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Thought Control
From freedom to slavery
Psychological Violence
Political Correctness

Thought Control


More commonly known as mind control, brainwashing is coercive persuasion, or thought control, thought reform or forced re-education. It is the concept of 洗脑和精神控制|最后的警钟altering the human mind to direct and set it controlled by specific psychological techniques, both in individuals and groups for the fulfilment of pre-established tasks.


Brainwashing is said to lower the subject’s ability to think critically or independently, which is achieved by introducing new, bad or unwanted thoughts and ideas into the victim’s mind to modify perceptions, attitudes, values, norms and beliefs.


The term “brainwashing” was first used in English by Edward Hunter in 1950 to describe how the Chinese government got people to cooperate with them during the Korean War. Research into the term also looked at Nazi Germany, at some criminal cases in the United States, and at the actions of human traffickers.

1950年,爱德华 · 亨特(Edward Hunter)首次在英语中使用“洗脑”一词,来描述中国政府在朝鲜战争期间如何让人们与他们合作。对这一术语的研究还包括纳粹德国、美国的一些刑事案件以及人口贩子的行为。

Brainwashing, or social psychiatry, is done to manipulate the perception of the people or certain individuals in order to distort society into the predetermined model. This is the most serious form of criminal human murder. – Our son was a victim of brainwashing; from the age of 18 for 20 years; to be shunted into marriage at the age of 22 to a four-year older, half-smart daughter. We saw him again at the age of 38 after their divorce, and were deeply shocked.


Mind controlled; Look at this question from a 1952 CIA MKULTRA memo:

精神控制; 看看1952年 CIA MKULTRA 备忘录中的这个问题:

“Can we control an individual to the point where he does what we want against his will and even against the fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation?”

“我们能否控制一个人,让他违背自己的意愿,甚至违背自然的基本法则(比如自我保存) ,做我们想做的事情?”

洗脑和精神控制|最后的警钟All terrorist attacks are based on Mind Control Programmes which abducts a victim and ‘chipped’ with a microchip in the brain so that they can be remotely activated by agents for false flag operations. This is why the shooter is often killed by agents, because dead bodies no longer talk. And if a shooter survives, he is dazed or confused and cannot remember anything.


Teenagers on mood drugs also experience these symptoms that they try to get rid of, but are prescribed more drugs to become more psychotic. Drugs, which interfere with the mental health of a living being, are meant to kill or make other people unhappy.


From freedom to slavery


Step by step, in this way, human freedom has been turned into slavery without people realising it. The cabal knows that anything can be achieved with gradualness, often referred to as the “Boiling Frog Syndrome”. There is no need for absolute aggressive subjugation. Whether it takes 50 or 100 years, the elites don’t care. They are patient. The question now is, how exactly did they do that?


洗脑和精神控制|最后的警钟Step by step, they transferred the real wealth of the people into their own hands. They made governments the vehicle for their purposes in order to exploit the masses. They created the worthless fake money system as an important tool, to help achieve these goals silently without revolts, thus gradually achieving their long-standing goal. The ultimate result is, complete domination through total subjugation.


To this end, previously introduced; ‘Political Correctness’ (PC) programme as part of their Control System, which allowed more and more laws, taxes and financial demands to be introduced to bind human beings like flies in their web, for the purpose of mental degradation and more thorough mind control.


PC also conceives the use of words or behaviour, under the stipulation that no group of people should be offended. It is important that everyone is equal, treated fairly and with dignity. For instance, unfriendly words have long been in use but these are said to be proficient of offending some and should therefore be removed from speech.


These words are replaced by others that are not offensive, which has been deliberately made a continuous process to deprive even more people of their freedom. On the grounds that the new words are politically correct. This term is also mockingly used in attempts to prevent insults that go too far.


The programming of the useful idiots; namely government administrators at all levels, is underpinned by that which has been qualified “Political Correctness”. Remembered as a means of preventing minorities from being “upset” by what others say, it is actually an intrusive form of mind programming.  While it is insulting to those “minorities” who are supposedly “protected”.


So, the word “brainstorming” had to be changed to “thought shower” while the response from epileptics was that they were not in the least offended by the word “brainstorming”.


These are priceless examples of this measure show the extent of the madness this measure has descended into. The government’s position on these issue is:


“We take equality and diversity very seriously. It is important for us not to offend people and we are sorry if, in trying to avoid this, we offended the very people we did not mean to offend.


If the epilepsy association finds the term perfectly acceptable, we welcome this clarification. However, if the term offends even a small minority, we encourage people to contact us.”


Psychological Violence


The French government has introduced a law allowing married couples to face criminal charges if they offend each other during arguments. It is the first country to ban “psychological violence” between married and cohabiting couples.


