The Archons are parasitic entities which are intelligence driven mind predators.They exist on multiply dimensions,able to slip from one dimension to another within the lower frequencies of the 6th,through to 1st dimensions.They do not solely exist on the third dimension though they can directly affect our reality,often unseen.They have infected all life forms in our galaxy to one degree or another.They are mind entities and operate on frequencies,which affect the mind matrix of all beings in the galaxy.They can be thought of as intelligent,mind predatory entities.They do not have a form as such but for those who have seen them manifest in 4th dimensional bodies,they often appear as black slug like entities.They are a cloudy black mass of energy which moves in slithering movements which resemble large snakelike slugs.Healers and Mediums are reporting seeing black slimy slug like beings hanging around the homes,of those who are having problems with astral entities,ghosts,and the deceased.These snake like slug beings are also seen attached to people's auric fields inserting their tendrils into the chakra points,feeding off the person's energy body.Just as leeches were used in medieval times to cleanse the blood these black leeches are feeding off the life force of an infected person.


The host planets to these beings are within the constellation of Orion.This system is not their original home but it is one of the many systems which these beings have taken over and made into their host worlds.These Archontic parasites inhabit hollowed out cave systems within planets,which they then inhabit to produce their offspring.In the centre of the planet there is one large Hydra like being whose tendrils pass through all the labyrinth cave systems feeding upon the negative fear energies,created by humanoid beings imprisoned there.These beings feed upon lower fear frequencies which they stimulate into being through mental torture.Humanoid beings from other systems in our galaxy have been captured by possessed Reptilian and Grey forces and are now held prisoner within the caves of these host worlds.Humanoid beings have the ability to create an emotional energetic food which these Archons feed upon.The Archons prefer the negative,dark,polarised energetic food which humans create when they are in intense fear and a constant state of anxiety.


Once these Archontic parasites have developed to a certain level they have the ability to project themselves into other dimensions,like a writhing mass of slithering black snake like slugs they move into and through the lower levels.They search for beings with minds which can be directly affected to stimulate and create low frequencies emotional nourishment for them to feed off.These parasitic beings influence humanoid beings to live in the illusion of separation,fear,darkness,isolation,pain,suffering,and torture.Beings in these states create certain brain waves which then cause a reaction within the emotional bodies,which the Archons then feed upon.The Archons are totally cut off from the nourishing light and love of the Creator,the Universal Dreamer.They are so cut off from the light and love they need to feed off the energies created by other beings in order to survive.They infect the mind matrix of the possessed being,learning extremely quickly how the host's mind works and very intelligently infiltrate it and begin to influence it from within the subconscious.


Some beings are more prone to being possessed than others;fallen reptilian forces especially from Alpha Draconis known as the Draco have been totally possessed by these parasitic entities.The Draco Reptilians are aggressive in nature and produce massive amounts of hormonal,chemical,energetic substances within the brains and bodies which the Archons can then feed upon.It is a symbiotic relationship,the Archonic entity possesses the mind matrix of the Draco Reptilian and stimulates its thinking into demonic,negative,dark thought processes which directly influences the creation of hormonal,chemical,and energetic food within the Reptilian body.The Archon lives within the mind matrix of the host being,stimulating it into creating a reality which the Archon can then live within and inhabit.


The Archons cannot create reality for themselves;they have long since severed their connection with the love and light of the Universal Dreamer and therefore no longer have the ability to create.The ability to create comes directly from the creator of this universe;the Archons no longer have this ability and therefore can only copy the inspired thought of other lower dimensional beings.They inhabit beings existing on the lower levels and cause them to use their divine inherited creative ability,to create realities which run along the designs of the Archontic agenda.These realities are especially dark and controlling as it is within these kinds of realities beings are so easily led.The further into dark realities a being falls,the easier it is controlled and possessed by one of these parasitic archontic entities.


