ECETI新闻:暴君的终结,2020|James Gilliland

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ECETI新闻:暴君的终结,2020|James Gilliland



The End of the Tyrants,2020


We have spoken of an alliance as far back as three years ago,a master plan which is unfolding as we speak.There was much resistance to this message yet now the time has come to reveal what you will not hear in the mainstream news,social media as well as many alternative media.This plan is multidimensional and we will address all dimensions to this plan.There was an alliance created years ago between Trump,Putin,Xi Jinping,and Modi.Many leaders are involved we are just naming the main players.There are others backing them with wealth beyond imagination which shall go unnamed that have not allowed that power and wealth to corrupt their souls.They have a code of honor,it is ancestral and they live according to that code.The code is aligned with Universal Law,The Law of One,the basic tenants in all religions aligned with service to others.There is a force that aligns with these codes of honor which is the ultimate power,the well spring from which all life,all sound all vibration originates.There are God/Goddess beings that have become one with that force,a host of multidimensional beings,civilizations often referred to as the Greater Family of man,Spiritually and Technologically Advanced off worlders,Star Nations,etc.pressing in on Humanity and the Earth assisting in what is best referred to as planetary liberation.One can also refer to them as Angelic Beings,Masters,Saints and Sages yet that is a limited vision of what is unfolding.


There are other codes of dishonor that are self-serving,they align with darker forces,the main focus of which is an insatiable lust for power and wealth at the expense of Humanity and Nature.In fact,the darker force is at war with creation,Humanity and Nature.The dark forces have nothing to do with color or belief they are a diminishing or absence of light,consciousness and energy.Because of their absence of light they have become parasitic,they feed off the energy of others rather than draw from Creator.Their realm needs the chaos,pain,suffering and division to exist.It is a multidimensional hierarchy yet does not go beyond the 4thdimension.Tyranny has a frequency and those who align with tyranny are no longer frequency specific to the evolution of Earth.Action/reaction,karma and time are accelerating.The tyrants are on the downward spiral,their kingdoms and their lives will end.Their unseen masters are being taken out in the wars not of the flesh.The only way out for the physical tyrants and dark hearts is to align their consciousness,energy and assets with the awakening and healing process.Very few can release the past yet their past is what will be their undoing.They will not be allowed to reincarnate,the Earth will move beyond their frequency.Most will finish out their lessons on a very dark plane with those of like mind,in worst case scenarios they refuse to heal they will be assimilated back into the origin losing all memories of self.


The 5thdimension is unity consciousness.There are beings coming in up to the 13thdimension as part of the awakening and healing or planetary liberation of Earth.Don't sweat the small stuff attune to the bigger picture.Drop into the heart attune to these higher dimensions of love,joy and bliss.This will free you of falling into depression,fear,apathy all of which are designed to lower your frequencies and maintain control over you.The planetary liberation,the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth cannot be stopped.Your vibration which consists of your attitudes/emotions and beliefs determines what you experience and where you go after leaving this plane.It is all about frequency.Raise your frequency by releasing the past,forgiving yourself and others,keep an open mind,loving heart and pure intent.Align yourself with Universal Law.Universal Law is best exemplified as,Universal Peace,Brother/Sisterly Love,Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all.That is what is coming.It is within the consciousness and energy of the beautiful many beings aligned with the Omnipresent Creator in all Creation.They are Here in numbers and power like never before to fulfill the prophecies.


Humanity and the Earth have been enslaved,suppressed,the pain and suffering inflicted throughout the ages by these dark hearts is unfathomable yet so is the force coming to end the age of darkness.


