白金舰队|2022年5月; 给盟国的简短声明

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白金舰队|2022年5月; 给盟国的简短声明Greetings, Friends!


We have some information and joy here! The wheel keeps turning and the dominoes keep falling!

我们有一些信息和喜悦在这里! 车轮继续转动,多米诺骨牌继续倒下!

We were allowed to say another “Hello” with a brief report! As more escape attempts by the clumsy scoundrels occur, more of our fleets are allowed to enter this realm, as they have severely violated the protocols of the Sacred Galactic Code!


You, dear Allied Friends on Earth, keep your heads high and in confidence as the next few months are going to be very eventful. Our ground troops have begun to advance towards the surface.


It is a matter of time, not too long, before the first objective signs begin to appear.


In the meantime, you dear allies, will be called upon to more discipline in your human duties, such as caring more for nature as a whole, and that includes your bodies that are part of that realm.


Nothing will ever be like before! Literally! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

一切都不会像以前一样了! 真的! 哈利路亚! 哈利路亚!

The Heavens are still rejoicing at your uninterrupted progress! And of course, we continue to emphasize tranquility…

天堂仍然为你们不间断的进步而欢欣鼓舞! 当然,我们继续强调宁静..。

There will be peace, have no doubts! There are our allies in the eye of the hurricane negotiating peace.

毫无疑问,和平将会到来! 我们的盟友正处于和平谈判的风口浪尖。

There are forces outside this realm in direct contact with your most warlike leaders and warning them that there is no chance of nuclear detonations that will harm nations.


Do not fear false flags! We are excited to have more transmitters in preparation! We have prepared two more of them for our messages! We currently have this one who writes our messages directly now (Rafael/Neva) and we are preparing two more!

不要害怕假旗!我们很高兴有更多的发射机准备!我们已经准备了两个以上的他们为我们的信息!我们目前有这个谁写我们的消息直接现在(拉斐尔/涅瓦) ,我们正在准备两个以上!

One on the European continent and one on the Asian continent! Hallelujah! Another victory in this kingdom! We will have three certified transmitters to bring our direct messages!


In the meantime, be on alert, for the closer the time of revelations approaches the more they will try to impersonate us!


When our other two transmitters are ready, we will announce their names and certify them, authentically! Hallelujah!

当我们的另外两个发射器准备好时,我们将宣布它们的名字,并真正地证明它们! 哈利路亚!

That’s enough for now! There is more information coming. Be ready! We will be reporting more and more as our Elder Master Teachers authorize! It’s a brief message, but no less loving than the previous ones!


We are happy with how things are going. There is little time left on your human count for our most direct contact! In the meantime, look for us in the most rural areas! It’s easier for us!


Every day, a new domino falls and pushes another one to the next move! It’s the growth cycle!

每天都有新的多米诺骨牌倒下,将另一块推向下一步! 这就是成长周期!

Keep taking the steps that need to be taken without fear, understanding that certain retreats are necessary, but this does not mean loss, but a strategic action!


Know when to stop or back off! Use wisdom! Borders are being dismantled! Unification is near! Love will prevail! Heaven has decreed, and so it shall be!


This is not just our will. This is a DECREE! Know this, Friends!

这不仅仅是我们的意愿,这是一个法令! 知道这一点,朋友们!

Oh dear ones! Know that the Countless Fountains and Endless Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours!

哦,亲爱的朋友们! 你们要知道,天堂的无数泉水和无尽的繁荣都是你们的!

We will return when appropriate! It’s good to talk to you again! It always is! See you around!

适当的时候我们会回来的! 很高兴再次和你谈话! 一直都是! 再见!



Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL): Grateful, beloved Friends of Light!

拉斐尔(Neva/Gabriel RL) : 感激,亲爱的光之友!



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