2023年5月20日: 各种形式的披露将为人类的 “转变 “做好准备|星际飞船地球

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 May 20, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图2023年5月20日

2023年5月20日: 各种形式的披露将为人类的 “转变 “做好准备|星际飞船地球

They eat babies, don’t they. Not art; disclosure


For those with eyes to see and ears to hear… disclosure is everywhere. The ugly truth about Planet Earth is out in the open and disputed every hour of every day—somewhere.


I believe this qualifies as a coup. They didn’t just try to stir up some trouble—they covered all the bases to ensure their treasonous event at the Capitol was a success.


BREAKING: According to a January 6 witness, there were 100-200 Secret Service agents at the Capitol before and during the breach of the police barriers, along with allegedly hundreds of other undercover agents and informants.

Of course the mob accuses the Patriots and the MAGA crowd of doing what they themselves have done, so they called it an “insurrection”. They planned it, they manned it, they damned it—and innocent people are still in jail because of their lies and corrupt judicial system with bank accounts drained from outrageous legal fees.

当然,暴徒们指责爱国者和 MAGA 的人做了他们自己做过的事情,所以他们称之为“暴动”。他们计划,他们操纵,他们诅咒它ーー而无辜的人仍然因为他们的谎言和腐败的司法系统而被关在监狱里,他们的银行账户从骇人听闻的法律费用中被榨干。

In hindsight we can see how both sides played into that historic event. The American people are getting an ear-piercing wakeup call. As insider Juan O’Savin stated on a call with Capt. Kyle, he doesn’t favour the term “wake up” because when one understands the mechanics and psychology of the control the satanic ones have had over Humanity, it assigns blame where it doesn’t truly belong.

事后看来,我们可以看到双方是如何在这一历史事件中发挥作用的。美国人民正在接到一个刺耳的叫醒电话。正如知情人胡安 · 奥萨文(Juan O’Savin)在与凯尔上尉(Capt. Kyle)通话时所说,他不赞成“觉醒”这个词,因为当一个人理解了撒旦控制人类的机制和心理时,它就会把责任归咎于不属于人类的地方。

Yes, in some ways we have allowed what has happened… but if you drill down through the why and how, we were manipulated genetically and they technologically hobbled our minds and hampered our thinking processes so we didn’t realize we were slaves and chattel lower than livestock.

是的,在某些方面,我们允许发生的事情发生... ... 但是如果你深入研究为什么和如何发生,我们是被遗传操纵的,它们在技术上束缚了我们的思维,阻碍了我们的思考过程,所以我们没有意识到我们是奴隶和奴隶,比牲畜低等。

We never realized in recent times that we have been their food source—or that they are feeding us to ourselves, promoting cannibalism without our knowledge. We didn’t realize they were telling us what they were doing with the truth hidden in plain sight while they laughed at our näivité. We couldn’t conceive of such evil or that it could be permitted and going on every day under our noses. Knowing what we know now it’s still difficult to fathom.


2023年5月20日: 各种形式的披露将为人类的 “转变 “做好准备|星际飞船地球

Those who did understand the system and knew who was running it were manipulated through threats, blackmail, and bribes of power and wealth. The mob’s goons eliminated problematic people who got in the way and threatened the master illusion and their system thrived for thousands of years while they stole Humanity’s resources, wealth, energy, and innocence.


They created diseases, taxed us to death, and kept the real knowledge and our history from us while they spoon fed us lies and disinformation disguised as education. Since our beliefs are based on what we know and beliefs create our reality, we are living in a false world of our own making in many respects.


2023年5月20日: 各种形式的披露将为人类的 “转变 “做好准备|星际飞船地球

Thankfully, after the failed attempts by a few like geologist Phil Schneider, above, to alert others to the threats of outside interference in our civilization by advanced creatures, a grand plan was birthed and kicked into high gear to end the parasitic situation on our planet. It has been evolving for many years and wasn’t without its errors in judgment that proved fatal for key individuals, like John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert.

值得庆幸的是,在地质学家菲尔 · 施耐德(Phil Schneider,上图)等少数人试图提醒其他人注意外来高级生物对我们文明的干涉的威胁失败之后,一个宏伟的计划诞生了,并且加速推进,以结束我们星球上的寄生状况。它已经进化了许多年,并不是没有判断上的错误,这被证明是致命的关键个人,如约翰肯尼迪和他的兄弟罗伯特。

The monsters stole elections in multiple countries, orchestrated regime changes and funded both sides of world wars. Smiles were front and centre while politicians with greased palms won the hearts of America and in other nations as well and the machine whirred along effectively for decades. What we are witnessing today, however, is a result of a most brilliant plan and probably a little outside help from our friends upstairs whom the controllers don’t want us to know exist.


