifest a conference like this, it takes few months. To manifest The Event, it takes few decades. It does not mean it is impossible, but is quite challenging and takes more time. You need to keep your focus all the time.


So manifestation process is based on three simple principles.


1. Decision (Intention). You need to decide what you want to create in the mental plane. But do not confuse. You need to have clear decision and specific idea, and it will manifest more easily. If you want a new car, go take a look at the car and you need to know exactly which year, which color, which type of engine, and as much as possible. If you want your ideal body, you need to have an idea how your fingers and neck are. If you want your soulmate relationship, and so on. Hold the general decision all the time.


2. Emotional energy (Invocation). This is an emotional support. You can fantasize your decision with emotional charge. You can bring the idea from mental plane to emotional plane and to etheric plane.


3. Physical action. Without action, it will not manifest, but it will stay on etheric plane. To manifest this conference, it was once stayed in the etheric plane. And then I had to be specific. The place should be in Thailand, the date should be on November 11-12, and then I talked with the organizers. Then discovered Chiangmai has better energy than in Bangkok, so we changed to Chiang mai. What is the best place in Chiang mai? And we found this room the best place. And we took the physical action like reserved the room, announce this to everybody, and we are here. It took three months but it manifested.


So decision in mental plane, use emotion, and take a physical action. And repeat that process until it manifests. If you change your mind, you will block the process. If you are in the car dealer shop and say "oh actually I don't want that car" or "I don't have enough money, forget it", It stops the process. Even if you don't have money, just keep visualize and take an action, and manifestation will come out.


I am trying to manifest the Event for last 30 years, and if I gave up, that will stop the process, so I will not give up. We will keep on the manifestation process. The Rothschild family in 18th century created current banking system. They kept their decision for more than 250 years. Now they have a global banking system. Their decision was very strong and they got what they exactly wanted. This process work for everybody. It takes time and patience and education, but it manifests.


This is the basis of the manifestation process, any question?


Q and A session 9


Q. If Rothschild manifested through decades, can I manifest a house for my son?


A. Yes, of course. Visualize a house, generate money, and give it to your son. The basic principle is very easy.


Q. You once mentioned that you have 400 projects manifesting, I want to know how you do that.


A. You have to have very clear mind according to the decisions. You create a mental map, and when the situation arrives, take a proper action. And just repeat the process.


Q. You mentioned a book "Return of Light" in your blog, I want to know how much genuine this book is.


A. This book is quite reliable. I would say 75 percent. Usually I don't say things like this but I do because this book is quite important.

这本书很可靠。75% 吧。通常我不会这么说,但我会,因为这本书很重要。

We will continue the main program now.


There is one more important aspect of the same process which is de-manifestation.


Cancellation of Soul Contract with Archon


柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

De-manifestation is the process to remove undesirable reality from your life. If anything that happen in your life, you have to say "NO". If you keep repeating this process, you can remove this from your life. It sounds easy but also needs persistance. So if you have something you can not tolerate, you make it your decision, then your emotion, and take a physical action. If you have a neighbor bothering you all the time, you make a decision, and charge with emotion, and physical action taken like blocking them physically from your life.


We want to de-manifest the contract we had accepted when reincarnated on this planet many lifetimes ago. So we will cancel this contract. We have done this many times, but we have to do this more and more because there are still many contracts which we are not consious. When we cancel it, we sign in our consicous that this contract is void. We will do thi three times. Repeat after me.


柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

(This sentence was read three times each by everyone in the audience." Only "So be it, and so it is" was repeated three times each.)


You can do this exercise at home, anytime you want.


(Illustrator HAL provided a welcome card with a cartoon in three languages for conference attendees)

(Illustrator HAL 为与会者提供了一张带有三种语言卡通的欢迎卡片)

There is another technique to use for your de-manifestation.




柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

In quantum field, all situations are in wave forms which interact with one another. If you have a situation that does not resolved, your attachment to that situation influences the quantum field. Your attachment is keeping that from manifesting. When you release the attachment, the wave form will change, and it will become easier, and the situation resolve itself. You need to understand that your decision is not the same as your attachment. Your decision is what you want to create. Your attachment is the core of the situation you are in. Make a decision without attachment. You are responsible where and how to manifest it by keeping a clear decision.



If you have a quantum disharmony, and is the problem is so big and complex, you just focus on a point that you can resolve. When the small problem is resolved, it will harmonize the whole situation to a degree. Then you resolve the second part, and third… And at some point, the entire situation will be harmonized and resolved. These are some approaches that can help you.

如果你有一个量子不和谐,并且问题是如此的大和复杂,你只需要关注一个你可以解决的问题。当小问题得到解决时,它将在一定程度上协调整个情况。然后你解决第二部分,第三部分... 在某个时候,整个情况将得到协调和解决。这些是一些可以帮助你的方法。

Ceremony to Manifest Abundance by St. Germain


柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

OK, we will move on to one of the best part of the conference. We will do a ritual ceremony under the guidance of St. Germain. We will make a circle around the room.


