2019年5月30日10:02:05新闻特朗普在“新欧洲诞生”后成为胜利者,原因是“受够了虚假民主”的民众感到愤怒。已关闭评论5363字数 9881阅读32分56秒阅读模式


By:Sorcha Faal,and as reported to her Western Subscribers

作者:Sorcha Faal,报告给她的西方订阅者

An interesting new Security Council(SC)report circulating in the Kremlin today approving the historic world's longest life extension of nuclear armed intercontinental ballistic missiles,states that this unprecedented request by the Strategic Missile Forces(SMS)must be viewed in the context of President Donald Trump having just become the defacto leader of the entire West—a stunning accomplishment Trump built upon this past week when his populist-nationalist forces scored their"miracle win"in Australia—swept through elections in the world's largest democracy India in what is being described as a"populist warning to the entire world"—and yesterday saw a"New Europe Being Born"from an election fueled by the anger of its citizens"Fed Up With Fake Democracy"—that today sees the results of being best exampled by an Americanpolitical expert who summarized the new state of the European Union as:

克里姆林宫今天发布了一份有趣的安理会报告,批准了世界上历史上最长寿命的核武洲际弹道导弹,指出,战略导弹部队(Strategic Missile Forces,简称 SMS)提出的这一前所未有的要求,必须在唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)刚刚成为整个西方事实上的领导人的背景下来看待。这是特朗普在过去一周取得的一项惊人成就,当时他的民粹主义民族主义力量在澳大利亚获得了"奇迹般的胜利",横扫了世界上最大的民主国家印度的选举,被称为"对全世界的民粹主义警告"。昨天,"受够了虚假民主"推动的选举催生了一场"新欧洲诞生"。今天,一位美国政治专家将这场选举的结果总结为:

Fragmentation with all parties fighting over power and position


Undetermined leadership,no EU President will easily emerge


Contrary to what the MSM is saying,the nationalist populists have won and the Greens have done well

MSM 的说法相反,民族主义的民粹主义者赢了,绿党做得很好

Kataclysmic as this election shakes Europe to its roots,already causing turmoil and new national elections from Greece to Austria to Italy,likely


Euro redefined,watch the currency and follow the money.Many of the new MEPs do not want the EU dominance in their national economies


Deadlocked is the operative word;the integrationist-globalist march is stopped in its tracks.


You can read what this spells.



According to this report,just a little over a week ago,on 20-May,the Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MoFA)issued an extremely troubling warning that leftist European Union leaders had gone"Full Orwellian"ahead of their continent's historic elections that experts said"Would Shake The World"—that was near immediately followed by illegal migrants taking over an airport in Paris declaring"France Does Not Belong to the French"and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker shamefully slamming his own citizens by saying about them"these populist,nationalists,stupid nationalists,they are in love with their own countries".


As the populist-nationalist peoples in the United Kingdom had done in 2016 when they arose en masse to vote themselves out of the European Union,followed by their equally fed up with living under socialist tyranny American cousins who swept President Trump to his"miracle election win"that same year,this report continues,the peoples of the EU came out to vote over these past few days in numbers not seen for 20-years—with fully 51%of them turning out to"smash the socialist globalist elite"and return their nations back to the people they rightfully belong to—best exampled in the UK where its populist-nationalists formed a new party just six-weeks ago that now has as many members in the EU Parliament as Germany does—while in France,Italy and Poland(just to name a few)populist-nationalist forces were swept into power,too—and whose "populist wave"forces show no sign of ebbing either.



With leftist-socialist Catholic Church"leader of pedophiles"Pope Francis"sounding the racism alarm"and outright communist leader Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel"warning that dark forces are on the rise in Europe"simply because people have become fed up with the fake democracy these globalist elites have imposed on them,this report notes,they,along with all of the other socialist-globalist leaders around the globe,failed to notice that the peoples they despotically rule over have awakened to the fact that the socialist imposed tactic of division known as"identity politics"has become"downright dangerous"—and whose true purpose behind masks these leftist's undisguised anti-semitism and hatred against the Jewish peoples and Israel.


Starting last month ahead of the EU elections,in fact,this report details,the international edition of The New York Times started publishing anti-semitic cartoons of President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu likening them to"Jewish dogs"as the German Nazi Regime had once done—that was followed in the days just prior to this election by Politico,likewise,posting a graphic image to their European readers of US Senator Bernie Sanders next to a"Jewish Money Tree"—and BuzzFeed telling its European readers that Trump nationalist-populist supporter Ben Shapiro was inspiring attacks on Jewishsynagogues—an outrageous and despicable claim to make as Shapiro is a devout Orthodox Jew—but whose shocking combined effect of had Germany in the days before this election warning its Jewish peoples to"don't look like Jews".