The law is expected to cover any kind of insult, including repeated rude remarks about a partner’s appearance and or intellect. Offenders could face a fine, an electronic tag, or even imprisonment. This underlines the Deep State principle of ‘divide and conquer’.


洗脑和精神控制|最后的警钟It is part of the psychological game plan to monitor people’s every word they say in every situation, even between partners. It is a form of mental and emotional surveillance in which everyone is monitored and observed by “Big Brother”, as George Orwell described on their behalf in his 1948 published book titled “1984”.

这是心理游戏计划的一部分,监控人们在任何情况下说的每一句话,甚至在伴侣之间。这是一种精神和情感监视的形式,每个人都受到“老大哥”的监视和观察,正如乔治 · 奥威尔(George Orwell)在他1948年出版的题为《1984》的书中代表他们所描述的那样。

Although, Political Correctness seems to be a modern phenomenon. Because it only surfaced in recent decades and has since expanded to the insane levels of today. But, in fact, its origins go back at least to the time of WW1, and were planned long before that in the shadows. The Jesuits, led by networks of the House of Rothschild, want to transform global society into a “one world” dictatorship, and to achieve that, diversity must disappear.

不过政治正确似乎是一种现代现象。因为它直到最近几十年才浮出水面并且已经扩展到今天这种疯狂的程度。但是,事实上,它的起源至少可以追溯到一战时期,而且在那之前很久就在阴影中被计划好了。由罗斯柴尔德家族(House of Rothschild)网络领导的耶稣会想要将全球社会转变为一个“单一世界”的独裁政权,为了实现这一目标,多样性必须消失。

“The reptilian-hybrid families have destroyed diversity in government, banking, business, media, medicine and virtually every other aspect of society.


Organisations like Common Purpose were created to eliminate diversity of thought and perception among those who run these institutions of government and law enforcement. They are aimed at destroying ‘cultural’ diversity.”


Political Correctness


This is where political correctness comes in. Its aim is to dismantle the diversity of language, outlook and culture until all that remains is a dull, empty blob of 洗脑和精神控制|最后的警钟congealed banality that passes for “human society”.


Words that mean something will be banned, people will be afraid to say anything without a careful choice of language, to avoid being punished because they might offend someone. Look around and you will see that this concept is already happening, and fast too. Maybe you recognise this?


  • The creation of racism offences.
  • 种族主义犯罪的产生。
  • The constant change to sow confusion.
  • 不断变化的播种困惑。
  • Teaching sex and homosexuality to children.
  • 对儿童进行性教育和同性恋教育。
  • Undermining the authority of schools and teachers.
  • 破坏学校和教师的权威。
  • Massive immigration to destroy national identity.
  • 大量移民来破坏国家认同。
  • Promotion of excessive drinking.
  • 鼓励酗酒。
  • Empty churches namely targeting everything that brought people together.
  • 空教堂就是针对所有让人们聚在一起的东西。
  • Legal system with prejudice against the victims of crime.
  • 对犯罪被害人有偏见的法律制度。
  • Dependence on the state or state benefits.
  • 对国家或国家福利的依赖。
  • Control and impoverishment of the media.
  • 媒体的控制和贫困化。
  • Encouragement of breakdown of the family.
  • 鼓励家庭破裂。

This is just a part, but gives impression of common themes that constantly recur. Targeting massive immigration of foreigners to destroy “national identity”.


And remember how Dr Richard Day told the assembly in 1969 that long-established communities must be destroyed by unemployment and mass immigration.

还记得理查德 · 戴博士在1969年告诉大会,长期建立的社区必须被失业和大规模移民所摧毁。

This is the real reason for the borderless EU and why the US withdrew its border defence with Mexico before Trump erected the coast-to-coast wall. Planned in preparation for the borderless North American Union.


None of the above issues are in the interest of the people. The Deep Staters don’t care about sex-discrimination homosexuals, any more than they care about children they abuse while claiming to protect them.


Rothschild-Illuminati fronts like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) are not concerned with racism. They simply use it to justify more control, undermine freedom of speech and introduce “hate laws” to make everyone’s opinion a crime in which truth is no defence.


Where racism does not exist, the authorities just invent it to justify their “solutions”.


The people must start coming together, rejecting “conformity” with alternative words for example: black coffee, brainstorming, and so on. Mass protests are an option as long as it is peaceful, but part of the campaign of non-violent non-cooperation. Start by not accepting and complying with Political Correctness as it curtails freedom of expression.

人们必须开始走到一起,拒绝“一致性”与替代词,例如: 黑咖啡,头脑风暴,等等。只要是和平的,大规模抗议是一种选择,但是是非暴力非合作运动的一部分。首先,不要接受和遵守政治正确,因为它限制了言论自由。

Together we stand strong to reject these government measures and replace them with what we ourselves want. Remember;


Why are we still waiting for ourselves,


others will not do it for us!



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