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秘密的地球控制者想要改变你的 DNA,把你变成像灰色外星人一样被控制的机器人,强迫你放弃你与宇宙意识的精神联系。

Alaje|2021/02/09  对当前问题的详细说明


秘密的地球控制者想要改变你的 DNA,把你变成像灰色外星人一样被控制的机器人,强迫你放弃你与宇宙意识的精神联系。

I have answered everything about the illuminati virus since 2020 in many puplic comments,but many people are lazy and dont want to scroll down a few seconds to read them,and are sending me all the time questions about it.So I will write everything important here again in detail.


As I said in 2020,In the current virus crisis,that was created on purpose by the negative british-american secret earth controllers(illuminati,bilderbergers,freemasons....),you have to keep your energy high with cosmic love energy and strengthen your physical body and immune system,with Ginseng tablets,tablets with ALL vitamins and minerals,Nasturtium herb capsules,Horseradish root capsules,Chaga tea and Oolong Tea.


As I say since 2006,since 15 years in my youtube channel,planet earth is controlled by an evil demonic rich people cult,who are operating in secret since hundrets of years,and are working together with different negative extraterrestrials,to keep the society on planet earth primitive and controlled.They dont want that earth humans develop spiritually,so they promote primitive tv shows,religions,gay perversions,crime movies,and anything else that is blocking earth humans to develop a higher consciousness of light.Ignorant people dont believe this because they dont have knowledge.

正如我从2006年开始在我的 youtube 频道上说的,从15年前开始,地球就被一个邪恶的富人邪教所控制,他们几百年来一直秘密运作,与不同的负面外星人合作,保持地球社会的原始和控制。他们不希望地球人的精神发展,所以他们促进原始的电视节目,宗教,同性恋变态,犯罪电影,和任何其他阻碍地球人发展更高的光意识。无知的人不相信这些,因为他们没有知识

The secret earth controllers are controlling and manipulating everything you see on television,especially politics,economy and religions.They are NEVER on tv,they work in secret,and they tell most governments what to do and what to show on televison.They have servants to be on televison.


The politicians you see on american television are the puppets of the secret government.They are entertainers to keep the unaware people busy,while the real secret rulers can continue their dark projects undisturbed in the background.


The secret earth controllers want to transform earth humans into biological robots,like the extraterrestrial gray androids.They want to have controlled androids on planet earth,with a society of no privacy and no spirituality.


I am telling since many years,earth humans have to develop cosmic light in the heart and consciousness,to stop the dark side and the illuminati to manipulate the society.But most earth humans dont listen.I was attacked,ridiculed,and insulted by evil,demonic people.


Now we have an unpleasant situation,because the majority of earth humans are using negative energies,they are insulting lightworkers,and with this they are supporting the projects of the dark side.


The corona vaccines are coming from the same countries that have created the virus.From the American/British Illuminati who are controlling all parts of the society,especially pharma,politics,media and all other industries.They had these vaccines ready since 2019 and they have tested them before on animals.


These corona vaccines have an ingredient mix of artificial DNA of gray extreterrestrials and nano technology.These new toxic vaccines,they are trying to bring them fast,before people have time to think about it.By the way,the word"Corona",comes from the Greek word"KORONA",and means CROWN.They named this virus corona,because when you see it under a microscope,it looks like it has a crown on the surface.

这些冠状疫苗的成分混合了灰色外星人的人工 DNA 和纳米技术。这些新的有毒疫苗,他们试图在人们有时间思考之前,快速地把它们带到人们面前。顺便说一下,"Corona"这个词,来源于希腊语"KORONA",意思是皇冠。他们把这种病毒命名为"corona",因为当你在显微镜下看到它时,它的表面看起来像是有一个皇冠。

The secret earth controllers are working together with many different negative extraterrestrial races,who are not living in tune with the light.One of them are the gray extraterrestrials,since the 1940s.


These negative extraterrestrials are abducting earth humans to make genetic manipulations and experements since thousands of years.Now this is not enough for them,and the illuminati have created the corona crisis to create a GLOBAL GENETIC MANIPULATION in a short time.


Since 2020 they use this artificially created vaccination situation,together with the american/british secret governments to manipulate the genetics and DNA of earth humans,to make them more like the gray extraterrestrial androids,and loose the focus on spirituality.They try to find a way to change the human DNA and the cells that have stored information of the light energy.

2020年以来,他们利用这种人为创造的疫苗接种情况,与美国/英国秘密政府一起操纵地球人类的基因和 DNA,使他们更像灰色的外星机器人,并放松对灵性的关注。他们试图找到改变人类 DNA 和储存光能信息的细胞的方法。

The secret earth controllers want to transform you into a biological robot,like the extraterrestrial grays.They want to have controlled androids on planet earth,with a society of no privacy and no spirituality.


So they created the plan with the corona crisis.This plan has the following steps:


STEP 1)=Create an artificial virus,spread it in all countries and blame it to another country.


STEP 2)=Create fear with television propaganda in all countries for at least 2 years,so people would be manipulated enough and would want to be probands and test persons for the experimental corona vaccines out of fear.As I said many years ago in my movies,these evil earth controllers,first create a problem,then they blame others for it,and later they appear as the"savior"who has the healing.They have used this strategy since many years in many wars and other situations.


