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What is smaller than a breadbox and can carry 8,000 times its weight?If you guessed an ant,think smaller.


Nanobots are so small they function on the same level as viruses and bacteria.A nano is a millionth of a millimeter,or 40,000 times smaller than the thickness of human hair.One million nanobots can fit on the head of a pin.These tiny robots are programmable.They take orders and do odd jobs,like cleaning out blocked arteries,or swimming in oceans to eat chemical pollution.Science calls them the greatest thing since sliced bread.However,this technology has existed as the T4 bacteriophage since the at least 2004.Will you soon be able to choose designer nanobots with hair color and skin color,similar to apps on your cell phone?

纳米机器人非常小,它们的功能与病毒和细菌相当。纳米是百万分之一毫米,或者说是人类头发厚度的4万分之一。一百万个纳米机器人可以装在一个大头针的头上。这些微型机器人是可编程的。他们接受命令,做一些零工,比如清理堵塞的动脉,或者在海里游泳吃化学污染物。科学称之为自切片面包以来最伟大的东西。然而,这种技术自2004年以来就以 T4噬菌体的形式存在。你是否很快就能够选择头发颜色和皮肤颜色的纳米机器人设计师,就像你手机上的应用一样?

The Original T4 Bacteriophage


The original nanobot targeted specific bacteria as the Phage.Now,T4 phages are viruses that attack all types cells,including neurons.


The six-legged T4 phage is a virus“infection device” and has been used in vaccines for at least a decade.The mini"bot"delivers phage DNA from the head into the host cell cytoplasm.This Trojan Horse technology implants DNA directly into your cells to forever change future generations by delivering a DNA payload to the egg cells in the ovaries and also to the male reproductive system.

这种六足的 T4噬菌体是一种病毒"感染装置",已经在疫苗中应用了至少十年。迷你"机器人"将噬菌体 DNA 从头部传递到宿主细胞的细胞质中。这种特洛伊木马技术将 DNA 直接植入你的细胞,通过向卵巢中的卵细胞以及男性生殖系统中心输送有效载荷的 DNA 来永久改变下一代。


Could the consequences of a stealth technology that affects neurons,the brain,and the gonads,be responsible for neutering males and,causing infertility,and creating an epidemic of gender confusion as well as the rise of kids who choose to be"non-binary?"



Nanobots can be utilized in all areas of life,from manufacturing,to the environment,to warfare—both outside and inside the body.Medical researchers claim they can target cancer directly at the tumor and avoid killing healthy cells.


Cancer is what happens when your cells become damaged and can no longer self-correct or self-destruct.How do nanobots avoid damaging cells after injecting them with a payload?Diabetes researchers say nanobots can travel through the bloodstream and collect data about glucose levels and transmit it to a receiver.


The fascination factor usurps the potential damage.Nanobots can be programmed to stand on two legs,like their larger robot cousins.They can be programmed to self-replicate and build nanofactories so that a small group can built more nanobots and develop into a massive swarm to tackle large-scale projects.Nanobots can trigger cell suicide,something your body already directs through apoptosis.


Nanobots are the handiwork of the Defense advanced Research Project,or DARPA which has also unleashed genetically-engineered mosquitoes as flying pesticides to spread genetically modified viruses to crops.Companies like Oxitech claim patented killer mosquitoes can suppress wild mosquito populations that carry pathogens,and thus stop the spread of viruses such as the Zika,or stop diseases,such as or malaria or Dengue.

纳米机器人是美国国防部高级研究计划局(DARPA)的杰作,该计划还释放转基因蚊子作为飞行杀虫剂,向农作物传播转基因病毒。像 Oxitech 这样的公司声称获得专利的杀蚊剂可以抑制携带病原体的野生蚊子种群,从而阻止寨卡病毒等病毒的传播,或者阻止诸如疟疾或登革热等疾病的传播。

Rise in Microcephaly


However,in its desire to play god,Oxitech's 2015 release of GM mosquitoes in Brazil resulted in a dramatic increase in Zika virus among the population which resulted in a rise microcephaly in newborns.A complicating factor may have also been the recommendation for DTAP shots to pregnant women in 2012,which is also associated with a rise in microcephaly.

然而,为了扮演上帝的角色,2015 Oxitech 在巴西释放了转基因蚊子,导致 Zika 病毒在人群中急剧增加,导致新生儿小头畸形症增加。一个复杂的因素可能是2012年推荐给孕妇注射 DTAP 疫苗,这也与小头畸形的增加有关。

The problem with all this robotic and chemical prevention is that"life finds a way."