(Everyone guided by Cobra and organizers gathers the tables in front of the podium to create a large platform on which all participants' portraits of St. Germain will be displayed. Because of the larger venue, we were able to create one circle more smoothly than at the Kyoto conference.)


OK, we will do the ceremony to manifest abundance now, for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for all humanity.


Close your eyes, and watch your breath coming in and out.


We are invoking the presence of master St. Germain.


Repeat after me: I am invoking the presence of St. Germain to bring abundance to myself, to my loved ones, and to whole humanity now. So be it, and so it is.

跟着我念: 我现在祈求圣哲曼的存在给我自己,给我所爱的人,给全人类带来富足。诚心所愿,一切如是。

Okay, we go one by one in clockwise direction, and put your coin or whatever on the table, and go back to your position. You put them without packages because it would be much stronger without. No talking please.


(Everybody with both palms toward the Abundance on the table)


"We are invoking the presence of master St. Germain is multiplying the abundance thousands of thousands of times for the benefit of yourself, your loved ones, and whole planet and humanity. And the abundance put on the table is multiplying thousands of thousands of times like a river of abundance coming though for you, your loved ones, and whole humanity. So be it, and so it is."


Now we can start one by one to take your things from the table and go back to your seat silently, please.


Stay connect with the energy of St. Germain.


We will have a lunch break. but during that time, stay connected with St. Germain and feel the presence.


Thank you very much! We continue at 3:30 pm.

非常感谢! 我们下午3:30继续。

Lunch break


Everybody, welcome back.


Now, close your eyes, watch your breath coming in and out.


Visualize a pillar of blue colored light coming from the sky, going through the group, to the center of the earth.


This pillar of light will protect us during the conference.


Light Mandalas


OK, before we start the main program, I would like to introduce you Akmal. He is connected with a certain group developing a very interesting technology with a great potentials. Thank you.


Akmal: Thank you Cobra, good evening everyone. It is great to be with you again after a long time. The technology we are working with the Light Mandalas, we started 10 years ago. So this is our tenth anniversary(applause). The story about light mandalas and how it has started, we will explore that together. On 14th November, we will have a special celebration and you are all welcome to join us!

阿克马尔: 谢谢柯博拉,大家晚上好。很高兴时隔多年再次与你们相聚。我们的光之曼陀罗技术是十年前开始的。所以,今年是我们的十周年纪念(掌声)。关于光之曼陀罗的故事以及它是如何开始的,我们将一起探讨。11 月 14 日,我们将举行一个特别的庆祝活动,欢迎大家参加!

柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

The Light mandala technology as Cobra mentioned, gives etheric and invisible protection and healing. In addition to physical healing, we focus on energetic, astral or emotional, psychic balances. We decided to specialize ourselves at that time. So we developed a set of technologies. I will start to show you.


Violet Shield


柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

This one is for the invisible interferences. Like yesterday, someone asked a question about the repetitive thoughts, or some panic attacks, and people sometimes suddenly get emotional. The challenge is how to raise our vibration within that circumstance and connect with our higher selves again. Whenever something happens that bring us down, we use this like this (Stroke the device through the air from the forehead to the nape of the neck). We use the highest frequency of the Ultra Violet. As meditation of Violet Fame and protection shield, this is the closest technology. Because of its higher frequency, it works with our energetic field. So you consider this as cleaning up the aura. It raises the vibration of the auric fields. We can connect to the higher self before the negative emotion and experiences in our daily lives. This is a very important tool for that. We can cut those psychic patterns when we have negative experiences, so it helps a lot.


7 Chakra Activator


柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

Now we focus on our emotions residing in our chakras. These chakras are responsible in shipping and processing quality of emotions. This 7 chakra activator resets our chakras. It emits certain frequencies vibrating with each chakra to a proper frequency. So it would be good to apply for a chakra for few minutes, front and back. It uses a good scalar technology with light and sound to heal chakras. When we have an issue like we don't know which chakra is not working properly, you can use this to bring back the balance.


Mandala Resonator


柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

Then we have two types of technologies. One is for a space harmonizer. This is a quart crystal case in a sacred geometry to defuse the light, and it creates the shield around its space to protect us from any negative interferences. By the way, entities cannot exist under the ultra violet. So this is good way to make sure they cannot enter your field. There are also 60 million colors as well as tesla coil working with plasma and magnetic field. If you put it on for 20 minutes, it can fill up the room with a bubble of protection. It has many programs like Meridian clock which balance our energy all the time. We can add a program like Antiaging, too. You put your photograph when you were young and healthy under the device, then you select a certain setting, and then it enter your resonance field immediately.

