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January 19, 2023 2023年1月19日

QTSR Telegram posts are getting very interesting now that the Alliance operation has accelerated. Enjoy.

QTSR 电报帖子现在变得非常有趣,因为联盟的运作已经加速。

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QTSR: 1月20日|星际之门通讯Next up - Saudi will join the BRICS countries. The dismantling of the petro-dollar is underway.

接下来-沙特将加入金砖国家。解体石油美元正在进行。Post 2


I gave you this information long long ago last year..Post 3

Something 我在很久以前就给了你这个信息. . 第3条

BREAKING: Teaching Lab Director Dr. Quintin Bostic Admits Violating State Law; Sells Critical Race Theory Curriculum to Schools

爆炸性新闻: 教学实验室主任 Quintin Bostic 博士承认违反州法律; 向学校出售批判性种族理论课程'If you don't say the word "critical race theory," you can teach it...I'm an evil salesman...They[State] have no clue...He's [Governor Kemp] such an idiot'

如果你不说关键种族理论这个词,你可以教它... ... 我是一个邪恶的推销员... ... 他们(国家)根本不知道... ... (坎普州长)真是个白痴CLICK HERE TO TWEET THIS BOMBSHELL NOW: https://ctt.ec/j3xUZ

点击这里发布这个重磅炸弹: https://ctt.ec/j3xuzPost 4

The Epoch Times has put together an Infographic like the one they did on RussiaGate, this time for TwitterGate. It breaks down key players and their roles in censorship and how the government worked with Twitter to silence anyone questioning their narrative.

大纪元时报已经整合了一个信息图表,就像他们在 RussiaGate 上做的那样,这次是为 TwitterGate 做的。它打破了关键参与者和他们在审查制度中的角色,以及政府如何与 Twitter 合作,让任何质疑他们叙述的人保持沉默。https://t.co/uwtBQc3C55Https://t.co/uwtbqc3c55Post 5

Kash Patel believes that the investigation into Biden’s classified docs actually started in the summer of 2022 and suspects that the FBI discovered them as a result of the investigation into the Hunter Biden laptop, presumably by Delaware US Attorney David Weiss ?

卡什 · 帕特尔认为,对拜登机密文件的调查实际上是在2022年夏天开始的,他怀疑 FBI 是在对亨特 · 拜登笔记本电脑的调查中发现这些文件的,据推测,该笔记本电脑是由特拉华州联邦检察官戴维 · 韦斯(David Weiss)发现的If that’s the case, this story is much bigger than Joe simply taking home classified documents.

如果是这样的话,这个故事比 Joe 把机密文件带回家要大得多。Full interview: https://t.me/realKarliBonne/146630

完整访谈: https://t.me/realkarlibonne/146630Post 6


I told you thin slast night. Their was an investigation Biden and said watch Delaware,



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?seems like Q the Storm was right on many many thingsPost 8

似乎 Q 风暴在很多事情上都是正确的

First step is [ EXPOSURE]第一步是[曝光]https://t.me/LookingGlass1776/5096Https://t.me/lookingglass1776/5096Post 9 

[ EXPOSURE][曝光]I told you two years ago the EXPOSURE of the VACCINES was coming and MUSK was also coming to EXPOSE

the [ DS]两年前我就告诉过你疫苗的曝光即将到来,马斯克也要来曝光[ DS ]?Post 10

From EXPOSING TWITTER FILES.从暴露推特文件。>FBI.> 联邦调查局。> ELECTION FRAUD> 选举舞弊> RUSSIAGATE> ECT ECT ECTand NOW going after [WEF] as hundreds of thousands of podcasters across the world EXPOSE [ WEF] consistently...

而现在,全世界成千上万的播客一直在追踪[世界经济论坛]More and more. [ WEF] is being sighted, even by governor's...

越来越多。[世界经济论坛]正在被看到,甚至是州长的..... Like I said.... Congress is going to go after WEF in the summer as all roads lead to DAVOS. WEF. <ECT ECT ECT their hintch men groups<fire

就像我说的。国会将在今年夏天讨论世界经济论坛,因为所有的道路都指向达沃斯。世界经济论坛。ECT ECT 他们提示男子组 < https://t.me/disclosetv/10329Https://t.me/disclosetv/10329Post 11

I told you last year.... CNN was going to start RED PILLING their audience in 2023 January//

我去年就告诉过你... ... CNN 准备在20231月开始向他们的观众开放 RED PILLINGI had stated John Malone, Trump's friend acquired CNN through Discovery and that CNN would start to clean house and start to DROP< Stories ///

我曾说过,特朗普的朋友约翰 · 马龙通过探索频道收购了 CNNCNN 将开始清理门户,并开始放弃《故事》_as CNN moves forward... TRUMP suing CNN will reveal MASSIVE MASSIVE corruption and cover-ups, collusion connected to DOJ. CIA . PENTAGON ( the true [ DS]  MILITARY COUP against a sitting pressing President TRUMP> WILL BE REVEALED<

随着 CNN 的前进... ... 特朗普起诉 CNN 将揭露大规模的腐败和掩盖行为,以及与司法部有关的勾结。中情局。五角大楼(真正的军事政变反对现任总统特朗普)将被揭晓There's a reason MALONE acquired CNN...... Is the same reason MUSK acquired TWITTER


在他们收购的公司内部的曝光率] INFILTRATION [ then [ EXPOSURE ]

渗透[然后[暴露]https://youtu.be/0EHv7R9SewwHttps://youtu.be/0ehv7r9sewwPost 12

There is a lot happening across the world my dear friends, ANONS. PATRIOTS. FREEDOM FIGHTERS ACROSS THE WORLD....I have updates COMING ALL week of behind the SCENES<

我亲爱的朋友们,世界上发生了很多事情。爱国者。世界各地的自由斗士。我有更新来整个星期的幕后 <



Where We Go One We Go Al


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