2023年5月20日: 各种形式的披露将为人类的 “转变 “做好准备|星际飞船地球

As civilians we have learned a little about the rules of engagement for battle through examples from the past. The Art of War by Sun Tzu has also been a key to the strategizing of the benevolent ones executing their plan and they have been quietly knocking key objectives off their list for some time to stabilize the situation on our planet so they could safely complete the plan and Humanity would be relatively safe until the smaller and less lethal aspects could be addressed.


Unfortunately, due to the profound mind control in the Human population they had to build in an extra module to gently dismantle the chains that bind so they could introduce the necessary elements of reality and we would stop sabotaging our liberation and assist in the world wide operation to eradicate our formidable opponent.


Some have predicted that breaking through the programming too quickly and with too much brutal truth would shatter the minds of the average man or woman. It had to be done slowly and delicately so Humanity could grasp what had happened and what brought us to this juncture today. The fear and trauma used to shape our society had created a race of compliant, hopeless people akin to a herd of sheep. Hence the term, “sheeple”.


2023年5月20日: 各种形式的披露将为人类的 “转变 “做好准备|星际飞船地球

We have to wake the others. That is the reason for the uproarious events we witness today in politics and every other aspect of our lives.


Here’s an update on what we can expect to see unfolding in the coming days. Link to Telegram.


EXPLOSIVE REVELATIONS: Blinken, Maxwell, Epstein, Biden, and the Shocking Web of Corruption!

爆炸性新闻: 闪光灯、麦克斯韦尔、爱泼斯坦、拜登和令人震惊的腐败网络!

Hold onto your seats as the truth unfolds before your eyes. The white hats are orchestrating an electrifying expose, connecting the dots between Blinken, Maxwell, Epstein, Obama, and the Biden crime family. Brace yourself for a mind-boggling journey into the depths of corruption!


? Hunter Biden’s Scandal Unleashed: The Hidden Truth Unveiled! ?

猎人拜登丑闻曝光: 隐藏的真相大白!

As investigations into the Biden family reach a boiling point, the white hats are strategically staging events that will shatter the foundations of the Biden crime empire. Prepare to uncover the mind-blowing extent of money laundering, tax evasion amounting to millions, and the shocking links between Blinken and Epstein. The corrupt connections involving Maxwell and the CIA form a tangled web that will leave you speechless!


⚠️ Hunter’s Financial Misdeeds Exposed: A Gateway to Global Crime ⚠️

亨特的金融罪行曝光: 通往全球犯罪的大门

The next phase in the white hats’ master plan revolves around exposing Hunter’s illicit financial dealings and tax evasion. These revelations will open the floodgates to a world of crime, unearthing money laundering operations both in the United States and abroad. But that’s not all—classified military information found on Hunter Biden’s laptop will send shockwaves through the nation!

白帽帮的下一步计划是揭露亨特的非法金融交易和逃税行为。这些揭露将打开犯罪世界的闸门,揭露美国国内外的洗钱行动。但这还不是全部ーー在亨特•拜登(Hunter Biden)的笔记本电脑上发现的机密军事信息将震惊全国!

? Blinken Cornered: Unmasking Connections to Obama and the Infamous $300 Billion Iran Scheme ?

布林肯走投无路: 揭露与奥巴马和臭名昭著的3000亿美元伊朗计划的联系

In an unprecedented twist, Blinken finds himself in the crosshairs as white hats meticulously reveal his deep-seated ties to Obama and the mind-boggling $300 billion payment to Iran. Uncover the truth behind Iran’s blackmail scheme that shook the Obama administration and military to their core. This shocking revelation sheds new light on the fake killing of Osama Bin Laden and the clandestine maneuvers that have remained hidden for far too long.

