X22报告|第2655集: 整个经济议程将在他们身上爆炸,即将到来的灾难将震惊世界

2021年12月18日17:00:15最新动态X22报告|第2655集: 整个经济议程将在他们身上爆炸,即将到来的灾难将震惊世界已关闭评论4951字数 1580阅读5分16秒阅读模式


X22报告|第2655集: 整个经济议程将在他们身上爆炸,即将到来的灾难将震惊世界

Ep. 2655a – The [DS]/[CB] Was Caught, The Entire Economic Agenda Will Implode On Them

Ep. 2655a-[ DS ]/[ CB ]被捕,整个经济议程将在他们身上爆炸

Ep. 2655b – Sometimes You Must Sacrifice Yourself, The Enormity Of What Is Coming Will Shock The World

Ep. 2655b – 有时你必须牺牲自己,即将到来的灾难将震惊世界



The economy is imploding, there is no cover story for the [CB], they are trapped and they need to move forward with their plan and the people can see it all. The [CB] /[DS] tried to pay the illegals and they got caught and now they have back tracked. The people are about to reach the economic precipice.

经济正在崩溃,[CB]没有借口,他们被困住了,他们需要推进他们的计划,人民可以看到这一切。[CB] /[DS]试图付钱给非法移民,但他们被抓住了,现在他们已经被追踪了。人们即将到达经济悬崖。


The [DS] is throwing everything they have at Trump, they thought they removed him from office, they didn’t he sacrificed himself to put everything in motion. The election fraud is being produced and the criminality is being exposed. The pandemic narrative is falling apart, the [DS] is making the last push to get everyone vaccinated, they will make it very difficult thru this winter, they will make the people suffer so they fold. The [DS] players are now trying to get ahead of the story, [LP] is panicking, something big is about to drop and the enormity will shock the world.



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