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I was walking back from dinner with Linda a good friend when we both looked up and saw a beautiful light ship swoop down and power up.It was inspiring and gave us hope for the days to come.Always good to know the Pleiadians are with you.Can always pray your beamed up if things get to crazy.We asked if we knew any folks on the ship,they said there were 70+occupants and gave us a few names we knew from previous connections.I saw another ship two days previously yet it did not pull off the undeniable sweeping powerup.We asked several questions one is the knowledge of the off-worlder presence globally for the masses coming soon?She said just around the corner.It is in motion above and below.


We were a bit disheartened about the Supreme court ruling where the evidence of extreme election fraud could be brought out into the open for all to see.They made it very clear all is well in a few days something big will break that will swing everything in the right direction.It is hard to comprehend how people so corrupt,compromised by hostile foreign governments,guilty of despicable acts,monumental fraud could be the leaders of the Republic.Has America become so corrupted it is not redeemable?Is the swamp so deep it can't be drained?We will see in the next few weeks.


The real power lies in the people,the people have to take a stand and they will.80%of the people do not want[B]iden or his compromised and corrupt staff.Mandatory vaccines proven to be deadly,endless lockdowns,the total collapse of the economy,the end of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights,sounds to me to be exactly what a foreign hostile government would want.A socialist or communist dictators dream.The **C*P,communist china party has just announced they have control of the highest levels of government in America.Let that sink in.


They did not have to fire a shot just drop a few million here and there.To do away with the military they will just vaccinate all of them and watch them drop like flies due to orders from the top down of corrupt and compromised brass.The Gates vaccine has a 100 percent fail rate,100 people signed NDAs took the vaccine in 7 days they were all dead.In Australia those who got the vaccine ended up with HIV and the inoculations have stopped.According to the makers of the vaccines it says will not protect from covid so what is the real agenda?Where is the mainstream news or social media on this?Everyone in the military needs to know this.Luciferase,aborted male fetus RNA,a host of other deadly concoctions some causing sterility are in the vaccine.Nanobots,"trackers"are also in the vaccine.This ties you into the cloud.What happens when a country can no longer reproduce?Anyone who would participate in this is committing genocide,treason,and war crimes.They should be dealt with accordingly.

他们不需要开枪,只需要到处投几百万。为了废除军队,他们只会给所有人接种疫苗,看着他们像苍蝇一样被腐败和妥协的高层下达命令而消失。盖茨的疫苗有100%的失败率,100个签署保密协议的人在7天内接种了疫苗,他们都死了。在澳大利亚,那些接种疫苗的人最终感染了艾滋病毒,接种也停止了。根据疫苗制造商的说法,这种疫苗不能保护人体免受孕,那么真正的议程是什么呢?主流新闻和社交媒体在这方面做得怎么样?军队里的每个人都需要知道这一点。荧光素酶,流产的男性胎儿 RNA,大量其他致命的混合物,一些引起不育的疫苗。纳米机器人,"追踪器"也在疫苗中。这会将你绑定到云中。当一个国家不能再繁衍后代时会发生什么?任何参与其中的人都犯下了种族灭绝、叛国和战争罪。他们应该得到相应的处理

People all over the world are waking up to this which is why the demonstrations are escalating and will continue to do so until those responsible for these hideous crimes are held accountable.The reason none of this makes sense and is often dismissed as a conspiracy theory is because you do not know who has been controlling the planet,the global elite and their plans.Everything being done fits into their plans.Population control,collapsing the economy,ushering in socialism and the end to freedom,especially those guaranteed in the Constitution.The leaders carrying out these plans are the ones bought and paid for by hostile governments as well as the global elite.Forced lockdowns,forced vaccinations,forced masks which create secondary bacterial pneumonia which is what killed most of the people during the Spanish flu,these leaders are all playing their part in the take down America plan.The plan of foreign hostile governments and the global elite.Antifa,BLM and a host of other groups are also being used as dispenseable ponds in the take down America agenda.Divide and conquer.

