2022年6月20日: 夏至前夜|星际飞船地球

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 June 20, 2022 2022年6月20日

2022年6月20日: 夏至前夜|星际飞船地球

In northern climes, we are on the brink of the Summer Solstice; while south of the equator it is the Winter Solstice and rituals [read satanic sacrifices] abound around the antics of our fake sun zooming across the sky in the fabled patterns year after year.

在北半球,我们正处于夏至的边缘; 而在赤道以南则是冬至,围绕着我们的假太阳年复一年地以传说中的模式在天空中快速掠过的滑稽动作,各种仪式(阅读撒旦祭祀)比比皆是。

Here in the valley we are hopefully gearing up for a proper monsoon season in July and August. It has been sadly lacking the past few years, delivering very little rain and a fraction of the deluges we used to get nearly 20 years ago; hence the term “non-soons”. We can use drenching rains to help with the severe wildfires raging in Arizona. Inciweb currently shows around 30 fires burning in the greater southwest states.

在这个山谷里,我们有望在七月和八月迎来一个适当的雨季。令人遗憾的是,过去几年里,这里一直缺少雨水,降雨量非常少,与我们近20年前遭遇的洪水相比,只是小巫见大巫。因此,“不快”一词由此而来。我们可以利用倾盆大雨来帮助控制亚利桑那州肆虐的严重野火。Inciweb 目前显示,大西南各州大约有30起火灾。

Pipeline Fire on the Navajo Nation: A sacred mountain on fire and smoke in their lungs

纳瓦霍部落的管道火灾: 一座神圣的山脉在燃烧,烟雾在他们的肺里

The momentum is gathering for The Storm. The intel we got about a Juneteenth False Flag seems to have been an accurate heads up once again as I saw this post this morning about the event and shortly afterward Ezra Cohen Watnick posted it on his Telegram in response to his alert from Friday.

风暴的势头正在聚集。我们得到的关于六一节假旗的情报似乎又一次准确地提醒了我们,因为我今天早上看到了这个关于该事件的帖子,不久之后,Ezra Cohen Watnick在他的Telegram上发布了这个帖子,以回应他周五的警报。

15-year-old boy killed, 3 injured after shooting at Juneteenth music festival in DC, police say


The Ezra Cohen account posts things in advance to tell us what will happen [kind of like Q?] and the Telegrams have been remarkably accurate so far.

以斯拉 · 科恩(Ezra Cohen)的账户会提前发布消息,告诉我们会发生什么(有点像 Q?)到目前为止,电报都非常精确。

Yesterday he put out those famous words that trigger a lot of Patriots:


My fellow Americans…


Q did not specify that it had to be Trump that said it, so… perhaps it is more significant than we realize.

Q 没有具体说明必须是特朗普说的,所以... 也许它比我们意识到的更重要。

Phil posted a poll asking “Are you ready?” and last I saw it, 222 people replied “No”. Some could be trolls, and some could be people who are afraid of what is coming. He also featured his “I TQLD YOU SO” T-shirt a couple of times.

菲尔发布了一个民意调查,问“你准备好了吗?”我最后一次看到的时候,有222个人回答“不”。有些可能是巨魔,有些可能是害怕即将到来的事情的人。他还特写了他的“我 TQLD 你所以”的 T 恤衫几次。

2022年6月20日: 夏至前夜|星际飞船地球

As sometimes happens, when we learn about something to come, it has already happened. Who would tip off the enemy by telling them what they’re going to do?


David Straight has been speaking about what has been happening with Gitmo 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, referring to multiple locations. In the brief clip at this link on Tik Tok, he makes a number of very interesting remarks about what has taken place already. This Tweet is from September 2020 so you can see this info was floating around. If you’re on Reddit you might be able to watch it there.

