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March 27, 2023 2023年3月27日

Opening with an important video about the impending collapse of the US dollar. Fox News interviewed Monica Crowley, former US Assistant Treasury Secretary. She pulls no punches about the imminence of the US dollar collapse and the devastation it will cause domestically and globally ( 4' 40" video).

以一段关于美元即将崩溃的重要视频作为开场。福克斯新闻采访了前美国财政部助理部长莫妮卡 · 克劳利。对于美元即将崩溃及其对国内和全球造成的破坏,她毫不留情(4分40秒视频)。


This is what Crowley believes will happen if - as widely expected - Saudi Arabia starts trading oil in other currencies, turning its back on the US dollar...'It will cause a complete implosion of the global economic system, but certainly the American economic system...More importantly we would lose our economic dominance and we would lose our super-power status.' (Monica Crowley).

克劳利认为,如果沙特阿拉伯像人们普遍预期的那样开始用其他货币交易石油,背弃美元,这种情况将会发生... ... “这将导致全球经济体系完全崩溃,但肯定是美国经济体系... ... 更重要的是,我们将失去我们的经济主导地位,我们将失去我们的超级大国地位。(莫妮卡 · 克劳利)。

As commenters said about the video, Fox News is preparing Americans for the imminent collapse of the US dollar. This is the MSM. Extraordinary. So it must be close.

正如评论者对这段视频所说的,福克斯新闻正在为美元即将崩溃做准备。这是 MSM。不可思议。所以一定很近。

The Kenyan President is urging his people to ditch the US dollar because 'the market will change within a few weeks...'

肯尼亚总统敦促人民抛弃美元,因为市场将在几周内发生变化... ..


Meanwhile in France, the revolution is showing no signs of weakening. The French people have HAD ENOUGH of their treasonous President. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.



Speaking of treasonous Presidents, this 57" video from the TALIBAN in Afghanistan tells you everything you need to know about corrupt [B]iden. How has he not been (publicly) arrested yet...??

说到叛国总统,这个来自阿富汗塔利班的57”的视频告诉你关于腐败的一切你需要知道的事情。他怎么还没被(公开)逮捕... ? ?


Marjorie Taylor Greene has evidence that [B]iden committed treason by receiving cash payments from China. Arrest that actor, already...!

玛乔丽 · 泰勒 · 格林有证据证明拜登犯有叛国罪收受中国的现金支付。逮捕那个演员,已经... !


Finally, James Gilliland has put out a great newsletter. I have always admired his knowledge, spiritual wisdom and laid-back approach to Ascension. I resonate with his message about the role of forgiveness in our Ascension journey.

最后,詹姆斯 · 吉利兰发布了一份很棒的时事通讯。我一直钦佩他的知识、精神智慧和对扬升的悠闲态度。我与他关于宽恕在我们扬升之旅中的作用的信息产生了共鸣。


...Forgiveness is the only way out. Gain the wisdom from the experience, let it settle in the soul, release the charge and move on with your ascension. Leave the rest to karma. If only learning to set boundaries and self love is the lesson, the experience was worth it. The only way you realize what you want is to experience a lot of what you don’t want. Very few understand the power of forgiveness, releasing the charge which goes back to the one you are forgiving allowing the universe to show them what they need to heal...' (James Gilliland)

宽恕是唯一的出路。从经验中获得智慧,让它在灵魂中安顿下来,释放电荷,继续你的提升。剩下的就交给因果报应吧。如果只有学会设定界限和自爱才是教训的话,那么这段经历就是值得的。你意识到自己想要什么的唯一方法就是体验很多你不想要的东西。很少有人理解宽恕的力量,释放回到你宽恕的那个人身上的电荷,让宇宙向他们展示他们需要治愈的东西... ...”(詹姆斯 · 吉利兰)

Light Warrior friends are discussing the intense energies and the increasing difficulty of being around toxic negative people. 


Conversely, there is great joy - and relief - being in the company of like-minded souls who are a vibrational match. Our intuitive ability is strengthening which makes it easy to identity our soul tribe. There is a magnetic connection that feels totally comfortable, with no need to edit conversations. That's why there is such relief in their company. We can fully relax.


Stay positive and continue to listen to your heart/intuition from moment to moment. You will always know exactly how to handle every situation as it arises.




Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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