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The Khazarian mafia is trying to negotiate a surrender, according to high-level intelligence agency sources. David de Rothschild, chairman of the board of directors of the World Jewish Congress, the first thing you need to know is that he was indicted in Spain in 2015 for defrauding pensioners, as well as the head of the British and French branches of the Rothschild family, is offering to hand over control of the Western financial system to the Planetary Liberation Alliance. They are asking for amnesty in return. This offer came via the new head of the committee of 300 (who replaced Queen Elizabeth and is not Charles). The Illuminati council has granted this individual the power to negotiate with the alliance.



The alliance has responded with the following demands:


  1. A jubilee, as in a one-off cancellation of all debts, public and private, must be carried out.
  2. 一个禧年,如在一次性取消所有债务,公共和私人,必须进行。
  3. The wealth of the world -stolen by creating money out of nothing and charging “interest” on it- must be returned to the people.
  4. 世界的财富——通过无中生有地创造货币并收取“利息”而被窃取——必须归还给人民。
  5. The post-war Western-led institutions like the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank, the UN, etc. must be replaced by something that actually serves the people of the planet.
  6. 战后西方主导的机构,如国际清算银行、国际货币基金组织、世界银行、联合国等,必须被真正为地球人民服务的机构所取代。
  7. All the technologies, such as hydrogen and anti-gravity, that have been suppressed by the KM must be released to the public
  8. 所有被KM压制的技术,如氢和反重力,必须向公众公布
  9. A massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction must be started.
  10. 必须开展一场消除贫困和停止破坏环境的大规模运动。
  11. Democracy, freedom of the press and the rule of law must be restored in the Western countries hijacked by the KM.
  12. 在被KM劫持的西方国家,民主政体、新闻自由和法治必须得到恢复。
  13. The true hidden history of the planet must be disclosed to the people on all the major media.
  14. 这个星球真正隐藏的历史必须在所有主要媒体上向人民公开。

As far as the amnesty is concerned, the alliance itself will not take any aggressive actions against the KM. However, the various legal actions against them for massive crimes against humanity, such as mass murder by vaccine, will proceed in accordance with the law.


The next step will be meetings in person between representatives of the alliance and those of the Illuminati council. This will take time as travel arrangements etc. need to be made.


The KM are trying to surrender now because they fear a pogrom to end all pogroms will be carried out by the backers of US President Donald Trump.,

KM现在正试图投降,因为他们担心美国总统唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump)的支持者将实施一场大屠杀,以结束所有大屠杀,

Furthermore, the Russian army has arrived at the borders of Israel and threatened to invade unless they stop their genocide in Gaza.




The KM is also trying to cut a deal because there is a group apparently planning to shut down the entire digital banking system. They claim to represent the US Treasury Department but say they are not connected to supposed Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and the fake “President” Joe Biden.

KM还试图达成一项协议,因为有一个集团显然计划关闭整个数字银行系统。他们声称自己代表美国财政部,但表示他们与所谓的财政部长珍妮特•耶伦(Janet Yellen)和冒牌“总统”乔•拜登(Joe Biden)没有关系。

This group is currently buying up, or trying to buy up all the physical dollars being held in mostly Asian warehouses.


As background whenever the US runs a trade deficit, the equivalent amount of dollars is physically delivered to or printed in that country.


Since the US has run a total trade deficit of 12.143 trillion dollars since 2000, that means a lot of cash dollars are sitting shrink-wrapped in warehouses. This is what a trillion dollars looks like.



Here is what a representative of this group had to say:


“This has nothing to do with Biden or Rockefeller. It’s a process related to the new financial system aka QFS. There has to be at least 1T of cash in pallets.

“这与拜登或洛克菲勒无关。这是一个与新的金融体系 QFS 相关的过程。托盘里至少有一万吨现金。

In order for them to move.”


Representatives of Asian royal families said they were willing to provide the dollars but not if it was going to the Rothschilds. They are waiting for a reply.