在一个前所未有的转折中,布林肯发现自己成了众矢之的,因为白帽子小心翼翼地揭示了他与奥巴马的深层关系,以及他向伊朗支付的令人难以置信的3000亿美元。揭露伊朗敲诈计划背后的真相,这一计划彻底动摇了奥巴马政府和军方。这个令人震惊的发现揭示了假杀奥萨马 · 本 · 拉登和隐藏太久的秘密行动。

_Recently, Trump Exposes Military Comms: Unveiling Treason and Betrayal_

最近,特朗普曝光军事通讯: 揭露叛国和背叛

Prepare to be astounded as Trump lifts the veil on the Biden administration, CIA, and intelligence agencies, caught red-handed in acts of treason. The former CIA director confirms the shocking truth—intelligence agencies were forced to lie by none other than Blinken and the Biden regime in their desperate bid to secure victory in the 2020 elections. Signed documents from over 50 intelligence agents reveal the magnitude of this treacherous act. Brace yourself for a military coup that will rock the nation to its core!

特朗普揭开拜登政府、中央情报局和情报机构的面纱时,准备好大吃一惊吧,他们在叛国行为中被当场抓获。这位美国中央情报局(CIA)前局长证实了一个令人震惊的事实: 情报机构为了确保在2020年大选中获胜,不是别人,正是布林肯和拜登政权迫使它们撒谎。超过50名情报人员签署的文件揭示了这一背信弃义行为的严重性。准备好迎接一场军事政变吧这场政变将彻底颠覆这个国家!

? Dark Secrets Unveiled: The Maxwell-Epstein Connection Exposed ?

揭开的黑暗秘密: 暴露的麦克斯韦-爱泼斯坦关系

Remember Blinken’s father, Robert Maxwell, who served as his lawyer? Brace yourself for a journey into the heart of darkness. Robert Maxwell, a CIA, Mossad, and MI6 super spy, orchestrated his daughter’s involvement in the CIA, Mossad, and a global pedophilia ring. Shockingly, he provided funds to Ghislaine Maxwell to kickstart the insidious blackmail pedo ring. Enter the infamous Jeffrey Epstein, a key player in this sordid tale!

还记得布林肯的父亲罗伯特 · 麦克斯韦尔吗? 他是布林肯的律师?准备好进入黑暗中心的旅程吧。罗伯特 · 麦克斯韦尔是中情局摩萨德和军情六处的超级间谍精心策划了他女儿参与中情局摩萨德和一个全球性恋童癖团伙。令人震惊的是,他为吉斯莱恩的麦克斯韦尔提供资金,以启动这个阴险的勒索团伙。进入臭名昭著的杰弗里爱泼斯坦,在这个肮脏的故事的关键人物!

> Unraveling the Intricate Web: Blinken, Epstein, Maxwell, and JP Morgan <

> 解开错综复杂的网络: 布林肯、爱泼斯坦、麦克斯韦尔和摩根大通

Behind closed doors, the LLC companies involved in sheltering Ghislaine Maxwell were deeply intertwined with Blinken, Epstein, and JP Morgan. The connections run deep, revealing a web of corruption that spans across powerful entities.


? Hunter’s Attorneys Strike Deals: A Temporary Escape from Justice? ?

亨特的律师罢工交易: 暂时逃离正义?

While Hunter Biden’s attorneys strike deals and hand over crucial information on the LLC Corporation and its links to money laundering operations, the question remains: Will Hunter truly escape justice? Brace yourself for the impending release of Durham’s full report

当亨特•拜登(Hunter Biden)的律师达成交易,并交出有限责任公司(lLC Corporation)及其与洗钱运营关联的关键信息时,问题依然存在: 亨特真的能逃脱法律制裁吗?准备好迎接即将发布的达勒姆的完整报告吧

2023年5月20日: 各种形式的披露将为人类的 “转变 “做好准备|星际飞船地球


When the Q Military Intelligence Team came out to perform their part of the plan in 2017, without compromising national security they told us what was coming, and why it had to be done this way. They said there would be “pain”.

2017年,Q 军事情报小组在不损害国家安全的情况下,执行了他们的计划,他们告诉了我们接下来会发生什么,以及为什么要这样做。他们说会有“痛苦”。

As with most of their statements, that one had multiple meanings. We, the awakened who realized what the Khazarian mafia has been doing for a long time thought we would be immune. We initially believed the pain would be felt by the enemy. Soon we realized it would be felt by our fellow man still under the spell of these evil magicians. Now we know from experience that we have felt a great deal of pain ourselves. It has been difficult for our soft hearts watching others suffer mentally, emotionally, physically.


What most of us didn’t see coming was the pain we would feel when our loved ones turned a deaf ear and ostracized us when we tried to tell them about the silent war for our very existence against a ruthless enemy that sought to eliminate us from existence in the most painful ways.