大卫 · 斯特莱特一直在谈论关塔那摩1.0、2.0和3.0发生了什么,提到了多个地点。在关于 Tik Tok 的这个链接的简短片段中,他对已经发生的事情做了一些非常有趣的评论。这条推特是从2020年9月,所以你可以看到这个信息是流动的。如果你在 Reddit 上,你也许可以在那里看到它。

Most of you know where to find Phil G’s Telegram channel by now and hopefully follow closely, but he put out a brief video this morning saying there is a lot more going on than he or anyone else is reporting. I think we knew that as I’ve alluded to that fact for some time. There is always a lot more going on that we hear about. The White Hats play their cards close to their chests and when it’s safe to do so, IF it won’t jeopardize ongoing operations, we will learn what has been done behind the scenes.

你们大多数人现在都知道去哪里找菲尔 · G 的电报频道,希望你们能密切关注,但是他今天早上发布了一个简短的视频,说事情比他或者其他人报道的要复杂得多。我想我们已经知道了,因为我已经暗示这个事实有一段时间了。我们总是听到很多事情。白帽子们把他们的牌藏在心里,如果这样做是安全的,如果它不会危及正在进行的行动,我们将了解幕后已经做了什么。

2022年6月20日: 夏至前夜|星际飞船地球

In addition to some perspective from Juan O Savin, this video from Jetson White brings images of more activity most of us didn’t see going on. Always interesting revelations from Jetson. There has been a tremendous amount of stuff happening in the skies for years that we had no explanation for until long after the fact. Jetson also addresses what are certainly questions many of us have wondered about. His theories make a lot of sense.  At the 10:33 mark we see “My fellow Americans…” etc. for those who need a reminder what that was about. At 13:11 he shows us Q drop that speaks of nothing but “Justice” and it reminded me of Phil G’s post the other day saying we need a new word for “justice”. Is that because the form of justice about to be delivered is unlike anything we’ve ever known? Justice isn’t only for those who commit crimes but also for those victimized. 21 min.

除了来自 Juan O Savin 的一些观点,这个来自 Jetson White 的视频还带来了我们大多数人没有看到的更多活动的图像。Jetson 总是揭露出一些有趣的事。多年来,天空中发生了大量的事情,直到事情发生很久之后,我们才得到解释。杰特森还解决了我们很多人都想知道的问题。他的理论很有道理。在10点33分,我们看到“我的美国同胞们... ...”等等,对于那些需要提醒的人来说,这是什么。在13:11,他给我们展示了一个除了“正义”什么都不说的 Q 点,这让我想起了前几天菲尔 · G 的帖子,他说我们需要一个新词来形容“正义”。是因为即将到来的正义形式与我们所知的任何形式都不同吗?正义不仅是为了那些犯罪的人,也是为了那些受害者。21分钟。

The New West IS the Plan to Save the World


Jetson’s newest sounds intriguing, as well, but I have not yet had time to listen. Of course there is much to be said for the element of surprise and the Earth Alliance is not going to tip off the dark.


I stumbled upon this channel on Telegram and have been watching it for a bit. It seems like a good time to share their most recent post, considering what Jetson proposes above. I have no way of knowing who exactly is publishing this but if it resonates with you, great. If not, then it’s not meant for you.

我偶然发现了这个电报频道,已经看了一会儿了。考虑到 Jetson 上面的建议,现在似乎是分享他们最近的帖子的好时机。我不知道到底是谁在发表这篇文章但是如果它能引起你的共鸣,那就太好了。如果不是,那就不是为你准备的。

2022年6月20日: 夏至前夜|星际飞船地球

“All of you have been encoded. We have monitored many of you so that we would be familiar with your patterns and life styles to be of help where possible. We are sending our Love to you for we understand and know what you may be going through.


Most of the coded Light Servers have already been temporarily brought aboard our Motherships in their sleep-state. When you finally arrive through our Lifting Beams, you will be awakened to this knowledge that you possess and then you will not feel so strange in these new surroundings. “There will be changes in your lives as you all have Missions, and according to these Missions your training will continue so that you can carry them out with a minimum of adjustment.


There are even facilities for your special pets. Yes, we care for pets just as you do. They are helping us to harmonize with all life forms and as you have discovered, I am sure, that harmonizing with nature is such a pleasure, and to attune to other life forms is so rewarding.


“There are many of us from distant Planets that have volunteered for this service, and I am sure you might be curious to know where we are all from. We volunteered to help those of you on the Earth plane in your time of crisis. We have studied to be able to communicate with you, studied your Earth life and hope to be of some help.