What if nanobots multiplied beyond control and decided to consume everything in sight?What if they dropped off a payload of medicine to a cell,but then took some genetic material in return?What if they reported to your doctor that you are not compliant with taking your medications?What if nanobots develop a mind of their own and decide to escape,as PromobotI77 attempted to do from a lab in Russia?Twice,, before its ultimate demise.

如果纳米机器人不受控制地繁殖,并且决定消耗所有可见的东西会怎么样?如果他们把一个有效载荷的药物丢到一个细胞里,然后拿走一些遗传物质作为回报呢?如果他们向你的医生报告你不服药怎么办?如果纳米机器人发展出它们自己的思想,并决定逃跑,怎么办?就像 PromobotI77在俄罗斯的一个实验室试图做的那样?两次,在它最终灭亡之前。

What are the consequences of an army of robots deployed in the privacy of your body?The answer is there is no more privacy and no control.A bio-invasion of nanobots eliminates autonomy over your mind and body.Nanobots represent warfare on the human population,body,mind,and soul,all at the micron level.The Pentagon's research arm claims agricultural nanobots are intended to defend crops,but doesn’t deny‘dual-use’potential as biological weaponry.


Researchers from Germany and France published a critique of the program,dubbed"Insect Allies,"in the 2018 October 5 edition of Science of a breach of the Biological Weapons Convention.They conclude:


"…the knowledge to be gained from this program appears very limited in its capacity to enhance US agriculture or respond to national emergencies"and therefore the program"may be widely perceived as an effort to develop biological agents for hostile purposes and their means of delivery."


The'Unknown Unknowns'


"There are known knowns.These are things we know that we know.There are known unknowns.That is to say,there are things that we know we don't know.But there are also unknown unknowns.There are things we don't know we don't know."~Donald Rumsfeld,during a 2002 news briefing linking Iraq to weapons of mass destruction


These tiny bots have a plan to which you are oblivious.Whether deployed in industrial clean-ups or bodily clean-ups,nanobots are nanoweapons,able to gather raw materials wherever they find them to construct anything.


DARPA uses biomimicry for the Hummingbird Nano Air Vehicle to gather surveillance data on people.An external power source means the stealth humming bird can be remote-controlled.New bionanobots are solar powered but"that energy source limits how deep the robots could be injected into tissue.."Future nanobots may be powered using magnetic fields or ultrasound,making it possible for them to travel deeply into the human body.


Is it too much to ask for a moratorium on these types of genetic experiments?As robots are slowly replacing humans in manufacturing,will they also be calling the shots in your body without your permission?


Are they already injected through vaccines into the body?Do you think you have a say?


Human Technology


Consider that if you know how to manipulate frequencies,you can disengage nanotech in your body,all by yourself.As your body is an Earth suit made up of electromagnetic frequencies in an electromagnetic MATRIX,you are here to play with frequencies.No one has yet taught you how to do that,unless you understand Nature's healing modalities of homeoapthic medicine,acupuncture,Herbalism,aromatherapy,Pelotherapy,and other natural modalities.

想想看,如果你知道如何操纵频率,你就可以完全靠自己摆脱身体中的纳米技术。因为你们的身体是一套地球服,由电磁矩阵中的电磁频率组成,你们在这里玩弄频率。没有人教过你如何做到这一点,除非你了解大自然的治疗方式,包括顺势疗法、针灸、草药疗法、芳香疗法、Pelotherapy 疗法和其他自然疗法。

Humanity is the technology that usurps nanotech,the same technology taps into the wisdom of how the body heals itself.Your ability to know if you have nanobots swimming inside you allows you to also be able to shut it off.That kind of technology begins with building your intuition alongside your immune system,beginning with lifestyle changes that incorporate natural medicines and food as medicine.Talk to a naturopath for more information on how to strengthen your own defense system to make nanobots obsolete in your body.All problems in a MATRIX of polarity comes with solutions because you are more than the Earth suit.


About the Author


Rosanne Lindsay is a Naturopathic doctor and Tribal healer under the Turtle Island Provider Network.She is a writer,Earth keeper,Health Freedom advocate,co-founder of Wisconsin For Vaccine Choice,and author of the books The Nature of Healing,Heal the Body,Heal the Planet.and Free Your Voice,Heal Your Thyroid,Reverse Thyroid Disease Naturally.Find her on Facebook at Rosanne Lindsay and Natureofhealing. Consult with her(Skype or Zoom consults available)at natureofhealing.org.Subscribe to her blog at http://www.natureofhealing.org/blog/

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