They are especially tricky beings as they have the ability to slip in between dimensions within the lower levels,they can mimic and shape shift into other forms,therefore deceiving beings into accepting their influence.Healers working on various dimensions have reported that these beings can operate on several levels at once and are intelligent enough to pass from one to another,often undetected.Often when we are battling demonic often reptilian forces we are not only battling actual reptilian beings existing on the 4th dimension,but we are also battling against an archontic parasite which has possessed the Reptilian being and is influencing its mind and behaviour.The Archons have created a distortion within the mind matrix of our galaxy and all beings operating in the lower levels within are under their influence to one degree or another,however some are more genetically predisposed to being possessed by an archontic parasite than others.The Reptilian genetic makeup which creates a reptilian mind matrix is easily infiltrated by these archontic parasites.Many of the wars fought in our galaxy in past and present eons were first triggered and then nurtured into being by the Archontic mind predators.The galactic wars created immense pain for the galaxy and all beings which lived within it,the victims of these wars created massive amounts of emotional,energetic food for the swarming snakelike parasites.These negative energies not only nourished the Archons,it also caused them to increase in numbers.Our whole galaxy is now infected.There are of course beings in the galaxy that operate on the higher levels who are not under the influence of these archontic entities,however many of the races of negatively orientated beings within our galaxy,now affecting earth and humanity,are directly possessed by these Archons.


Through the Reptilian forces the Archons have imprisoned the human mind,encouraging humanity's victimisation by other galactic beings.The energy of victimisation which humanity is creating only sends a message out into the galaxy,that they are open to be oppressed and thus they attract negatively orientated beings,such as the Reptilians,who wish to negatively influence mankind.The planet earth and its human family are in a high state of archontic infection of epidemic proportions.As we look out at our world and see massive amounts of negative realities being enacted on the world stage,we have to ask ourselves from where this negativity comes.The average person on the earth is of a loving heart yet daily they act as if they have no heart,no mind,and no will of their own.They are infected by an archontic parasitic mind entity.


The archontic infection is very difficult to diagnose as these entities are incredibly tricky and have the ability to directly affect our mind and can talk with a voice and words that you think are your own.These beings have the ability to look into the subconscious mind and use the language it finds there to communicate with the conscious mind,putting it directly under its influence.It is possible to be completely possessed by these Archontic parasites without having an idea of the infection.Someone who is possessed by these Archons has chakra infections,the infestation orientates in one or more of the chakras.The solar plexus which seems especially prone to infection,is often completely infested and controlled by these archontic parasites.From within the chakra the Archon feds off the energy of the chakra,causing it to distort and go off balance thus sending the entire system into imbalance,which only opens it up to more parasitic infection.Most people are only infected in one chakra,though there are also people who are fully possessed,often they are in positions of power upon the earth.Many of the atrocities acted out upon the world stage are archontic agendas in play.


Have you ever wondered where those negative thoughts come from,you know that voice in your head which always puts you down,or puts others down,causes you to judge yourself and others.Have you ever wondered why your negative thoughts are so much easier to think than those of a positive nature?Have you wondered why those negative thoughts trigger fear and worry especially in your solar plexus,and how these feelings create heaviness in the body which is so debilitating?This is a sign of archontic infection.


Light workers are reporting being under archontic attack.It seems that the Archons have moved on in their agenda and are now actively attacking Light Workers on the planet.They cause Light Workers to fall in consciousness;the Archons can stir up old unresolved issues.If for some reason the Archons cannot infect the Light Worker they will manipulate another to act out this archontic agenda.Many Light Workers are reporting people blaming them for things they have not done,and other people are projecting their issues on to them.This can cause major confusion and distress for the Light Worker as they have to defend themselves from the accusations which come from the projection of the other person.The Archons will choose people who are the closest to you to steer you off your path.Often those people who you feel the closest to,the person you feel is part of your soul family,and the person you would never imagine would want to hurt you,suddenly turns on you for no real rational reason.Often when the damage is done the archontic parasite will pass into another dimension and the person who has fallen under its possession has no memory of the blame game they had been influenced to play.It is important to remember that the person blaming and judging you is under the influence of the archontic parasite.It is possible that the Archons will also possess many people around you,making you think the problem must lie with you,as so many more people are turning against you.If the Archon parasite can isolate the Light Worker from its fellow friends and family then their work is successful.