This situation is the biggest geopolitical move since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

这是自约翰 · F · 肯尼迪总统遇刺以来最大的地缘政治变动。

Here is what the creator of the Quantum Financial System had to say:


The idea of the new financial system is to place all these off ledger assets onto one global repository which has a dual control of the world central banker and the collective (unanimous) agreement of the world sovereign heads of state. The various currencies, commodities, securities and general wealth would be denominated in the secure single digital currency and in time all the fiat currencies would be wound down. It replicates what Adnan Sakli tried to do and failed and also acts as the strategic structural reform of the UN, WB & BIS Basel. The disbursal of wealth to the general population by way of various structural projects is then handled on the new mainframe so a new international banking platform and all digital and very secure with control held by military intelligence. Years of work gone into it and mind-blowing stuff. Little wonder The Rothschilds attempted to have me assassinated – near carbon copy of JFK. 

新金融体系的理念是,将所有这些账外资产放在一个全球储存库中,该储存库拥有全球央行行长的双重控制权,以及全球主权国家元首的集体(一致)协议。各种货币、大宗商品、证券和普通财富将以这种安全的单一数字货币计价,到时候所有法定货币都将清盘。它复制了阿德南•萨克利(Adnan Sakli)尝试过但失败的做法,同时也是联合国(UN)、世界银行(WB)和巴塞尔国际清算银行(BIS)的战略性结构改革。然后,通过各种结构性项目向普通民众发放财富的工作在新的主机上进行,这样就形成了一个新的国际银行平台,全部数字化,非常安全,由军事情报部门控制。多年的努力和令人兴奋的东西。难怪罗斯柴尔德家族企图暗杀我肯尼迪的副本附近。 

The KM are now trying to deny any involvement in the assassination of Kennedy by the way. They sent the following denial of allegations from Dick Cheney that it was Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion who ordered Kennedy killed:

顺便说一句,KM现在正试图否认与暗杀肯尼迪有任何牵连。他们发出以下否认迪克 · 切尼指控以色列总理大卫 · 本 · 古里安下令杀害肯尼迪的声明:

 “You may tell the source that it was Admiral Canaris! Mossad was not involved, it was a DVD (German intelligence) operation using assets inside CIA and FBI….Mr. Cheney will have been under the thumb of Mr. Bush Senior (DVD) who was later terminated for the murder of Adnan Sakli at BIS Basel – I did the case with a certain François Deloche in Switzerland who was Adnan’s lawyer and we remain in contact to this day.”

 “你可以告诉消息来源,是卡纳里斯上将!摩萨德没有参与,这是一个 DVD (德国情报)行动,利用中央情报局和联邦调查局内部的资产... ... 切尼先生将被老布什先生(DVD)的拇指,后来被终止阿德南萨克利在巴塞尔国际清算银行的谋杀案-我与一个特定的弗朗索瓦德洛什在瑞士谁是阿德南的律师,我们保持联系,直到今天。”

However, a Mossad source sent us the following video full of evidence Israel and Mossad were behind the assassination of JFK. It is explained clearly. 


Here is what Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told Colonel Douglas MacGregor about the situation:

以下是罗伯特·弗朗西斯·甘迺迪对道格拉斯 · 麦格雷戈上校所说的情况:

Everybody wants to end the corrupt merger between state and corporate power. They want our regulatory agencies not to be sock puppets for the industries they are supposed to regulate; to actually protect the public interest. People want to end the warfare state. The intelligence agencies have become captured. The Pentagon is a captive agency. The Fed is a captive agency. Its capacity to create money has now been deployed on behalf of …the corporate kleptocracy into which our democracy has devolved.

每个人都想结束国家和企业权力之间的腐败合并。他们希望我们的监管机构不要成为他们应该监管的行业的傀儡,而是要切实保护公众利益。人们想结束战争状态。情报机构被俘虏了。五角大楼是一个被俘的机构。美联储是一个受限制的机构。它创造货币的能力现在已经被用来代表... 我们民主政体已经退化成的企业盗贼统治。

He blames the CIA for the assassinations of his uncle and father. Readers can make their own decision.


