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What Did John Durham Do?What Did He Say?


What Are His Findings?Mum's The Word!



X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)X22报告(C-VINE 审核)



The Deep State,the mainstream media,the corrupt politicians are in such a panic like never before!Their talking points have been around what John Durham did do vs.what he cannot do.


The MSM rarely mentions the Durham investigation.They don't know what is going on.The DS players cannot function without knowing Durham's findings.His lips are sealed and they are being tortured because of it.

MSM很少提及达勒姆的调查。他们不知道发生了什么。如果不知道达勒姆的发现,DS 球员就无法正常运转。他的嘴被封住了,他们因此受尽折磨。

When Bill Barr was testifying in front of Congress,he said he did not have issue with releasing his findings prior to the elections.If the person being investigated is not running for office,there is no reason why he won't release what he found.


However,those who are panicked know of the domino effect.If one person falls,there will be more!


What have the Senate and House done in regards to the investigation?Some members want the Inspecter General to investigate Durham's probe because some say his findings may interfere with the 2020 elections.They are panicked!


They wouldn't be pushing this if the Durham investigation was not real.


Let's reverse this:If Trump said to Mueller,that he wanted the IG to investigate Mueller's probe,Mueller's team and everyone against Trump would call,'obstruction!'Shouldn't they now be called out for obstruction?



FBI Director Christopher Wray(Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP)(Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)联邦调查局局长 Christopher Wray(MANDEL NGAN/法新社照片)(MANDEL NGAN/法新社照片,盖蒂图片社)

FBI's Director,Christopher Wray,may be removed from his position.President Trump tweeted out the following,"But Chris,you don't see any activity from China and even though it is far greater than that,Russia,Russia,Russia,they will both,plus others,be able to interfere in our 2020 election with our totally vulnerable unsolicited counterfeit ballot scam.Check it out!"


In a previous post,there was something about China creating counterfeit ballots to mix into the 2020 election.After all of this,information states the White House is creating a short-list of candidates to replace Christopher Wray.


Supposedly,the great Sidney Powell is on this short-list.Can you imagine if Sidney Powell became the Director of the FBI?Remember,who her client was?Gen.Flynn!She would find the 302,she would look through the procedures.She would find everything!


In Post 3537,dated July 29,2019,we were told Wray was a sleeper.Post 4606,July 19,2020,a red X crosses out CW's photo.To continue with a connection,CW's daughter,Caroline Wray is an Assistant Editor to Crown Publishing Group which is publishing Obama's latest book!

2019729日的 Post 3537中,我们被告知 Wray 是一个潜伏者。4606,2020719日,一个红色的 x 划掉了 CW 的照片。继续与连接,CW 的女儿,卡罗琳 Wray 是一个助理编辑的皇冠出版集团正在出版奥巴马的最新书!

The Deep State,the mainstream media,the corrupt politicians,are in a panic because once Trump makes the announcement of who replaces Wray,they're going to distract by challenging his authority of firing the Director of the FBI…Schiff,Pelosi,etc.We saw this exact scenario before and most likely we'll see it again!

深州,主流媒体,腐败的政客们都陷入了恐慌,因为一旦特朗普宣布谁将接替雷伊,他们就会通过挑战他解雇 FBI 局长的权威来分散注意力...希夫,佩洛西等等。我们以前就看到过这样的场景,而且很有可能我们还会再看到它!

These people are employees of the current administration.Trump has the complete authority to fire if he thinks they are not doing their job.



Julian Assange is in the UK in court and will be extradicted back to the United States.Rumor has it Trump will pardon him if he turns over the information of what happened with the DNC.Is the media saying this to try to get ahead of the narrative?

朱利安阿桑奇(Julian Assange)目前在英国出庭,他将被引渡回美国。有传言说,如果特朗普交出民主党全国委员会的信息,他会原谅他。媒体这么说是为了抢先叙述吗?

Cat Namus tweeted out,"BOOM!!Enjoy the[bleep]show!Assange proves the DNC had the motive to kill Seth Rich.DNC paid Google's Crowdstrike 100K to investigate the hacked emails that Wikileaks published 1 day after Seth's murder.Google then blamed Russia to frame POTUS of collusion and impeach him."

猫纳摩斯在推特上说:"砰!好好享受这该死的表演吧!阿桑奇证明民主党全国委员会有杀害赛斯·里奇的动机。民主党全国委员会支付谷歌的 Crowdstrike 100K 调查维基解密在塞斯被杀后一天公布的被黑客攻击的电子邮件。谷歌随后指责俄罗斯陷害美国总统勾结并弹劾他。"

"I cannot put into works how massive this revelation is towards the plan.It's all coming to fruition of the stuff we've been exposing for years.It proves there is a legit Deep State Cabal who has been operating above the law Wow,big time!"