The higher up the ladder you climb,the more work you do on yourself,the lighter you become,the more open to this archontic attack you are prone.It is like moths to the flame;the Archons can pick you out from the sea of the collective consciousness and can send their tendrils to attack you either directly through your own thoughts,or through the negative thoughts of another.They can directly influence another person to attack you,many Light Workers are under heavy attack from others right now,from people they once considered to be their close friends or even other fellow Light Workers.Division causes blame,anger and fear which is delicious food to the archontic parasites.It is as if mankind are infected by an evil disease,people are acting out of character,and even your loved ones can become infected and act out an archontic agenda.


My personal experience of these beings began many years ago whilst doing healing practices with my clients.I began to have people come to me with black slimy like tendrils inserted into their auric fields.I saw bundles of these tendrils gathered in the centre of the chakra,especially the solar plexus,the place of the ego.I worked on my clients with truth and light frequencies which worked very well for all other issues and problems.I was surprised to see that instead of healing the person,the light energy seemed to feed the Archons,giving them more power.One client in particular stayed in my mind,my client had come to me with depression and a constant fatigue.As I looked at her energy body I saw several long slimy tendrils,many gathered in her solar plexus,I tried to simply pull them out however I was unable.I called down the energy of her soul and aided her in breathing in the healing power of her soul,holding her in truth frequency I was shocked to see these tendrils take on more power and form.I watched as they developed from being simple tendril forms to embryos.She was becoming even more infected.I did not know what to do,it seemed the higher the energy I called upon the worse the situation became.I asked my soul which energy,which aspect could help in such a tricky situation.The answer was Satan.As you can imagine I was surprised to hear this.


Before I go on with this story I must tell you that I do not have the same judgements or fears around the being Satan as many in the new age circles.For me the satanic frequency is also part of creation and part of my overall multidimensional consciousness.With the permission of the client together we held the satanic frequency,encased her whole energy body in a black energy which the satanic frequency enabled.The satanic black energy seemed to suffocate the archontic parasites and after over an hour of holding this frequency my client was free of these archontic entities.


Over the next few years many more people came to me with these Archon entities.I gained almost no information about them and thus remained in ignorance.My next encounter with them was during a past life process which I was taken through by a teacher within a seminar.I found myself inside a planet,which was hollowed out.I was merged with the walls;it was as if the walls had grown around me.I was a human(not necessarily from earth);there were many more of us also trapped inside the walls.Inserted into our chakric systems were dark black slimy tendrils which passed a black liquid into our bodies.It was as if we were being used as a recycling apparatus,for this black liquid.I was in horror and had long since given up the idea of any rescue or freedom from this nightmare reality.I remote viewed the entity which resided in the centre of the planet,who was the owner of the black tendrils.It looked like a huge black slimy hydra slug like being.Like a huge black octopus feeding and excreting its waste directly into our bodies.As I left this past life memory I asked where am I?I was told in a planet in Orion orbiting the star of Rigel.


From this time I had more and more encounters with these archontic parasites,many people shifted their energy in front of me,becoming cold,angry,hostile and positively evil.Many of these people would act out of character being mean,and horrible to both themselves and others.I saw a grey cloudy light pass over the eyes and sometimes I would even see the eyes change colour.The person would suddenly act out of character,blaming,judging and accusing all people around them.Many of them were in positions of power in one form or another;they had the ability to hold other people to ransom and through the archontic infection were able to affect other people too.I saw the archontic infestation spreading from people's auric fields to attach to other people bringing those people to anger and fear.This fed the archontic parasite and thus more and more people were becoming infected.Fear is their most preferred food,when we are afraid we leak our power and thus we become easy food for these vampiric archontic entities.At first I thought they were not as intelligent as I was mistaken to think of them as simple astral parasites.However the more encounters I had with them I began to realise that they were intelligent and the more they infested humankind the more intelligent they became.They were feeding off mankind's ability to have imagination and creative abilities.They did not seem to have imagination themselves but had the ability to trigger and steer the creative imaginative powers of the human,for their agenda which was complete domination.