Many of us have come from far distant Galaxies. As the word went out for volunteers, you would be astonished at the response. There were very few who, for reasons of family commitments and such, did not respond. Mostly all were anxious to be of service. “You will not need any garments other than what we provide. not be able to give you much warning when the time comes for ‘Beaming’. As you know, Love is the Key in the Beam and everywhere else, so keep it flowing.”


Some of this material may be a little “out there” for some but since we do not know the nature of our true reality, I like to keep an open mind. Anything is possible, I feel.


Some of the expected events hinge on specific events for the timing. Will September 3rd be “a day”? I guess we’ll see what happens. 14 minutes.


The Last Possible Moment 


It is oddly quiet and that may mean this is the calm before the storm. It’s forecast to be a hot summer, it’s already scorching in France where “climate change” appears to be shutting down outdoor events [climate lockdowns] and we know the cabal are sweating bullets so there’s plenty of ammo to go around.

这里出奇的安静,这可能意味着这是暴风雨前的宁静。天气预报说今年夏天会很热,法国已经很热了,“气候变化”似乎要关闭户外活动[气候封锁] ,我们知道阴谋集团正在大汗淋漓,所以有足够的弹药。

Why are the left in a snit? Perhaps because of messages like this, which have been censored so Mike Adams uploaded to Brighteon—a full 38 seconds of smiles. Click the link below to watch.

为什么左边的人一副怒气冲冲的样子?也许是因为这样的信息被删除了,所以迈克 · 亚当斯(Mike Adams)把它上传到了 Brighteon 网站上ーー整整38秒的微笑。点击下面的链接观看。

We are sick and tired of the Republicans in Name Only surrendering to Joe Biden & the radical Left.

我们对名义上的共和党人屈服于乔 · 拜登和激进的左翼势力感到厌烦。

The White House is in denial about the recent news of their proposed restrictions, but do we trust a denial? Not many gun owners do. A friend of ours [shooting instructor] dropped by last week on his way to stock up.


I happened upon this post on Telegram. There was a push last year to get on Signal, which I did, just in case all other channels for intel and updates disappeared. We heard it wasn’t secure, etc. but don’t believe everything we hear.


You will get 7 Presidential Msgs to your phones before they cut them off.


Q did say to download Signal App.

Q 确实说过要下载信号应用程序。

It has been previously used by CIA, but it a highly encrypted military App. There will be a military satellite sent up for it, just like the TURKSAT Rocket is a Military Satellite for Military Comms to TV’s/Radio’s for Europe, Africa, Mid East & Asia


2022年6月20日: 夏至前夜|星际飞船地球

Benjamin Fulford’s update is short for those not subscribed, but indicative of the current financial volatility.

本杰明•富尔福德(Benjamin Fulford)的更新是对那些没有认购的股票的简称,但它表明了当前的金融动荡。

Today, June 20th, all financial markets in the US are closed, supposedly for a Juneteenth holiday. However, since the summer solstice on June 21st is a key day for Satanic sacrifices, CIA sources say “they” are…


Western financial hallucination crashes into reality


The SCOTUS judges are in the spotlight and it is anticipated that they will strike down the Roe v. Wade ruling of the seventies. Now we’re hearing of more threats.


Pro-abortion demonstrators protest outside Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s home

支持堕胎的示威者在法官艾米 · 科尼 · 巴雷特家外抗议

Oklahoma Attorney General: ‘Staggering Possibility’ SCOTUS Will Overrule ‘National Sin’ of Roe v. Wade

俄克拉荷马州司法部长: “惊人的可能性”最高法院将驳回罗伊诉韦德案的“国罪”判决

I’m going to leave it there. Hang in there everyone and remain positive. Exciting times ahead—regardless of what happens. I believe we’re in good hands.  ~ BP

我要把它留在那里。大家坚持住,保持乐观。未来将是激动人心的时刻ーー无论发生什么。我相信我们会得到很好的照顾。~ BP

2022年6月20日: 夏至前夜|星际飞船地球

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