'The media knows how he received the DNC emails which has nothing to do with Russia.It ties in with the Weiner laptop and the Clinton Foundation and is said to have been involved in many black ops in selling out CIA agents'locations in China leading to the murder and selling Haitian babies to sex rings after the earthquake…'

媒体知道他是如何收到民主党全国委员会的邮件的,这些邮件与俄罗斯无关。它与 Weiner 笔记本电脑和美国克林顿基金会安全局有关,据说参与了许多秘密行动,出卖中情局特工在中国的地点,导致了谋杀,并在地震后将海地婴儿卖给色情网站.....

'Crowdstrike is not only owned by Google,it is equally owned by Warburg Pinkas,the famous illuminate family…'

"Crowdstrike 不仅归谷歌所有,还同样归著名的 illuminate 家族 Warburg Pinkas 所有......"

'The fact that Crowdstrike is owned by Google and the Warburg family is led to major information.Key family notes Active Fed Reserve intermarried with Rothchild…and even Al Gore…'

事实上 Crowdstrike 是谷歌旗下的公司,而 Warburg 家族则掌握了大量信息。主要家庭票据主动美联储储备与罗斯柴尔德通婚...甚至与戈尔..

Trump stressed in his presser today that mail in ballots are a fraud and that voting in person in a safer method for votes to count.People are voting in Virgina at the polls and they don't seem to mind standing in line.

特朗普今天在发布会上强调,邮寄选票是一种欺诈行为,亲自投票是一种更安全的计票方法。在 Virgina,人们在投票站投票,他们似乎并不介意排队。

The U.S.Marshal is tracking down and rescuing children.Many countries are shutting their borders to overflow which means trafficking is being severely impacted.


Trump is continuing his peace deals.His plan is to go from country to country to create peace.Everything the Deep State set up is completely falling apart!The entire pandemic is also falling apart and the MSM is trying everything they can to keep those flames alive.People are seeing the truth,the pandemic was faked.

特朗普正在继续他的和平协议。他的计划是从一个国家到另一个国家去创造和平。深层国家建立的一切都完全崩溃了!整个流行病也正在分崩离析,MSM 正在尽一切努力保持这些火焰活着。人们看到了真相,流行病是伪造的。


Joe Biden was being interview by Anderson Cooper.He was consistently 6′away from Anderson.When he thought the camera was off of him,he walked up and whispered something in his ear.Did our whole lives flip on a fake narrative of social distancing?It seems Biden thinks so!


Nancy Pelosi gets her hair done in a closed shop by mandate without a mask.When she gets caught,demands the business owner apologize.Disgusting!


The CDC,once again,changed their testing policy.They ought to be called,the'Center for Disease Uncontrolled!'Now,they are saying people who are in contact with COVID-19 should be tested regarless of whether they have symptoms or not!


Just a month ago,they said people don't need to be tested if they don't feel any symptoms.Why are they flip-flopping?Something is not right.


Biden is saying Trump is applying a lot of pressure on scientists at CDC FDA.Biden says he trusts Fauci on vaccines.All these people for many years have told us we must listen to the CDC,we must listen to the FDA.Science says vaccines are safe and everything else is not.

拜登说,特朗普正在对 CDC FDA 的科学家施加很大的压力。拜登表示,他相信费希对疫苗的信任。所有这些人多年来一直告诉我们,我们必须听从疾病控制中心,我们必须听从 FDA。科学表明疫苗是安全的,而其他所有东西都不是。

So,if we should be listening to the CDC,the FDA,Fauci,and science,saying vaccines are safe,why is Bill Gates saying not to listen to the FDA?The narrative was get vaccinated or you could not buy food,nor work.Trump is pushing the narrative of vaccines(or therapeutics)and now Gates is saying don't listen to the FDA.Has he become an anti-vaxxer?

那么,如果我们应该听从疾病控制中心,FDAFauci,和科学,说疫苗是安全的,为什么比尔盖茨说不要听从 FDA?这个故事被注射了疫苗,或者你不能买食物,也不能工作。特朗普正在推动疫苗(或治疗学)的叙述,而现在盖茨却在说不要听从 FDA。他是否成为了一个反对 vaxxer 的人?

Remember before social media when all we had was the news on television?We simply were at the mercy of their narrative virtually without the ability to find out anything different.Now,with social media at our fingertips,we have every opportunity to search and research truth.


The media is having a huge problem trying to control the narrative.They have resorted to shutting down everyone who opposes their narrative.Digital Soldiers are finding ways around this to continue getting the truth out.We are making a vast difference!



An underground world 一个地下世界

The U.S.Marshal has reported many children are being rescued.There are ten thousand tactical subterranian tunnels in the world.


The Pentagon reported they are preparing for war underground,subterranian combat.The enemy could be beneath our feet and we may not know it.The underground may be out of sight,but they are valued during a time of war.


What is the military actually preparing for?Their documents reveal tunnels with listening posts,conference chambers,casualty collection points,sleeping chambers,storage,false tunnels,kitchens,etc.Why are they training to fight underground?What is their mission?Is it combat or rescue?


The Art of War is when baits are held out,disorder,is feigned,then the enemy gets crushed.Trump is holding out the bait.The Deep State is taking it.They will get crushed!


Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the opinion of the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告的观点)



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