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织女星的伊沃|GFL 如何与我们一起工作Last night I started a post on Fb very late,and it just kept going and going as I received more intuitions from Ashtar Sheran.This is how it progressed.This post discusses many valid points that affect us as lightworkers right now.

昨天晚上我很晚才开始在 Fb 上发帖子,随着我从阿斯塔·谢兰那里得到更多的直觉,帖子一直在不停地发。事情就是这样发展的。这篇文章讨论了许多现在影响我们作为光之工作者的有效观点。

This becomes more clear as time goes on.


People talk about the Event,the event is the LAST pulse of photon energy that will push 4D earth into 5D.Third dimensional timelines,the artificial timelines,will be destroyed at that time–along with any holdouts who refuse to engage an ascension process.

人们谈论这个事件----这个事件是光子能量的最后一次脉冲,它将把4D 地球推向5D。第三维度时间线,人造时间线,将在那个时候被摧毁——连同所有拒绝参与提升进程的抵制者一起。

I see people checking out now.My neighbour is dying of liver cancer.That man,58 years old,has avoided taking part in his own life via the use of alcohol and drugs and he will not ascend now on this planet.He'll go to another 3D planet in his next life where he will be more comfortable.


The strong energetic pulses are urging people to wake up.That's why there's such a thing as"waking up"right now and realizing the lies,and then turning to seek the truth.Then aligning with the Truth.The governments on earth now,as they align with GESARA law,will create change within the individual that will prepare the individual person to survive the Event.

强烈的能量脉冲正在促使人们清醒过来。这就是为什么现在有这样一种事情,"醒来",意识到谎言,然后转向寻求真相。然后与真理对齐。现在地球上的政府,因为他们与 GESARA 的法律一致,将在个人内部创造改变,使个人准备好从这个事件中生存下来。

Lightworkers have gone on ahead and done the work before everyone else so we could help to teach them and also to keep communication channels to inform others.


It's all timed.Obviously it's going better on higher timelines than lower timelines where the ds still has more control.This is why lightworkers are being dropped into lower timelines–to help bring more light to the fearful people living on them and to help them to wake up and start their ascension process.


Those who have reached 5d or higher are fine.Those in 3D and 4D will be shown the truth of life on earth and asked to change.Those who refuse to do that work will either die beforehand,or die with the last of them,which is unfortunate.

那些已经达到5D或更高的是好的。那些在3D4 D中的人将被展示出地球上生命的真相,并被要求改变。那些拒绝从事这项工作的人要么提前死去,要么与最后一个一起死去,这是不幸的。

Support of the ds and adherence to matrix values are things that have to change.Not seeing the abundance of lies around us and being wise to them is the hallmark of someone living in fear.Those in fear,not surprisingly,resist heavily doing their inner work because they fear what's inside of them.They fear knowing themselves,which is a clever trick perpetrated upon humanity by the Matrix and its mind control.


We're going to go through a process of shocks,I believe,like has been the case in 2020,in order to jolt us into the reality of truth.Those who voted for JB are going to get the shock of their lifetimes to see Mr T emerge again as POTUS,and this is part of their process of aligning with truth.It's how they react that will be telling;whether they accept or reject this truth,that Mr T won.

我相信,我们将经历一个震荡的过程,就像2020年的情况一样,为了让我们震惊于真实的现实。那些投票给 JB 的人将会看到 t 先生再次成为总统,这将是他们与真理对齐过程的一部分。不管他们接受还是拒绝这个事实,t 先生都不会接受。

Some will be in shock to see people who believed in the C v****getting sick and dying of the jab.More and more people will resist governments to show those still in compliance that compliance isn't necessary.


This will take time,however.This is not an overnight process.I'm seeing a time space of approximately 4–5 years to go through many of these shocks(wake-ups)but we have to go through them.


I think the key thing to remember in this is that anything perpetrated upon us like more v****'s,will always have a solution already created like I said today.The solution for the v****and the v******is the med beds.