What is clear is that Kennedy’s new asset-backed US dollar was immediately rescinded by his successor Lyndon Johnson. If you look at all the Satanic hand signs at his widow Lady Bird Johnson’s funeral you can see who was responsible for the murder. It was the Satanists, not the Jews.

显而易见的是,肯尼迪的新资产支持美元立即被其继任者林登•约翰逊(Lyndon Johnson)取消。如果你看看他的遗孀伯德 · 约翰逊夫人的葬礼上所有撒旦的手势,你就会知道谁该为这起谋杀负责。是撒旦崇拜者,不是犹太人。


Now let’s talk about David de Rothschild, the so-called head of the World Jewish Congress.

现在让我们来谈谈大卫 · 德 · 罗斯柴尔德,所谓的世界犹太人大会的负责人。

French patriots who have been studying him for years provided us with the following information:


David de Rothschild controls France with his cousin Éric. They took over from David’s father, Guy de Rothschild who organized Satanist balls at the Château de Ferrières.

大卫 · 德 · 罗斯柴尔德和他的堂兄埃里克控制了法国。他们接替了大卫的父亲盖伊 · 德 · 罗斯柴尔德在费里耶尔城堡组织撒旦崇拜者舞会。

David de Rothschild controls France by placing his men in key positions. Jacques Attali under François Mitterrand, Nicolas Bazire and François Pérol under Nicolas Sarkozy, Emmanuel Macron under François Hollande, etc. The key man in the system is Alain Minc who manages the French economy on behalf of David de Rothschild. A similar system is also very established in Spain, Italy and the US (Carlo de Benedetti, Agnelli family, Rockefeller family etc.).

大卫•德•罗斯柴尔德(DaviddeRothschild)通过把手下安排在关键位置来控制法国。雅克•阿塔利(Jacques Attali)在弗朗索瓦·密特朗,尼古拉斯•巴齐尔(Nicolas Bazire)和弗朗索瓦•佩罗(François Pérol)在尼古拉斯•萨科齐(Nicolas Sarkozy)手下,埃马纽埃尔•马克龙(Emmanuel Macron)在弗朗索瓦·奥朗德,等等。体系中的关键人物是代表大卫•德•罗斯柴尔德(David de Rothschild)管理法国经济的阿兰•明克(Alain Minc)。西班牙、意大利和美国也建立了类似的体系(卡洛•德•贝内德蒂(Carlo de Benedetti)、阿涅利家族、洛克斐勒家族等)。

David de Rothschild’s cousin, Nathalie Rheims, explained in 2013 at the Museum of Art and History of Judaism that the entire family was governed by incest saying “Vice is nice but incest is best because it stays in the family.”

大卫 · 德 · 罗斯柴尔德的表妹娜塔莉 · 莱姆斯(Nathalie Rheims)2013年在艺术博物馆(Museum of Art)解释说,整个家庭都受到乱伦犹太人历史的支配,她说: “邪恶是好的,但乱伦是最好的,因为它留在家里。”




David de Rothschild’s bodyguard, Christian Girouds was involved in a case of human trafficking and prostitution of minors (kidnapping of a victim of child sex trafficking).

大卫 · 德 · 罗斯柴尔德的保镖克里斯蒂安 · 吉鲁兹参与了一起人口贩卖和未成年人卖淫(绑架儿童性交易的受害者)的案件。


David de Rothschild and his inner circle live in the conviction that France is biblical Israel and that the real Jerusalem is Paris and that all of this belongs to them and they must rule the world. They don’t care about Palestine and send poor Jews there to the slaughterhouse. 

大卫 · 德 · 罗斯柴尔德和他的核心集团坚信法国是圣经中的以色列,真正的耶路撒冷是巴黎,这一切都属于他们,他们必须统治世界。他们不关心巴勒斯坦,把可怜的犹太人送进屠宰场。 



Macron himself comes directly from the Rothschild family (Fould Springer branch) through his mother and “Brigitte” is his father. Emmanuel Macron’s role is to fulfill their fantasy based on the prophecy of Isaiah.

