瑞典银河真理报|第269期 双生灵魂 第二部分

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瑞典银河真理报|第269期 双生灵魂 第二部分Twin Souls 双生灵魂

Part Two



By Therese Zumi Sumner

Twin souls were originally one soul. Each has a place in their heart that is part of the others. They split from one another at the time they descended into the physical, from the 6th dimension to the 5th dimension. It is rare for them to meet on the surface of the planet. Most unions that people believe to be twin soul connections are really soul mates.


Twin Souls have a strong magnetic attraction which stems from their being originally split from each other. As already mentioned in Part One of this article # 267 the archons have programmed these souls so as to make a relationship extremely difficult if not almost impossible.

双生灵魂有一种强大的磁性吸引力,这种吸引力源于他们最初彼此分离。正如本文 # 267的第一部分已经提到的,执政官们已经为这些灵魂编制了程序,使得一段关系变得极其困难,甚至几乎不可能。

Examples of these problematic relationship dynamics could be that one of them runs away in fear as they are each a mirror for the other and they trigger each other's programming. If they stay and look inside, they can realize this triggering.


The other dynamic is that one chases the other. In this case they can counteract the programming by again looking within and making a decision to stop chasing the other.


If both are conscious of this there is a strong purification and the strongest healing and spiritual transformation takes place.


Their connection and influence on the surface of the planet is a most powerful force.


This is because every time a twin soul reunites, it creates a powerful force in grounding the Goddess energy.


This is why their union has been attacked in so many ways and this is why most Twin Souls will reunite after the Event.


瑞典银河真理报|第269期 双生灵魂 第二部分

photo credit for this image goes to Mika Fujiwara

Twin Soul Meditation


This meditation will connect you energetically to your Twin Soul and help you to attract them in the physical. It will also help you to gain clarity as to whether someone you meet is actually your Twin Soul.


Relax your body and breathing as you maintain a comfortable sitting position.


Close your eyes and visualize a rainbow column of light coming from the Great Central Sun {Milky Way Galactic Central Sun} permeating your whole body and continuing down to the central core of the Earth and then coming back through you.


Imagine a big ball of light expanding from your body and surrounding it. This rainbow light has sparkling small particles like nano stars shining all around within it.


Then imagine your Twin Soul coming towards you and sitting down in front of you.


Visualize them in as much detail that comes to you.


Visualize a red flow of energy connecting with both of you at the level of the Root Chakra. Breathe into this flow.


Visualize an orange flow of energy connecting you both at the Sexual Chakras. Each time you connect at the level of each chakra, breath into that connection.


Visualize a yellow flow of energy connecting you both at your Solar Plexus chakras.


Visualize a green flow of energy connecting you both at your Heart Chakras.


Visualize a blue flow of energy connecting you both at your Throat Chakras.


Visualize a purple flow of energy connecting you both at the 3rd Eye Chakras.


Visualize a violet flow of energy connecting you both at your Crown Chakras.


Maintain your breath and the energy flow through all of your channels.


Then start breathing with them at the level of the Heart Chakra, as if you were breathing together connecting your breath at that level.


Visualize a triangle, the base of which is at the level of each of your Heart Chakras and the top is in the middle of each of you at the level of the Soul Chakra, about 12 inches above the top of the head.


Do this at least once a week, which will accelerate your Ascension process.



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