2023年5月20日: 各种形式的披露将为人类的 “转变 “做好准备|星际飞船地球


We didn’t anticipate the isolation when they blindly chose to sabotage their own health and their lives and those of their children during the fake pandemic and subsequent rollout of the bioweapon they called a “vaccine”. The pain we felt watching our loved ones and even people we don’t know signing their own execution orders has been excruciating.


At this point we understand that while there is an unconscionable enemy to be vanquished if our civilization is to be saved, there is a massive spiritual bent to all of this. Everything is evolving minute by minute. Every aspect of our lives is changing.


We, ourselves, are morphing into Higher Beings. We are learning who we really are and whence we came, how our bodies work and how we have been attacked from within and without. It’s a fascinating time to be alive on Earth/Terra but not for the feint of heart.

我们,我们自己,正在进化成更高的存有。我们正在学习我们到底是谁,我们从哪里来,我们的身体是如何工作的,我们是如何从内部和外部受到攻击的。这是一个迷人的时间活在地球/Terra 但不是为了虚伪的心。

2023年5月20日: 各种形式的披露将为人类的 “转变 “做好准备|星际飞船地球


While it may appear that the enemy is running roughshod over us and capable of doing whatever they like, nothing could be further from the truth. This war has been kicked into high gear at a chosen moment in time, is being managed and controlled by the White Hats, and the psychopaths who believe they are winning and cannot lose because they never have before, are also getting a wakeup call.


A key element of The Art of War dictates that you win the war before you even begin the battles. √ Check.


Another says you defeat the enemy without fighting. √ Check.


To win a war you use the enemy’s resources against them. You provoke them and allow them to show you what they’ve got, where it is, how they use it, how much they have, everything. When they have exhausted their resources you have the upper hand and you know all their secrets. They have nothing left to return fire and the enemy camps are in a panic.


2023年5月20日: 各种形式的披露将为人类的 “转变 “做好准备|星际飞船地球

Permission to continue their crimes in a limited way serves the Patriots running the show in that it maps out how they operate, who is involved, where they are situated—all their secrets are revealed. It’s brilliant.


They say “slow and steady wins the race” and in this particular war for the survival of Humanity, I couldn’t agree more. The safety of civilians is paramount, and in the case of the Q Military Intelligence team dropping the information they did when they did, was literally enlisting anyone who understood our plight, wanted to know more, and was willing to help in any way they could.

他们说“稳扎稳打才能赢得比赛”在这场人类生存的战争中,我非常同意。平民的安全是至关重要的,在 Q 军事情报小组放弃他们所做的信息的情况下,他们实际上是在征募任何了解我们的困境,想知道更多,并愿意以任何方式提供帮助的人。

The very compact Q Team, while small in numbers to prevent infiltration and to keep “The Plan” completely secret, swelled virtually by millions when their battle cry went out across the Internet in 2017 and literally connected with and recruited in a sense, a lot of dissatisfied, intelligent people who had been watching the degradation of society and believed no one was doing anything about it. They saw their chance.

为了防止渗透和保守“计划”的完全秘密,Q 团队人数虽然很少,但在2017年,当他们的战斗口号在互联网上传播开来时,实际上增加了数百万人,他们在某种意义上与许多不满的聪明人建立了联系并招募了他们,这些人一直在关注社会的堕落,认为没有人对此采取任何行动。他们看到了机会。

2023年5月20日: 各种形式的披露将为人类的 “转变 “做好准备|星际飞船地球

In truth, there was a larger, extended group of military patriots which had been stealthily executing The Plan for decades; documenting, archiving, monitoring enemy communications, tracking financial transactions, and preventing existential threats to Humanity.

事实上,有一个更大、更广泛的军事爱国者团体已经悄悄地执行了几十年的计划; 记录、归档、监视敌人的通讯、跟踪金融交易,并防止对人类的生存威胁。

They completed the preparatory work that had to precede what President Trump called “The Storm” when he was lawfully elected by the American People. Hillary Clinton lost fair and square and that success was only possible because the Patriots had covertly mitigated part of the enemy’s election rigging system in key areas so the will of the People could do the rest. Another brilliant move.

