X22报道|第2691集 : 他们现在被困在一个内爆的经济体系中,特朗普就位了,他从未离开,是时候公开回归了

2022年2月2日16:58:24最新动态X22报道|第2691集 : 他们现在被困在一个内爆的经济体系中,特朗普就位了,他从未离开,是时候公开回归了已关闭评论3071字数 1492阅读4分58秒阅读模式


X22报道|第2691集 : 他们现在被困在一个内爆的经济体系中,特朗普就位了,他从未离开,是时候公开回归了

Ep. 2691a – [JB] & [CB] Are Now Trapped In An Economic System That Is Imploding, Panic

Ep. 2691a-[ JB ] & [ CB ]现在被困在一个内爆、恐慌的经济体系中

Ep. 2691b – Trump Is In Position, He Never Left, It’s Time To Return Publicly

Ep. 2691b –特朗普就位,他从未离开,是时候公开回归了

X22 报告发表于2022年2月1日


The Biden administration tried to boost the economy by manipulating the numbers, Trump made sure that any type of manipulation would boomerang on Biden, now the WH is prepping for a disaster. The [CB] is now panicking the entire plan is falling apart.

拜登政府试图通过操纵数字来刺激经济,特朗普确保任何形式的操纵都会让拜登自食其果,而现在白宫正在为一场灾难做准备。现在,[ CB ]正在恐慌,整个计划正在瓦解。


Trump and the patriots are now in position, the countdown has begun and Trump is getting ready to return publicly, he never left. It’s time to take the country, more and more information is coming out, the fake news and the puppet master are trying to manage it, soon the puppet masters and the fake news will lose control and nothing will be able to stop the flow information. The election fraud is being dripped out and Trump is continually mentioning Pence and Pelosi on Jan 6, wait for it because it’s coming. 



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