马克龙本人通过母亲直接来自罗斯柴尔德家族(斯普林格分公司) ,“碧姬”是他的父亲。马克龙的角色是实现他们的幻想基于以赛亚的预言。

For a quick bible lesson, Isaiah 9:19 says “Through the wrath of the LORD of hosts is the land darkened, and the people shall be as the fuel of the fire.”

以赛亚书9章19节说: “万军之耶和华的忿怒使地变黑,百姓必如火中的柴。”

The French patriots say “We are looking for anything that could contribute to destabilizing the Macron regime.” 

法国爱国者说: “我们正在寻找任何有助于破坏马克龙政权稳定的东西。” 

What will end the Macron regime is the situation to the East of France. Ukraine is now being quarantined. Thousands of vehicles are piled up in lines stretching as far as 40 kilometers (25 miles) as drivers wait in freezing temperatures to cross the border into Ukraine due to blockades staged by protesting truckers. The truckers have the support of the Polish government. The Slovakian and Hungarian governments are also moving to shut the border.


The Germans are also cutting off Ukraine by stopping the flow of weapons and money there. The Ukraine is now an openly criminal regime. Ukrainian soldiers are getting “strange vaccinations from Western doctors in what are probable biological experiments,” Russian expert Anatoliy Matviychuk says

德国人还通过阻止武器和资金流入乌克兰,切断了乌克兰的经济来源。乌克兰现在是一个公开的犯罪政权。俄罗斯专家 Anatoliy Matviychuk 说,乌克兰士兵正在接受“西方医生进行的可能是生物实验的奇怪疫苗”


KM Ukrainian dictator Vladimir Zelensky is using a Stalin-like secret police to round people up, force them into uniform, or disappear them, says Colonel Douglas MacGregor.

道格拉斯 · 麦格雷戈上校说,KM 的乌克兰独裁者弗拉基米尔 · 泽伦斯基(Vladimir Zelensky)正在使用类似于斯大林的秘密警察来围捕人们,强迫他们穿上制服,或让他们消失。

The EU is also cutting ties to the Zelensky supporting fake Biden regime. Talking about fake listen to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin standing with an out-of-focus CGI background behind him saying he is in Kyiv and supports Zelensky. No military takes orders from this clown.  

欧盟还切断了与支持假拜登政权的泽伦斯基(Zelensky)的联系。谈论虚假听国防部长劳埃德奥斯汀站在一个模糊的 CGI 背景后面说他在基辅和支持泽伦斯基。没有军队会听从这个小丑的命令。  

The EU canceled a trade meeting with the US because of a deadlock in talks about steel and critical minerals. They are also now buying Russian and not Rockefeller oil.



László Kövér, Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament is among many openly saying things like the US ambassador does not exist, the UN is a propaganda tool and Hungarian opposition politicians are all traitors.

匈牙利议会议长拉斯洛•科维尔(László Kövér)等许多人公开表示,美国大使并不存在,联合国是一种宣传工具,匈牙利反对派政客都是叛徒。


Germany is also fighting for independence. Their top court just ruled that 60bn Euros in unspent Covid-funds were unconstitutionally relocated to a climate action fund. This is a painful blow to the coalition led by Olaf Scholz because they have lost access to funny money created out of nothing. Bank of Japan officials say Germany is getting ready to revive the Deutschemark.

德国也在为独立而战。他们的最高法院刚刚裁定,600亿欧元未使用的新冠疫情基金被违宪地转移到一个气候行动基金。这对奥拉夫•肖尔茨(Olaf Scholz)领导的联合政府来说是一个沉重打击,因为他们失去了获得凭空创造的假钞的途径。日本银行官员说,德国正准备恢复德国马克。

Germany is also joining Japan in launching the hydrogen revolution. Italy and Germany have just announced they want to circumvent the Alps by turning gas pipelines into hydrogen pipelines.