他们完成了特朗普总统被美国人民合法选举为“风暴”之前的准备工作。希拉里 · 克林顿输得光明正大,而这一胜利之所以能够成功,是因为爱国者在关键领域秘密减少了敌人的选举舞弊系统的一部分,这样人民的意志就可以完成剩下的工作。又一个聪明的举动。

2023年5月20日: 各种形式的披露将为人类的 “转变 “做好准备|星际飞船地球

That was a turning point. As Q so simply and eloquently put it, “They never thought she would lose.” The enemy believed they had it all sewn up. Leading up to the 2016 election they had their minions and talking heads in their personal media companies promising that Donald Trump would never be president. They ridiculed the mere concept. It was priceless. Here are 6 minutes of the enemy, their cronies, and bought and paid-for celebrities assuring everyone that it will never happen. It’s a joke, they said—and Trump played his role to the hilt.

那是个转折点。正如 Q 所言,“他们从未想过她会输。”敌人以为他们把一切都搞定了。在2016年大选之前,他们在自己的个人媒体公司里有自己的手下和谈判代表,承诺唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump)永远不会成为总统。他们嘲笑这个简单的概念。那是无价之宝。这里有6分钟的敌人,他们的密友,和购买和付费的名人向每个人保证,这将永远不会发生。他们说,这是一个笑话ーー而特朗普尽了自己的全力。

How could they be so sure?! Because the election was rigged like all the rest and they all knew what the outcome would be—or so they thought. The element of surprise was delicious. Hillary Clinton was so angry and shattered she couldn’t even muster the grace to do a concession speech or call Donald Trump to congratulate him.

他们怎么能这么肯定!因为这次选举和其他选举一样被操纵了,他们都知道结果会是怎样ーー至少他们是这么认为的。惊喜的元素是美味的。希拉里 · 克林顿是如此的愤怒和崩溃,以至于她甚至不能做一个败选演讲或者打电话给唐纳德 · 特朗普来祝贺他。

Trump’s brutally honest campaigning which exposed the corruption in general spoke loudly to the People and they realized it was time for change. They knew that if they kept doing the same thing they always had, nothing would ever change. They were going to bet on the dark horse because they had nothing to lose. For their faith, they won big. And the world has been on a trajectory of revelation and reformation ever since.


The old system is being systematically dismantled according to The Plan—and very successfully.


2023年5月20日: 各种形式的披露将为人类的 “转变 “做好准备|星际飞船地球

I don’t know why a summary-style post came out today; I can only assume it’s because it was called for. People are still waking up to the corruption, deceit, hypocrisy and betrayal and it isn’t easy to learn that you’ve been fooled so we keep putting out the story of how it evolved and whodunnit so folks can come to their own innerstanding of what happened.

我不知道为什么今天会出现一个总结式的帖子; 我只能假设这是因为它是被要求的。人们仍然在意识到腐败、欺骗、伪善和背叛,很难知道你被愚弄了,所以我们继续发布它是如何演变的故事和侦探小说,这样人们就可以对发生的事情有自己的理解。

There is a reason why the media repeats the reality they want us to ascribe to over and over. If you study marketing and advertising you learn that it takes several “impressions” for the Human mind to even pick up on something. The filters shunt away images and sounds that they deem irrelevant. Once something breaks through, however, it can be processed and possibly accepted if repeated often enough. Critical thinking is the filter that enables many of us with the perspective to toss out the lies.


Therefore, we continue to speak the truth, to tell the tale, to invite people to reconsider what they believe, to search for truth and reality, and to cease being conned by the controllers who manipulated us for so long.


We were all taken in by the trickery from birth so there’s no shame in that. What is unfortunate is the hesitancy to admit to it when the proof is right in front of us. We need as many people unified in this battle as possible so we are working together to dismantle a perverted, satanic, predatory system of conning an entire planet of sentient Beings.


2023年5月20日: 各种形式的披露将为人类的 “转变 “做好准备|星际飞船地球


There is much work to do but most of us will only be assigning a small part of our energy, time, and financial resources to the mission. Many hands make light work. We’re in the movie, but not of it. More like “extras”. The military and other insiders did the heavy lifting long before we were called.


One of the biggest hurdles to shutting down the Khazarian mafia network of control is the illusion of choice. They have made it appear that we have a choice of healthy food versus unhealthy food, umpteen different kinds of cleaning products all produced by one or two companies, various television and radio networks, multiple financial institutions to work with, a number of communications companies to enable us to run our phones and computers, choices in car manufacturers, and a few different political parties willing to represent our needs and desires.


