2023年6月1日: 六月和真相在各地爆发|星际飞船地球

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 June 1, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图片2023年6月1日

2023年6月1日: 六月和真相在各地爆发|星际飞船地球

If you don’t have a strong constitution, you may want to give the news a miss. The truth is coming out about everything and Humanity is learning who the enemy is and has been for a long time. Truth isn’t arbitrary. Truth is truth. Sometimes the truth hurts, but we came to deliver truth and we will continue to do so.


This, from the mainstream TORONTO SUN! Love how they just slip it in there on Twitter—the largest platform. No one will see it, you say? What planet are you living on?

这个,来自主流的多伦多太阳!我喜欢他们在 Twitter 这个最大的平台上插入的方式。你说没人会看到?你住在哪个星球上?


Now we know why there was a dentist’s chair in Epstein’s Florida home when the authorities searched it on video. Does it bring to mind the Dustin Hoffman movie where they pulled teeth without lidocaine as torture to get him to talk? Might make the adrenaline flow. I don’t know about you, but I felt this. The terror. It was like Clockwork Orange. I can’t watch it again. 8 min.

现在我们知道为什么爱泼斯坦在佛罗里达的家里有一把牙医的椅子了当局在视频上搜查的时候。是不是让你想起了达斯汀 · 霍夫曼的电影他们拔牙时没有用利多卡因作为折磨逼他开口?可能会刺激肾上腺素分泌。我不知道你怎么想,但我感觉到了。恐怖。就像发条橙。我不能再看一遍了。8分钟。

Here’s one in an Evergreen shipping container. Evergreen is owned by Hitlary Clinton. Is this one of the ways they terrorize children to generate adrenalized blood?

这是长青集装箱里的。常青藤属于希特拉里 · 克林顿。这是他们恐吓孩子以制造肾上腺素血液的方法之一吗?

2023年6月1日: 六月和真相在各地爆发|星际飞船地球

The litany of train derailments is growing again and still in this new month. If you do a search on Telegram for “train derailment” you get nine this past week so far.

在新的一个月里,列车出轨的事件再次增多。如果你在 Telegram 上搜索“火车出轨”,到目前为止,你在过去的一周里得到了9个。

Rarely is there an injury or a death which might suggest a White Hat signature. What are these trains really carrying? Only a couple said to contain hazardous materials. Is it illicit materials? Children? Bioweapons? Explosives? Escapees? Is this how they anticipate the cabal is going to try to flee and disappear as they did after WWII?


Why was there also a derailment near this same town of Waycross on June 30, 2022? Could it be an infrastructure problem? We know that roads, bridges, etc. have not been maintained in America.


NEW: Train derailment at Carswell ave, Waycross, Georgia. No injuries reported.

最新消息: 韦克罗斯卡斯韦尔大街的火车出轨,没有人员伤亡报告。

There are so many. Derailments in North Dakota [Canadian Pacific], Kansas, Arkansas, Minnesota x 2, Wisconsin, Iowa, and near Moosonee, Ontario Canada since last Friday.

太多了。自上周五以来,北达科他州[加拿大太平洋]、堪萨斯州、阿肯色州、明尼苏达州 x 2、威斯康星州、爱荷华州以及穆索尼附近的加拿大安大略省出轨。

Are these one-eyed “loco-motives” possessed and going off the rails? One has to wonder.

这些独眼的“疯狂动机”是否已经被附身并且脱离了轨道? 人们不得不怀疑。

2023年6月1日: 六月和真相在各地爆发|星际飞船地球


Slowly but surely we’re getting down to brass tacks. They’re in it together. The Khazarian mafia controls everything and everyone in positions of power and influence. Politics, medicine, the media, banking, law enforcement, academia, sports, entertainment… everything—and they’re all going down. 53 sec.

我们正在慢慢地,但肯定地谈到实质问题。他们是一伙的。可萨黑手党控制着一切,掌握着权力和影响力的人。政治、医学、媒体、银行业、执法部门、学术界、体育界、娱乐界... ... 一切都在走下坡路。53秒。

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr: $10 Million Out of Anderson Cooper’s $12 Million Salary Is Paid by PFIZER!