我认为这里需要记住的关键是,任何像 v*****这样的事情,都会像我今天所说的那样,总是有一个已经创建的解决方案。治疗 v**** v******的方法就是医疗床。

There apparently were bomb threats on the east and west coast as well as in DC and these were found out and avoided by the Light forces.Remember that they don't operate in linear time like we do.If they see a bomb going off anywhere on earth,they can go back in time and find it and deal with it before it goes off,and then re-set the timeline.


The only thing they can't do is alter our free will and if we freely avoid working on our own ascension,then they can't do anything for us.They can work for us to get around problems the ds creates.The rest is for show–to show us how corrupt our world is and that we need to find a new truth!


The Light Forces and your higher selves are working to move as many 3D people off this planet as possible so that they won't have to undergo a destruction event.It was declared a couple years ago that all had made their choices whether to ascend or not,and now things have been put into motion to either keep you moving up or let you go so you can move on to another lower dimensional planet.You chose what you wanted to do.


Geez!I keep getting more….Okay,so as far as"The Truth"goes,it will gain in power of voice,so to speak.We have small channels on social media but there will come bigger services who broadcast the truth,perhaps even our TV stations will be bought out and begin broadcasting media based on the truth,not lies.I see lightworkers also increasing their reach through bigger and bigger media outlets.


The more people align with the truth,and understand they've been living a big lie,and the more they ascend to higher dimensions,the more this world will have to change.Our current system of democracy and of economics will change,and eventually,I don't know when,money will be dispensed with as it will be seen as the vehicle to our enslavement that it is.Nobody who understands alchemy and has the power to change water into wine needs to earn a buck.


As for our habit of warring,the Light forces will be instituting a field of sorts at some point,that will prohibit the use of any violence as a means of resolving conflict.Conflict will be worked out in other ways,and that too,will lead to ascension of the individuals or groups involved.This seems like more of a remote idea to me now,however,what's going on in DC seemed kinda'weird a while ago,and now it's happening.Stuff makes more sense the closer we are to it,things fall into place.


Oh shoot!Of course!Another intuition….if we on earth become aware of something that is in the wind,and we catch on to it and spread that news around,then there will be little opportunity for the Light forces to deal with that event.So it is important that we find things out AFTER THE FACT,not beforehand,because should we find out beforehand,then their changing it will become a matter of going against our free will.So that's why they're so secretive about what they're doing–so we don't learn of it,and that our free will isn't violated.


More intuition.Hi Ashtar!




You just told me,that when things are released to the people of earth,they're released to us because then we will use our free will to anchor that truth upon earth.This is how they've been doing it.Keeping from us stuff that they need to be able to change and then allowing us to know when we need to anchor that information.That makes so much sense.Thank you Ashtar.


That's why it's so important that the majority of people on earth DON'T FIND OUT ABOUT SOMETHING until it's exactly as the Light forces want to present it to us and that's why there are so many people who are developing intuitive abilities who feel they can't get the intel that they want–because it's being kept from them(and also from the dark forces as they are connected to our minds.)


This just keeps going on and on.Obviously as part of the GFL,lightworkers are very aware of the Plan and what's going on when we're asleep,and when we wake up many don't remember much of what was going on while we were on board our ships.That's deliberate.You're not allowed to know.You're playing two roles:one role at night time is of the GFL worker who is active in knowledge and the whole plan,and in the daytime you're the earthling lightworker that knows far less because it can't be revealed to you.

这种情况一直持续下去。很明显,作为 GFL 的一部分,光之工作者非常清楚这个计划以及我们睡着时发生了什么,当我们醒来时,许多人不记得我们在船上时发生了什么。这是故意的。你不能知道。你扮演两个角色:一个在晚上扮演一个积极参与知识和整个计划的 GFL 工作者,另一个在白天你扮演一个地球上的光之工作者,你知道的远远不够,因为它不能透露给你。

C'mon you guys!More intuitions….Okay.From all of this,I would say the driving force behind this exo-political GFL/Alliance plan is the lightworker.We are anchoring new knowledge on this planet,which allows the Alliance and the GFL to go forward.Without us anchoring it,nobody else would know.And now you know why they're censoring us so badly and want us to believe lies.