我们有两类技术。一种是空间协调器。这是一个神圣几何形状的四分水晶盒,可以化解光线,并在其空间周围形成防护罩,保护我们不受任何负面干扰。顺便说一句,实体无法在紫外线下存在。因此,这是确保它们无法进入你的领域的好方法。此外,还有 6000 万种颜色以及与等离子体和磁场一起工作的特斯拉线圈。如果你戴上它 20 分钟,它就能让整个房间充满保护气泡。它有很多程序,比如经络时钟,可以时刻平衡我们的能量。我们还可以添加抗衰老等程序。把你年轻健康时的照片放在设备上,然后选择特定的设置,它就会立即进入你的共振场。

Mandala Breeze


柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

Now we have this personal one since this conference. Since this is a smaller sized, you can wear this and walk away. This becomes your personal healing device. Even in busy clouded space, you can wear it and balance yourselves. It can be connected with a scanner, which pick up some information from you and transfer it to these devices, and heal you with correct frequencies. There are thousands of items and programs in this device as well.


Astral Star


柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

This one works like a cannon. Astral Star is a huge laser and a scalar emitter. There are thousands of geometric patterns. It works on 6 basic dimensions: mental, emotional, physical, etheric, astral. The laser goes through a special crystal, creating a special emission of a bubble of light, which is a coherent space in quantum state. So it can create a specific resonance field. It is almost like the surgery for a specific purpose. It has various programs inside. For example, it can emit Reiki energy from here.

这个就像大炮一样。星光星是一个巨大的激光器和标量发射器。有成千上万的几何图案。它在6个基本维度上起作用: 精神的、情感的、身体的、以太的、星体的。激光通过一个特殊的晶体,产生一个特殊的光泡发射,这是一个量子态的相干空间。所以它能产生一个特定的共振场。这几乎就像是为了特定目的而进行的手术。里面有各种程序。例如,它可以从这里发射灵气能量。

OK, I have presented our recent productions and gave an announcement on our 10 year anniversary on 14th which you are very welcome. I will talk about the Dragon Gate, and how the information of Cobra and light worker community are connected to it. Thank you very much for your patience! (applause)


Starseeds Land app


柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

Cobra: Thank you. Now I would like to invite (inaudible) to present their app.

柯博拉: 谢谢。现在我想邀请(听不见的)展示他们的应用程序。

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce our app for our light workers community to have an international communication. It can spontaneously translate what you say, and it can be upgraded constantly in our system. The purpose is to break the language barrier. I and other partners will introduce this app now.


Hello, it is pleasure to see all of you here. Using this app is equivalent to participate in the international communication to take an action together. It can eliminate stereotypes to develop network for the light workers in the world. it can get us in touch very easily. Our app is called Starseeds Land. We can use this to communicate and awaken more people around the world. We have distributed pamphlets that has QR codes to download the app. During break, we will give instructions how to install it.


There is the international chat room in the app with automatic translation. It provides free radio and music. There is a forum which people can share ideas and opinions and brainstorm together. We also include all the articles of Cobra so that people can read anytime. You can also check the location of ley lines and vortexes around the world. we encourage people to build more tachyon chambers. There is a fun quiz section which we can learn more about Cobra information and disclosure news.


This app is still in developing, so please give us many feedbacks. For the constructive opinions, we give special offers. Thank you very much! (applause)


Cobra: OK, we will now continue the main program for today.

柯博拉: 好,我们现在继续今天的主要节目。

A Galactic Wave of Divine Light is Approaching Us


柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

I will talk about something very important from energetic stand point, that is the galactic wave of love, which is a huge wave of energy. It will slowly begin to emerge from the center of the galaxy. It will go through the galaxy triggering all the transformations. The galactic energy will go through and transform completely all the realities, especially the reality of this planet. The time has come for us to reconnect with that galactic energy. It is the time to meet individual to connect with that energy. It will go through to transform first the individual energy and then the energy of the planet.


Meditation of Light



We are going to do a short meditation through which we connect with the higher self. As we know we have various chakras. There are 7 chakras which connect to certain specific functions and level of consciousness. Above the head, there is 8th chakra, or Soul Star Chakra. It is related to our higher selves. It is a portal which allows us to get a real connection with the I AM Presence. We will do a short meditation to connect with I AM Presence.


Close your eyes and watch your breath coming in and out.


As you breathe in, you breathe in brilliant white light.


As you breathe out, you breathe out brilliant white light.


Now put your consciousness in your Heart Chakra in middle of your chest. From your heart chakra, call upon your higher self or the presence of your soul by singing the sacred mantra OM.



Now you put your consciousness to the soul star chakra 20 cm above your head. Put your consciousness there. And your soul or higher self is responding and sending energy and presence towards you, by singing mantra OM.