罗伯特·弗朗西斯·甘迺迪: 安德森 · 库珀1200万工资中的1000万由 PFIZER 支付!

2023年6月1日: 六月和真相在各地爆发|星际飞船地球

We might benefit if we don’t sneer at cautionary advice to prepare. Anything could happen. We just don’t know. It’s better to be safe than sorry because we can always use those supplies at some point. Everyone has been urged to prepare to stay AND to go—with a bug out bag—depending on the circumstances. Link to Telegram and this situation in Canada.


Emergency closure of Touzel bridge: part of Côte-Nord isolated.

紧急关闭 Touzel 大桥:。

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Transport closed the Touzel Bridge over the Sheldrake River at Rivière-au-Tonnerre, isolating part of the Côte-Nord region.
More than 6,000 residents of Minganie municipalities are thus deprived of the only road link connecting them to the rest of Quebec.

周二,交通部关闭了位于 Rivière-au-Tonnerre (Sheldrake River)的图策尔大桥(Touzel Bridge) ,从而孤立了 Côte-Nord 地区的一部分。因此,超过6000名 Minganie 市民被剥夺了连接他们与魁北克其他地区的唯一道路。

The Touzel Bridge, considered the gateway to the Minganie region, was closed as a matter of urgency after a crack was observed during the bridge’s annual inspection by the Ministry of Transport.
However, the Ministry of Transport was unable to confirm that this was the cause of the bridge’s closure.

被认为是通往 Minganie 地区的门户的图策尔大桥在交通部的年度检查中发现了裂缝,于是作为紧急事项关闭。 然而,交通部无法证实这是大桥关闭的原因。

Supplies to Minganie businesses have been temporarily interrupted for an indefinite period. The population cannot head west. An emergency plan has been put in place.
Minister Geneviève Guilbault announced late this afternoon that an airlift would be set up as early as Wednesday to transport people and medicines, among other things.
A boat link may also be available. Discussions are underway with the Société des traversiers du Québec.

对 Minganie 企业的供应已经暂时中断了一段无限期的时间。人口不能向西迁移。已经制定了应急计划。 吉尔伯特部长今天下午晚些时候宣布,最早将于星期三安排一次空运,运送人员和药品等。 目前正在与魁北克穿越者公司进行讨论。

The bridge closure has stunned Minganie residents. Truck driver Maurice Gendron, like many local residents, feels taken hostage. “This is a main road, it’s the only road that has here,” he said as he had to stop his truck west of the bridge.
“They’re ready to make Lévis-Québec tunnels, billions of them. There’s a road here… it’s nonsense.”

大桥的关闭震惊了明格尼的居民。卡车司机 Maurice Gendron 和许多当地居民一样,感觉自己被劫持了。“这是一条主要道路,这是这里唯一的道路,”他说,因为他不得不停止他的卡车以西的桥梁。 “他们已经准备好修建列维斯-魁北克隧道,数十亿条。这里有条路... ... 简直是胡说八道。”


Also in Canada, an isolated northern settlement in Alberta required military-assisted evacuation.


Fire forces evacuation of Northern Alberta community of Fort Chipewyan


When Q told us to “watch CA”, we couldn’t have known how much of the liberation and awakening would mean major events in the Great White North and that the eyes of the world would be on the Canucks and their battles for sovereignty. We may have believed Canada’s role in history would eventually come out, and it will, despite ruthless moves to keep the truth quiet.

当 Q 告诉我们“观察 CA”时,我们不可能知道解放和觉醒在大白北方意味着多少重大事/件,全世界的目光都会聚焦在加拿大人和他们争夺主权的斗争上。我们可能相信加拿大在历史上的角色最终会被揭露出来,而且一定会的,尽管采取了无情的行动来掩盖真相。

The eugenicists have been after the indigenous nations on our planet for a long time; stealing their resources, slaughtering them and their food supply, giving them disease-infested blankets, and using them in their satanic rituals as Human sacrifices.