来吧,伙计们!更多的直觉。好吧。从所有这一切来看,我想说这个外政治性的 GFL/联盟计划背后的驱动力是光之工作者。我们正在这个星球上锚定新的知识,这使得联盟和全球体系得以前进。没有我们的支持,没有人会知道。现在你知道为什么他们如此严厉地审查我们,并希望我们相信谎言了吧。

Your turn,Ivo.I've said enough.

轮到你了 Ivo 我说的够多了。

Ivo:Thank you,my love.I will take this a bit further to say that when the Light is released to the lightworker communities through channels or through earthbound contacts,then what happens is this truth is embodied in their DNA.This light then travels downward into the earth grid which you are all part of,every man,woman and child,and then this truth or Light as we call it,is anchored in the grid.The grid has changed from the toxic polluted negative grid that almost killed Gaia back in the 50's to a more positive actuality that is the truth of your world.Now,of course,the information you are receiving is about how corrupt your world is,but there is also information that has been grounded about your spiritual paths.This has gone on for quite a while.When the collective frequency of the third dimensional rises through perceiving the truth about your current world situation,and all of the dramas that are unfolding within it,then that person will be free to move on to a more spiritual path.This is a system of infusion of Light and then redirection by the minds that use that Light to become faster in frequency.

伊沃:谢谢你,亲爱的。我将进一步说明,当光通过通道或地面接触被释放到光之工作者社区时,那么所发生的就是这个真相体现在他们的 DNA 中。然后这个光向下传播到地球栅格,你们都是其中的一部分,每个男人,女人和孩子,然后这个真相或者我们称之为光,被锚定在栅格中。网格已经从50年代差点杀死盖亚的有毒污染的负面网格转变为一个更积极的现实,那就是你们世界的真相。现在,当然,你们接收到的信息是关于你们的世界有多腐败,但是也有关于你们灵性道路的基础信息。这已经持续了很长一段时间了。当第三维度的集体频率通过感知你当前世界状况的真相而上升,以及所有在其中展开的戏剧,那么那个人将自由地走向一条更加灵性的道路。这是一个注入光的系统,然后被使用光的头脑重新定向,以在频率上变得更快。

It will take time,but we have time now.


As for the lower timelines where people refuse to wake up no matter what is put before them,they will be in for shocks that will shake them to the core.What is virtually everyday news for the lightworker who has been prepared for this time by our messages,our books,and whatever other truth has been coming to them either personally or as a collective,will be an absolute shock to those unprepared for this journey at this time.Effectively,they required more time,but these are the ones who do not have it.So you come across angry people on social media who are trying to assimilate the truth.It is best to allow them their anger.


Me:I just switch the setting on that post to stop sending me notifications,because I know those people could be beginning to attack me because they can't take the news I've put out,and when they start attacking it's indicative that I've touched on the outside of their cage and the cage isn't giving way.


Ivo:Of course,yes.You understand what they are going through and you have gone through some yourself when you were confronted with the news that JB would be inaugurated.

伊沃:当然,是的。你明白他们正在经历什么,当你面对 JB 将举行就职典礼的消息时,你自己也经历了一些。

Me:Yes,but now I know that that's all being faked.I figure it's for the sake of the people who voted for him.They need to see him taken out,arrested,and tried.Maybe that will convince them they were wrong.


Ivo:You also understand how the ego protects itself by insisting it is right all the time.


Me:Yes.Not my problem.I put the posts out,but I won't deal with attackers.Ever.Don't shoot the messenger applies here.If you can't take it,it's not my fault.


And then another thing we figured out:the 10 days of darkness everyone was talking about.That started on January 21st when JB was sworn in on a satanic bible with upside down crosses,and will last until the end of the month.That will be the length of his term as they're all being arrested now.

然后我们发现了另一件事:每个人都在谈论的10天的黑暗。这一切始于121日,当时 JB 在一本撒旦圣经上宣誓就职,上面画着倒过来的十字架,并将持续到本月底。这是他的任期,因为他们现在都被逮捕了。

I'm expecting some juicy news soon.