I began to see them turn up inside other people's bodies;I began to have encounters with those who were fully possessed.There seemed to be a big difference between someone who was simply infected to one who had a full blown possession of an archontic entity.The archontic entity is not really fully formed when it first infects its host;it can even stay dormant for years before some rising of frequency awakens it.Once certain energy triggers its awakening it can feed off the energy which is broadcast from our DNA and begin a gestation process which results in an embryo parasite developing in the solar plexus.The parasite can go on to inhabit all the chakras but it seems to start its takeover process from within the ego centre in the solar plexus.From within the solar plexus the archontic entity begins to control the lower mind,the rational mind.It does not dwell in the conscious mind but burrows itself into the subconscious.From the place of the subconscious it can trigger issues,unresolved trauma and negative mind patterns which are damaging to both the host and all those around them.The archontic parasite can influence all the thoughts of the host and the host has no awareness that these thoughts are not their own and they are under the influence of an entity and will instead blame all around them.I often see those who are hosts to these parasites accuse other people for things they are doing themselves.They will blame other people for negative emotions,thoughts and opinions they actually hold themselves.They are caught in a mirroring game which they cannot get out of.When you interact with a person who is under an intense archontic episode you will notice that they think everyone around them are operating in their egos,and have negative intentions.They will throw out accusations which surprise those they accuse,they cannot see past their own projections and thus think everyone but themselves are at fault.

我开始看到它们出现在别人的身体里;我开始遇到那些完全着魔的人。这似乎是一个很大的区别之间的人谁只是感染了一个完整的附身一个仿真实体。当它第一次感染宿主时,实体尚未真正完全形成;它甚至可以休眠数年,直到某些频率的上升唤醒它。一旦某种能量触发它的觉醒,它就可以从我们的 DNA 中获取能量,并开始一个怀孕过程,导致胚胎寄生虫在太阳神经丛中发育。寄生虫可以继续居住在所有的脉轮中,但它似乎开始从太阳神经丛的自我中心接管它的过程。从太阳神经丛中,执政官实体开始控制下层思维,即理性思维。它并不存在于意识中,而是潜入到潜意识中。从潜意识的地方,它可以触发问题,未解决的创伤和消极的思维模式,这些都是损害主人和他们周围的所有人。执政官寄生虫可以影响宿主的所有思想,宿主没有意识到这些思想不是他们自己的,他们受到一个实体的影响,而是会责怪他们周围的一切。我经常看到那些寄生虫的宿主指责别人做他们自己做的事情。他们会因为自己的负面情绪、想法和观点而责怪别人。他们陷入了一场无法摆脱的镜像游戏。当你和一个正处于执政官阶段的人交流时,你会注意到他们认为周围的人都在操纵他们的自我,并且有着消极的意图。他们会抛出出乎指控者意料的指控,他们无法超越自己的预测,因此认为除了他们自己以外的所有人都有错。

It can become very tricky as this archontic episode can affect others around them,it can become infectious.Those people around them who have issues which are similar going on within their egos will also become triggered and they then are open in those moments of judgment to becoming infected by the Archon parasite themselves.Once the archontic parasite had gained enough food from the negative emotions,it will pass back into the subconscious and remain hidden.The hosted person will go from acting mean one minute to having no awareness of what has just occurred.It is not clean cut,it is hard to stay objective whilst in an archontic drama,it is easy to be pulled into the drama yourself,once in the disempowering influence of your ego you are food for their game.


