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瑞典银河真理报|第331期  一些让你深思的事情Something for You to Ponder Over


5th February 2021


Thérèse Z here;

这里是特蕾莎 z

Some Lightworkers have been expressing some very strong feelings regarding our situation right now.I have heard words to the effect of saying that you cannot be redeemed~saved~unless you are saying'No'right now to the total imprisonment that is on the way into a dystopian dysfunctional society.


Some lightworkers believe that people need to suffer even more{someone in Sweden in this case}to be able to wake up.This idea may very well be truthful at least where Sweden is concerned.Some things I believe my readers around the globe might not know about Sweden.We have a word that is used frequently here that is not that easily translated and certainly not with one word.The word is'Lagom'and literally means'not too much and not too little',in fact this word could describe the Swedish mentality.When I came to Sweden,I couldn't get over the fact that they had no problems.This was in the early seventies.Everyone had everything in the way of homes,modern and fully equipped,money to pay their necessities,clean environment(you would not find a sweet paper on the street),people made use of the forest and picked berries and mushrooms etc and everyone knew what the Swedish law'general right of way for everyone'{Allemansrätten}to move about everywhere in nature meant,no one would leave paper after a picnic or light fires in the wrong places etc.It was pure Heaven.The social welfare was there to support those with problems.There was no such thing as homelessness.Didn't exist.Ok you get the general idea!That experience of Sweden was pretty much the picture until the facade started to crack around 1988.


So whoever is really deciding how Sweden should approach this pandemic,has taken the Swedish sense of freedom of movement etc into account and they have done this in a'lagom'way.My friend said the other day that people keep comparing their situation here to how bad it is in other countries and so they think'oh we're so well off...look how bad things are there'and so they comply perfectly to all of the new rules and restrictions that grow more restricted every week{every day at this point}and yet nobody complains.They know exactly how to imprison the Swedes at a'lagom'pace so that they don't quite notice what's happening.You can be sure that our'controllers'have worked out perfectly how each culture should be treated for best effect.


A lady wrote to me today(she is beginning to awaken)and said Thérèse have you seen the news today?One would imagine that we were in a world war situation.Vaccination passports,military at the Norwegian border etc.Where on Earth are we going?


One Lightworker describes a situation where a change takes place soon{within a couple of months}and where some people are in a more enlightened place but that the rest of the world is still in a semi dystopian type of civilization.They claim that there is no way out of the Matrix unless you decide to remove yourself from it and become an enlightened being.

一个光之工作者描述了这样一种情况瑞典银河真理报|第331期  一些让你深思的事情在几个月内)一个变化很快就会发生,一些人处在一个更加开明的地方,但是世界上的其他地方仍然是一个半反乌托邦式的文明。他们声称,除非你决定离开矩阵,成为一个开明的存在,否则就没有办法走出矩阵。

I see some seeming enlightened individuals making statements that do not concur with my idea of how things will change when we go through The Event.


My understanding of what I have written about on this website for more than 8 years now is that when The Event~Compression Breakthrough is upon us nothing will ever be the same again...and that means for everyone on the planet...not just the awakened population.

瑞典银河真理报|第331期  一些让你深思的事情我在这个网站上写了8年多的东西,我的理解是,当压缩突破事件发生在我们身上时,一切都不会再一样了......这意味着地球上的每个人......不仅仅是觉醒的人口。

How can there be some parts of Gaia where some of us live in harmony{yes~possibly some of us will live in a greater state of harmony,if we take into consideration those areas and cities of Light that will develop}...and others are still trapped in a matrix??


This line of thinking makes no sense to me!


I am now going to say something rather controversial!I ask myself the following,how come it seems to be the fact that some of these seeming amazingly enlightened Lightworkers that are doing a tremendous amount of work awakening people~how come they have NO CLUE what is meant by The Event?Have they even heard about it?Maybe I'm thinking it's not'fashionable'to speak about it?


Although some of these Lightworkers are among some of the most well-known lightworkers on the planet and are more than fully educated on a great variety of subjects there are some things that they never talk about?


When the subject of extraterrestrial beings come into the discussion the titles of'Pleiadians''Greys''Reptilians'etc.are discussed in such a manner as to portray a feeling to the listener that these various types of extraterrestrial races are part of the same'package'so to speak.


I have never ever heard one of these'enlightened'lightworkers mentioning the fact that A)the reason there is nothing to fear regarding nuclear bombs is simply because the Galactic CONfederation ships have been shutting off the ignition capability of all nuclear warheads for the last two decades.B)I have never heard any of them mention the fact that the Alliance spaceships prevented a huge catastrophe in Russia when they broke up that meteorite before it reached the surface.At one point in time there was a marvellous video available taken from a car that clearly showed the three ships involved in this mission and how one overtook the meteor and turned back to hit it straight on so that it broke up.This amazing video was removed of course.C)I have never heard any of these enlightened individuals speaking about the Ashtar Command.D)Right now one does not need to visit James Gilliland's wonderful ranch up in Washington state to see the Galactic Confederation ships.They are literally EVERYWHERE.We never hear anything about this fact in those many enlightened discussions.


I will end here at least for the moment.There are surely other questions that can be reflected upon regarding this subject.


Until next time...much love️ to everyone!


PS:An excerpt from The Event page 1

PS:摘自 The Event page 1



There are numerous Divine Ascended Masters and Arch-Angels involved with these changes and supporting humanity through all of this.See bottom of this page.But right here I would like to mention One of them.Commander Ashtar is His name.His last incarnation on Earth was 25000 years ago.His main project is the Ascension of Humanity.Another of Ashtar's projects is First Contact{with our Galactic Family}which I will also write about in the coming weeks.Another of His projects is training in telepathic communication.At'The Event'He can take over the media.All the TV programs will be broadcasting the message.


At a certain point,energies of the Galactic Central Sun will burn through all obstacles of the Matrix on the astral and etheric planes and all negative entities will be removed.They will be replaced with angels and spiritual guides as one prophecy beautifully states.


"The Net Must Come Down,It Ends,Light Enters.


The final step is simply taking down the net.This has to be done and events will then quickly follow.


The One will put forth all that energy to destroy the net itself and events will kick in almost immediately.


The programs will have no place to hide,no portals,no equipment,nothing.They will be led off and weather pattern of luminosity will begin."




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