X22报告|第2895集: 央行试水,有时需要透明度来迫使一个国家 

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DS 已经准备好使用他们所拥有的一切。特朗普和爱国者们已经搭好了舞台,全世界都在关注。特朗普已经准备好让故事圆满结束了。它将以乌克兰而告终

X22报告|第2895集: 央行试水,有时需要透明度来迫使一个国家 

Ep. 2895a – [CB] Tested The Waters, [CB]/[WEF] Played Their Hand, Big Fail, Trapped

[CB]试水,[ CB ]/[WEF]玩弄手段,大失败,陷入困境

Ep. 2895b – Sometimes It Take Transparency To Force A Nation, Stage Being Set, U1




The people around the world are feeling the energy crisis, they are now waking up and they know who is responsible. The [CB]/[WEF] played their hand to test the waters and it failed. PayPal stock crashes as people close accounts. The people are waking up and they see the power and control of the banking system should not be centralized.

世界各地的人们都感受到了能源危机,他们正在觉醒,他们知道谁应该为此负责。[ CB ]/[ WEF ]试水,但失败了。随着人们关闭账户,贝宝股价暴跌。人们正在觉醒,他们看到,银行体系的权力和控制不应该是集中的。


The [DS] is ready to use everything they have. Trump and the patriots have set the stage, the world is watching. Trump is ready to bring the narrative full circle. It will end with Ukraine and it will expose Clinton, Biden, Obama and many more. The pieces of the storm are coming together and the people are seeing it play out in real time. 

DS 已经准备好使用他们所拥有的一切。特朗普和爱国者们已经搭好了舞台,全世界都在关注。特朗普已经准备好让故事圆满结束了。它将以乌克兰而告终,并将暴露克林顿、拜登、奥巴马以及更多人。风暴的碎片汇聚在一起,人们看到它实时上演。


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