The unfortunate truth is that over time a few corporations have gobbled up the rest. The companies that provide what we need are nearly all controlled or at the very least influenced unduly by the mob so there is very little choice, very little variation in quality, almost no competitive rates, and no one we can rely on to be fair, honest, and dedicated to making a better world.


2023年5月20日: 各种形式的披露将为人类的 “转变 “做好准备|星际飞船地球

What once was a decent brand of nourishment has probably been taken over by the ones who have been poisoning our food, drink, water, air, and soil for a long time. There are few holdouts and while many of us are choosing to support those companies who have stuck it out and do their best to provide quality, safety, and purity, the fact is that many people are so programmed to purchase the cabal’s crony products they don’t even think about it.


And let’s not forget that some of the toxic elements to our diet are used to enhance the flavour, so while it may be delicious, it could be addictive, poisonous, cannibalistic, fake, and cause obesity and disease—and not even be disclosed on the label. They know many of us are reading labels so they get around it with misleading terminology and have even renamed products they know we watch for like MSG.


They pretend that an American agency called the Food & Drug Administration [FDA] are dedicated to keeping us safe and healthy. The truth is they are compromised like everything else and bow to the highest bidder. If it’s approved by the FDA I would run the other way.


Habit is comfortable, and it takes concerted effort to break those urges and source something better that will go toward taking our hard-earned cash away from the controllers and supporting an ethical company with better products. I have been making inroads in that regard for awhile—particularly after the Covid scamdemic.


The cabal companies that were allowed to stay open when the Mom and Pop stores and smaller retailers were forced to close are struck from my list of “habits” and I have been exploring and supporting different retailers. The ones that tried to force me to wear a mask—I either never go there or I shifted most of my purchasing power to another company. It’s not a huge way to make change but if we all did this we would have a massive impact.


We know this because some of the companies who either dissed President Trump, or refused to sell Mike Lindell’s “My Pillow” products any longer, or more recently put a trans guy dressed up as a woman in their beer advertisements, have lost millions in revenue and many have declared bankruptcy or are in receivership.

我们之所以知道这一点,是因为一些公司要么蔑视特朗普总统,要么拒绝再销售迈克•林德尔(Mike Lindell)的“我的枕头”(My Pillow)产品,要么最近在啤酒广告中让一个变性男扮成女人,这些公司已经损失了数百万美元的收入,许多公司已经宣布破产或处于破产管理状态。

2023年5月20日: 各种形式的披露将为人类的 “转变 “做好准备|星际飞船地球


Any company at this point who puts a political platform in their marketing and advertising that the majority of Humans don’t subscribe to, risk tanking their business. It’s that simple, and I believe that has been adequately shown in the past couple of years. Our wallets and where we choose to spend our money are defining supply and demand—and profit—or the end of business.


Knowing that most of the products and services we use are from cabal supported organizations will hopefully get many of us to shift our purchasing power to companies with ethically-sourced food, drinks, and ecologically-friendly cleaning products, etc.


There are some fascinating alternatives coming out that we never thought possible. For example, several years ago we learned about “hemp bricks” as a sustainable and incredibly strong building material. Anything the controllers don’t want us to have are probably the better alternatives.


2023年5月20日: 各种形式的披露将为人类的 “转变 “做好准备|星际飞船地球

They have intentionally and systematically attacked our medicinal choices so they could destroy our health with their toxic pharmaceuticals that have so many negative side-effects it guarantees them customers for life in their pathetic medical system they have the nerve to call “health care”. Obama’s “Affordable Care” is at the opposite end of the spectrum. It is anything but affordable for the average American family.


The world learned the hard way during Covid—which in my opinion is one of the scare events Q mentioned was necessary. They created illnesses to harm us and kill us, knowing there were long-standing therapeutics that would alleviate the symptoms and return us to good health or prevent us getting ill in the first place but they had their lying, treasonous media ridicule those—particularly if mentioned by President Trump who told us he and his family used Regeneron. He also told us about Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and chlorine dioxide marketed as MMS or Master Mineral Solution and other names.

在新冠疫情期间,世界学到了惨痛的教训ーー在我看来,Q 提到的恐怖事件之一是必要的。他们制造疾病来伤害我们,杀死我们,他们知道有长期存在的疗法可以缓解症状,让我们恢复健康,或者从一开始就阻止我们生病,但他们让他们撒谎、背叛的媒体嘲笑那些人,特别是如果特朗普总统提到他和他的家人使用再生元。他还告诉了我们关于羟氯喹、伊维菌素、以及以彩信或大师矿物溶液等名称出售的二氧化氯。

The enemy made certain anyone researching those on the Internet had a difficult time getting the truth, but the lies and disinformation designed to scare them away from even considering using them was top of the search results. You had to either really know your stuff, or have some reliable blogs, websites, or podcasters to bring the truth about the products and remarkable testimonials from those who benefited from using the products the psychopaths didn’t want us to know about. They wanted a high death toll and would do anything to get it.


