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我们被告知,DS 将在选举日的第二天尝试网络攻击。他们已经知道他们已经输了。

Graham Gives Comey Second Chance To Explain Own Investigation



X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)X22报告(C-VINE 审核)



Lindsay Graham 林赛·格雷厄姆

Lindsay Graham said,'I'm going to give[James Comey]a chance to explain to the country about Crossfire Hurricane,one of the most corrupt investigations in the history of the FBI."

林赛·格雷厄姆(Lindsay Graham)说,'我将给(詹姆斯·科米[James Comey])一个机会,向全国解释'交叉火力飓风'(Crossfire Hurricane)的情况,这是 FBI 历史上最腐败的调查之一。"

Graham continued,"He signed a warrant against Carter Page in April of 2017.I find it hard to believe that the Director of the FBI did not know that in January and March of 2017,the Russian sub-source disavow the reliability of the Dossier which was critical to getting a warrant against Carter Page.You got a lot to say,James Comey.Come in under oath,and say it!"


What happens if James Comey declines?He'll most likely be subpoenaed and he'll have to testify under oath.But remember,they already have the declassified information and already know the answers.If Comey lies,he lies to Congress.If he tells the truth,then he'knowingly'signed off on the FISA warrants.The cover-up will incriminate them.They are all in trouble and they know it!


China is the greater national security threat to the United States,economically,militarily,technologically.This includes threats to election interference.John Ratcliffe believes China is concerned Trump will be reelected and will push anti-China policies.


With that,Trump won't allow China to have the same economic deals anymore,and will place tariffs on them.The supply chains are breaking up and many people are being arrested with their connections to China.


Trump noted China has been spying on us.China,not Russia,has been influencing different corporations,different politicians here in the United States.


Hillary Clinton recently said,"Biden must not conceded on election night."What a dead give-a-way!She just announced to the whole world she thinks Trump is going to win the election!They are in sheer panic mode because why would Biden have to concede if he was going to win?


We are told the DS will attempt a cyber power attack the day after Election Day.They already know they have lost.

我们被告知,DS 将在选举日的第二天尝试网络攻击。他们已经知道他们已经输了。

The media's narrative is if Trump wins,it is not legitimate because somehow he will have stolen,rigged or cheated in the election.Again,they have already acknowledged Trump will win.


The United States Marshal says this,"U.S.Director Donald Washington and Georgia law enforcement officials will announce the results of Operation Not Forgotten,an operation resulting in the location,rescue or recovery of 39 children."


From the beginning of his presidency,Trump has been on mission,rescuing children in Central and South America.They are cracking down on drug smugglers and human traffickers.They rescued a woman in Honduras,which when we learn of her name,may rock the world.


With all the deaths occurring from COVID,investigations into all the governors have been taking place.The DOJ is requesting data from the FIVE Governors that issued C-19 orders that may have resulted in deaths of elderly nursing home residents.

由于所有的死亡都发生在 COVID,所有的州长都在接受调查。司法部正在要求五个州长提供可能导致养老院老人死亡的 C-19命令的数据。

Cuomo(NY),Wolf(PA),Whitmer(MI),Murphy(NJ),and Newsome(CA)have allowed COVID patients to enter nursing homes for care.Nearly half of all COVID nursing home deaths were in these states.This is being investigated by the DOJ as systemic murder!

库默(纽约),沃尔夫(PA),惠特默(MI),墨菲(NJ)和纽瑟姆(CA)已经允许输血患者进入疗养院接受治疗。几乎一半的 COVID 疗养院死亡病例都发生在这些州。司法部正在调查这起系统性谋杀案!

Prior to the Presidential Debate,Trump asked Biden to submit to a drug test and he would submit to a drug test,also.To understand this logic of this,we must go back to one of the front line doctors who demanded Dr.Fauci take a drug test because she believed he may have been secretly taking HCQ.