The Rothschild interests in Switzerland are also now being threatened because access to African and other resources is being cut off. In a sign of this, the CEO of UBS, one of the world’s largest banks, says he wants a private buyer in a potential rescue operation scenario.



“It is a clear sign UBS is in serious trouble. Their takeover of [bankrupt] Credit Suisse doesn’t take effect until 2024,” a CIA source notes. As we have previously reported most major US banks are also insolvent.

"这是一个明显的迹象,表明瑞银遇到了大麻烦。他们对[破产的]瑞士信贷的收购要到 2024 年才生效。正如我们之前所报道的,大多数美国主要银行也已资不抵债。

CDC Keeping a Second, Hidden vaccine side effect database



Attor­ney Gen­er­al Ken Pax­ton Sues Pfiz­er and Tris Phar­ma for Defraud­ing Texas Med­ic­aid and Pro­vid­ing Adul­ter­at­ed Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Drugs to Children

司法部长肯 · 帕克斯顿起诉辉瑞公司和三一制药公司欺诈德州医疗补助和向儿童提供掺假药品


The Philippines government committee has voted to launch an investigation into over 327,000 unexplained excess deaths between 2021 and 2022.


Former Troops Seek Billions in Damages: Lawsuits Against U.S. Government Over Military Vaccine Mandate.

退伍军人寻求数十亿美元的损失: 针对美国政府的军事疫苗授权诉讼。


Canadian soldiers are also taking legal action. 


The public prosecutor of Rome, Francesco Lo Voi has charged former Health Minister of Health Roberto Speranza and others with ideological falsehood, multiple manslaughter, and marketing of an imperfect dangerous drug.

罗马检察官 Francesco Lo Voi 指控前卫生部长 Roberto Speranza 和其他人犯有意识形态错误,多次过失杀人,以及销售不完美的危险药物。


KM stooges like President of the European Research Council Professor Maria Leptin have even been caught publicly saying things like: “It’s not necessary for governments to persuade their citizens into taking mRNA vaccines using science”

像欧洲研究理事会主席 Maria Leptin 教授这样的KM傀儡甚至公开说过这样的话: “政府没有必要说服他们的公民使用科学的 mRNA 疫苗。”



The situation has made unelected world health czar Bill Gates blast “conspiracy theorists” for making his “super important work” of vaccinating children in developing countries “much harder,”


Completely unhinged: Bill Gates calls for punishment for critics of face masks and vaccines

完全精神错乱: 比尔 · 盖茨呼吁惩罚那些批评口罩和疫苗的人

There is also a growing avalanche of pedophilia convictions against KM minions.


For example, Biden Pentagon official Stephen Francis Hovanic was just busted in a massive human trafficking sting in Georgia. One of his jobs was to oversee elementary schools for the Pentagon.

例如,拜登五角大楼官员史蒂芬•弗朗西斯•霍瓦尼奇(stephenFrancis Hovanic)刚刚在格鲁吉亚遭遇了一场大规模的人口贩卖。他的工作之一是为五角大楼监管小学。



In Australia former MP and twice-convicted pedophile Milton Orkopoulos has been jailed for twenty years for ‘calculated, predatory, and manipulative’ child sex offences.

在澳大利亚,前国会议员、两次被定罪的恋童癖 Milton Orkopoulos 因“精心策划的、掠夺性的和操纵性的”儿童性犯罪被判入狱20年。

In Canada Billionaire Robert Miller dubbed as ‘Canada’s Jeffrey Epstein’ has been accused of horrific sex acts with minors.

在加拿大,亿万富翁罗伯特 · 米勒被称为“加拿大的杰弗里 · 爱泼斯坦”,他被指控与未成年人发生可怕的性行为。

The list goes on.


The stolen US election is also now looking like it is about to be overturned.


A federal judge just ruled against voting machines in Georgia saying: “The machines’ cybersecurity flaws violate the constitutional rights of voters.”

一位联邦法官刚刚裁定佐治亚州的投票机不合法,他说: “投票机的网络安全漏洞侵犯了选民的宪法权利。”


Also, Arizona’s totally corrupt Attorney General Chris Mayes who stole her 2022 election has been caught in the crime of threatening officials who are trying to use paper ballots to ensure honest elections.