优生学家长期以来一直在追捕我们星球上的土著民族; 窃取他们的资源,屠杀他们和他们的食物供应,给他们带有疾病的毯子,并在他们邪恶的仪式中用它们作为人类的祭品。

Kevin Annett is one of our most enduring warriors, having been severed from his family over the years as well as his role as an Anglican minister in British Columbia. Regardless of his tattered reputation at the hands of the controllers, he wrote books, did interviews, worked with the indigenous and street people, and played a major role in the actions of the International Tribunal Into Crimes of Church and State. He has courageously been part of the efforts to arrest the Pope as a predator and imposter, and championed the countless murdered children at the Indian Residential Schools over the decades by the genocidal Khazarian mafia.

凯文 · 安内特是我们最经久不衰的战士之一,多年来他一直与家人分离,并在不列颠哥伦比亚省担任圣公会牧师。尽管他在控制者手中名誉扫地,但他写书、接受采访、与土著和街头人民一起工作,并在国际法庭审理教会和国家罪行的行动中发挥了重要作用。他勇敢地参与了将教皇作为掠夺者和冒名顶替者逮捕的行动,并在过去几十年里支持了种族灭绝的可萨黑手党在印度寄宿学校杀害的无数儿童。

2023年6月1日: 六月和真相在各地爆发|星际飞船地球

Kevin witnessed, documented, and provided live updates on YouTube of the excavations of the mass graves of First Nations children of Canada while fighting the efforts of compromised and bought-off chiefs and other tribal officials who lied to keep it all hush-hush. We can only assume that Kevin has the protection of the highest and mightiest.

凯文在 YouTube 上目睹、记录并提供了挖掘加拿大第一民族儿童万人坑的最新实况,同时与妥协和收买的酋长和其他部落官员的努力作斗争,这些官员为了保密而撒谎。我们只能假设凯文有最高和最强大的保护。

One can understand that when it’s “royalty” abducting children for their unspeakable satanic rituals, their minions will do everything necessary to keep their secrets—and that includes law enforcement. The disgraced Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Ontario Provincial Police have been called out multiple times for protecting satanic pedophiles.


2023年6月1日: 六月和真相在各地爆发|星际飞船地球

The latest update from Kevin aka Eagle Strong Voice tells us more about the source of the orders to eliminate a witness to the royal absconding of indigenous children in 1964 when Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip sullied our commonwealth nation with a visit. Apparently being part of the British Commonwealth means sharing the resources at the behest of the monarchs, including Human lives. William Coombes spilled the beans, and was murdered [in hospital] to keep him quiet. Below is Kevin’s latest update with the details. Listen carefully. 4 min.

Kevin aka Eagle Strong Voice 的最新消息告诉我们更多关于1964年伊丽莎白女王和菲利普亲王访问我们的联邦国家时,消灭一名目击者的命令的来源。显然,成为英联邦的一部分意味着在帝王的命令下共享资源,包括人类的生命。威廉•库姆斯(William Coombes)泄露了秘密,为了让他闭嘴,他(在医院)被谋杀了。下面是凯文最新更新的细节。仔细听好。4分钟。

For those who don’t wish to listen and prefer to read, here are the video notes:


London, May 29, 2023:
The present King of England, Charles Windsor, ordered the killing of the only living eyewitness to his mother Queen Elizabeth’s abduction of ten aboriginal children, according to a former officer of the British Army and the monarchy’s security team.

2023年5月29日,伦敦: 据英国军队和王室安全小组的一名前军官透露,现任英国国王查尔斯 · 温莎下令杀害他母亲伊丽莎白女王绑架10名土著儿童的唯一活着的目击者。

In a legal affidavit dated May 16, 2023 and issued to the ICLCJ, this officer states that in late December of 2010, he participated in a “special operations” meeting in Buckinghamshire to plan the murder of William Combes.