事实上,从上个月欧盟选举之前开始,这篇报道详细描述了《纽约时报》的国际版开始刊登特朗普总统和以色列总理的反犹本雅明·内塔尼亚胡漫画,把他们比作德国纳粹政权曾经做过的"犹太狗"ーー就在这次选举之前的几天,Politico 也这样做了,"犹太摇钱树"旁向欧洲读者张贴美国参议员伯尼桑德斯(Bernie Sanders)的图片,BuzzFeed 告诉欧洲读者,特朗普的民族主义民粹主义支持者本夏皮罗(Ben Shapiro)正在煽动对犹太教堂的攻击。夏皮罗是一名虔诚的东正教犹太教徒,这是一种令人愤慨和卑鄙的说法,但是,德国在本次选举前的那些日子里对德国产生了令人震惊的综合影响,警告其犹太人"不要看起来像犹太人"




Dehumanizing of Jewish peoples began with Nazi German cartoons—and continues today with US-EU socialist-globalist elites


The true and demonic reason US and EU socialist-globalist elites began flooding Europe with lies about Trump and his global nationalist-populist supporters being anti-semitic before this historic election,this report explains,was to instill unjust fear in their citizens that if they voted for nationalist-populist candidates,they would be supporting Nazism—and is why all of these candidates who have just won a crushing victory over these socialist-globalists are now being called by them the"far right"—a dishonest label quickly accepted in a brainwashed America—but had no chance of being believed in a Europe whose citizens all know that Nazi Germany was a totalitarian socialist nation whose leaders despised national-populists,and capitalism,too.



Socialist-globalist elites in US and EU trying to destroy President Trump and his nationalist-populist force sound more like Adolph Hitler by the day


Most terrifying to the socialist-globalist elites in both the US and EU as President Trump's national-populist forces pound them into oblivion the world over,and to such an extent that his hometown New York City has now taken the title of global financial capitol away from London,this report further notes,is that in spite of the"Facebook War Room"set up to"manage and manipulate"these European elections,it"failed beyond all expectations"—a failure,no doubt,spurred by the global fitness giant CrossFit who,just days before the EU election,stunningly announced that it was deplatforming itself from Facebook and all of the companies it owns because:

这份报告进一步指出,对于美国和欧盟的社会主义全球主义精英阶层来说,最可怕的是,尽管设立了"Facebook 作战室""管理和操纵"这些欧洲选举,但它"失败得出乎所有人的意料"ーー毫无疑问,这是由全球健身巨头 CrossFit 推动的失败。就在欧盟选举前几天,CrossFit 令人震惊地宣布,它正在脱离 Facebook 及其所拥有的所有公司,原因是:

Facebook collects and aggregates user information and shares it with state and federal authorities,as well as security organizations from other countries.


Facebook collaborates with government security agencies on massive citizen surveillance programs such as PRISM.

与政府安全机构合作开展大规模的公民监控项目,比如 PRISM

Facebook censors and removes user accounts based on unknown criteria and at the request of third parties including government and foreign government agencies.


Facebook collects,aggregates and sells user information as a matter of business.Its business model allows governments and businesses alike to use its algorithmically conjured advertising categories as sophisticated data-mining and surveillance tools.

收集、聚合和销售用户信息是 Facebook 的一项业务。其商业模式允许政府和企业利用其算法创造性的广告类别,将其作为复杂的数据挖掘和监控工具。

Facebook's news feeds are censored and crafted to reflect the political leanings of Facebook's utopian socialists while remaining vulnerable to misinformation campaigns designed to stir up violence and prejudice.

Facebook的新闻源被审查和精心设计,以反映 Facebook 的乌托邦社会主义者的政治倾向,同时仍然容易受到旨在煽动暴力和偏见的错误信息运动的伤害。


Continuing to battle against the"utopian socialists"at Facebook doing the bidding of their elite globalist masters in both the US and EU,this report concludes,is global national-populist leader President Trump—who,along with his"going scorched earth"against forces laughably believing they can impeach him,has begun building his own worldwide"alternative social network"—one of whose main truthful outlets is the Twitteralternative PARLER that kept honest facts flowing to the European peoples this past month before their elections—and is why,in spite of the non-stop pummeling of Trump by the leftist news media,even the leftist CBS NEWS had to report last week that his re-election is all but inevitable—a prediction followed by three of America's forecast modelers who predict Trump will win in 2020—and concurred upon by Mark Zandi,the Chief Economist at Moody's Analytics,who has looked at 12 election models,and says Trump wins in all of them.

这份报告得出结论称,全球民粹主义的国家领导人特朗普总统继续在美国和欧盟听命于 Facebook 上的"乌托邦社会主义者",与那些认为可以弹劾他的势力进行"焦土化"斗争。特朗普总统已经开始建立自己的全球性"另类社交网络"——其主要的真实渠道之一是推特上的另类 PARLER,在欧洲人民大选之前的一个月里,该网站不断向他们提供真实的事实——这就是为什么尽管左翼新闻媒体不断抨击特朗普,甚至连左翼的哥伦比亚广播公司新闻频道(CBS NEWS)上周也不得不报道,特朗普的连任几乎是不可避免的——三位美国预测模型师随后做出了这一预测,他们预测特朗普将在2020年获胜——穆迪分析公司(Moody's Analytics)首席经济学家马克·赞迪(Mark Zandi)也同意这一预测。赞迪研究了12个选举模型,并表示特朗普在所有模型中都获胜。



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