此外,亚利桑那州完全腐败的司法部长克里斯 · 梅耶斯(Chris Mayes)窃取了她2022年的选举,他因威胁试图用纸质选票确保公正选举的官员而被捕。


Now we find the January 6 committee conveniently destroyed nearly 50% of the evidence before the tapes were released. 

现在我们发现1月6日的委员会在录音带公布之前很方便地销毁了将近50% 的证据。 

In yet another sign the KM are mortally afraid of Donald Trump former Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill says Trump is “more dangerous” than Hitler and Mussolini

还有一个迹象表明,KM对唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump)有致命的恐惧。前民主党参议员克蕾儿·麦卡斯基表示,特朗普比希特勒和墨索里尼“更危险”

The KM are also being increasingly exposed as murderous and racist.


Tzipi Navon, chief of staff to Prime Minister Netanyahu called for Hamas members to have not just their foreskins – but their entire genitals cut off and then force them to eat them. This was after they had been tortured and smeared with ‘pig fat’ and after their nails and skin had been torn from their bodies.

内塔尼亚胡总理的办公厅主任齐皮 · 纳文呼吁哈马斯成员不仅要割包皮,还要割掉他们的整个生殖器,然后强迫他们吃掉包皮。这是在他们遭受酷刑,被涂上“猪油”,指甲和皮肤被从身体上扯下来之后。


US State Department veteran Stuart Seldowitz meanwhile gets caught harassing a street vendor in New York saying: “If we killed 4,000 Palestinian kids, it wasn’t enough…” Mr. Seldowitz is a Zionist who worked for Langley as well using the revolving door, according to CIA sources. 

与此同时,美国国务院老兵斯图尔特 · 塞尔多维茨(Stuart Seldowitz)在纽约骚扰一名街头小贩时被抓,他说: “如果我们杀死4000名巴勒斯坦儿童,那还不够... ...”据中央情报局(CIA)消息人士透露,塞尔多维茨先生是一名犹太复国主义者,曾在兰利工作,也曾使用旋转门。 

Real Jews are revolting against this filth. Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says “The minister of national security (Itamar Ben Gvir) in this government is a person who was convicted in the Israeli court for terrorism against Palestinians. This is a government which is a shame to the basic values of the Jewish people and the people of Israel.”

真正的犹太人正在反抗这种污秽。以色列前总理埃胡德 · 奥尔默特说: “本届政府的国家安全部长(伊塔马尔 · 本 · 格维尔)是一个在以色列法庭上因对巴勒斯坦人实施恐怖主义而被定罪的人。这是一个对犹太人民和以色列人民的基本价值观感到羞耻的政府。”



An estimated 100,000 people have gathered around the house of crime minister Benyamin Netanyahu to demand his resignation.


The world has their back. The BRICS filed a complaint against the Israeli Defense Force and told the Secretary General of the United Nations the Gaza genocide must stop IMMEDIATELY.


Chinese President Xi Jinping outlined the three urgent imperatives:


1. The end of hostilities and the achievement of an immediate ceasefire.


2. The cessation of all forms of violence and attacks against civilians and the release of civilians held in captivity.


3. The end of collective punishment targeting the population of Gaza.


They backed this demand with Russian tanks. That is the real reason the fighting stopped in Gaza.


The Turks and Iranians are also filing war crimes charges against Israeli government officials. War crimes tribunals are now a certainty. Criminal officials of the Israeli regime must be tried Iran’s top human rights official Kazem Gharibabadi says.

土耳其和伊朗也对以色列政府官员提出战争罪指控。战争罪行法庭现在是确定无疑的。以色列政权的犯罪官员必须接受审判,伊朗最高人权官员卡扎姆 · 加里巴巴迪说。

Now you know why the KM is suing for peace and begging for amnesty.

现在你知道为什么 KM 要求和平,要求特赦了吧。

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