在2023年5月16日发给国际法学家委员会的法律宣誓书中,这名官员声称,2010年12月下旬,他参加了在白金汉郡举行的“特别行动”会议,计划谋杀威廉 · 库姆斯。

The meeting was called by Major Jonny Thompson of the Royal Regiment, who was the security advisor to the then-Prince of Wales, Charles Windsor. According to the affidavit, “Major Thompson told us he was appearing on behalf of his Majesty the Prince of Wales who had ordered the elimination of a foreign assassin threatening the royal family.

这次会议由皇家军团的强尼 · 汤普森少校召集,他是当时威尔士亲王查尔斯 · 温莎的安全顾问。根据宣誓书,“汤普森少校告诉我们,他是代表威尔士亲王陛下出庭的,他下令消灭一名威胁王室的外国杀手。

I was surprised at the time that such an order was not being handled through MI6 and its overseas contractors. I was even more surprised when the target was a Canadian Red Indian, since normally the RCMP have jurisdiction over such operations. “When one of my colleagues raised this point with Major Thompson, he replied, “The Mounties will handle this one on the ground. We’re just setting the wheels in motion. This is a royal directive with the knowledge and consent of the Canadian Governor General, Mr. Johnston.”


It was later confirmed to me that in early February 2011, Canada’s RCMP Commissioner, a Mr. Elliott, dispatched a squad of operatives to Vancouver to deal with the target. “I also learned later that the Indian they had killed was a Mr. William Combes, who as a homeless man seemed an unlikely terrorist.

后来我得到确认,2011年2月初,加拿大皇家骑警委员会委员埃利奥特先生派遣了一队特工前往温哥华对付目标。“我后来还了解到,他们杀死的印第安人是威廉 · 库姆斯先生,作为一个无家可归的人,他似乎不太可能是恐怖分子。

But when I read of Combes’ statement regarding his witnessing of the Queen’s apparent abduction of ten Indian children in Kamloops in 1964 and of how he was to speak about that incident before a public tribunal in London in the spring of 2011, I could understand although not condone the action of Prince Charles in taking Mr. Combes off the board.”


On February 24, 2011, William Combes was forcibly detained by RCMP officers in Vancouver and incarcerated against his will in St. Paul’s Catholic hospital. He died there two days later of arsenic poisoning, according to his attending nurse Chloe Kirker. (see (304) Eyewitness to medical murder of William Combes – YouTube)

2011年2月24日,威廉 · 库姆斯在温哥华被皇家骑警强行拘留,并被强行关押在圣保罗天主教医院。据他的主治护士克洛伊 · 柯克说他两天后死于砷中毒。(见(304)医学谋杀威廉库姆斯的目击者-YouTube)

A public summons is being issued to Charles Windsor and other crown officials to appear before a common law court to answer charges of complicity in a criminal conspiracy and murder. Stand by for more actions during June to stop crimes by the British Crown and its Vatican partner.

查尔斯 · 温莎和其他王室官员被发出公开传票,要求他们在普通法法庭出庭,回答共谋犯罪和谋杀的指控。准备在六月采取更多行动,制止英国王室及其梵蒂冈伙伴的犯罪行为。

Further updates can be found at www.murderbydecree.com under ITCCS Updates and every Sunday at 6 pm eastern and posted on www.bbsradio.com/herewestand . Issued May 29, 2023 by the International Common Law Court of Justice – itccsoffice@gmail.com

市民可于资讯及通讯科技服务更新 www.murderbydecree.com ,以及每星期日东部时间下午6时,在网上浏览更新资讯,并张贴于 www.bbsradio.com/herewestand。2023年5月29日由国际普通法法院发布-itccsooffice@gmail.com

Too bad it isn’t a military tribunal. As a Telegram channel I happened upon stated about the Coronation of Charles… “it will be a short reign”. The White Hats will see to it that in due time, everything that needs to be known to eradicate these “royal reptiles” from our lives will be known. Dark to Light.

可惜不是军事法庭。我偶然在一个电报频道上看到查尔斯的加冕典礼... “这将是一个短暂的统治”。白帽子会确保在适当的时候,我们需要知道的一切,将这些“皇家爬行动物”从我们的生活中消除。从黑暗到光明。

2023年6月1日: 六月和真相在各地爆发|星际飞船地球

Caution! Here is a reminder to be street savvy when it comes to jumping on bandwagons for new technology. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Apps are highly suspect and we have shared research, below, on one that took off when unsuspecting shoppers rode the wave and didn’t do their homework. Link to Telegram.


PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT regarding the shopping app TEMU …
Radio talk show hostess, Kim Komando, did some digging about TEMU and this is what she found!

公共服务公告关于购物应用程序 TEMU... 电台脱口秀主持人,金 Komando,做了一些挖掘关于 TEMU 和这是她发现!

Seemingly overnight, everyone’s talking about Temu (pronounced “tee-moo”), an online shopping app that boasts deals that seem too good to be true, like $17 wireless earbuds, $1 “gold” necklaces and $23 wedding dresses.似乎是一夜之间,每个人都在谈论 Temu (发音为“ tee-moo”) ,这是一个在线购物应用程序,吹嘘那些看起来好得令人难以置信的交易,比如17美元的无线耳机、1美元的“金”项链和23美元的婚纱。
Over 50 million Americans have downloaded Temu since it launched state-side in September 2022, after it gained traction with expensive Super Bowl ads promising to let you “shop like a billionaire.”自从2022年9月在美国推出 Temu 以来,已经有超过5000万美国人下载了它,因为它在超级碗(Super Bowl)的昂贵广告中承诺让你“像亿万富翁一样购物”,从而获得了吸引力
Today, Temu is the most popular shopping app in the U.S. behind Amazon. But most of us don’t know much about the app’s true origins. Reader Daniel Mayer asked an important question, “Is [Temu] something we should be concerned about?”如今,Temu 是仅次于亚马逊的美国最受欢迎的购物应用程序。但是我们大多数人对这个应用程序的真正起源知之甚少。读者 Daniel Mayer 提出了一个重要的问题: “我们应该关注[ Temu ]吗?”
So, I did some digging. And as it turns out, yes, you absolutely should be. Here’s what I found:所以,我做了些调查,结果发现,是的,你绝对应该害怕,以下是我的发现:
Where did Temu come from?铁木从哪里来?
This isn’t some fly-by-night operation. Temu is based in Boston, Massachusetts, by PDD Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: PDD). PDD is headquartered in Shanghai, China.这不是什么临时行动。Temu 的总部位于马萨诸塞州的波士顿,由 PDD 控股公司(纳斯达克市场代码: PDD)管理。PDD 总部设在中国上海。
PDD also owns the e-commerce platform Pinduoduo headquartered in — you guessed it — China. So, Temu is a Communist China-based app and site.PDD 还拥有总部位于中国的电子商务平台拼多多。因此,Temu 是一个基于共产主义中国的应用程序和网站。
What you need to know before using Temu在使用 Temu 之前,你需要知道什么
First, you’re buying goods directly from manufacturers in China and other parts of the world. That’s why shipping times are often 12 days or longer. The prices are low because the goods are cheap. The pictures of what you see advertised may not be what you actually get.首先,你直接从中国和世界其他地方的制造商那里购买商品。这就是为什么运输时间通常是12天或更长。价格低是因为商品便宜。你所看到的广告的图片可能并不是你实际得到的。
Temu’s BBB rating is 2.21/5. Reviews at TrustPilot are interesting, with 38% 5-star reviews and 41% 1-star reviews.Temu 的 BBB 评级是2.21/5。 TrustPilot 的评论很有意思,有38% 是5星评论,41% 是1星评论。
But that’s not the worst of it.但这还不是最糟糕的。
Temu is downright dangerous.铁木非常危险。
The app is a clever, pervasive digital stalker. As you shop, Temu monitors your activity on other apps, tracks your notifications and location and changes settings.这个应用程序是一个聪明的,无孔不入的数字跟踪者。当你购物时,Temu 会监控你在其他应用上的活动,跟踪你的通知和位置,并更改设置。
? It gets worse. Temu gains full access to all your contacts, calendars and photo albums, plus all your social media accounts, chats and texts. In other words, literally everything on your phone.还有更糟的。Temu 可以完全访问你所有的联系人、日历和相册,以及你所有的社交媒体账户、聊天记录和短信。换句话说,你手机上的所有东西。
No shopping app needs this much control, especially one tied to Communist China. If you’re using Temu, delete the app from your phone ASAP.没有哪个购物应用需要这么多的控制,尤其是与共产主义中国相关的应用。如果你正在使用 Temu,请尽快从手机中删除该应用程序。
On iPhone, Long-press an app, then tap Remove App > Delete App. Tap Delete to confirm.在 iPhone 上,长按一个应用程序,然后点击删除应用程序 > 删除应用程序。点击删除确认。
On Android, touch and hold an app, then tap Remove App > Delete App > Delete.在 Android 上,触摸并保持一个应用程序,然后点击“删除应用程序”> “删除应用程序”> “删除”。
Pro tip: If you downloaded Temu, to be safe from Chinese spies, you really need to do a full factory reset.专业提示: 如果你下载了 Temu,为了避免中国间谍,你真的需要做一个完整的工厂重置。
But wait, there’s more! Temu’s sister app was removed from Google Play because of malware.但是等等,还有更多! 由于恶意软件,Temu 的姐妹应用程序被从 Google Play 中删除了。
Do not buy from this company, or use their app! 不要从这家公司购买,或使用他们的应用程序!