It was not until my recent Ayahuasca ceremony did I realise that I too was infected.During an Ayahuasca trip I began to have intense negative thoughts and an incredible feeling of depression and fatigue.I realised that I had been feeling this on and off for several months,I had tried to process out these negative thoughts and feelings but it seemed allusive,like I could not hold it long enough to be able to heal it out.During the ceremony this became so highlighted it was unbearable,as the trip went on I looked over my shoulder to see a black slug upon my back.With the help of the shaman I was able to remove the slug,with this a rush of energy rocketed up my spine,my negative thoughts were gone and joy entered my heart once more.This experience gave me more of an understanding of these archontic entities.I think I needed to go through this experience so that I could more fully understand what these entities were and how to deal with them.I later meet a powerful psychic who reported seeing vast underground nests of these archontic parasites underneath many major cities,especially under hospitals and prisons.It seemed that they were congregating around places where humans were living under stressful and negative conditions.

直到最近的 Ayahuasca 颁奖典礼,我才意识到自己也被感染了。在 Ayahuasca 的一次旅行中,我开始产生强烈的消极想法,并感到难以置信的沮丧和疲惫。我意识到我已经断断续续的感受了好几个月,我试着去处理这些消极的想法和感受,但是它似乎是暗示性的,好像我没有足够的时间去治愈它。在仪式期间,这件事变得如此突出,以至于我无法忍受,因为旅行继续进行,我回过头来看,发现背后有一只黑色鼻涕虫。在萨满的帮助下,我取出了子弹,一股能量冲上了我的脊椎,我的消极思想消失了,快乐再次进入我的心里。这次经历让我对这些实体有了更多的了解。我认为我需要经历这段经历,这样我才能更充分地理解这些实体是什么,以及如何处理它们。后来我遇到了一个强大的通灵者,他报告说在许多大城市的地下,特别是医院和监狱的地下,看到了这些仿真寄生虫的巨大地下巢穴。它们似乎聚集在人类生活在压力和负面条件下的地方。

Researchers of the Archons have stated that the Archons are the Reptilians and the Greys,this is incorrect.The Reptilians and the Grey clones have become fully possessed and no longer have any freewill and are completely living out an archontic agenda and placing us all in an energetic prison to become food for their Archon overlords.It seems that the fall of many of the races in our galaxy were caused by this archontic parasitic energy.Where did these Archons come from originally?The story goes that a race of humanoid beings created an artificial wormhole in the outer skin of our universe,creating a tear in the fabric of our universe allowing the infection of these archontic entities to enter the universe.The Archons seemed to be living in the void space in between universes and on the creation of the wormhole they swarmed into our reality.I saw this process in my mind's eye I could see the universe as an egg of light in a sea of the darkness of the void.A hole appeared in the outer skin of the egg and the light from our universe triggered something to occur in the void,it created a swarm of these negative archontic entities to then enter our reality.This parasitic entity at first was not really that intelligent but it had the urge to survive and it felt threatened,as it was out of place and was concerned about its food supply,so it went looking for a food which would nourish it.It found mind!


The Archons began to hang out around those beings which were also programmed to survive and thus they found the ancient races of the Reptilians,because of their genetics the Reptilians came very easily under the archontic influence.After time they possessed the Reptilian races and thus they fell in consciousness.The Reptilian races have been under the influence and possession of these Archontic entities for thousands of years.It seems that the falling of many races within our galaxy have all been caused to one degree or another by this archontic infection.


An archontic infection begins by the parasite lowering your vibration to lock you in an astral plane;there you are much more easily influenced and controlled.They can achieve this through many methods,drugs,alcohol and pharmaceuticals can be used by the Archons to infiltrate the freewill of people.In this state the possessing entity can then drain the energy directly from the solar plexus.Anyone trying to rid themselves of an archontic infection will be brought very quickly to paranoia and anger towards other people.It is reported that Meth addicts and heroin users often see these archontic parasites as demons around them.


The Archons can merge their distorted vibration with ours and increase the negativity of our emotional and mental attitudes.This is a process of deconstructive interference.They set up a distortion in our mental body,which directly affects our thoughts,causing us to spiral down in energy to lower and lower thought processes.From this state we are easily led and programmed by the mind parasite,we begin to believe these thoughts are our own and then empower them and thus create the reality the archontic entity wishes us to manifest.They are responsible for the thoughts of the artificial matrix in which we live.We are living in an archontic nightmare brought about through our own creative powers.


So how do we rid ourselves of this infection?




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