现在你把你的意识放到你头上20厘米的灵魂之星脉轮上。把你的意识放在那里。你的灵魂或者更高的自我正在通过唱诵咒语 OM 来响应和向你发送能量和存在。


And put your consciousness again to your heart chakra. And you call your soul or higher self from your heart chakra, or from all of your heart, by singing sacred mantra OM again.

把你的意识再次放到心轮上。再次吟唱神圣的咒语 "OM",从心轮或你的内心深处呼唤你的灵魂或更高的自我。


You put your consciousness again on the soul star chakra, and as the soul, you sing OM back to yourself.

你把你的意识再次放在灵魂星脉轮上,作为灵魂,你唱 OM 回到你自己。


Again, you put your consciousness into your heart, and you call your I AM Presence from all of your heart by singing sacred mantra OM again.

再一次,你把你的意识放进你的心里,通过再次唱圣歌 OM,你从你所有的心里呼唤你的"我是我所是存在"。


From Soul→Your being  OM

从灵魂→你的存在 OM

From Your Heart→Soul  OM


From Soul→Your being  OM

从灵魂→你的存在 OM

From Your Heart→Soul  OM


From Soul→Your being  OM

从灵魂→你的存在 OM

From Your Heart→Soul  OM


From Soul→Your being  OM


You and your soul are emerging into One. You are the Soul. I AM the Soul. We are confirming that fact by singing OM three times. OM OM OM

你和你的灵魂正在融为一体。你就是灵魂。我是灵魂。我们唱了三遍 OM 来证实这个事实。OM OM OM

We just stay in silence as the Soul. We are present in the Silence.


Slowly, you are aware of your physical body. Whenever you are ready, open your eyes.


Would few of you like to share your experiences during the meditation?


1. I would like to know why I keep crying during the meditation.


A. it is the result of connecting with the Soul, and sometimes emotion can be released. But this is not a question session, I want you to share your experience. Anybody else?


2. I felt the divine feminine energy, thank you.


3. It definitely opened the barrier of my mind and saw white light going through the soul star chakra and heart chakra. I became less aggressive and it was so beautiful, thank you very much!


4. I have had tears come out of my right eye three times so far, the first time was when I received ISIS energy, the second time was when I had the Ray of the Central Sun initiated the day before yesterday, and the third time was when we did that meditation.

到目前为止,我的右眼已经流泪三次了,第一次是在我接收 ISIS 能量的时候,第二次是在前天我启动中央太阳之光的时候,第三次是在我们冥想的时候。

5. I saw a brilliant beautiful starry white light going through my heart chakra and felt connected with everyone in this room.


Very good! You can practice it whenever you wish to have a connection with your higher self. Some people can do it everyday. As you practice more, you will have stronger connection with your higher self. You will get more guidance from it whatever the situation you are in. It is a very subtle meditation, but you can have good consequences for your life. With stronger connection with higher self, it can enter your daily life and you will know what to do in each situation.


We will have a short break and will continue main program. Thank you very much.


Short Break


Q and A session 10


Q. What does the Dragon family in Kyoto, Japan usually do? It is said that their roots are connected to the Chinese Yellow Emperor and Sumerian civilization, but is it true?


A. They have founded Kyoto in the 6-7th century. They are present there since that time. Japanese dragon clan emerged from the Tang dynasty in China. So we can trace their origin back to the Yellow Emperor, that is correct.


Q. In the Chinese history, the legendary 3 emperors in the beginning of the history approximately 7000 years ago, is it a true story?


A. In the ancient times, Chinese civilization was influenced by a certain cosmic race. Many of those were early emperors were in contact with that race. So it was before the written history.


Q. Is there any global Peace Meditation happening in December?


A. If you create it, we can.


Q. Each the contraction of the universe ends, will the new universe be created? and will the nonphysical beings will also enter the cycle?


A. Non physical beings are already in this cycle. It is happening already.


(Short announcement from Chinese team regarding the app introduced earlier)


Ok, we will continue the main program.


Pluto in Aquarius



I would like to talk about the importance of Pluto in Aquarius again. The energy of Pluto entering in Aquarius bringing new spiritual awakenings to the conscious of humanity. We have started to enter the Age of Aquarius with the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction in 2020. It was the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. It actually triggered a big question among the humanity of what is really going on. Jupiter has already transited Aquarius. Saturn also did. Now Pluto is about to enter the same sign.

我想再谈谈冥王星在水瓶座的重要性。冥王星进入水瓶座的能量为人类意识带来了新的精神觉醒。我们已经开始进入2020年木星-土星会合的水瓶座时代。这是冠状病毒大流行的开始。它实际上在人类中引发了一个大问题: 到底发生了什么。木星已经穿过了水瓶座。土星也是如此。现在冥王星即将进入同一个星座。

Pluto in Aquarius will bring the complete change in our consciousness. It will bring a complete and drastic revolution of human consciousness. The last time this happened was during the French Revolution. It was a big scientific revolution, and the world view of people was widely expanded. People began to understand the solar system and the stars much farther than it. Humanity began to understand where they are standing in the universe. It was the first moment when the balloon was created, meaning the first manned flight technology was created.