Let’s NOT support the CCP, folks. Who needs more cheap shit from China? The world is already overrun with it. Most of us have probably been burned by their deceptive marketing practices, poor quality, possibly even dangerous raw materials, and nearly zero customer service or ethical return policies. Worst of all, they are adept at surveillance and data collection. Best to purchase from your country of residence if possible.


2023年6月1日: 六月和真相在各地爆发|星际飞船地球


This is probably more viral than Covid by now but if you haven’t seen it, do take the few minutes to listen to what the incredible Dr. David Martin has to say publicly on the origins of the “CV-19 bioweapon”. This is our “knowingly”, my friends. Duly established intent. A conspiracy to kill. It doesn’t get any plainer than this, does it? Dr. Martin’s only Telegram channel is this one. 21 min.


There are comedic moments in the ‘movie’ we’re living and the Biden character provides many of them. It appears he’s fallen again. Spectacularly.


This is an interesting perspective from Brazil, I believe, directed to the awakened Americans regarding the current status of ‘The Plan’ and the Human engineering witnessed these past few years. Link to Telegram.


The truth is that some will never wake up from this theather, but regarding us… we are literally running out of time.

事实是,有些人永远不会从这个剧院醒来,但是对于我们来说... 我们真的快没时间了。

Two years ago, true warriors were being dismissed because of the jab. And those who stayed literally showed for everybody that they will do anything for a paycheck.


That they will go under gene therapy, that they will serve as an experiment, that they will harass, mistreat and enprison their own people just to keep the status quo.


Just to keep things going as they “always were.”


This is a joke, folks.


We are trapped in a very a bad joke that requires many sacrifices to keep being told to the new generations.


Let’s face it: we are on the last trench of the last town and the world is flat. There is nowhere else to run or hide.

让我们面对现实吧: 我们在最后一个城镇的最后一条战壕上,世界是平的。无处可逃,无处可藏。

Please, understand that you Americans are the last people on God’s realm that aren’t outnumbered nor outgunned.


All the other posts are now occupied by the enemy.


This is a cry for help.


You folks need to step up and save your country.


Just like 1776.


It is the most heavenly day out there. A neighbour stated it early this morning, and at 3:30 it’s still so uncharacteristic of June in the Valley of the Sun. It’s not even hot out. Makes me think someone is changing our weather and climate. Nights have been 66 F so it’s still cool for our 6:30 am walk. Most extraordinary. Methinks June is about to hot up very soon, though.


Hang in there everyone. The show is getting more colourful as history unfolds before us, and in our wake. See you next time.  ~ BP

大家坚持住。随着历史展现在我们面前,随着我们的觉醒,这场表演正变得越来越丰富多彩。下次见。~ BP

2023年6月1日: 六月和真相在各地爆发|星际飞船地球


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