史蒂夫 · 贝科: 没有核灾难是可能的

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史蒂夫 · 贝科: 没有核灾难是可能的

No Nuclear Armageddon is Possible 没有可能的核末日

By Steve Beckow 作者: Steve Beckow

“United Press International (UPI): Biden warns of ‘Armageddon,’ says Putin ‘not joking’ about using nuclear weapons”

“合众国际社(UPI) : 拜登警告‘世界末日’,普京说使用核武器不是开玩笑”

“Associated Press (AP): Biden: Nuclear ‘Armageddon’ risk high”

美联社: 拜登: 核“世界末日”的风险很高

“BBC London: Biden says nuclear risk highest since 1962”

“英国广播公司伦敦: 拜登称核风险自1962年以来最高”

“London Daily Mail: Biden warns the World is facing the prospect of Armaggedon”

《伦敦每日邮报》 : 拜登警告世界正面临世界末日的前景

“Sydney Morning Herald, Australia: Biden uses Murdoch event to warn of nuclear ‘Armageddon'”

“雪梨晨锋报,澳大利亚: 拜登利用默多克事件警告核武器‘世界末日’”

How frustrating it is to get the message out that nuclear weapons will not operate on Planet Earth. Even our own white-hat intel gurus believe in the nuclear threat.


But the extraterrestrial forces around the planet at the present time have told us that no nuclear weapon can be exploded.  They won’t allow it.


Say what? 说什么?

SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) has been sending coded messages to outer space hoping for a response, for decades now.

几十年来,SETI (搜寻地外文明计划)一直在向外太空发送加密信息,希望得到回应。

Meanwhile terrestrial channels  or mediums receive messages from extraterrestrials, often fleet commanders and ascended masters, every day. They tell us that they won’t allow the explosion of nuclear weapons.


Rather than repeat research already done, here’s a repost of an earlier article on the subject. Hopefully, it’ll lessen our anxiety around the matter.


My starting point is Commander Ashtar, a star fleet commander who recently made this announcement:


Ashtar: If they start a full scale nuclear war, we will intervene. And we, the GFL [Galactic Federation of Light], will take the opportunity to show ourselves as the ones who saved planet Earth. That will be the moment of Disclosure. (1)

阿斯塔: 如果他们发动一场全面的核战争,我们将进行干预。而我们,GFL (光之银河联邦(消歧义)) ,将利用这个机会向世人展示我们是拯救地球的人。那将是大揭露的时刻。(1)

Their very presence would be a show-stopper.  But them stopping a nuclear war at the same time would be dazzling.


However, the fact is … they’ve already stopped it.

但事实是... 他们已经阻止了。

No nuclear bombs can be exploded any more on Earth or in space. To understand why, I have to back up around 75 years.


It was a nuclear explosion that persuaded some of our galactic neighbors to put a stop to them. The Pleiadians through Wes Annac tell us why:

是一次核爆炸说服了我们的一些银河系邻居制止了他们。昴宿星人通过 Wes Annac 告诉我们为什么:

“Elements of your star family have been very, very busy working in various different timelines to stop chaotic and warlike actions that would have taken your collective into negative territory that you aren’t meant to enter in this stage of the [Ascension] game and they first took notice when your atom bomb was exploded [in 1945] and millions of souls experienced a level of devastation and suffering unlike any that had been experienced thus far.

“你们的星际家族成员一直非常、非常忙碌地在不同的时间线上工作,以阻止混乱和好战的行为,这些行为会让你们的集体陷入【升天】游戏的这个阶段不应该进入的负面领域。他们第一次注意到你们的原子弹爆炸时(1945年) ,数百万灵魂经历了前所未有的毁灭和痛苦。

“We all took notice when the atom bomb was created and deployed, and, since this happened, your star family has worked very hard to disengage nuclear and various other warlike weapons that your cabal intended to deploy against humanity.” (2)


Say what? Millions of souls suffering? Deploy against humanity?

