X22报道|第2774集: 央行无法阻止即将发生的事情,是时候结束这场恐怖秀了

2022年5月14日16:20:51最新动态X22报道|第2774集: 央行无法阻止即将发生的事情,是时候结束这场恐怖秀了已关闭评论6741字数 1258阅读4分11秒阅读模式

现在 [DS]已经被包围,无处可逃,特朗普和爱国者掌握着一切。现在是结束这场恐怖表演的时候了,足够多的美国人已经清醒并获得了相关信息。

X22报道|第2774集: 央行无法阻止即将发生的事情,是时候结束这场恐怖秀了

Ep. 2774a – The [CB] Cannot Stop What Is Coming, The Economy Will Expose The Truth

[ CB ]不能阻止即将到来的事情,经济将揭露真相

Ep. 2774b – It’s Time To End The Horror Show, The Truth Has Been Right In Front Of Everyone


X22 报告发表于2022年5月13日


The people are understanding that Ukraine has nothing to do with the inflation, high fuel costs, baby food shortage etc, the game is over, the people are awake. The [CB] is going to expose the truth via the economy, it will reveal it all so the people can see it clearly.



The [DS] is now being surrounded, there is no escape, Trump and the patriots hold all the cards. It is now time to end this horror show, enough Americans are awake and have the information. The truth of election fraud, infiltration from within was always right in front of everyone, all we needed to do was look. Now people are looking and the [DS] is panicking. 

现在 [DS]已经被包围,无处可逃,特朗普和爱国者掌握着一切。现在是结束这场恐怖表演的时候了,足够多的美国人已经清醒并获得了相关信息。选举舞弊的真相,从内部渗透总是正确的在每个人面前,所有我们需要做的就是看看。现在人们都在看,而[ DS ]却惊慌失措。


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