STEP 3)=They have created inappropriate and inaccurate virus tests with wrong results so people think they have the virus and would want the Gray-Nano-DNA vaccination by free will.Because these corona vaccines are experimental,after taking the vaccination,people get really sick,have severe side effects,Immune system defects,infertility,have breathing problems and die.These deaths are presented on televison as corona virus deaths,but in reality they are vaccination deaths.Ignorant people are only test persons for the corona vaccines-(Report of 10 people died and several people have severe allergic reactions after taking the vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech:

他们用错误的结果创造了不恰当和不准确的病毒测试,所以人们认为他们已经感染了病毒,并希望灰色纳米 dna 疫苗的自由意志。因为这些冠状病毒疫苗是实验性的,接种疫苗后,人们真的会生病,有严重的副作用,免疫系统缺陷,不孕,有呼吸问题和死亡。这些死亡在电视上被描述为冠状病毒死亡,但实际上他们是接种疫苗死亡。无知的人只是冠状疫苗的试验者。(据报道,有10人在服用辉瑞和生物技术公司的疫苗后死亡,几人出现严重的过敏反应。

What doctors who are not controlled by the governments are saying:


For the case that people dont accept the virus and vaccinations,the secret earth controllers have created MUTATIONS,different versions of the virus,to trigger more fear,and force people to demand to have the illuminati Gray ET-Nano-DNA vaccination.

对于人们不接受病毒和疫苗的情况,秘密地球控制者已经创造了变异,不同版本的病毒,以引发更多的恐惧,并迫使人们要求接种光照派的灰色 ET-Nano-DNA 疫苗。

STEP 4)=They have created a CURFEW and Lock-down in all countries,like in a prison,to create a PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE in the society.Dont allow people to have physical social communication,force them to wear a mask,in order to create depressions,agression,fear,sadness,negative thoughts,to loose the inner light and spiritual connection to the light.Primitive earth humans start to be agressive against others who dont have a mask.This negative atmosphere of fear,is supporting criminals to sell fake vaccines online,so people not only loose their money,but also their health.


Primitive earth humans behave more primitive when they are forced to stay locked at home,because their mind is not spiritual developed to handle the situation with a higher awareness.


The lock downs are creating also a psychological damage to children,who loose the interaction and learning process,by playing and talking with other children.This transforms the children into emotionless robots who are only focused on computers,exactly like the gray extraterrestrals.This phycological damage will change their behavior and as adults they will be like robots too,with no knowledge of social natural behavior.


STEP 5)=In order to force more people to take the illuminati-Gray ET-Nano-DNA vaccine manipulation,they are thinking about allowing only vaccinated people to travel,or use public places like restaurants.This will create again more hate and a division in the society.As I said before,the illuminati use since hundrets of years the trick:Divide and conquer".They are always creating problems and chaos,so earth humans are always busy with problems and dont even think about the deeper meaning of life and the wish to develop the consciousness in tune with the light.

为了迫使更多的人接受光照派的 ET-Nano-DNA 疫苗操纵,他们正在考虑只允许接种疫苗的人旅行,或者使用餐馆等公共场所。这将再次制造更多的仇恨和社会分裂。正如我之前所说,几百年来光明会一直使用这个技巧:分而治之。他们总是在制造问题和混乱,所以地球人类总是忙于解决问题,甚至不去考虑生命的深层意义,也不去想要发展与光和谐一致的意识。

As I said in previous comments,I dont trust any of the manufacturers of the governments,and I would wait 2 or 3 years to see what these illuminati vaccines will do to those who want them right now.Nobody knows what kind of toxic mix they have put in these vaccines and what it will do to the DNA.

正如我在之前的评论中所说的,我不信任任何政府的制造商,我会等上23年,看看这些光明会疫苗会对那些现在想要它们的人产生什么影响。没有人知道他们在这些疫苗中放入了什么样的有毒混合物,以及它会对 DNA 产生什么影响。

In 2 or 3 years we will see the results.It is possible that they put NANO TECHNOLOGY in the vaccines.Nano technology is only visible through a very powerful microscope.Nano bots can send signals to satelites and then to a server with computers,so they can always know where you are.Nano technology can manipulate the brain with the use of a computer and satelites.Just like you use a phone with signals from satelites.They can program you to think like they want,they can program images in your brain,they can program you to do things,or make you angry,by just triggering the corresponding parts of the brain.I would trust only a medicine from doctors who are not working for governements.But people have to decide for themselves what they want for themselves.


On my collective lightwork meditation each sunday,we have to send cosmic light energy on planet earth,to create more solutions and more possibilities,to have a secure medicine,and stop the plans of the dark side.As I say since many years,we have to send cosmic light energy to enlighten people in power positions,so they will act in tune with the light.The information for the collective lightwork each sunday,is in the comments section in my channel here on youtube and on my channel.In addition,it is important to watch all my movies of my documentary(currently 24 episodes),to learn how to develop a higher awareness of cosmic love.

在我每个星期天的集体光之冥想中,我们必须向地球发送宇宙光能,创造更多的解决方案和可能性,拥有安全的药物,并停止黑暗面的计划。正如我多年来所说的,我们必须发送宇宙光能来启迪处于权力位置的人们,这样他们才能与光协调行动。每周日集体光之工作的信息,都在我的 youtube 频道和 vk 频道的评论栏里。此外,重要的是看我所有的电影纪录片(目前24),以了解如何发展一个更高的意识宇宙之爱。


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