世界各地的人们正意识到这一点,这就是示威活动不断升级的原因,并将继续这样做,直到追究那些对这些骇人听闻罪行负有责任的人的责任。之所以这些都没有意义,而且经常被当作阴谋论而被驳回,是因为你不知道谁在控制这个星球,全球精英和他们的计划。所有正在做的事情都符合他们的计划。人口控制、经济崩溃、社会主义的到来和自由的终结,特别是宪法所保障的自由。执行这些计划的领导人是那些被敌对政府以及全球精英收买和买单的人。强制封锁,强制接种疫苗,强制口罩制造了二级细菌性肺炎,在西班牙流感期间杀死了大多数人,这些领导人都在打倒美国计划中扮演着自己的角色。外国敌对政府和全球精英的计划。反发,BLM 和许多其他团体也被用作分配池在拿下美国议程。分而治之

Social media has become[d]eep state media,the main stream media owned by the global elite are on board with the take down America plan as well as corrupt politicians owning their allegiance to the global elite and hostile foreign countries.Politicians are getting caught in honey traps set by the **C*P and other hostile governments accepting bribes in the millions.This corruption,sedition and treason is coming to the light.Due to citizen journalists and a few up and coming uncompromised news agencies.People are figuring this out.The truth is surfacing and the people are standing up,demanding the preservation of their freedom.It does not matter what color you are,what religion,which country freedom is an unalienable right.The world is watching America imperfect as it may be,one of the last vestiges of freedom,a country founded on individual freedom where freedom is in our DNA to see if it will stand or fall.It is their last hope and they pray we are successful in rooting out what can only be described as pure evil when all is said and done.This process may take down 70%of our leadership many of which have already stepped down.Incomprehensible decadence,the performance of acts that would drop seasoned police to their knees have been recorded and sit as evidence in several lap tops,Hunter[B]iden and Anthony Weiner to name two.There is enough evidence gathered by the NSA which has everything to end the careers of many in high level leadership which is the problem.Who is going to make it public and who is going to prosecute?Who is not compromised or in fear of retribution and there has been a lot of that?The dilemma the dark hearts have is nothing stays hidden in the days to come and the people are waking up,gathering together,becoming empowered which is their biggest nightmare.In other words,the people are the enemy.Now you know the reason behind the manufactured virus,the lockdowns,the deadly vaccines,and the total censorship of the main stream news and social media concerning any of these topics.It is so obvious even the socially engineered critical thinking and research impaired can see it.It is and has been unfolding right before your eyes the elephant in the room which is now defecating on everything.


Almost all options to remedy the extreme corruption and election fraud,interference by hostile foreign governments thus far have only brought everything into light.The system is so corrupt the possibilities of holding those accountable is far and few between.


The last step to preserve America will be the Department of Defense,Homeland security and the cyber warfare department.They have everything,they know everything,they have the means to preserve America and set things straight.It is the duty of the highest levels of government,the military and all enforcement agencies to protect the people and the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.Then then there is the 80%the silent majority that is no longer silent.Guess how this one turns out?


The latest breaking new is concerning Canada.Trudeau has allowed hundreds of thousands of **C*P,Communist Chinese troops to train on the border.According to multiple sources prominent democrats have allowed massive underground bases to be built in Main,Michigan and other possible areas to house foreign troops.There was a military jet shot down investigating major Chinese troop movements across the Canadian border with a high energy weapon.Two of these bases have been removed with bunker busters with what sources are saying 3 more to go.Most likely they will be taken and used as evidence.This is the hail Mary by the dem's and the[d]eep state as a last ditch effort to bring in hostile foreign governments mainly the **C*P to maintain their corrupt and treasonous empire.There are skirmishes in Hong Kong and Japan both very active in defending their borders.We are waiting for more sources to confirm these reports until then heads up.Prepare on every level for some disruptions.


James Gilliland



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