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Although we are being kept in the dark about many things that are apparently happening behind the scenes,it is necessary to keep pushing for change and meditating on key issues and general clearing.That way we can win the battles that ultimately win the spiritual war.For that reason there are two mass meditations around the September equinox,one by We Love Mass Meditation followed by the 144k meditation:


Meditation against the engineered second wave lockdowns


The September 2020 Equinox 144K Mass Meditation


It is clear that the Cabal is seeking to work toward a second coronavirus lockdown,as an increasing number of countries and areas has been declared high risk and off limits for foreigners.Maybe we should declare planet Earth off limits for all Dracos.Cobra did share in his September 14 article that a major sabotage by the Dracos which derailed many operations of the light forces is being ended.


Another news item of interest was that China is keeping tabs on 2.4 million foreigners,among whom are politicians,diplomats,millionaires,military officers and journalists.The company that has compiled the database by use of sophisticated artificial intelligence data mining and that contains intricate profiles of detailed personal information is Shenzhen Zhenhua Data and the database appears to serve the purpose of information warfare and global influence operations.In the process,the company has violated the privacy of millions of global citizens,the terms of service of just about every major social media platform and hacked other companies for their data.So that means the Jesuit inspired Chinese surveillance state and Big Brother practices are by no means limited to their own nationals but are expanded worldwide.



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