This huge transit of Pluto in Aquarius will bring much more advanced space technology. The space technology we have is already 100 or more years old. They are chemical fuel propelling which is very old, retarded technology. But during the transit, much more advanced technology will be introduced.

冥王星在水瓶座的这次巨大运行将带来更先进的太空技术。我们拥有的太空技术已经有 100 多年的历史了。它们都是化学燃料推进的,是非常陈旧、落后的技术。但在凌日期间,将引入更先进的技术。

As I said we had a brief touch of Pluto in Aquarius from March to June this year. Between January and September next year, we will have a much interaction between Pluto and Aquarius. After November next year, Pluto will stay in Aquarius for more than 20 years, and during that time, the space technology on this planet will absolutely transform. Humanity will be accepted into the Galactic Confederation. This planet will be a part of the Galactic Confederation. It is about time.


Short Break


Time of few of your questions.




One important aspect of that new technology is ATVOR. It is a technology of pillar of light. It was first presented on the earth at the time of Atlantis as a simple pillar of light. It was greatly expanded to fit to the surface of the planet because there is too much anomaly here. So much more advance form of ATVOR have been used, and recently, they have a certain technological breakthrough. They have merged ATVOR and Mjolnir. Whenever you activate ATVOR, the light forces are using Mjolnir technology which removes subquantum and quantum anomaly.

这项新技术的一个重要方面是 ATVOR。它是一种光柱技术。它在亚特兰蒂斯时代首次出现在地球上,作为一个简单的光柱。它被极大地扩展以适应行星的表面,因为这里有太多的异常现象。这么多先进形式的 ATVOR 已经被使用,最近,他们有一定的技术突破。他们合并了 ATVOR 和雷神之锤。每当你激活 ATVOR,光明势力正在使用雷神之锤技术,消除次量子和量子异常。

Now its intensity is around 5-7% because any stronger than that can trigger the dark forces' reaction. But the light forces are slowly increasing the volume during next few months especially when Pluto enters Aquarius.

现在它的强度约为 5-7%,因为任何比这更强的强度都会引发黑暗力量的反应。但在接下来的几个月里,尤其是冥王星进入水瓶座后,光明势力会慢慢加大强度。

When the ATVOR is fully operational, they can teleport and levitate your bodies to other locations. Even if we are seated in a room, they can activate it and teleport you. At this point, it is impossible with 5-7 percent intensity. When it is 100 percent operational, it will be the Levitational Beam. It will be used when the Final Evacuation from the surface of the planet. The dark forces will not interfere the process because they will be also removed.

当 ATVOR 完全运作时,他们可以将你的身体传送到其他地方。即使我们坐在一个房间里,他们也能激活并传送你。在这一点上,5-7% 的强度是不可能的。当它100% 运作时,它将是悬浮光束。它将在最终撤离行星表面时使用。黑暗势力不会干涉这个过程,因为它们也会被移除。

Light Body


柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

ATVOR activates the light body. Your light body is the scalar harmonic energy field which will activate your I AM presence. After your ascension, you will use your light body as a spaceship. You can travel with your light body through the space, anywhere you want. You will be trained to use this to travel through the solar system after your ascension. Before the ascension, it is your own protection shield. There is a certain advanced technology to use the principle of the light body. I can not tell you about this in detail now, but this manifestation technique using the principle of light body can accelerate your manifestation process.  All those techniques are the activation of the light body itself, which is to activate your heart chakra as a stargate to your I AM presence, which creates the toroidal field around you.

ATVOR 激活光体。你们的光体是标量谐波能量场,它将激活你们的 I AM 存在。在你扬升之后,你将使用你的光体作为宇宙飞船。你可以带着你的光体在空间中旅行,任何你想去的地方。你们将被训练在提升后利用这个来穿越太阳系。在提升之前,它是你自己的保护盾。利用光体原理有一定的先进技术。我现在不能详细地告诉你们这些,但是这种利用光体原理的显化技术可以加速你们的显化过程。所有这些技巧都是激活光体本身,这是激活你的心轮作为一个通往你的"我是"存在的星门,它创造了你周围的环形场。


This toroidal field looks exactly like the Quantum Fluctuation Resonator.


柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

It is the same shape as the light body. It is the toroidal energy field with the double spirals going in different directions to the same central stargate inside.


This toroidal field is activating the light body by activating the toroidal harmonic scalar field around your body. It raises your kundalini energy and manifestation energy. This principle is used to interdimensional space travel, and bring the energy into physical.


