2021年12月24日16:57:25最新动态X22报道|2660集:黄金将摧毁美联储,加密货币是非常危险的,想想乔治华盛顿和达勒姆已关闭评论5981字数 1527阅读5分5秒阅读模式



Ep. 2660a – Gold Will Destroy The Fed, Crypto Is Very Dangerous, Are Not Just Catch Phrases

Ep. 2660a – 黄金将摧毁美联储,加密货币是非常危险的,不仅仅是捕捉短语

Ep. 2660b – Scavino Message Received, Think George Washington And Durham, We Are Ready

Ep. 2660b –收到斯加维诺的信息,想想乔治 · 华盛顿和达勒姆,我们准备好了



The B admin are losing the narrative, they are trying to tell the American people that the economy is doing just fine and all the issues are fixed, but this is an illusion they setup, the illusion is only temporary. The [CB] do not want other forms of currency, the truth is right in front of everyone, once you see it and cannot be unseen.



The [DS] is now starting a war on the unvaccinated, their narrative is falling apart and the only thing left to do is use all available ammunition to push their agenda. The people know their playbook, its the same playbook they used in 2020. This push is failing and they know it. Scavino sends messages, the offensive begins in the New Year, it’s time to take about the country, think GW and Durham, the people are ready, they are or have reached the precipices. Change is coming, justice is coming.



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