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织女星的伊沃|未来不会有钱Ivo:My love,thank you,the system will continue on for a while.But with the basic income payouts that you will still be receiving having to work for a living will be optional.




Ivo:There are some who still enjoy working,even need to work.These will more than often be the ones who will not be evolving,will not be going through ascension to any extent or at all,these will be the ones who require more than basic income as subsistence,or perhaps they will volunteer to keep the food chains moving,or to help a family member start up a small business.There will be many reasons people will still require employment in the beginning.


The extraterrestrial systems are all run on a voluntary basis.I work on a voluntary basis right now,doing these channelings and commanding a mother ship over planet earth.I do not get paid,for one reason because I do not require money to live,and the other is that I am very aware of the unity of all consciousness.I work as I understand that I am a part of God and God requires that all his parts be looked after properly,and that the galaxy maintain balance.As a member of the Galactic Federation of Light,I am here to restore balance to planet earth and allow her god parts to thrive again,as he desires.


We have direct contact with God,and are well aware of his desires for ourselves and for others.And so we serve.Service is the way of the future for humanity,which is what Sharon does now–she serves by passing on these messages.But she also requires funding because she is of the false system created by the Illuminati to make slaves out of you.


They live off of your energy and work constantly to steer the direction of your consciousness,so that they can reap the energy you emit.They are working to have you emit energy at a particular frequency that is pallatable to them.When you refuse to emit energy at this frequency,they will send others within the matrix to lower your frequency.Sharon experiences this constantly.


Me:And I might add it's bloody annoying.


Ivo:You must look at it this way,my love.You must see their attempts to re-direct your energy into their lower frequencies as your success and understand you are so powerful they cannot manage.So they keep trying to do this.It is that you are so powerful that they cannot stop you,and cannot change you back to the person you were when you were a child living with your parents.


Me:No,that's long gone.


Ivo:And I say,that is your power.They attempt constantly to lower your frequency but to no avail.


Me:Sometimes they manage.


Ivo:And do you go back into depression,do you carry out self harming activities like overeating the wrong foods,do you go back into these destructive behaviours as you did before?


Me:No.I channel videos.


Ivo:And there you have it,my love.They cannot stop you.The more they fight you,the more you fight back with videos and channelings to help spread the light.That is your power.




Ivo:You seek to rebalance your chakras,ground your energy,send Light to Victoria,Australia,you continue to do your Light work.You cannot be stopped now whereas before they could stop you.And they did over and over.You broke through when you went to the 12 steps and suffered 5 years of dark night of the soul.But it put you past anything they could throw at you.Others of you are on the same path.When things get bad,try to do your light work or your spiritual practise.Try not to succumb to their efforts to lower your frequency,but notice that these bouts will become shorter and shorter and your recovery will be quicker.Anyone who is not dogged by the dark's efforts to lower their frequency is not of the Light.Everyone is experiencing this now who is of a higher frequency,and you must do whatever you need to to prevail.You are strong and you can do this.


What in effect you are healing from,is the harm the Matrix has done to you in this lifetime and others you previously experienced here on earth.For those of extraterrestrial origin,you are healing the bloodlines you were born into,purifying them,and repairing the templates of the earthling.


Me:Yes.Thank you,Ivo.So you're saying that sometime in the future,the currency if you want to call it that,on this planet will be love.Exchanges of love.

:是的。谢谢你 Ivo。所以你是说在未来的某个时候,如果你愿意这么称呼它的话,在这个星球上的货币就是爱。爱的交流。

Ivo:Yes,that is what we are saying.Exactly,my love.Humans are beings of love.Your collective essence will purify to the point that you realize that love is what makes life,not money.Money is an affliction of the first chakra and love is everything.


Me:So using money is a reversal of universal law?


Ivo:Having units of exchange is not a reversal of universal law.However,shady business practises,theft,taxation,enslavement through work,are all reversals of universal law and certainly not the human condition in the galaxy.When your planet collectively begins to align with universal law,the need for fixed employment and exchange of payment will begin to alter.


Me:I'm not sensing this is anytime soon.People are still beholden to this system.


Ivo:And as I said,the system suits those who are not going to evolve–the homo sapiens.Those who are evolving into homo universalis or homo divincus,those who will move on to the fifth dimension,are the ones who will realize that the financial system is not necessary and is actually harmful to the human condition.

伊沃:正如我所说,这个系统适合那些不会进化的人——智人。那些正在进化成为普遍人(homo universalis)或者占卜人(homo divincus)的人,那些将进入第五维度的人,将会意识到金融体系并非必要,而且实际上对人类状况有害。

Me:Thank you,Ivo.


Ivo:My love,you are most welcome.Please focus on doing your income taxes this week.


Me:LOL Yeah,I wish I could get someone to do that.I still need a TIN.I've been selling 3 years in the United States and I still have been using my Canadian SIN.Yeah,that stands for social insurance number,but I wouldn't argue with you if you thought that taxation was SIN,because it is.Rip off.This is how they steal your money,folks.If you get$500 back at year's end,imagine how much they've gotten from you,and then they're always crying they never have money for new projects,and that they owe so much in national debt.The question is,to whom do they owe this money?That's when the light should snap on.Boom!It's not you they owe it to or they'd try to tax you less.

:哈哈,是的,我希望我能找到人来做这件事。我还需要一个 TIN。我在美国已经卖了三年,而且我仍然在使用我的加拿大 SIN。是的,那代表社会保险号码,但是如果你认为税收是 SIN,我不会和你争论,因为它就是 SIN。撕下来。他们就是这样偷你的钱的,伙计们。如果你在年底得到了500美元,想象一下他们从你那里得到了多少,然后他们总是哭着说他们没有钱做新项目,他们欠了太多的国债。问题是,他们欠谁的钱?这时候灯应该亮起来。砰!他们欠你的不是你,否则他们会试图减少你的税收。

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