The toroidal field harmonizes the quantum fluctuation and clear subquantum anomaly. This is why it is important to connect with your soul. This connection reduces the subquantum anomaly around you, and it makes your life more harmonic. And the Tachyonized Quantum Fluctuation Resonator can be used as a tool for the same usage before you activate your own light body.



The light body is the ultimate manifestation of the ATVOR technology. Our individual light body is connected with the mothership of the Ashtar Command. The mothership is the collective light bodies of the beings who are located in the mothership between space and time. So the group conscious of all the commanders and etheric beings in that mothership creates much larger toroidal field.

光体是 ATVOR 技术的终极体现。我们个人的光体与阿斯塔指挥的母船相连。母船是位于空间和时间之间的母船中的众生的集体光体。所以意识到母舰中所有指挥官和以太存有的群体创造了更大的环形能量场。


That mothership creates a very high frequency of pillar of light that can levitate human beings when the evacuation time comes. Before that, a pillar of light protects you and help connecting with your higher self.


ATVOR Exercise


We will now do practical exercise. Some of you will experience the benefit of this, or you will have a experience with Ashtar Command in the process. You might get a real connection with them and experience their energy. First, we will do a short invocation to invoke the pillar of light. And then we will do a short meditation to activate the pillar of light.


Repeat after me three times:


"I call upon the pillar of pure white light to descend upon me and to form around me.


I call upon the presence of the I am that I am.


I ask the presence of I am that I am to join and merge with me."


(repeated 3 times)


Now close your eyes. Watch your breath coming in and out.


Visualize a mothership of Ashtar Command situated directly above this conference center in the earth orbit.


Visualize a pillar of Sky Blue colored light coming from that mothership, descending to this group, into the center of the Earth. Keep visualize both the mothership and the pillar of light.


Focus upon your spiritual heart chakra, and call upon the Ashtar command repeating those words in your heart: "Ashtar Command, Ashtar Command, Ashtar Command"

聚焦在你的灵性心轮上,呼唤阿斯塔指挥部,在你的心中重复这些话: "阿斯塔指挥部,阿斯塔指挥部,阿斯塔指挥部。"

As you breath in, you breath in the presence of the mothership into your spiritual heart.


As you breath out, you breath out your presence of your heart into the mothership.


As you breath in, you breath in the mothership down into your heart.


As you breath out, you breath out your presence of your heart up into the mothership.


Keep breathing like that. From the mothership into the heart, and from the heart into the mothership.


You can keep these words repeated in your heart: "Ashtar Command, Ashtar Command, Ashtar Command"

你可以让这些话在你的心中重复: "阿斯塔指挥部,阿斯塔指挥部,阿斯塔指挥部"

Slowly, once again, you begin to feel your physical body. Whenever you feel ready, you can open your eyes.


It is time for few of you can share your experience of the meditation.


1. I had a very amazing experience. I had a very intensive vision. I closed my eyes and listen to Cobra's instructions, and I really saw the mothership above us very clearly. I really saw the pillar of light descending upon us.


2. I breathed as Cobra's instruction, and I felt floated in the air. I was in the mothership. Inside it, there was warm air and light. Then I told "tell me if I have a mission after I come back from the ship". Thank you!


As you can see, you can sometimes have a real contact with the beings in the ship, which will extend your consciousness quite intensively, and that can start your actual ascension process.


Bubble of Light Protection


柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

Before we finish this part, I would like to show you this. This can be used as your own protection. You can visualize an egg of sky blue light surrounding you, and make the short invocation or suggestion to manifest a protecting field around you against any negative energy.


You can do this wherever you are. When you enter a train, when you come home, when you have a business meeting, anywhere you need protection.


When you activate this sky blue light egg, it actually activate Mjolnir/ATVOR technology to remove the anomaly.

当你激活这个天蓝色的蛋,它实际上激活雷神之锤/ATVOR 技术,以消除异常。

We will have a short break and continue the last part of the program. Thank you very much (applause).


Short Break


(Many women in white dresses appear and the venue begins to be decorated with many roses.)


Return of the Goddess


Goddess energy has been suppressed on this planet since the quarantine state was created in 26,000 years ago. During the subsequent Archon invasions, it has been suppressed more and more. The first serious invasion happened about 5-6,000 years ago. Before that invasion, there was a certain consciousness leading the people on the surface of the planet. They still had real beautiful goddess energy. But after the first Archon invasion, those cultures were destroyed. But the Goddess Mysteries were still stored in the temples. The second Archon invasion happened in the 4th century, destroying all those goddess temples and mysteries. And many invasions like this happened during the centuries until a revival happened few decades ago. But the third Archon invasion in 1996 also destroyed all that.



But in 2004 and in 2012, we reactivated goddess mysteries. And we started to form many groups of Sisterhood of the Rose around the planet. We revived the goddess energy again on the surface of the planet.


柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

Humanity have been programmed to hide soft and tamed energy. It was seen as weakness. But in the reality, this is the strongest energy in the universe because it can heal and transform. It can bring meanings to life. Now is the time this energy is especially needed because everything is so hard on this planet. Everything is so cruel, so we need to bring more goddess energy to heal.



Another aspect of this is to bring Beauty back again. Archons and the dark forces are intentionally making this world ugly, especially last few centuries. They have developed ugly art, architectures, and designs. Beautiful architecture and art connect us with the Soul. So they wanted us to cancel the connection. Ancient art and architecture were created in purpose of bringing the connection with the soul.


As we are getting closer to the moment of the galactic wave of light or love, there will be the New Renaissance of the art and architecture. It will bring back the beauty like 500 years ago. The beauty will be respected again.


A Beautiful Ceremony


A special ceremony has been prepared for tonight to bring back beautiful feminine energy. I would like to invite the group to prepare and present the beautiful ceremony they have created.


Women in white dresses stand on stage: First, we would like to thank you Cobra and the organizer to make this happen. We appreciate this rare opportunity to present this goddess ceremony, which was inspired by the book that Cobra has once recommended "Renaissance of Love" (note: I think she meant "Return of Goddess")

身穿白色礼服的女士们站在台上: 首先,我们要感谢柯博拉和组织者让这一切成为现实。我们非常感谢这个难得的机会来展示这个女神仪式,它的灵感来自于 Cobra 曾经推荐的书"爱的复兴"(注: 我认为她的意思是"女神的回归")

This ceremony is to anchor the energy of goddess of love anywhere on the planet. Today we light workers here have a very rare opportunity to call upon the goddess together. Visualize the goddess energy flowing among us to bring the light. This light is illuminating every corner of the world.


Now the ceremony starts.


( A beautiful and soothing music flowed.


The priestesses of the goddess march with joined palms; there are 36 of them, divided into three groups of 12 each on three flower altars.


Each group forms a circle and puts their hands in front of each other joined hands in front of each other with the mantra "nnnnn" followed by "iiiiiii" to bring the hands down. Next, they raised hands in "eeeeee" and then lowered hands with "oooooo". Then chanted the mantra "ON" nine times.

每个小组形成一个圆圈,把他们的手放在彼此面前,手放在彼此面前,念咒语" nnnnn",接着念" iiiiii",把手放下来。接下来,他们举起双手发出" eeeeee"的声音,然后放下双手发出" oooooo"的声音。然后念了九遍咒语" ON"。

After that, after a short pause, the priestesses begin to walk anticlockwise around the altar.


Then they paused again, stretching their hands high above them, then spreading them out and lowering them into a joined hands pose.


Then, one by one, they took a flower from the altar and held it high in the air with both hands.


After the pose, the priestesses made a gesture of enjoying the fragrance of the flower. Then they began walking in an anticlockwise direction again.


After stopping and waving the flower in each other's hands, they embraced and confirmed their love for each other.


The audience applauded. The priestesses smiled and waved flowers to everyone as they returned to their seats. The energy was very beautiful.


Bouquets of flowers were presented to Cobra and the organizers. Wreaths were placed on their heads, creating a friendly and lovely atmosphere in the room.)


Okay, thank you very much for the beautiful ceremony! Now you can see how the goddess energy transforms everything. Of course it will be possible people do the ceremony again in the future conferences.


The Sisterhood of the Rose groups and Goddess Temples


柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

The SOTR is still formed around the planet. You are more than welcome to join. You can also create your own group because more groups will be needed in future as we come closer to the Event. They are needed to anchor the goddess energy.

SOTR 仍然在地球周围形成。欢迎你加入。您还可以创建自己的组,因为随着我们接近事件,将来需要更多的组。他们需要锚定女神能量。

 Last year, the light forces have requested to build the goddess temples on the surface of the planet after more than 5,500 years. Light workers already formed temples in Japan, Taiwan, Hungary, the United States, and other countries. If you wish to open your own goddess temple, you need to have a physical place that is open to general public at least once a week two hours. In that temple, you can present the energy of goddess to the surface population with music, dance, meditation and everything that express the energy. You can contact the planetary network of the SOTR. They can give you some guidance, or you can contact me if you are really serious temple. More temples are needed on the surface of the planet.

去年,光明势力要求在地球表面建造女神庙,这已经是 5500 多年后的事了。光明工作者已经在日本、台湾、匈牙利、美国和其他国家建立了神庙。如果你想建立自己的女神庙,你需要有一个对公众开放的实体场所,每周至少开放一次,每次两小时。在神庙里,你可以用音乐、舞蹈、冥想和一切能表达女神能量的方式向大众展示女神的能量。你可以联系 SOTR 的行星网络。他们可以给你一些指导,或者如果你真的想建神庙,也可以联系我。地球表面需要更多的神庙。


Most people on the surface of the planet have been subjected to very strong Matrix programming. The goddess energy is the key to dissolve the matrix. It dissolves all the programming of the mind, emotion and body.


柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

As we are getting closer to the polar shift, we will activate the goddess ley line, or the old equator. Many people are doing activations around the ley line such as putting cintamanis, activating tachyon chambers, building goddess temples, opening SOTR groups, and there will be galactic cintamanis around that ley line. This is the most important ley line on the planet. Many people ask me where is the vortex and ley line, this one is the number 1. You can bring and anchor as much goddess energy as you can. I would like to ask you to bring as much light as you can, if you feel guided, to this area.

随着我们越来越接近极移,我们将激活女神的地脉线,或旧赤道。许多人正在地脉线附近进行激活活动,比如放置仙人掌,激活超光速粒子室,建造女神庙宇,开启 SOTR 群组,在那条地脉线附近将会有银河仙人掌。这是地球上最重要的地脉。很多人问我漩涡和地脉线在哪里,这个是数字1。你可以尽可能多地带来和锚定女神的能量。我想请你们尽可能多地带来光明,如果你们感到被引导的话,到这个区域来。

End of the Conference


As we are closer to the Event, we will finally unite with our starry brother and sisters.


柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

Our family in the sky and below the surface will reunite. They are also waiting for the moment.


柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

The very exciting new future will begin for all of us.


柯博拉会议|2023/11/12 清迈扬升会议第二天

We will be able to choose a bathtub, made of rose quarts or clear quarts, or Both! It is our future. This is why we are having the conference, we are creating the future like this.



I think you know my blog. There are updates about the situation. You can reach some meditations and instructions and intel from the light forces.


There are a group doing the monthly healings with ascended masters and stellar rays. Maybe Anthem can give you more information about the healing group. 


Anthem/Jedi : I was initiated by Cobra years ago. Since then, this ray healing system is very helpful. In 2014, Cobra held a first conference in Taiwan. In the same year in July, he had another conference there, and we had the first healers. So in 2015, we started Ray healing sessions. So it is about 10 years since we have started this. Recently, we have published a book about this, too. This book is also about Tachyon Chambers.

Anthem/Jedi : 多年前,我接受了柯博拉的启蒙教育。从那时起,这种射线治疗系统是非常有帮助的。2014年,柯博拉在台湾举行了首次会议。同年7月,他在那里召开了另一次会议,我们有了第一批治疗师。所以在2015年,我们开始了 Ray 的康复疗程。因此,从我们开始这项工作到现在大约有10年了。最近,我们也出版了一本关于这方面的书。这本书也是关于超光速粒子室的。

So the healing session is in every full moon. A day before the full moon, during the full moon, and a day after the full moon. During the full moon, a plasma filament will be open between the earth and the moon, and people can feel a powerful goddess energy. So the all the level 2 healers, you can be invited to the group. Thank you Cobra, all the ascended masters, and all the stellar rays(applause).


For those who are interested in tachyon products, cintamani and galactic cintamani stones, and those of you who would like to create new SOTR group, these are the websites.

对于那些谁是有兴趣的超光速粒子产品,辛塔马尼和星系辛塔马尼石头,以及那些你谁想创建新的 SOTR 组,这些是网站。

Tachyon products: Tachyonis.org

超光速粒子产品: Tachyonis.org

Cintamani stones: Cintamani.space

Cintamani :如意宝珠

Galactic Cintamani: https://cintamanigalactic.blogspot.com/


SOTR activities: Sisterhoodofrose.network

SOTR 活动: Sisterhoodofrose.network

They might be useful in the future, even if you feel they are not important. So please write them down if you wish.


We are approaching the return of Light.


We are creating galactic reunion.


We are going to meet our star friends.


We are activating our missions.


We are sharing the light.


Everything was impossible until someone did it.


We will do the impossible!


This conference ends tonight.



I would like to say thank you but it is not finished yet.


Thank you the organizers, Chatchai, Terry, Anthem, Akmal, Yang, translators, goddesses for the ceremony. Thank all of you for coming here and making this happen.


And, I wish you Good Luck, we need that Good Luck!


The Event will happen soon!!

事件马上就要开始了! !

♪Victory of the Light 432Hz



Victory of the Light 432Hz

No Description

(Cobra was singing and dancing on the stages. And all the priestesses in white dresses were dancing on stage with joy, and the lights were dancing like a disco. Everyone in that room felt that the Liberation and the Event would happen very soon...)

(柯博拉在舞台上载歌载舞。所有的女祭司都穿着白色的礼服,在舞台上欢快地跳舞,灯光像迪斯科一样跳舞。那个房间里的每个人都觉得解放和事件很快就会发生... ...)

Note taken by Nogi


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