X22报告|第3020集: 美联储认为他们占了上风,我们正在进行最后的战斗

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[ DS ]已经没有什么可以用来对付特朗普了,他们已经没有信息弹药了,现在他们正试图关闭通讯,让我们卷入一场实战。这不会发生

X22报告|第3020集: 美联储认为他们占了上风,我们正在进行最后的战斗

Ep. 3020a – [CB] Believes They Have The Upper Hand By Nationalizing The Banks, It Has Begun

[CB] 相信他们通过银行国有化占了上风,这一切已经开始了

Ep. 3020b – Trump Promises To “Totally Obliterate The [DS]”,We Are In The Final Battle, Stage Is Set

特朗普承诺“彻底消灭[ DS ]”,我们在最后的战斗,阶段已经设置



The more the [CB]/[WEF] pushes the worse it gets for them, they are not in control, Trump and the patriots are. They are being brought down a path that will destroy their entire system. The exposure of the economic system and the corrupt banking system has already begun.

[ CB ]/[ WEF ]推动得越多,对他们越不利,他们就不能控制局面,特朗普和爱国者们才能。他们正在走上一条毁灭他们整个系统的道路。经济体系和腐败的银行体系的暴露已经开始。


The [DS] has nothing left to use on Trump, they are out of information ammunition and they are now trying to shutdown communications and bring us into a physical war. This will not happen, Trump is the peace keeper and the people will see those who want war. Trump says he promises to “totally obliterate the [DS]”, this is the final battle and the stage is set to bring down their entire system. The election fraud is going to be exposed and their treasonous crimes are being exposed at the same time.

[ DS ]已经没有什么可以用来对付特朗普了,他们已经没有信息弹药了,现在他们正试图关闭通讯,让我们卷入一场实战。这不会发生,特朗普是和平守护者,人民会看到那些想要战争的人。特朗普表示,他承诺“彻底消灭(DS)”,这是最后一战,整个体系即将崩溃。选举舞弊将被揭露出来,他们的叛国罪也将同时被揭露出来。


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