For those who need a more grounded message to have faith in the future here it is.The global elite which often consist of Satanic/Luciferian chi*ld sac*rificing and traffic*king,this includes drug trafficking are being rounded up as we speak.Historically this all goes back to the Phoenicians who worship Bal and Baphomet,ultra-rich families deciding the destiny of humanity and the Earth for thousands of years.They are also referred to as the Khazarians,often change their names,many hide despicable deeds behind anti semitism and should not be referred to as the Jewish people.Know them by their actions.They are the war and disease profiteers,the banksters which have financed both sides of every war since Napoleon.They are behind the *C*P,Communist C*a Party,they are the main powers behind the enslavement,pain and suffering that has gone on for thousands of years.They financed Hitler,Stalin,Mussolini,Pol Pot and a host of other socialist and communist tyrants because those forms of government best suit their needs for total dominance.They use bribes and blackmail to meet their goals,sexual honey pot traps as exemplified by corrupt politicians,leaders of business and religious institutions to do their bidding.They have hijacked and taken over almost every industry and movement including women's rights,racial movements,gender movements,even environmental movements.They own Hollywood and the Music Industry.Follow the money,know their symbols.They are the force behind the socialist movement today.History has proven whenever you centralize the power and wealth into the hands of a few those few are easily corrupted.There has never been a weapon powerful enough to enslave man/woman other than their own minds.This is why this war has often been referred to as a war in consciousness with our souls at stake.This is in the process of being revealed and eliminated.

对于那些需要更接地气的信息来对未来有信心的人来说,这里就是。全球精英通常包括撒旦/路西法的儿童献祭和贩卖,包括毒品贩卖,就在我们说话的时候,他们正在被围捕。历史上,这一切都可以追溯到腓尼基人,他们崇拜 Bal Baphomet,这些超级富有的家庭决定人类和地球的命运已经有几千年了。他们也被称为可萨,经常改名,许多人隐藏在反犹太主义背后的卑劣行径,不应该被称为犹太人。通过他们的行动了解他们。他们是战争和疾病的奸商,是自拿破仑以来为每一场战争的双方提供资金的银行家。他们是*C*P的后盾,他们是几千年来持续的奴役、痛苦和苦难背后的主要力量。他们资助希特勒、斯大林、墨索里尼、波尔布特以及其他社会主义和共产主义暴君,因为这些政府形式最适合他们的全面统治需要。他们利用贿赂和勒索来实现自己的目标----腐败的政客、商业和宗教机构的领导人为他们设下的性诱饵。他们劫持并控制了几乎所有的行业和运动,包括妇女权利、种族运动、性别运动,甚至环境运动。他们拥有好莱坞和音乐产业。跟着钱走,知道他们的标志。他们是今天社会主义运动的背后力量。历史已经证明,只要你把权力和财富集中到少数人手中,这些少数人就很容易腐败。除了他们自己的思想之外,从来没有一种强大到足以奴役男人/女人的武器。这就是为什么这场战争经常被称为意识战争,我们的灵魂处于危险之中。这是在被揭示和消除的过程中


"See the latest executive orders and who they serve."


Don't worry they have no foundation,USA Inc has been dissolved.They will be rendered null and void.All will be revealed between now and April.


Imagine a world where the threat of communism,the enslavement and oppression of the Satanic/Luciferian global elite,the war and disease profiteers all disappear.Can you imagine the quantum leap in evolution that would occur?Fuelless energy,anti/counter gravity,suppressed healing modalities and cures,this includes forms of energetic healing,Rife and Tesla technologies,med beds,increased longevity a clean environment would all come forward.How about replicators?Most of these patents have already been released.Peace,The Awakening,Healing and Restoration of Earth would be first and foremost.

想象一下这样一个世界:共产主义的威胁、撒旦/路西菲尔派全球精英的奴役和压迫、战争和疾病奸商都消失了。你能想象将要发生的进化的量子飞跃吗?无辐射能源,反重力,抑制治疗方式和治疗,这包括能量治疗的形式,Rife 和特斯拉技术,医疗床,增加寿命一个干净的环境都会出现。那复制因子呢?这些专利中的大多数已经发布。和平,觉醒,疗愈和恢复地球将是首要的

We have to let go of the past,the false images of leaders created by the global elites mainstream press and social media.They discredit,demonize and character assassinate anyone who stands against them.They are the sowers of hate and division if unchecked lead to war.What those in the know are seeing on the physical level originated from decisions made on higher unseen levels.Those who are educated in the real history of tyranny and have a spiritual connection are the ones who understand and have the best grasp on what is unfolding.You will eventually see all the leaders come together in some form of a Republic aligned with Universal Law,it is the only governing form that is sustainable.We are entering a new age.The consciousness and energies are changing.The people are awakening.The forces behind this,the cause is known to only a few.The effect however will be seen by everyone.Expect miracles yet remember some may take a little longer than expected.


Keep an open mind,loving heart and pure intent


James Gilliland


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