说什么? 数以百万计的灵魂受苦? 部署反人类?

SaLuSa of Sirius tells us that, “although we have not been allowed to stop all wars, we have put a stop to nuclear devices being used to start a Third World War.” (3)

天狼星的 SaLuSa 告诉我们,“虽然我们没有被允许停止所有的战争,但是我们已经停止了用来发动第三次世界大战的核装置。”(3)

The Pleiadians inform us that they’ve prevented many nuclear detonations since the Second World War:


“We Pleiadians have helped … to deactivate nuclear warheads and other destructive weaponry, the detonation of which is far outside of humanity’s freewill perimeters and we’ve stationed ourselves in your skies along with the Sirians and Andromedans to cleanse and heal the bulk of [radioactive?] pollution.” (4)

“我们昴宿星人帮助... ... 拆除了核弹头和其它毁灭性武器,这些武器的爆炸远远超出了人类的自由意志范围,我们与天狼星人和仙女座星人一起驻扎在你们的天空,清理和治疗大部分(放射性?)污染。」(4)

Supposing that radioactive pollution is what the Pleiadians are talking about, have we an example of the galactics eliminating it? Yes, we do. They removed depleted uranium from the atmosphere. DU is a planet-killer. (5)

假设昴宿星人所说的是放射性污染,我们有银河系消灭它的例子吗?是的,我们有。他们从大气中清除了贫铀。DU 是个行星杀手。(5)

Steve: If the galactics had not neutralized depleted uranium, would this planet have died?


Archangel Michael: Yes. Now let me explain. It is not just that she would have died. It would have been that her will to continue on would not have been there.

米迦勒: 是的。现在听我解释。她不仅会死。那样的话,她继续生活下去的意愿就不会存在了。

SB: Wow, eh? That serious. 哇,嗯? 这么严重

AAM: Yes, that serious. (6) 麦: 是的,那么严重

Although he doesn’t say how it would have occurred, SaLuSa tells us that the galactics have stopped the whole planet from being totally destroyed more than once.

尽管 SaLuSa 没有说明这是如何发生的,但他告诉我们,银河系已经不止一次地阻止了整个星球的完全毁灭。

“We have stopped the total destruction of Earth on a number of occasions since the end of your last World War, and have succeeded in ensuring you are all here today to witness the end of the last cabal. ” (7)


Michael provides a list of the kinds of operations they’ve stopped or moderated:


“We have prevented nuclear devastation. We have prevented global disintegration. We have prevented wars and mayhem. We have prevented tidal waves. We have prevented or softened earthquakes.” (8)


We don’t have to take their word for it. Our star family has been seen by Earth observers to prevent nuclear missiles from operating and to laser missiles in flight. (9)


These are the reasons why Archangel Michael could state in 2013: “There [will] not be a further incidence of what you think of as nuclear war.”  (10)

这就是为什么米迦勒可以在2013年声明: “不会再发生你所认为的核战争。”(10)

So no nuclear war for Planet Earth.


Looking back on Fukushima, Matthew Ward reminded us:

回顾福岛核事故,马修 · 沃德(Matthew Ward)提醒我们:

“Nuclear power in the hands of a third density population is pure folly and nuclear weaponry is suicidal—on numerous occasions universal family members have prevented catastrophic outcomes in both areas. What a great day it will be when the people of Earth can thank their family from other worlds whose help in myriad ways has been invaluable!” (11)


I consider it not so much a reminder of our folly with weapons – although I get that – as of our galactic family having prevented planetary catastrophes on more than one occasion. We owe them our gratitude.


So there we have it. Humanity is prevented from destroying itself as well as beings on other dimensions by a watchful and capable star fleet above us in millions of cloaked ships.  All the talk about nuclear war, firing nuclear missiles, rattling nuclear swords is all simply posturing.


But that may not stop the white hats and galactics from using the dark threat to their advantage, to enact martial law worldwide for instance.


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