X22报告|第2804集: 美联储结构改革即将到来,当公众知道时,游戏就结束了

2022年6月21日10:39:21最新动态X22报告|第2804集: 美联储结构改革即将到来,当公众知道时,游戏就结束了已关闭评论4691字数 1392阅读4分38秒阅读模式


X22报告|第2804集: 美联储结构改革即将到来,当公众知道时,游戏就结束了

Ep. 2804a – Fed Structure Change Coming, [CB] Attempt To Transition The People Will Fail

Ep. 2804a – 美联储结构改革即将到来,[ CB ]转型的尝试人们将会失败

Ep. 2804b – The Game Is Over When The Public Knows, Keystone, Seditious Conspiracy, Treason

Ep. 2804b – 当公众知道,拱顶石,煽动阴谋,叛国,游戏就结束了

X22 报告发表于2022年6月20日


The economic system is exposed to we the people and the fake news can no longer coverup the economic disaster that is headed our way. No matter how many times the Biden admin, Yellen, the Fed says that the economy is fine the people know the truth. The CBDC transition is failing and the patriots will use their crisis to restructure the Fed and destroy their system.

经济体制暴露在我们人民面前,假新闻再也无法掩盖即将到来的经济灾难。无论拜登政府、耶伦说了多少次美联储说经济状况良好,人们都知道真相。CBDC 的转型正在失败,爱国者们将利用他们的危机重组美联储,摧毁他们的体系。


The [DS] game is coming to an end, once the public knows the truth the game is over. The keystone is the key. Those who committed seditious conspiracy and who were treasons to the USA will pay the price. They will be brought to justice. The people are learning more and more each day and the election fraud evidence is being produced. Time is almost up, the [DS] cannot escape this.

[DS]游戏即将结束,一旦公众知道真相,游戏就结束了。拱心石就是钥匙。那些犯下煽动阴谋和叛国罪的人将会为此付出代价。他们会被绳之以法。人们对选举舞弊的了解与日俱增,选举舞弊的证据也越来越多。时间快到了,[ DS ]无法逃避这一点。


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