X22报告|第2938集: 世界正在偏离 CBDC,风暴已经开始 

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X22报告|第2938集: 世界正在偏离 CBDC,风暴已经开始 

Ep. 2938a – [CB]/Biden Continue To Lose Economically, The World Is Shifting Away From The [CBDC]

[ CB ]/拜登继续在经济上失利,世界正在偏离[ CBDC ]

Ep. 2938b – The Storm Has Been Initiated, [DS] Reports A Storm Is Approaching, Buckle Up




The [CB]/Biden admin is continually showing the people that they are doing everything against the constitution. The student loan appeal was shot down again. The railroad union is angry with Biden, it is all falling apart for the puppet masters. The world is moving away from the [CBDC].



The [DS] is using everything against Trump but it is failing. This is an information war and they are losing. They are about to push chaos in the US just to get Trump from running for President. All of this is going to be used against them. The [DS] is now pushing the idea that a quiet storm is approaching, buckle up its about to get very bumpy. 



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