Ivo:This is wonderful,my love.You are seeing changes taking place on the surface.One thing that most need to understand and I concur with COBRA on this,is that it is not just the American president that is required for this revolution;this revolution involves the entirety of the planet with changes to all countries'systems.Much of the change that is occurring within your individual countries is NOT being broadcast.So unless you have alternative reporters who are privy to information about your particular governmental and infrastructural systems such as medical,legal,and so forth,it will continue to appear to you that your country is still approaching the 2030 Agenda,and that is not the case.How is it possible that stage 4 LD was perpetrated upon Victoria,Australia,yet now they are released from it?Do you believe that the ds communists will randomly release its hold on a gained territory?Or that they would listen to lawyers who lobby them to back down?Do you not understand that they believe they are above the law?Because they do.Understand that the opposition we speak of could come in the form of"arm bending"in order to release people from LD or other constraints via the Galactic Federation or other extraterrestrial alliances operating to free planet earth.Because these crooks are not above universal or even galactic law.Once the peoples'will has been determined,we are free to act on your behalf.This has been carried out for many groups upon earth throughout your past,many times.

伊沃:这太棒了,我的爱人。你们正在看到地表发生的变化。在这一点上,我最需要理解和同意 COBRA 的一点是,这场革命不仅仅需要美国总统;这场革命涉及到整个地球,所有国家的体系都会发生变化。许多正在你们个别国家发生的变化并没有被广播。因此,除非你有其他记者了解贵国特定的政府和基础设施系统的信息,如医疗、法律等等,否则,贵国似乎仍在接近2030年议程,而事实并非如此。怎么可能第四阶段 LD 是在澳大利亚维多利亚犯下的,而现在他们被释放了?你相信共产主义者会随机地放弃他们在已经获得的领土上的控制吗?或者他们会听从那些游说他们让步的律师?你难道不明白他们认为自己凌驾于法律之上吗?因为他们就是这么做的。要明白,我们所说的反对可能会以"弯曲手臂"的形式出现,目的是通过银河联邦(消歧义)或其他外星联盟来解放地球上的人们,使他们摆脱 LD 或其他限制。因为这些骗子不能凌驾于宇宙法则甚至银河法则之上。一旦确定了人民的意愿,我们就可以自由地代表你们采取行动。在你们的过去,地球上的许多团体已经进行了许多次。

In the case of Canada,news was reported that Justin was arrested and guarded and he is cooperating with these forces.




Ivo:You are told now after the fact that Ontario is experiencing LD,yet you paid it no heed,and good for you.So must the others do.They are targeting specific people and unfairly arresting and fining them because they realize that the news will go out via these channels.Watch key people in your country with respect to their arrests and what news they have to divulge.They are the ones in your country that are revealing the corruption.It is a sort of semi-cooperation that is being carried out.


But understand for every bit of invasive technology they seek to produce,that we have the solution for this.They are no match for the Galactic Federation and the Light forces.


You see now,my love,what was a six month chemtrailing program with six months on and six months off has been stopped.You had two months of darkness in November and December and now in January the temperature has dropped and the sun has come out.You are experiencing a natural winter again,not a chemtrailed winter.


Their programming is stopping.


Me:Thank God.With the incoming energies and my fatigue from no sunshine,it was killing me.I didn't have the strength to even fight it.


Ivo:These things are resolving.


Understand as well the impact that the average person has on social media.The dark ones understand that every attempt they are making to further their agenda is liberating minds upon this planet.So they play their cards carefully,hiding as much as possible,and then blaming those of the Light,as you are aware.


Me:Yep,one guy really got it.He just took it,knowing he'll have the last laugh,I guess.


Ivo:Indeed.When you shoot a rifle and it behaves as a boomerang.Everything that you undertake to take others under becomes your own undoing.This is what they are facing now.


Me:Pretty cool!


Ivo:Indeed.My love,this message is long enough for today.Much for people to ingest.


Me:Lots of Light.


Ivo:Indeed,my love.Go enjoy your sunshine now.


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