在总统大选辩论之前,特朗普要求拜登接受药物测试,他也会接受药物测试。为了理解这个逻辑,我们必须回到一线医生之一,他要求福奇博士进行药物测试,因为她认为他可能已经秘密服用了 HCQ

If Joe Biden tests positive for HCQ in his system,this whole COVID narrative is over!If he refuses,Biden will look very suspicious,but either way,he is being backed into a corner.If Biden has nothing to hide,why not be tested?

如果乔·拜登在他的体内检测出 HCQ 阳性,那么整个COVID叙事就结束了!如果他拒绝,拜登看起来会非常可疑,但不管怎样,他都被逼到了墙角。如果拜登没有什么可隐瞒的,为什么不接受考验呢?


George Floyd 乔治·弗洛伊德

The full autopsy has been released on George Floyd.Dr.Andrew Baker,the chief county medical examiner,who reviewed George Floyd's blood test says the substances found in his body led him to conclude it was an overdose death.The police officer didn't cause the death.The Fentanyl in his system was 4 times the level known to cause death.He also had speed and marijuana in his system.


When he said he couldn't breathe,it was due to the drug overdose and not the act of kneeling on his neck.


Back in June,we already knew this truth,but the mainstream media pushed a racist narrative that was not true.The mainstream media caused division using the BLM movement to penetrate the minds of our youth into believing all cops are racist and they should be de-funded.The cop didn't kill George Floyd,the drugs he took,did.Who is responsible for the death of George Floyd?George Floyd.


BLM mob forced their way into a restaurant intimidating patrons into raising their fist which is a symbol of Nazism and Marxism.They accosted one customer when she refused to pledge her allegiance to them.


CNN,Nadler and others declared the rioting a myth.But now that the polls are suggesting more of America is in favor of Donald Trump for President,now Don Lemon is saying the riots have got to stop.


Shouldn't they have stopped long ago?Should they ever have been allowed to start?President Trump boldly proclaimed to the mayors and governors he's send in troops to stop the mayhem…all they had to do was ask.Did they?


Now,armed citizens are protecting their businesses,their cities,their homes,their neighborhoods.Trump put out a tweet declaring the THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd….and when the looting starts,the shooting starts.


Protest are protected under the law.Riots are not and people are being arrested for their crimes.America is waking up and the media is losing their narrative.


Twitter came out stating this tweet violated the rules about violence.Guess what happened?People are getting shot for looting.Armed citizens are taking measures to protect their property and are taking their country back.Twitter wants to shut us up!Isn't that what happens when they censor social media?


The terror from these groups is nothing short of communism and they are on our streets and coming into our businesses and neighborhoods.They are not hiding it anymore but bullying Americans into submission.But America is waking up to their real agenda…Death to America.


Interestingly enough,the New Democratic National Convention logo begs the question,"What do they mean by D2America?"



有趣的是,新民主党全国代表大会的标志回避了一个问题:"他们所说的 D2America 是什么意思?"

What is this symbolism?In the above logo,we see a tilted star but in the lower logo,we see the head of Baphomet,a goat head.This represents the Church of Satan.Note the symbol inside the'D'it looks exactly the same.

这种象征意义是什么?在上面的标志中,我们看到一个倾斜的星星,但在较低的标志中,我们看到了 Baphomet 的头,一个山羊头。这代表了撒旦教会。注意D里面的符号看起来完全一样。

Under this,(cue)gave us a Twitter link to Trump.It reads,"Two Democrat Caucus Meetings removed"UNDER GOD"from the Pledge of Allegiance.It sounded not only strange,but terrible.That's where they're coming from!"

在这个下面,(cue)给了我们一个特朗普的 Twitter 链接。上面写着:"两次民主党核心小组会议将'上帝之下'从效忠宣誓移除。这听起来不仅奇怪,而且可怕。他们就是从那里来的!"

One Political party embraces God,the other eliminates God.Symbolism will be their downfall.When was the last time a D party politician embraced true patriotism and love of country?Their hatred for our country is glaring.They allow riots and violence,they are not upholding the U.S.Constitution.When was the last time the D party called for unity across our nation?


Trump and the Patriots have brought the darkness of the D party into the light so everyone can see it.These people will be held accountable…law and order!Darkness to Light!God wins!


Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the opinion of the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告的观点)



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