2023年5月20日: 各种形式的披露将为人类的 “转变 “做好准备|星际飞船地球

RIP Dr. Rashid Buttar

安息吧 Rashid Buttar 医生

That’s the end of the summary because I was thrown off the train [of thought] when I moderated comments from the crew and learned of the death of Dr. Rashid Buttar on Thursday. But he was so young and healthy. Is he really gone, or is this another “disappearance” that will be reversed? He came to mind in the past two weeks and I made a mental note to go and look for an update from him but never did. The following “here today, gone tomorrow” situation seems curious, does it not?

这就是总结的结尾,因为当我主持船员们的评论并得知拉希德 · 布塔尔博士在星期四去世的消息时,我被甩出了思考的火车。但他那么年轻,那么健康。他真的消失了吗,还是说这又是一次“失踪”,会被逆转?在过去的两个星期里,我想起了他,于是我在心里默默地想去看看他有没有更新,但是一直没有。下面这种“今天在这里,明天就走”的情况似乎很奇怪,不是吗?

Laura-Lynn might have trouble getting guests in the future if this continues as an hour or two on her podcast seems to be the kiss of death for doctors. After her first interview with Dr. Charles Hoffe, his Vancouver town and practice were destroyed by a freak wildfire fire. Now a second doctor has expired. Qincidence?

如果这种情况持续一两个小时,劳拉-林恩在她的播客中似乎是医生们的死亡之吻,那么她将来可能很难招到客人。在她第一次采访查尔斯 · 霍夫医生后,他的温哥华小镇和诊所被一场反常的野火烧毁了。现在又有一个医生过期了。巧合?

Devastated to hear of the death of Dr. Rashid Buttar only one day after I interviewed him, as we spoke about faith and about Jesus. We pray for the family as they grieve the loss of their husband and father. https://t.co/c4bbcBjS44 pic.twitter.com/lhKvlsDZH6

I am embedding that interview below as we owe it to Dr. Buttar after his contribution to the Covid crisis in the name of Truth. His passion and expertise were unmatched. The whole video is almost two hours but Laura-Lynn covers a little in addition to the actual interview and I have not yet watched this one so can’t be more specific. If the good doctor truly did transition… RIP. You earned it. I know he would never have got a shot so… “died suddenly” is odd.

我嵌入下面的采访,因为我们欠布塔尔博士的,因为他以真理的名义对冠状病毒疾病危机做出了贡献。他的热情和专业知识是无与伦比的。整个视频几乎是两个小时,但劳拉-林恩涵盖了一点除了实际的采访,我还没有看到这一个,所以不能更具体。如果这位好医生真的转变了... 安息吧。这是你应得的。我知道他不可能有机会,所以... “突然死亡”很奇怪。

Sometimes I get the feeling that people leave us when their temporary mission is complete; that they have stepped onto the stage when needed for the “movie” and are then written out of the script so they can continue in another vein. Is that crazy? Anyway, here is Dr. Buttar’s “last hurrah”.

有时候我觉得人们在临时任务完成之后就会离开我们,他们在“电影”需要的时候就会走上舞台,然后被写出剧本,这样他们就可以以另一种方式继续下去。这很疯狂吗?不管怎样,这是 Buttar 医生的“最后欢呼”。

In the past, we conspiracy theorists would have been all over the Bilderberg meeting that takes place each May. I didn’t think the globalists would have one this year, considering their obvious state of disarray at the hands of the Earth Alliance. Most of the top psychopaths have been removed and some replaced when needed by either clones or actors in silicone masks. I am not the least concerned about what they might be conspiring to do to us in the near future because they will not get the chance.


Here’s Dan Dicks from Press for Truth in Vancouver who went every year to cover the meeting and harass the psychopaths planning our demise.

这是来自温哥华真相报的丹 · 迪克斯他每年都去报道这次会议骚扰那些计划杀死我们的精神病患者。

I figured I should dress appropriately for the Bilderberg meeting, what do you think? Think they'll like it?#Bilderberg pic.twitter.com/CyErtLwl4o

What if the meeting is really about what the ‘good guys’ are going to do FOR Humanity? What if these remaining diplomats and statesmen have been flipped? Or are just acting?


