X22报告|第2799集: 你看到经济计划了吗? 你什么时候打特朗普牌?

2022年6月15日15:12:54最新动态X22报告|第2799集: 你看到经济计划了吗? 你什么时候打特朗普牌?已关闭评论3642阅读模式


X22报告|第2799集: 你看到经济计划了吗? 你什么时候打特朗普牌?

Ep. 2799a – Do You See The Economic Plan? The Plan To Bring Down The [CB] System

Ep. 2799a – 你看到经济计划了吗? 推翻[ CB ]体系的计划

Ep. 2799b – Trump Gives The [DS] An Ultimatum, When Do You Play The Trump Card? Timing Is Everything

Ep. 2799b – Trump 给[ DS ]下了最后通牒,你什么时候打 Trump 牌?时机就是一切

X22 报告发表于2022年6月14日


Trump warned the country that what we are experiencing would happen if the [CB] and the [DS] cheated in the election, now the people are seeing it and experiencing it. The plan was to bring down the system while [JB] was in office, destroy the [CB] system and this is what we are watching.



The [DS] has lost the narrative, no matter what they do the people are not believing. The [DS] is struggling and they are fighting for their lives. Trump gave the [DS] an ultimatum, they know he has it all and he will use it in the end. When do you play the Trump card, when the [DS] goes all out. Kash gives us hint that the timing was left up to Trump and this is confirmed in a post. The [DS] does not have a chance, nothing will stop this, nothing, timing is everything.



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