When asked why he puts people in positions temporarily as an “acting” position such as, for example, Matt Whitaker as acting Attorney General, Trump said he likes acting. Take that any way you like. Trump does a lot of acting himself.

当被问及为什么他让人们暂时担任“代理”职位,比如马特 · 惠特克(Matt Whitaker)担任代理司法部长时,特朗普说他喜欢代理。随便你怎么说。特朗普自己做了很多表演。

Matt still does interviews on Fox, etc. and attended Trump’s address at the Heritage Foundation but he is also perhaps free to run his own law firm part time. He did his ‘tour of duty’ and has his “real life” on the side, and not always on the stage. Just my observation as I believe nothing is what it seems.


These folks know that we know they are public enemy number one and if they show their faces in public they could get mobbed and lynched. This seems contrived to me.


READ: List of Attendees of Shadowy Bilderberg Meeting This Week. https://t.co/QJSfTTYReM

I happened upon this bit from The Professor’s Record on Telegram about how the agencies operate to take down honest and legit patriots and their platforms. We have to be very discerning when deciding who to follow, and who to fund.


I have seen patriots seem to devolve and change their tune or put out false information and even if I have been following them for a long time, if they no longer resonate I drop them like a hot potato. Truth has a resonance and so do lies and deceit.


Link to Telegram.


Psychological operations carried out by spooks constantly seek to use and manipulate legitimate patriots by infiltrating their circle of trust, to do one or all of the following:


(1) deplete the patriot’s financial resources if wealthy. Many a well-meaning and wealthy patriot has financed psychological operations against themselves, or funded faulty messaging and were/are unaware of it;


(2) use the patriot if they are credible, or are a legitimate subject matter expert that has earned a level of trust with the public. The relationship will almost always be undermined at a later date when the expert’s truthfulness hurts an operation favoring the spook’s narrative.


Methods include co-opting the patriot’s message and passing it off as an original work of the person co-opting it (usually for financial benefit or personal affluence); or the co-opting party will recapitulate the original message but omit crucial details that steers the audience off course.

方法包括采用爱国者的信息,并将其冒充成采用者的原创作品(通常是为了经济利益或个人富裕) ; 或者,采用者将重述原始信息,但忽略使观众偏离轨道的关键细节。

Alternatively, the spook may choose to see if they can erode the patriot’s principles and influence their messaging through the temptation of offering monetary gain, affluence, and security. This is always done in a subtle and incremental fashion.


Remember the designers of these psy-ops will always have control of captured institutions, social media, monetary resources, and will offer something of value to the unsuspecting patriot. And more importantly, they will have monitored their target’s weaknesses in advance of making contact. Vanity and a desire for material wealth are the usual agents of demise for the once sturdy patriot.


There are no black and white operations. Just a thousand shades of gray. Every outlet, every show, every channel, and every person, is a target for the operation. And the situation is never static, but ever-changing.


However, if the operator ceases to have success with either of the above approaches, the true patriot will eventually be cast aside and provided with zero access to their captured platforms (many of which – none suspect because the hosts are so adept at avoiding third rail topics).


If the patriot reacquires standing in public’s eye after objective success in combating tyranny that the public praises — then new operatives are immediately deployed, and once closed off platforms are re-opened in the hopes of spooks renewing their previous efforts to control resources and narratives.


I speak from painful experience – but I am still standing.


Patriot, pray to evict the spirit of greed and vanity. Pray for a desire to not be thought of at all by the world. Meditate on God’s glory, and think only of what Christ would have you do.


Christ has all the resources you could ever comprehend to carry out His mission.


That will conclude our post for today. I hope the Canucks can enjoy their May 2-4 weekend. It would take more than a case of 2-4 to get me past the horrors unfolding in the Great White Gulag these days. Hang in there, everyone. Despite how it looks, I believe it’s all under control. Stay safe.  ~ BP

这将结束我们今天的工作。我希望加人队能享受他们5(6)月2-4日的周末。要让我度过这些天在大白人集中营里发生的恐怖事件,我需要的不仅仅是一个2-4人的案例。坚持住,各位。不管看起来怎么样,我相信一切都在掌控之中。注意安全。~ BP2023年5月20日: 各种形式的披露将为人类的 “转变 “做好准备|星际飞船地球


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